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In a desert wasteland, a man in armor walks in front of a statue of a young man doing a transformation pose with nineteen other armor statues around him. His armor was black and gold and design a watch with wings design into his back. His visor was crimson red, forming the word "Rider" in Japanese. He was waiting. Waiting for the people who oppose him. This man is Oma Zi-O, The Demon King of Time

Soon yells could be heard. Dirt bikes could be heard as well. They were coming, his subjects are doing another attempt of destroying him. As the large army charge ran with their weapons train on him, he waited.

The large rebel army fired their guns trying to kill Oma Zi-O but the bullets didn't even reach him, not even an inch. Oma Zi-O simply flicks his wrist and sends explosions to the army sending them flying back or dying in the explosion. Missiles are sent to Oma Zi-O but he stopped them from ever hitting the ground by holding his hand out. Soon giant robots tried to step onto Oma Zi-O but he also stops them with his other hand. Oma Zi-O starts destroying the giant machines into the missiles or simply throwing on the rebels.

Oma Zi-O had enough of these battles and stops time all around him. "You fools could never defeat me. Do you know why?"

And with another gesture of his arm, then Oma Zi-O sends a time wave of disintegration at the army.

"Tsukuyomi! Run! Arrrghhh!" yelled a rebel as he grabs a young woman by the shoulders and pushes her to the trenches as he and his fellow comrades above ground were disintegrated into dust. A hand pause the video and rewind it back to the image of Oma Zi-O.

It was Tsukuyomi in brand new white clothes, "This is you in fifty years. The most reviled overlord of all time." she said as she pointed at the image. She was telling this to two people. One was a young man named Sougo Tokiwa and the other young lady with long baby blue hair she was Nejiro Hado.

"That overlord… is me?" Sougo said in disbelief.

Nejiro shook her head. "That's impossible, Sougo doesn't have an evil bone in his body."

Sougo was getting a little light-headed from all this information."I think I need some fresh air."

"Sougo…" Nejiro to help her friend.

"Please Nejiro I want to be alone," Sougo requested as he went to the exit of the machine. Nejiro accepted his request and was allowed to get some fresh air.

As he was getting fresh air, liquid landed onto his t-shirt, as he turns to see where it came from he is soon faced to face with tyrannosaurs. Sougo freaks out and ran for his life as the dinosaur gave chase.


A Quirk is a special superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their users and are classified in multiplied categories. Only eighty percent of the population possess a Quirk. However, there are those who are called "Quirkless", those who don't have Quirk.

There are people who use their power to be heroes but there are others who would use it for evil. But those without Quirks still became heroes as Kamen Riders

The Heisei Kamen Riders have perdured through this era. And now, they pass their legacy onto the next generation! Rejoice at the birth of the new king!



It's September of 2018 for Musutafu, Japan. And things are about to get weird for a certain young man. Tokiwa Sougo, born in the year 2000, is a Quirkless eighteen years old. He might look like an ordinary high schooler, but even with his unassuming looks, he is fate to be the ultimate ruler.

Now Sougo was just walking back home on his bike. As he was climbing the step of stairs somebody called his attention.

"Sougo!" a voice shouted.

Izuku turned his head to see three of friends jogging after them. It was two boys and one girl both the same age as him. The tall blond muscular boy is Togata Mirio, Mirio was always a guy who was goofy and energetic. The other boy haves navy blue hair with pointy ears is Amajiki Tamaki, he is a very shy person who is a bit of socially awkward. His last friend is a girl with baby blue hair is a cheery girl but is also very talkative and curious about a person's unique physical feature, her name is Nejire Hando.

"Oh, hey you guys. What are you doing here? I heard you guys were living in dorms now?" Sougo asked.

"Even if we live in dorms now doesn't mean won't be able to hang out with each other," Mirio said.

Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejire all attended the number one prestige hero school in Japan. They have been called the Big Three for being the top three hero candidates in all of Japan. Sougo always forgets how they became the Big Three but either way, they were at the top. The trio has to a great degree groundbreaking Quirks and has endeavored to ace them with the end goal to wind up the three absolute best students at U.A. High.

"So how was your day Sougo?" Tamaki asked.

"Nothing much just had to talk to the counselor about my future," Sougo said.

"Oh, that sounds interesting," Nejire said.

"Not really, I just said I want to be king," Sougo said.

The Big Three were giving each other, ever since they met Sougo he always dreams of being king saying it's his destiny.

Mirio stops in front of Sougo, wanting to say something for his friend.

"Sougo, I know as friends we're supposed to support each other, but this has to stop even little kids wouldn't say that anymore," Mirio tried to convince his friend. "Sougo your Quirkless, I'm sorry to say this but no one would want a Quirkless king."

"But being king is all I could think of…"

Before Sougo could finish his sentence Mirio puts Sougo bike aside and grabs him by the shoulder. Sougo was confused by what his friend doing before he could ask Mirio does a judo throw to Sougo making him hit the ground on his back.

"Ow," Sougo moaned in pain.

Nejire and Tamaki were shocked the Mirio would do that. But they both know the young hero in training is only worried about Sougo knowing that the young man can keep going on about being king he needed to face reality.

"Was that really necessary?" Tamaki asked his friend.

"Yes, I didn't want to that but I had to wake him up to reality," Mirio said.

"But, still though," Nejire muttered.

"I'm sorry, do you feel better now?" Mirio asked as stick his hand for Sougo.

Sougo sat up. "Your technique was excellent, though. This is why you should be in my royal police force!"

The Big Three all sigh from their friend's stubbornness then chuckled because Sougo always never let things get between him and his dream. Mirio grabs Sougo hand and got him up to his feet.

As all four of them went up to the stairs, Sougo went to grab his bicycle, but he notices something on the seat of his bike. Sougo grabs the weird device from his seat.

"What is it that?" Neijre asked.

"I don't know Mirio did you left this on my seat?" Sougo asked the blonde.

"No, I'd just moved your bike," Mirio answered.

"I guess someone accidentally left here," Sougo concluded as put it on the ground.

"You're just gonna leave it there?" Tamaki asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Sougo said as he continues to walk back home.

The Big Three look at each other before shrugging and followed Sougo back to his place. Unbeknownst to them, a giant red robot was following them.


The four friends finally arrived at Sougo's house. Sougo house is also a clock repair shop called Kujigoji-do run by his Gran-Uncle Junichiro. As they enter the home/repair shop they saw Junichiro talking to a customer. Sougo enters the kitchen to get a small snack.

Once Junichiro finished talking to the customer, Sougo greeted him. "Uncle, I'm home! And I brought the Big Three."

"Oh, welcome back, Sougo and hello to you three as well, Mirio, Tamaki, Neijre," Junichiro finally welcome.

"Hello, Mr. Tokiwa," greeted Mirio.

"Hello, sir," address Tamaki.

Hi, uncle," greeted Neijre. "Was that a new customer?"

"Yeah, she asked me if I could fix her old radio…" he tapped old tech. "Even though this is a clock shop."

"I guess nothing easy for you," Sougo smiled.

Junichiro chuckled before going to a table getting a catalog envelope that says 2019 college admissions. He takes out a flyer that says Special Admissions Tests Preparation Course. He hides them behind his back and went to his nephew.

"Sougo… what are you doing for your entrance exams?"

"Not taking them. I told you, I'm going to be king," Sougo simply said.

Junichiro smiled. "Of course, you're going to be king! You're on a different wave than the rest of us!"

Sougo went upstairs to change out of his uniform. Junichiro throws the papers into the trash and gives a heavy sigh.

"He never changes does he?" Junichiro looked at the Big Three.

"I tried to wake him up from his dream, but he's pretty stubborn," Mirio said.

"But don't worry Uncle, we'll support and watch over him no matter what," Neijre added and Tamaki nodded to her comment.

Junichiro smiled at the three, he's thankful his nephew have good friends. "Thank you."


Soon the four friends were out to see what to do. As they began to walk up a spiral staircase a hooded man congratulated Sougo.

"Huh?" Sougo and his friends looking confused.

The man pulled open his book "According to this book, today will be a very special day for you. But you should beware of the red robot."

Sougo turned to his friends confused before looking back at the man. "Sure…"

Suddenly a bell rang behind them to see an empty bicycle parked by a wall. They check the hooded man but he disappeared. They walked up the stairs to see if the hooded man was there but he wasn't.

"Must be some guy with a teleportation or invisibility Quirk to pull a prank on us," Tamaki said.

Before Sougo could say anything they turned their heads to see a giant red robot floating to them.


"This can't be a prank," Sougo said.

The red bot tried to strike Sougo but Nejire pulled him away before getting hit.

"I finally found you, Oma Zi-O," the red robot said.

"Is he talking to me?" Sougo asked.

"I don't know but no one tries to hurt my friends," Mirio said as he activates his Quirk to pass through the robot but was bounced back from the machine. The robot then swatted Mirio to the side making him crash to a building.

"Get out of my way all I need to do is kill him," The robot said as he tried to smash Sougo again only for the latter to dodged again. Nejire tried using her Quirk but all it did was give the Time Mazine a small push. "The Time Mazine is built to handle Quirks so now step aside."

Nejire grabs a hold of Sougo. "Tamaki check on Mirio and try to find some Heroes. I'll try to get Sougo away from the robot."

"Ok," and Tamaki ran off to check his childhood friend.

"Hold onto me tightly, Sougo," Neijre told him.

Sougo was blushing greatly from being so close to Neijre. He was going to ask what she was going to do but he got his answer when she used her Quirk to launch them up to the sky.

"Ahhh!" Sougo screams for being so high up the air.

The red robot changes forms and gave chase after the two. As the two teens ran from the machine Neijre sees a small market that they could hide in. They went inside the market and that made the machine stop outside.

"Yes! You see that?!" Sogou cheered. "Great thinking, Neijre!"

"No problem," she smiled from the praise.

The red machine hovers at the top of the building.

"You thought you got away?" the machine change back to robot mode and it smashes the window from the roof. It tried to smash them with its fist but it only made them trip and crash into a few boxes. They got up and ran to the other side of the market but the red robot was blocking their path. It was going to grab Sougo but another vehicle hit it out of the way.


"Get in," The silver vehicle said as the doors open.

The two get on the machine to see a girl with black hair and white clothes driving the thing. She shuts the door getting ready to leave.

"Who are you?" Sougo asked.

"Introductions can wait," the girl said. "Now both of you hold on!"

The girl opens a hologram before spinning the numbers. "Activate Space-Time transport system!"

Sougo and Nejire wobbled from the increased speed from the vehicle.

"Before you asked anything, just take a look at this," The girl showed a video the monster Sougo will become.

Sougo was so confused and in disbelief, he left the vehicle to get some air but as he was just standing there a T-rex was behind wanting to eat him. Sougo freaked out and ran for his life from the dinosaur.

"Why is there a dinosaur?!" He screams as he trips to the floor. As the T-Rex was about to eat him the silver robot stop it.

"You didn't notice? We were in a hurry, so I jumped all to the way to the Cretaceous period."

The robot turned back to is vehicle form and picked him up and hovers farther away and teleported to another era.


Now all three of them are in the year 1671 and people were looking at strangely for their clothing and looks.

"So it really is a time machine…." Sougo turned to the mystery girl. "Just who are you?"

"I'm Tsukuyomi, I come from the year 2068," she answered.

"Why are you here?" Nejire asked.

Tsukuyomi started to say about Oma Zi-O an evil overlord who reigns over time. She says Zi-O has been oppressing who people and created a world deprived of all hope. She and others tried to stand against him but failed. She said some name of Myoukouin Giez got tired of and went back in time to change the future. So she followed Giez to keep Sougo from attaining the power of Oma Zi-O.

"Wait a minute… are you sure you have the right guy?" Sougo looking unsure.

Tsukuyomi started to take out her tablet and describe everything about Sougo life. As Tsukuyomi finished explaining his life they started to get something to eat.

"Pretty thorough, isn't it?" Tsukuyomi asked.

But Sougo didn't feel the same. "I feel more attack than research, to be honest…"

"Now about the watch in your hand."

Sougo looked confuse till Nejire tap his shoulder. "Sougo it's the watch from earlier," she says as pointed down at his hand.

Sougo looks down and was surprised to see the watch from before in his hand and started to glow.


Tsukuyomi grab his hand. "This will grant you incredible power. With it, you'll become Oma Zi-O, the king who destroys the world."

"I believe you," Sougo said. "I mean, I've always wanted to be king." He grabs the watch from Tsukuyomi. "If I can get the power to do that, then it works just fine for me." He smiled. "Bummer about the evil overlord part."

Nejire was shocked at her friends about the sudden nonchalant attitude about being an evil overlord he'll become in the future. Tsukuyomi, however, has a confused look on her face.

She checks the watch and notices something. "The watch isn't responding."

"If the watch isn't working, then who was that hooded guy that congratulated him," Nejire asked.

Tsukuyomi looked confused. "What hooded man?" Before she could get an answer there were shouts.

"Fight! There's a fight!"

The three went to check the commotion and to a fight is going on.

"I guess there is a fight."

Tsukuyomi look at Sougo. "Sorry, but I need to try something out." She hid behind a Sougo and shouted. "Alright you punks, give it a rest!"

The men fighting and crowd look at the source of the voice and thought it was Sougo who said those words. Tsukuyomi push Sougo to the angry men.

"What are you doing?" Nejire hissed.

"Don't worry they won't kill him, I just need to make sure," Tsukuyomi responded.

"Who the hell are you?!" a bald man shouted.

Sougo held his hands up. "I'm just not a fan of fighting."

Next thing he knew Sougo was being carried to the village bridge. Sougo was trying to get the men to stop but they didn't listen. The men threw Sougo over the bridge to the water making the men who were fighting cheering each other like they weren't fighting against each other at all.

"Maybe I do have the wrong guy," Tsukuyomi said.

"Since you finish your little experiment can you take us back home?" Nejire asked. "Are you okay Sougo."

"Yeah, I'm okay," Sougo said as got over the bridge. "But at least the men stop fighting."

They tossed him in the river, but he's still concerned with them fighting," a woman exclaimed as she and the other villagers laugh at him. Soon screaming can be heard.

"It's a monster!"


As the three time-travelers check to see it was a red armored figure and Tsukuyomi knew who that is.

"That's what Geiz looks like when after he transforms!" Tsukuyomi said. "He wants to destroy you before you obtain the power of Zi-O. Let's go!" As she drags both Sougo and Nejire to the Time Mazine.

As they were trying to escape Geiz in the timestream. he caught up with them and bash his Mazine into theirs knocking them into a year. They hit a wall making Sougo and Nejire thrown out of the Time Mazine.

"Owowow, Nejire you okay?" Sougo groaned.

"Yeah, took worst hits than this." Nejire grimace.

They look around to see snow and some kind of monsters heading for them.

"What is that?!" Sougo exclaimed.

"Don't worry Sougo, I'll protect you!" Nejire said as stands in front of him protectively.

Before the monster could attack a voice came out of nowhere.

"Get down!"


Two figures did a powerful kick on the monster making a small explosion, but it sent Sougo and Nejire flying along with the explosion into a warehouse. Two figures notice them and check if they're okay.

"You alright?" the man in a red and blue armor asked.

"Yo, you two alive?!" another man in blue and orange armor cried out.

As two armor warriors helped back to their feet. Sougo was impressed by the figures.

"Whoa! You guys awesome!" Sougo exclaimed. "So are you guys from the future, too?"

The blue/orange pointed at the red/blue. "This is Kamen Rider Build."

Build took the bottles out of his belt making him deactivate his transformation. Showing a young man in his early twenties.

"Kiryuu Sento," Build introduce himself. "And this is my assistant."

"Like hell I am! Kamen Rider Cross-Z," the other man sounding annoyed then deactivate his transformation. "The name's Banjou Ryuga."

"Kamen... Rider?" Sougo looking confused.

"Kamen Riders… that name sounds familiar," Nejire also looking confused as well. "Uh… sirs what era are we in?"

"Era?" Ryuuga said. "It's November 30th, 2017."

"2017?!" the two teens exclaimed.


Sento took Sougo to his base of operations, the cafe nascita. Ryuga was taking a sip of his carton of milk. Sougo pushes him aside to check the date on the milk carton and to his surprise, it was November 30th, 2017.

"It really is 2017!" Sougo exclaimed as showed the milk carton to Nejire.

Then the cafe's refrigerator opens and Sento walks out of it.

"Woah what's up with the fridge?"

"Well, I examined it. This device of his doesn't seem to use any current generation technology." Sento handed Sougo his watch. "They really are from the future."

"Not so fast…" Sougo started.

"We're only from one year in the future, that hardly counts," Nejire said.

Ryuga rolled his eyes. "I don't get why you're being humble about that."

Sougo started talking not even realizing his friend and the two Kamen Riders are being knocked unconscious. Once he finishes talking he hears someone falling to the ground. He turns around to Tsukuyomi holding a gun pointing at him.


Tsukuyomi shoots Sougo knocking him unconscious.

"Sorry about that. It's no good to interact with the past more than necessary." Tsukuyomi said.


Elsewhere in the year 2017, a young man is practicing playing basketball. He tries to get the ball into the hoop but it hit the backboard making it bounce to the road. As the man went to get his ball he didn't see till the last minute a car speeding towards him. Before he could get hit time stops. A young man in blue clothing walks to the scene as he was the one who stopped time. He is a Time Jacker and his name is Heure.

"I'm choosing you," Heure said.

The basketball player was freaking out how time stops and how he almost got hit by a car. "What just happened?!"

"Originally, history states that you were hit by that car just now," Heure said. "But if you make a contract with me…"

"You'll save me?" asked the basketball player.

"Precisely." Heure smiled at the man. He shows the man a watch. "What's your decision?"

Having no other choice the basketball player agreed. "Alright…" He grabs the watch. "I'll make a contract." Soon the watch glowed and it showed an image of a red and blue monster.

"You are a smart boy," Heure complemented, he then used his powers to push the car in front of them to another car. "Starting now, you're Kamen Rider Build!" Heure starts the watch and puts it in the young man chest.


Soon the basketball player began turning into a monster version of Kamen Rider Build. Another Rider starts his rampage of collecting for his full bottles. His first capture was a tennis player and karate in his Empty Bottles. But they were not the best match and now he searches for better matches.


Sougo and Nejire soon found themselves in Sougo's bed. Once Sougo realize the position he is in now he got up blushing madly and Nejire was only giggling.

After having a small snack, talking about a dream they both shared and Sougo gets advice from his uncle they decided to check on Mirio and Tamaki. If the trip to the past was a dream they need to make sure by asking Tamaki and Mirio.

As they went to check on their friends but they started to hear screams coming from around a corner of the building, They both rushed around the corner, only to see a monstrous villain.

"What is that thing?" Sougo shouted.

"I don't know but doesn't it look familiar," Nejire said.

Sougo squinted and Nejire was right it did look familiar.

"He's going to hurt that person if we don't do something," Sougo said.

"Sougo we can't do anything you're Quirkless and I can't use mines without hitting the civilian," Nejire said not wanting to use her Quirk the person.

"I can't do that," Sougo ran towards the monster to make him let go of the capture civilian it is holding.

"Sougo don't!" Nejire cried out.

As Sougo tried to attack the monster it punched him in the face knocking him back to the ground. As to lands on the ground, something falls out of his pocket. He grabs the object and looking at it and remember what Tsukuyomi said to him that it will grant him incredible power.

"So it wasn't a dream after all…" Sougo muttered. "In that case, I will become King."

Sougo went to attack the monster again. The monster lets go of the civilian and grab Sougo by the neck and started to choke him.

"Sougo!" Nejire shouted as she was about to save her friend.

But out of nowhere Tsukuyomi comes from around the corner and starts to shoot the monster making it let go of Sougo. The red/blue creature staring shooting basketballs at her. Tsukuyomi started dodging and shooting back at the monster. As she was fighting the monster she soon notices Sougo holding a watch.

"Get rid of the watch!" Tsukuyomi told him. "Enough about that nonsense of being king."

"It's not nonsense, I want to be king!" Sougo said. "I want to make the world a better place. I want to make people happy!"

"When I think like that, the only choice is to become king!"

"Yes." Sougo turned to see the source of the voice and it was the hooded man from earlier.

"You simply must become king," the hooded man said.

Tsukuyomi notice the hooded man too and know who he is as well. "Woz…? What are you doing here?!"

"Zi-O power is unrivaled throughout time," Woz said. "Use that power and the world, including the past and future, will be yours to shape."

"But if I do, won't I become the cruelest overlord of all time," Sougo muttered.

"Which is why you shouldn't! Tsukuyomi told him. "Don't bring out that evil!"

"I made up my mind." making Woz smile. "I will become that overlord, but I won't be feared and despised. I'll become the greatest and most beloved overlord of all time!"

That statement shocked both Tsukuyomi and Woz. Then his watch device began to glow as it became the Zi-O Ridewatch. Woz then got in one knee as he presented Sougo his Ziku-Driver.

"This is for you my overlord."

Sougo was going to get the driver but a voice stops him.


Sougo saw it was Nejire with two Pro-Hero, Ryukyu and Kamui Woods. She must have left to bring in some Pro against the monster. But now that she's here, he can show her his dream is coming true.

"Don't worry I got this. I will be a great king," Sougo told her he then grabs his driver placing it against his waist.


"You should know how to use is my lord," commented Woz.

He held out the Ridewatch to his side, as he twisted the dial so the arrow pointed to the left. He pressed down on the top button activating the Ridewatch.


A digital hologram of a clock based helmet appeared on the front of the Ride Watch before it dissipated. Sougo slotted the Ridewatch on the right side. What sounded like a clock ticking started to echo around him.

He pressed down on a button sitting on the top of the driver, as the main body of the driver turning counterclockwise by a few degrees. He raised my arms up to the left before he moved them over his head as they eventually landed into position. His left hand held raised to my upper right side, palm outwards, while his right hand faced open palm up by his hip.

While Sougo was getting ready to henshin, a giant holographic clock formed behind me, different gears decorated the outside, as the hands turning around as it awaited his transformation.

"Henshin!" Sougo shouted he then backhanded the right slot of the driver, the whole belt turning 340 degrees until it returned to its neutral position. He quickly brought my arms in front of himself bringing them down to his sides, the sound of a bell being rung echoed around me.


The hands on the holographic clock slammed together at the twelfth position, before they split to the sides, the small hand landing at ten, while the big hand settled at two. Three pink characters formed under the hands on the clock, as it pulsed outwards, launching said characters ahead of me.

As this was happening three bands that resembled watch straps circled around, forming the Zi-O armor. They dissipated soon after, and the three characters slammed into the front of his helmet, forming the word 'Rider' in Japanese on my visor. While the logo on his forehead reads "Kamen" in katakana.

Everybody -except Woz and Tsukuyomi- who were at a surprise from Sougo sudden transformation.

"He became a Kamen Rider," Kamui Wood muttered.

"The Quirkless vigilantes who fought," Ryuuku said.

"There were Kamen Riders?" Nejire asked.

"I thought they were just a myth, I didn't think a Kamen Rider exists, " the dragon hero replied.

"A myth?" That couldn't be right if the time travel wasn't a dream then what about Sento and Ryuga they were Kamen Riders in 2017, right? With how loud their attacks were, she would've thought they be more known.

"Rejoice!" Proclaimed Woz, as he stepped into view of the others with his book open. "The one who will inherit all Rider's power! The king of time who will reign over the past and future."

"His name is Kamen Rider ZI-O, and you have borne witness to the dawn of his advent." Woz finished, slamming the book closed with an audible slam.

"No…" Tsukuyomi frowned.

"I think I can do this," Sougo said as he ran towards the monstrous villain and gave it a powerful punch to its chest. Sougo was grinning under his mask. "It's working!"

The villain got back up and dash towards Sougo trying to get a hit on him but Zi-O kept dodging the attacks. After three minutes of punching, blocking and dodging the monster lit up his hand with a basketball and started throwing it at Zi-O. The basketball bounces off from Zi-O landing it back to the monster hands and throwing it back to Sougo throwing him back.

"Ow…" Sougo groans then Japanese characters came out of his belt which became a sword landing into his hand.


"Is this…?"


"A sword?"

Zi-O got up and press a button and the blade started to glow. The monster started to throw more basketballs which Sougo blocked with his sword. As he got close to the villain he gave it a good slice.

The monster had enough of it and jumped holding a big basket ready to throw it at Zi-O. Zi-O then grabs his Zi-O Ridewatch and insert to his sword.



Sougo jumps up and slices both the basketball and the villain making it explode. Unknowingly making the user of the Another Rider Watch land behind a bunch of bushes.

"Awesome," Sougo said as he realizes what he just did.

"Sougo!" Sougo turns around to see Nejire and the two Pro-Heroes jogging towards him. "You became a Kamen Rider!"

"I know right! Now I can become King!" Sougo declared.

"I'm trying to process what just happen," Kamui Woods said.

"Young man we need you to come with us to figure out this situation," Ryuuku said.

"Well…" Zi-O couldn't answer when a new voice came in.

"Looks like you couldn't change history," a young man in black and red came into view. "Why did you choose the demon king's path?!"

"It's the path I chose," Sougo simply said. "No, I think I was destined to choose this path, from the moment I was born!"

The young man frowns as he remembers those are the exact word Oma Zi-O said before killing half his comrades.

"I see, If that's the case, I need to put an end to that path right now!" He took a red Ridewatch from his wrist and activates it.


A giant red clock was behind him similar and different than the one Sougo had when he was transforming. He slotted his Ridewatch to the right of his Ziku-Driver. He pressed down on a button sitting on the top of the driver, as the main body of the driver turning counterclockwise by a few degrees. He lifted his arms both forwards then put his own hands and spun it counterclockwise.

"Henshin!" he shouted.


The young man became a Kamen Rider. This shock the others, except for Tsukuyomi, Geiz had a Rider outfit was red. He has a yellow visor that says "Rider" in hirigana, while the logo on his forehead reads "Kamen" in katakana.

He brought out another Ridewatch which was orange and activates it.


He put the Ghost Ridewatch to his left side of his Ziku-Driver changing 2018 displayed upon the front into four clocks of orange, ticking away as a loud standby noise filled the air. Gently pressing the button on the top to release the hatch as Geiz twisted the driver counterclockwise until an ominous clock chime filled the air.


The same silver armor that had formed within the projector was recreated in a hologram in front of Geiz, a banner reading 'Armor Time' revolving around the top as the armor pulled a pose. As the rider moved forward, the armor broke apart, hovering just close to their designated location upon Geiz body.

The watch band flowing down his front being almost the only thing that remained the same, which leg guards, a chest plate and arm plates of black with orange lines going across it, a spectral eye imprinted upon the front of his chest. The watch motif to his helmet face disappeared, replaced with orange and silver horn as the yellow of his visor spells out Ghost. Two giant eyecons attached shoulder pads.

"Here I come, Oma-Zio!" Geiz said as proceeds to attack Zi-O

"Eh? W-wait a sec…!" Sougo cried out but Geiz ignores him and summons Parka Ghosts ready to end Zi-O and to save the future.

AN: Here's a new story and it's nothing really special I've seen other Zi-O stories and thought I try it too. Also, don't expect this to be updated quickly because this took me a while to write. I didn't think the episode will be too long to write. So here a Novelization of Zi-O in My Hero Academia.