Alibi Chapter 1

Author's Notes: This idea came to me while I was riding the bus home, analyzing a spoiler to death. The spoiler was concerning the upcoming episode 'Ice Queen' where Singer is murdered and Harm is considered for a suspect. Sooo. . .I was thinking what could Harm's alibi be? Well this is what I came up with! BTW, Bekki is the absolute best, it's been so much fun talking with her! She's a great writer so go check out some of her stories!

Disclaimer: JAG and all it's characters do not belong to me. Wish they did. . .THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!!!!!!

May 21, 2003

"So Harm, where are you takin' me tonight?" Mac said, looking up from her position on the couch.

"Well I thought that we could go dancing and out to dinner, and then come back here," he leaned down and whispered in her ear, like what he was about to tell her was vital to national security. "For a quiet evening." He then blew softly in her ear.

"Sounds romantic Flyboy." Mac glanced up at him curiously. "Who are you?" She asked giggling. Harm swatted her arm playfully.

"I can be very romantic when I want to be, thank you very much Colonel." He grinned, one of his famous Flyboy ones.

"I know you can Harm, I'm just giving you a hard time. One of the reasons I love you is cuz you can be romantic." She smiled sweetly at him, and leaned in for a sweet kiss. When they broke apart a few minutes later, she looked up at him, a twinkle in her eye.

"Well what are we waiting for Harm? Take me out!"

Meanwhile, a young lieutenant's life was being ended tragically, by a man bent on revenge. A death that would change JAG forever.

May 24, 2003

Harm entered the bullpen and noticed that it was seemingly, eerily quiet. He entered his office, briefly looking into Mac's office to make sure she had made it in okay. He was surprised when he didn't see her at her desk. She had left the apartment before him, to make sure that they didn't arrive at the same time.

It wasn't a moment after he had set down his briefcase that Tiner was knocking on his door. "Commander, the Admiral wants to see you."

"I'll be right there Tiner." Harm said, wondering what could be so important that the Admiral called him in right after he got in.

"Commander Rabb reporting as ordered Sir." Harm announced his presence.

"At ease Commander, sit down." Harm looked over to see that Mac and Sturgis were already seated. Trying to catch Mac's eye, he smiled, but she didn't smile back. It must have been really serious if Mac wasn't smiling at him

"Last night Commanders, Colonel, a young pregnant woman was found dead in a park." They all looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to reveal the identity of the unfortunate victim. "That woman, was Lt. Singer."

Mac gasped, and Harm and Sturgis just looked at the Admiral in disbelief. True none of them liked Singer, but she was a colleague and it was shocking. Mac was the first to recover her voice. "Do we have any suspects yet Sir?"

"Yes, one." He said, almost reluctantly. "Commander Rabb." Mac gasped again.

"Harm?" She asked incredulously, forgetting military protocol for a moment. "Why in the world would we suspect Harm? He works here for heaven's sakes!"

"We don't suspect him Colonel, NCIS does. Since Harm is under my command, the SECNAV decided that I couldn't conduct an investigation. Even though he let you all stay here, he still believes the office is a little to tight knit, and that we would protect him."

"Why exactly is Harm under suspicion?" Sturgis asked, finding his voice.

"NCIS found a Naval Commander's cover at the crime scene, and think that it might be Commander Rabb's."

"But Sir, I have my cover with me, it's on my desk." Harm said, speaking up. The Admiral looked at him.

"You have your cover with you? Then how did the cover at the scene have you DNA?"

Harm thought back, and remembered the night that Lindsey had come into his office and announced his report findings. "Sir, Commander Lindsey came into my office the night before he turned his report in. My cover was lying on a table, and he set his right beside it." The idea became clearer and clearer. "Sir is it possible that he could have picked up my cover, on purpose or by accident?"

"That is very possible Commander." AJ said, knowing that Lindsey absolutely hated the office, as he proved a few weeks ago. "Well people, there's not much that we can do, so I suggest that you get back to work. Harm I'm sure that NCIS will be coming by sometime today or tomorrow be prepared. Dismissed."

The three officers walked out of the office, this new investigation weighing heavily on their minds. Sturgis nodded to the two, and headed off towards his office. Mac followed Harm into his office. They shut all the blinds and closed the door.

"Harm what are you going to do?" Mac asked, terribly worried for her partner. She knew he didn't do it, she was with him the entire weekend, but. . .

"I don't know Mac, I have an alibi, with you as a witness, but. . . I don't want to expose our relationship yet." He said, taking her into his arms.

"Harm I don't care if you expose it, I don't want you to go to Leavenworth! You still have a promise to make good on!" She said, close to tears.

"Sarah, sweetie, it's gonna be okay. The investigation will conclude and I'll be fine, even if I get court-martialed. I have you as a lawyer right?" He said, looking down lovingly at her. He gently brushed his lips against hers.

"Always Harm." She whispered. Gaining more confidence, she backed up a little, though still in his loving embrace. "I better go now Harm, we both have work to do. But we're still on for tonight right?" She asked hopefully.

"Of course Sarah." He murmured. He let her go, and went around to his desk. ""I love you Jarhead."

"I love you too Squid." She said, right before she opened the door. She blew him a kiss, then stepped outside.

"Now I just wish that I could believe what I just told her." He said to himself, holding his head in his hands. "If only I could believe it."

Author's Notes continued: So what did you guys think? I know that it's not much to begin with but. . .And the thing with Lindsey being the murderer, I know it's unlikely, but. . .I like it better than it being Sergei, even though in 'Second Acts' it kinda set that up, with Sergei being gone and all. So anyways. . .please review, and tell me what you think, and if I get the right response I'll post the second chapter!