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Season 1, Episode 1: Of Teenaged Clones and Beekeeper Kidnappers


Paperwork sucked.

That was the only thought that flickered through Tony Stark's head as he worked his way through the mound of papers stacked on his desk.

Well, that and, 'Don't I pay other people to do this part of the job?'

Apparently, this specific paperwork was meant to be reviewed by the CEO of Stark Industries, meaning Tony himself, so, there he was. Doing paperwork.

While the world could possible be attacked by aliens again or a bunch of terrorists could be making their way through the streets of New York to hurt innocent people, Iron-Man was inside his office, doing an average office job.

Great. Just fantastic.

Tony hoped Pepper was satisfied.

He was two thirds done with the pile when his phone began to buzz.

Oh, thank god!

'Please be Pym, please be Pym!' Tony thought as he grabbed his cell phone (He was more than aware that if Hank wanted to talk to him, he would use his Avengers' card, but even billionaires could still dream, right? Right?) and looked at his caller ID.

Tony sighed before he answered. "You know, it's pretty hard to get through a mountain of paperwork as it is, you're not making this any easier on me by distracting me."

He expected Pepper Potts to give a response that was at least semi sarcastic. At least a, "You do realize that basically everyone does paperwork, right?".

Instead, he got a sigh and a dry response, "Did you watch the videos I sent you?"


"Huh?" Tony responded.

"The videos." Pepper repeated. "Did you watch them?"

The inventor furrowed his eyebrows. "Videos? What videos? What's going on, Pep? Are you okay?"

There wasn't a response at first.

After a minute, Pepper replied, "You know, I really thought I was something more to you than just your PA. I thought I was your friend. I understand that we all have secrets, I really do, but...I didn't think you'd hide something like this from me. Not even a hint. I don't know what I feel about that, like you...like you don't trust me or something…."

Okay, Tony was confused.

"Pepper, what are you talking about?"

Another pause.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, it's none of my business." She responded professionally. "Buzz me if you need anything else, Mr. Stark."

She hung up.

Tony frowned. He tried to think of something that he'd done recently that might have offended her. Pepper...Pepper was becoming more than a friend to Tony. He shared pretty personal stuff with her already, so what could it be, what secret had he withheld from her that made her so upset?

'Well,' Tony thought. 'The best place to start are the videos that she sent me.'

So, he went to his text messages and clicked on the link.

It brought him to a YouTube channel called, 'Pete the Geek'.

Tony felt his frown deepen.


Tony scrolled through the videos, glancing at the titles, wondering what about it could make Pepper so upset. He didn't understand-

He glanced at the thumbnails.

They were all still shots, probably used from the videos themselves. In them was always a kid, this one kid, sometimes with other kids, but generally, this one kid. He...he was probably 'Pete the Geek'...

Tony's mouth dropped into a little 'o'.

He...this child...this child had pin-straight black hair, heavy lidded caramel brown eyes, and pale skin.

The only differences between the two was that the kid was scrawny looking and lacked a beard.

This kid was a mini Tony Stark.

Next time, on 'That Parker Kid':

God, he loved Queens. He loved every bit of it, from that elderly person who got annoyed at him for using his skateboard on the sidewalk, to the weird, trendy themed food places that no one needed, but everyone went to anyways...