Yoda stepped onto the ice with his usual calm, although his ears perked up in discomfort as soon as he was off dry land.

"Have patience you must, and find balance." He addressed the group of other chaperoning Jedi and the large group of young trainees. "Those of you old enough, I want you to use the Force not, while on the ice you are."

A pause while some of the older students and even a few of the Jedi grimaced. Yoda stumbled a little on his skates but caught himself.

"An exercise in discipline will this be," he continued. "But fun you will have, too, hmm!"

The Jedi duly began to make their way onto the ice. Most of the more experienced skaters spent most of their time picking up their colleagues as they fell, and soothing the young trainees when they hurt themselves falling.

Adi Gallia, on the other hand, was very good on skates, twirling and taking the less timid out to the center of the ice, well away from the safety of the rails. The Tholothian smiled, her blue eyes flashing brightly when she took one more five-year-old back to the sidelines and finally skated toward Master Yoda.

"Your turn," she offered, holding her hand out.

The other Jedi brightened as Yoda's ears twitched in response to the offer.

"Need one, I do not," Yoda protested. "The young ones, focus on you should."

"This would be a good example for them," she replied.

"Hmmf," Yoda grumbled, letting her take his claw.

She skated out slowly to the center of the ice. Then, she spun him around, herself managing to stay perfectly still, then letting him go for a second, did a figure-eight around him. The other Jedi in attendance laughed an applauded.

"Leads to the Dark Side of the Force, pride does," Yoda said, but then giggled as she looked sheepish. "Perhaps, do this more often you should, Adi Gallia. Much discipline you have, to become so skilled. Good would it be for you to teach others."

"I would like that."

"Speak to the Council, I shall. Perhaps funding we shall find. Now take me back you must!"

Author's Note: This story was inspired by post/70332402635/daily-advent-sithmas-countdown-december-14-yoda.