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Chapter 7: Right place, Right time


"Tonight we open up with a match that was made on a wager as NXT Champion Adam Cole takes on the winner of the Bruno Sammartino Classic the debuting Jack Silver!" Mauro said.

"Mauro I've been looking forward to this Adam Cole is our champion but he now must face a test in this newcomer and the man who made the entire United Kingdom proud last Sunday." Nigel said.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing how Jack does against our NXT Champion, we could be very well seeing an upset win here tonight!" Beth said.

Bow down hit and out came the winner of the tournament asJack made his way to a huge pop from the crowd as was happy to be there and was all fired up for this major oppourtunity as he entered the ring and then shook his hand then motioned to ask what time is it?

"JACK 'O CLOCK! JACK 'O CLOCK! JACK 'O CLOCK! JACK 'O CLOCK!" the crowd chanted.


Undisputed hit as the leader of The Undisputed Era made his way out alone as tonight it was about making a statement and Adam Cole as the NXT Champion looked to put a new superstar in his place he made his way down as he hopped up to the apron got the "BOOM!" in then went to the center of the ring and waited for it..."ADAM COLE BAY BAY!" he shouted with the crowd as he and Jack locked eyes.

Cole walked up to Jack and began to talk trash him who stood there and took it as Jack then made a face and shook his head and then went over to the referee as he whispered something to him who then asked Jack "Are you sure?" as Jack nodded his head and the referee went to Alicia Taylor to make an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen per winning the Bruno Sammartino Classic Jack Silver is invoking his title opportunity!" she announced as Cole became hysterical hearing that.

"Therefore this match is for the NXT Championship!" she announced as the place went wild.

The referee then held up the NXT title signifying it was a championship match as the bell rang Cole then started to argue with the ref as he then turned around into YOU'RE A FANNY! Cole got caught off guard and quickly rolled to the outside as he tried to get his bearings back but as he got up A SUICIDE DIVE! Jack came crashing into Cole as he went back into the ring and was all fired up as NXT went to commercial.

NXT was live as Cole during the commercial break had managed to turn the tables after Jack got hung up on the top ropes after Cole caught him trying to go up and made him lose balance as he quickly got in a jumping neckbreaker then locked in a figure four headscissors trying to get a tap out win but Jack began to position himself towards the ropes as he was able to get a foot on the bottom rope forcing Cole to break the hold but the damage may have been done as he went to lock in a dragon sleeper Jack was able to counter with a knee to the face as he hit him a few more times and got him off as Jack crawled over to the corner and used the ropes to sit up then stand up but Cole came at him but he ducked out of the way in-between the ropes and got the cradle kick in dazing Cole as Jack went up the top rope and got in an uppercut then came off the ropes hitting a grounded uppercut but quickly followed up with a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Jack wasn't letting up as he had to stay on the attack he measured Cole and looked for a shining wizard but Cole saw it coming and ducked the kick and chop blocked the knee as he quickly began to attck the knee of Jack's with stomps to it and then began to ground him with more stomps as Cole was all over him as he waited fro him to get up as he was on one knee he got in a basement dropkick to the face not stopping there he went of the ropes and just dropped him again with a bicycle kick to the face 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Not letting up he got Jack onto his shoulders and delivered an Argentine facebuster 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Cole was now getting angry as he wasn't able to put this newcomer away as he threw Jack to the outside and just followed him there as he took Jack from behind and lifted him up and with a wheelbarrow facebuster to the apron as Cole then went up to the steps and sat on them looking down on a barely conscious Jack and then from there..."ADAM COLE BAY BAY!" he shouted showing he was confident he had this match in the bag and slowly brought Jack up to his feet and threw him into the ring as he followed but went up the top rope and was measuring Jack who slowly got to his feet as he turned around Cole came off the top PANAMA SUNRISE! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Not believing he was still in the match Cole got him up to his feet and began to berate him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" he then slapped him across the face and looked to throw him against the ropes but he quickly countered into a ripcord knee to the face as it brought him down to his knees as Jack went off the ropes with a V trigger off the back of the head and again off the ropes for A LIONSAULT! 1-2-TH-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Jack quickly got up to his feet as he took Cole up to his shoulders as he was looking for the Ushigoroshi but Cole countered with elbows to the back of the head as he landed behind him and just got in a backstabber as Jack was on his knees A SUPERKICK! 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Cole not stopping got Jack and took him up and KNEECAP BRAINBUSTER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Jack refusing to give up just frustrated Cole even more and knew he had to end this and went to the corner and then lowered his knee pad as he measured Jack for the killing blow but first went up to his face..."Welcome to NXT British Guy!" Cole went behind to come off the ropes for A LAST SH-NO HE DUCKED IT! Jack got to his feet quickly and ducked a clothesline attempt by Cole as he came off the ropes ONE IN THE CHAMBER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Jack knowing he had to keep on him he then turned him over locked in his arms for SILVER LININGS! Wrenching on his entire upper torso as he looked for the submission as Cole looked he was nearing to tapping out but then the referee's attention was diverted by the arrival of the rest of The Undistputed Era as O'Reilly was on the apron arguing with the ref Jack let go of the hold and just struck him sending him flying off the apron as then Fish tried to distract him as Jack went for him he missed jumping down to the floor as Jack turned around he was met with a SUPERKICK! Sending Jack to his knees then seeing his opening Cole came off the ropes for A LAST SHOT! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

At the very last second Jack was able to stop the count as Cole, the rest of the Undisputed Era and the entire NXT Universe could not believe he got out of that as Cole distracted the referee O' Reilly, Fish and Strong hopped up to the apron and sneaked into the ring as they looked to help their leader securing the win but then from the back out came Keith Lee, Matt Riddle and Dominik Djakovic and they fought the three Undisputed members all the way out of the ring as the chaos distracted Cole but as he turned around A KILLSHOT! Jack saw his opening and quickly went up the top rope and FINAL MOMENT! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

The place exploded as the impossible just happened. "Here is your winner and NNNNEEEEWWWW NXT CHAMPION...JACK SILVER!" the announcement was made.

Jack wasn't sure what just happened as he had his hand raised and then handed the NXT title as he realised he just achieved the impossible as then he brought his hand up to his ear.


He then looked at a shocked and irate Adam Cole who was trying to wrap his head around what just happened as Jack raised the belt in his direction.

"Do I have your attention now?!" Jack said to him.

As they came back from commercial Jack went backstage and was greeted with a roar of applause as he was congratulated by everyone for his big win.

He was then approached by Sarah Shriebher for an interview. "Jack you just made the upset of what can be said was of the year!" she asked him.

"I didn't plan on this but let's just say Adam Cole mouthed off something he shouldn't have said and that what landed him in this predicament and now I am the new NXT Champion!" Jack stated holding his title up as he was then approached by William Regal.

"Jack first off congratulations and second I need to discuss with you concerning Survivor Series." he asked as they went to his office.



SmackDown was live and it was made official that for the first time it would be at Survivor Series Raw vs SmackDown vs NXT.

Bow down hit and the place came alive as it was NXT Champion Jack Silver who made a unscheduled appearance on the blue brand as he hand his title on his shoulder and entered the ring as he put his wrist to his ear...


"SmackDown Live!" Jack shouted out loud getting a pop from the crowd. "Before anyone thinks I'm here to cause trouble, I am only here to make an open challenge for Survivor Series I want anyone from Raw and SmackDown to challenge me for this NXT Championship in a triple threat match!" Jack announced the blockbuster match.

"With that said whoever here on the blue brand would like to take me up on the challenge..."

King's Darkness hit and that was the entrance of SmackDown's resident royal King Corbin who made his way out and to the ring as he addressed Jack.

"So a peasant from down in NXT want's to make an open challenge for his little trinket there." Corbin looked to the NXT title while insulting the brand, the title and the champion.

"Well I wouldn't say peasant more like a...King?" Jack came back as that seemed to get Corbin.

"Tread carefully you're not in Full Sail anymore, this is SmackDown, my kingdom I will not have some low class NXT fluke of a champion come in here and say he's the best they have to offer?! Then I say I accept your challenge and It'll be a pleasure to take that trinket off of you and become King of both SmackDown and NXT." Corbin accepted the challenge for Survivor Series as Jack was smiling hearing his answer.

"That's all I wanted to hear, now as a King you must be a gentleman right?" Jack asked as Corbin nodded. "Well can we as gentlemen shake hands and wish one another good luck?" he asked extending his hand out.

Corbin looked to it and looked to Jack. "I don't shake hands with NXT garbage." Corbin said as Jack looked disappointed.

"Tried to be a gentleman." Jack said as he put the mic down then threw his belt to Corbin who caught it and A KILLSHOT! Taking Corbin down that quickly he went up to the top rope and from there FINAL MOMENT!

Jack got up as Corbin retreated and looked up to see Jack holding up his title as he then motioned to his wrist.

"JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK!" the WWE Universe chanted once more as he knows he's just ignited a war.

And surely he did as the rest of the night NXT had taken over SmackDown, running through all the locker room and just made the statement that at Survivor Series NXT would reign supreme.


The fallout from SmackDown last week was still being talked about as this was also putting all of Raw on alert as a potential NXT invasion can happen tonight.

But the cameras cut to the entrance of the building and in walked the NXT Champion Jack Silver who was again alone and was headed out to the ring.

Bow down hit and the place went crazy for the NXT Champion Jack Silver who was happy to be on Raw as he made his way down and into the ring as he held his title up then brought his wrist to his ear...


"Monday Night Raw!" Jack said out loud getting a pop from the crowd.

"Now we know why I'm here so whoever from Raw would like to accept my challenge for Survivor Series please come out here and just to say I don't care if it's a verbal answer or even a violent answer just answer the challenge." Jack said challenging the Raw locker room.

I'm here to show the world, I'm here to show the world...COME ON! BRING IT ON!

Show the world hit and it was the entrance of The Show Off Dolph Ziggler who made his way out with mic in hand.

"Ok kid, you don't mind if I call you kid? Ok then kid look I get what your trying to do." Ziggler then stepped into the ring to face Jack.

"You want to prove that it was no fluke you've won that title and that little tournament you were in and by going to SmackDown and here on Raw you think you'll make NXT an actual threat." Ziggler insulted NXT.

"You're not the first NXT guy to try this and you won't be the last one so I am accepting the challenge." Ziggler said then accepting the challenge.

"That's all I wanted Dolph, that is all I was asking for and I did give Corbin an opportunity to do this and I am hoping we can be gentlemen about this." Jack said extending his hand out to him.

Ziggler looked at it and then looked to Jack then smirked and then shook it to everyone's surprise as a gentlemen's agreement was reached.

"Kid you've got a lot to learn about WWE." Ziggler said as he looked to leave HE ATTACKED JACK!

Ziggler with an ambush was reigning fists down on Jack who was trying to cover up but The Show Off was not letting up as he then went to stomping him and stopped for a second and looked down on the ground and picked up the NXT title and held it in his hand as he began to pose with it as he had already made his claim to winning it however Jack had kicked up behind him and was stalking him as he turned around YOU'RE A FANNY! Dropping him with the move Jack quickly went up to the top rope and from there FINAL MOMENT!

Jack got back up and grabbed his title and posed with it as once again he had made a statement for NXT and at the expense of Ziggler and Raw.


After the shocking events of last week in which NXT not only declared war on both Raw and SmackDown but the fact there is a new NXT Champion.

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the new NXT Champion...Jack Silver!"

Bow down hit as out came Jack who threw his title onto his shoulder and headed down to the ring as he went up to the barricade and hopped up and stood on it and held his title up to the NXT Universe and then entered the ring as he made the motion to his wrist...

"JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK! JACK O' CLOCK!" the crowd chanted.

"First off I am proud to be your NXT Champion, second I am proud that I will be representing NXT at Survivor Series and third they finally made my side plates!" Jack said as he showed to the camera his custom side plates for the NXT title which were a clock with his name at the centre of it.

"I'd like to send a message to both my challengers Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin and gentlemen I want you both to pay close attention to this...If I get back up then you are both fu-"


Shock the system hit as the former NXT Champion Adam Cole came out with a mic.

"Last week was the most humiliating moment of my career and what happened last week you got lucky!" Cole said as he got in the ring to face Jack.

"The only reason you won that title is because my attention was diverted and the fact you decided to cash in some title opportunity no one even knew about." Cole made excuses to why he lost.

"No Adam the reason you lost is because you underestimated me and the reason I decided to keep my title opportunity to myself as I wasn't planning to use it then but you decided to mouth off and look where that got you." Jack explained why it all went down last week.

"Let me get this straight you used that title opportunity just because I called you English?!" Cole said as Jack looked annoyed hearing it again.

Jack took his jacket off and placed it the mic and his title down on the ground ready to fight.

Cole seeing this was a bit surprised but then waved him off and left the ring as he'd seemingly backed down.

"You know what I'm going to wait until after Survivor Series whether you win or lose that title either way it's coming back to The Undisputed Era but since you want to fight so badly why don't you fight one of the boys tonight?" Cole challenged him as he nodded.

"Why wait till then?" Jack said as he was ready right now and the rest of the Undisputed Era came out as they had a quick meeting to decide who should face Jack as NXT went to a commercial break.

NXT was back from commercial and Jack was taking on Kyle O' Reilly as he was using his quick kicks to wear down the champion as each strike was hitting him with pin point accuracy as the Undisputed Era was cheering him on from ringside as he went for another kick Jack ducked it and got in an uppercut then followed it up with a ripcord knee to the face as he took O' Reilly up and dropped him with an Ushigoroshi 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Jack then got him up but was met with a kick to the head by O' Reilly who got in a huge knee to the head as he then sweeps the legs bringing Jack down to the mat looking for a double foot stomp but Jack quickly rolled of the way and tripped O' Reilly's legs as Jack kicked up but so did O' Reilly at the same time with both of them locking eyes as they began to talk and fists and kicks began to be exchanged as they challenged one another to hit the other as hard as they could with O' Reilly catching Jack with a huge kick to the face 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

O' Reilly quickly going after his leg and got in a heel hook but Jack with ring awareness got himself to the bottom rope as the hold was broken with Jack on the apron getting back up O' Reilly went for him but he countered with a shoulder barge and went to the top rope and got in a huge uppercut as he came off the ropes and hit another one flooring O' Reilly with Jack coming off the ropes again STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

The match was still going as Jack was measuring O' Reilly for One in the Chamber but Fish and Strong got up to the apron to run interference But were then pulled down by CORBIN AND ZIGGLER?! They quickly assaulted Cole on the outside then went right after Jack and O' Reilly with the match now thrown out they quickly got rid of O' Reilly and just beat Jack down as they brought him up and A ZIG ZAG! Then slowly Corbin pulled him up and into THE END OF DAYS!

They then evacuated the ring as the NXT locker room came out but Raw and SmackDown had just struck back by laying out not only the Undisputed Era but also the NXT Champion.

Hell of a two weeks for Jack now as the main man on NXT he's made himself a target and the fact he's about to head up against two of the main roster's veteran's.

What will happen next?

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