The Stalker 4

It was Mac's first day back since her encounter with Coster. She managed to get in before Harm, so she was able to at least get some work done. An hour after she got in, she looked up to see Harm coming out of the elevator. 'Oh boy, here we go.' She thought, as she saw Harm heading for her office.

Harm knocked lightly on her door, but didn't wait for an answer before coming in. "Mac what are you doing here, you should still be at home!" He said, his concern showing.

"Harm, I'm a big girl, I can handle myself here." She said calmly, not even getting out of her chair. Harm sat down and looked at her intently. "Harm, I'm sure. I'm fine, you don't need to worry about me." Mac said, laughter in her voice.

"Alright Mac. But if anything happens, you don't feel good, or whatever, I want to be the first to know." He said seriously, the concern not yet left his face.

"You have my word Harm. You'd be the first to know anything." She said smiling comfortingly at him. "Now get out of here, I don't know about you, but I have work to do." She teased him.

"Yes Ma'am." He said dryly, as he got up. "I'll meet you here for lunch okay? Unless you have any plans?"

"Nope, be here at 1110 sharp, any later and you have to buy!" She said. They shared a brief smile, and then Harm excited her office.

At 1112 that day. . .

Mac sat in her office watching as Harm made a mad dash across the bullpen. He burst into her door, and Mac said smugly. "Two minutes late. You're buying." She got up from her chair to grab her cover and purse.

"Cute Marine." Harm said, just the tiniest bit out of breath.

"I thought so." Mac said, over her shoulder. Harm just shook his head, and followed Mac out the door. "So since you have to pay, I get to choose right? Or are you gonna cheap out and take me to Wendy's or something?"

"I'll let you pick something, this time Marine! Don't get used to it though!" Harm said playfully, even though he knew that he would always go where she wanted. Mac smirked, thinking about where she wanted to go eat. Harm realized where she was going to drag him to when he saw the evil smile that flitted across her face. "Mac no, not . . ."

But before he could finish his sentence Mac interrupted him. "I want to go to Beltway Burgers Harm." Harm groaned as Mac stepped into the elevator.

A half hour later . . .

Ham and Mac walked into the bullpen together, laughing over something that had happened at lunch. Carolyn (Imes) was over talking to Harriet. They both looked up when they heard Mac and Harm approach. "Harriet why don't you put me down for, let's say about a month?" Carolyn said.

Harriet laughed. "Yes Ma'am. I'm putting myself down for next week." Carolyn looked over at her surprised.

"You think they'll get together that early?" Harriet nodded. "Alright Lt., do whatever you want." She started walking towards her office, letting the young Ensign put down her bet in the office betting pool.

"Thanks for lunch Harm." Mac said, stepping into her office. Harm leaned against the doorframe, watching her sit down. "Harm, I don't need you hovering over me 24/7. Really, I'm fine, Coster's in jail, and I don't need to worry about him anymore right?"

"Right Mac, of course. I'm just worried about you; you've been through so much. With Dalton's death and Coster kidnapping you. I just want to make sure that you're really all right." He said, his warm voice calming her.

"I admit that I wasn't dealing well with Dalton's death. I still blame myself slightly. If he hadn't been involved with me, he wouldn't have . . ." She trailed off, still not wanting to acknowledge that a man died because of her.

Harm stood up, and promptly closed the door, shutting out the world. He kneeled in front of his partner, and gently cupped her cheek so that she would look at him. "Dalton didn't die because of you Mac. Coster was sick, there was no way that you could have stopped anything that he did. Dalton's death wasn't your fault Mac." His thumb wiped away a few of the tears that had fallen when they started talking.

Mac leaned into his gentle touch, needing the comfort that only he could provide so well. "I'm just lucky that..." She trailed off again, not wanting to complete her thought. She looked up into his eyes, and decided to take a chance at saying what she really felt. "I'm just lucky that he didn't get to you Harm. I don't think that I could have gotten through this whole thing without you."

She looked down, afraid of what his response to that would be. "I'll always be here for you Mac, I want you to know that." He said softly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. She nodded slightly, and looked up again.

Suddenly all that existed in the world were the two of them. Slowly
Harm moved in and gently caught her lips with his. The kiss wasn't
passionate and heated, but loving and tender, it was Harm letting Mac
know that he would always care and be there for her. In Mac's eyes,
it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

They broke apart silently, only a few seconds after the kiss
started. "Always Sarah." Harm whispered. She smiled lightly
at him, realizing how much she liked her first name coming from

"I know. I'm okay now Harm, I'm all right." She made a shooing
gesture with her hands, and laughed slightly.

As Harm got up and went to open the door, Mac suddenly jumped
up. "Wait." She said quietly. Harm turned around slowly to
face her. She got out from behind her desk, and walked over to
him. She wrapped her arms around him, and embraced him tightly.
"Thank you Harm. For everything." She whispered into his
neck. Harm wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her

"Anytime." He whispered back to her. She let go of him, and
shyly looked up and brushed her lips to his cheek. She turned
back to her desk, and went to sit down. She smiled sweetly, and
Harm slowly opened the door. "You want to come over for dinner
tonight Mac?"

She smiled and nodded. "I very much want to come over for
dinner tonight Harm. What time?"

"How about 1830, sound good?" Harm asked, throwing in a flyboy
smile. She nodded her approval.

"Now get out of here Flyboy, I'm up to my ears in paperwork."
She said smiling. He nodded, and finally opened the door fully
and walked out. Mac leaned back in her chair, and happily
sighed. She couldn't wait until tonight.

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