"So this is Hill Valley." Kazooie squawked while flapping her wings since she was flying herself and Banjo around the city.

"This place feels like Spiral Mountain." The bear spoke to his bird buddy. "Feels like it goes through consistent changes, don't you agree Kazooie?"

"Jeeze Banjo we just arrived and already you're thinking of things changing up on us." Kazooie spoke back while landing on the floor, standing tall from the backpack and taking a good glance around. "If anything this place is in better shape than that Showdown Town dump."

"Well let's go and explore the place." Banjo suggested, and with that the iconic duo went to see the Courthouse Square.

Back in the grassy meadow for which the animal pair originated from, Doc and Marty were going about as Emmett Brown was tinkering around with the DeLorean.

"Gee doc, how long you think we're going to be here?" Marty McFly asked Emmett while returning from a stroll around the spiraling mount.

"Give me time Marty." Doc Brown responded upon looking for more tools to fix up the vehicle. "I'm certain that there's a scientific explanation as to how we've ended up here!"