Chapter 3

After making the hardened choice of deciding to remain here he wandered off into the distance. With the doors slowly becoming just as obscure as before they were discovered, the question that was becoming ever so much clearer in his mind that whatever it was doing this was, did it have anything to do solely with him or was it just something that he was not to have any voluntary or involuntary participation in.

It had been about 1 hour though it seemed more like 60 years instead of minutes, the feeling of time naturally passing was absent here. As it seemed the only way of not losing track was to count the seconds go along, but even this looked to lose all meaning. Ultimately showing that time was not something that even held any significance anymore.

Dreading on the colourless and uncaring path with the still unanswered queries in his mind such as the what's, where whose and most of all Why. It was with all these questions that almost caused him to miss the small nearly unnoticeable spec of light in the distance but this was not like any light he'd seen before it had a pale yet bright sight to it.

At the time it didn't look as though it had any reason to incite any fear or excitement. Only with him increasing in proximity to the luminous light, with an almost instinct like reaction his legs started to course themselves towards the shinning and glistening glow of gold, but it wasn't too long before it was shown to in fact not even be a light.

Approaching the source of what was a golden almost beam of light from far away it was presented to be a mirror, with an upright oval shaped and had an amber coloured frame made of a stiff and solid wood with a coiled pattern, it circled in an almost endless corkscrew motion looking growing outwards but just an illusion. Walking up to the mirror which now that he was much closer.

He saw just how large the mirror was it so that he could only see his face and the peak of his shoulders. Looking up then down at the mirror he saw that it was floating in mid-air or at least that was the closest it could be because while he could breathe there was no breeze at all, nothing, not even the faintest feel when running or when waving his arms about.

Sweeping away the thought of why he could breathe but not feel any of the air he was breathing which was a very strange and wired sensation in his mouth and lungs. His mind focused and he switched back to looking in the mirror only this time he wasn't the only person he could see in it. With a lightning fast reaction he swivelled his head to see nothing there, but with another look at the mirror he saw the exact same figure as before everything happened.

Switching between the mirror and the figure about five times but all within a few seconds he was in a state of shock, anger and confusion but not a single emotion showed, when he tried to shout at the ghostly silhouette he could produce nothing but a small whimper which was quitter then his breathing which has hastily sped up, his heartbeat racing like he'd run a marathon.

Making a daring decision to move towards it, he moved one food forwards but for this the shadow like figure moved one slightly backwards going on for less than a minute he went back to looking at the mirror however now there was no mirror in the time he was not looking the glass from the mirror had vanished from the frame and all that was left was the wood still rotating in the corkscrew like fashion.

With less than no idea of what was happening he decided to go wander with the nothing on his mind but a slight glimmer of hope to find something else or someone else but the more strange things that happen around him and mostly when that shadow is around or do these things happen because of something else, something not yet discovered.