Prologue -

In the wee hours of a Sunday morning, a blood-curdling scream was heard from the recesses of the Gryffindor girls' dormitories. "James Potter! Sirius Black! Arghhhhh...I'll kill you!" The scream echoed through the common room, making grins spread across the faces of the occupants, four rather mischievous sixth-year boys more formally known as the Marauders. The sandy-haired Remus grinned at his friend, tucking a faded bit of parchment into his pocket. "Dare I ask what prank has befallen our lovely Lily flower, Prongs?" The afore-mentioned Prongs winked and nodded his head towards the door, where the sound of thundering footsteps could be heard. "Just watch..." All four boys schooled their features to an expression of complete innocence, one that didn't fool anyone in the least, but still managed to keep them out of trouble most times.

The door slammed open to reveal Lily Evans, a slender sixth-year girl, her emerald eyes blazing with anger. Her pride and joy, the wealth of fiery red curls she brushed every night before bed had been charmed into a hairdo reminiscent of Frankenstein's bride, standing straight up into the hair complete with a white streak. Behind her stood two other, Arabella Figg, a tall, raven-haired sixth-year...her short hair charmed into wild spikes, and the other, Trista MacCullough, a petite sixth-year...her formerly blond locks charmed into a kaleidoscope of hues. All three girls glared angrily at the Marauders, who'd nearly fallen out of their chairs with laughter. Between bouts of laughter, James managed to blurt out. "Oh come doesn't look half-bad. It's definitely a fashion statement, Lily flower!" Sirius was laughing so hard that he was doubled over, his bright blue eyes lifting to the raven-haired girl's livid face. "'s you, it really is!" Tears were streaming down Remus' face as he chuckled hard, glancing over at the rainbow-locked girl. "Trista dahling...I didn't know you were into punk!" Chubby little Peter was laughing too hard to even comment.

If looks could kill, the Marauders would have been dead on the spot. Emerald fire blazed from Lily's eyes as Bella's gray eyes turned to molten silver with anger. Trista's eyes, however, turned cold like ice, shining like amethysts...narrowing slightly as she stared at them. The three girls all frowned, then Lily spoke...her words soft yet quite clear. "You will pay for this...all of you. Mark my words, Potter." The boys' laughter subsided for a moment as they stared at the three in disbelief. With nothing more to say, Lily, Bella, and Trista all turned on their heels, and disappeared back up the stairs to the girls' dormitories. Peter looked at Remus, who in turn looked at Sirius, and Sirius, of course turned to James. The messily-haired Gryffindor stared at all three of his best friends for a moment, then burst into laughter...sending the others into peals of laughter once more.

Meanwhile, the girls had secluded themselves within the sixth-year girls' dorm. Lily was pacing the floor, muttering angrily under her breath, and Bella was sitting cross-legged on the stone floor, trying not to scream as she struggled to run a comb through her spiked hair. Trista was sprawled across her bed, running a small hand through her long, rainbow-hued locks. Finally the slender red-head spoke up, turning onto her stomach to look at her two best friends. "We have to come up with something good. Something they'll never expect." Bella glanced up, dropping the silver-handled comb to her lap in disgust. "Lily Marie Evans...what could we possibly do that the Marauders haven't done already?"

Suddenly a soft voice chimed from the bed, singing softly. "Di dicki do dum di dum do, di dicki do dum, dicki dicki di dum, di dicki do dum di dum do, di dicki do dum di dum do!" Both Bella and Lily stopped in their tracks and looked over at Trista in surprise. Exchanging looks, the two crossed the room and plopped onto the bed next to their friend. Lily leaned over and poked her small friend in the side, giving her a quizzical look. "Trista...didn't we tell you not to smoke the funny stuff without sharing with your best friends first?"

Trista rolled her eyes, pushing herself up on her elbows. "I wasn't smoking anything. I got the Wiggles stuck in my head...I couldn't help myself." The ebon-locked Bella flopped onto her back and looked up at her friend. "The Wiggles, huh? Is that some strange Muggle thing, Tris?" Even Lily, who was Muggle-born, looked perplexed. Shaking her head, Trista grinned at them both. 'Yes...the Wiggles are an Australian Muggle children's band. My little cousins listen to them all the time. The group has four guys in it: Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff. A silly group of men...rather goofy, if you ask me." Bella and Lily exchanged a look, then grinned wickedly at their friend. "A group of four goofy men, eh, Tris? Tell us more."