This poem is dedicated to my favorite childhood character. I wrote this poem late one night while musing over childhood innocence and the harshness of reality.

Please Rainbow Brite, please come today!

Take the darkness from my heart away,

It's muddled in blackness and shades of grey,

Murky stole my happiness, and I'm in pain.


I look upon the world I see,

Pollution covers fields of green,

The little birds have left the sky,

I wait for your steed to gallop high.


The Earth looks broken, my heart is sad,

Please hurry down from Rainbowland!

And fix the problems in my heart,

Bring colors and a brand new start.


The child in me believes in you,

And knows the job you love to do.

To bring color and light to a world of pain,

Come heal our land, and make us sane!


Oh Rainbow Brite! Oh won't you come?

And save us from the things we've done?

Murky laughs louder every day,

Please ride tonight and don't delay!


Thanks for reading my poem.