"Obi-wan. Obi-wan."

Obi-wan Kenobi tried to ignore his apprentice by snoring loudly.

"I think there's a fire."

The Jedi's eyes snapped open immediately, earning a resentful glance across Anakin Skywalker's currently fearful expression.

"Where?" Obi-wan asked.

"I don't know. But look out the window."

He turned to see the ground blanketed in white and sighed. "It's just snow, Anakin. It's a normal part of weather in non-arid climates."

"It looks like ash," Anakin said, somewhere between curious and defensive.

"Yes," he admitted. "Once we were sent on a rescue mission after a volcanic eruption. It looked like winter had come to the tropics. But it's something you'll get used to now. That's why I insisted on that coat you said was too itchy."

Getting out of bed, he stretched, and, deciding to be nice. "We have an extra day before we have to go back to Coruscant. After our morning meditation, we'll use this time to enjoy the winter."

Anakin's expression shifted to the utmost suspicion. Obi-wan ignored him and settled down on the floor for a meditation session.

"We may as well begin now."


"I don't like this. It's too cold."

"Anakin. This is barely below freezing. If you are ever assigned a mission to a planet like Hoth, you will need to build your resistance to the cold and its tricks. Use the living Force to keep yourself warm."

"And it's slippery. I bet you can't use the Force to do anything about that."

Obi-wan stopped and debated for a moment. He wanted to scold his apprentice, but a memory of his late master flitted across his mind's eye. And Master Yoda might not entirely disapprove. Planning to meditate on his gratuitous use of the Force later, he snatched snowflakes from the air to form a compact snowball. Then he turned swiftly around.

"Defend yourself!"

His snowball caught Anakin squarely in the chest.

"What are you doing!" Anakin demanded, brushing his front off.

Obi-wan was already forming another snowball, the old-fashioned way. "This is Phase II of your lesson on winter… a snowball fight!"

"Hey! Ouch! Hell's… stop it!"

"Not with so much ammunition, Anakin. Defend yourself!"

And he did. His first throw hitting Obi-wan in the nose. Fortunately, the snowball wasn't hard and broke apart on impact.

They finally stopped their game and returned to the ship when Anakin complained of numb fingers. But he was finally more cheerful than he had been in weeks. And apparently tired out, too, for by the evening, for he was quiet during dinner and went to bed without any argument.

The next morning, Obi-wan went to wake him for their journey, and was alarmed not only by his apprentice's color, but also the temperature of his skin, when he accidentally brushed the boy's face, going to shake his shoulder a bit.

"I don't feel so good," Anakin muttered, pulling the blanket over his face.

"Stay in bed," Obi-wan said, as he left the room to go and inform the counsel that their return would be delayed.

"I don't like winter."

He closed the door. "I know."