Hey everyone, I know another new fic, but this one has been in my head for a long time and I think it will be fun and interesting to do: A serial killer Naruto who hunts and kills serial killers joins the BAU and helps them with their cases. Another reason is that I got most of this chapter done in a day when I decided just to write as much as I could to get it out of my head.

Now I won't say Naruto won't kill anyone while on the team, but he's certainly not going to be doing it every single case. Of course those who have seen all of Criminal Minds know there will be times for Naruto to kill multiple individuals.

This is also going to be a harem fic, but not massive and quite a few are more just having fun/sexual friends than getting married or anything like that, though they aren't sleeping with anyone else either. There will be some from Naruto and some from Criminal Minds

Also I will be putting whichever episode is involved with the chapter if there are any since I will be trying some filler stuff at times to break the mold as they say.

I'll also be doing the backstory for this Naruto as we go.

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"Radio or altered voice"

"Book, Computer, Letter, Text Message"

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Chapter 1: First Case

Season 1, Episode 4: Plain Sight

Episode Quotes: Do not forget that I cannot see myself, that my role is limited to being the one that looks in the mirror. – French Poet Jacques Rigaut

Birds sing after a storm. Why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? – Rose Kennedy

Quantico, Virginia: Federal Bureau of Investigation: Behavioral Analysis Unit: Bullpen

Arron Hotchner was in the bullpen smiling as the youngest member of the team, Spencer Reid, was blowing the candles out on his birthday cake or at least trying to since they were trick candles. Beside Hotch was one of his mentors, Jason Gideon, and the two were discussing the fact that Reid's intelligence was what it was and he was only 24. Hotch however had to step away as one of the main phones rang and an agent called him over before he picked it up, "Hello?"

"Agent Hotchner, this is Supervisor Strauss." A woman stated on the other end making Hotch get a bad feeling.

"Yes ma'am, what can I do for you?" He asked professionally.

"A call just came in asking for assistance in San Diego, but the director has something in mind for that." Strauss stated as she sighed into the phone.

"And that is?" Hotch asked wondering what warranted the director's attention.

"Naruto Namikaze." Strauss replied making Hotch tense, "I know, believe me, but the director has decided that he's too valuable a potential resource to just leave in jail. He's added over 30 convictions and arrests and closed twice that with information he's revealed since he was imprisoned and has gotten Interpol a number of arrests which help make us look better. Your case involves a serial rapist that also kills that's hit 6 times in 3 weeks and the locals have no leads and no way to track anything. As such the director wants to give Namikaze a trial run in sharing his methods since he was finding individuals that weren't even on our radar. He will be under yours and Agent Gideon's authority and the director wants a clear report on his usefulness and tactics and wants it done properly." Strauss stated making it clear she didn't care for this either but the director's orders were the director's orders.

"I understand ma'am, but I do need to say that I don't like this." Hotch stated since working with a serial killer wasn't exactly ideal even if he didn't mind the man personally.

"You also don't like the fact that the job hasn't become obsolete either, we all have to just gut it up and do the work." Strauss stated making Hotch sigh and agree, "Good, and before you concern yourself with him running he's not since he already brokered a deal for his help."

"I'm scared to ask what he wanted." Hotch stated seeing others taking glances at him with curiosity and worry.

"Then you're going to love this." Strauss stated before telling him what Naruto's demands were making Hotch raise his eyebrows in surprise and curiosity, "He'll meet you at the plane by the time you're ready for takeoff and the files should already be there on Agent Jareau's desk." Strauss stated before hanging up.

Hotch sighed as he hung up his phone, "Sorry guys, but party's over." He stated as he sent Agent Jennifer Jareau, aka JJ, to her desk to grab the files while he went to his desk and found the one case file he always had so he could know the basic details of the case.

10 minutes later had them all in the conference room with Hotch coming in, "We're going to San Diego, they've got one called the Tommy Killer and he's raped and murdered 6 women in their homes in the past 3 weeks." Hotch stated as the files were handed out making them pause a moment since that was a short fuse.

"Why the Tommy Killer?" Agent Derek Morgan asked and Hotch was the one who answered.

"You know the rock opera? Well this guy glues his victims' eyes open." Hotch stated making a couple of them cringe as Hotch sighed and leaned on the chair.

"Is there something else?" Gideon asked knowing there was a wrinkle.

"The director has decided to use this case as an experiment by bringing in an outside individual for us to utilize and study his methods." Hotch stated showing he didn't like the idea while the less senior members were wondering what the problem with a consultant was.

"And this individual's name?" Gideon asked knowing that would be the only reason that Hotch was unhappy.

"Naruto Namikaze." Hotch stated looking at Gideon seeing his surprised reaction and getting Reid, Morgan, and Agent Elle Greenway to look at him in shock while JJ was looking at them in confusion.

"As in the Hunter Naruto Namikaze?" Reid asked, "The guy who hunted, tracked, and killed at least 40 serial killers across 6 countries?" Reid clarified making JJ widen her eyes and Hotch to nod.

"The same man who in the past 4 years has also been giving the FBI and Interpol a list of targets he was hunting as well as giving a new name and location of a body he claims to have killed. He's also given in depth discussions with senior and junior agents on his craft and how he's able to understand the killers better than even we could. He even had the name and location of the Footpath Killer before I found him. He gave the information while we were investigating the arson case just after that happened." Gideon stated weighing the benefits and risks of doing this.

"You gotta be kidding me. The director wants us to work with a serial killer?" Morgan asked in shock.

"Technically he wants us to work with a vigilante version of our unit. The only reason Naruto was even caught was because one of his targets had a victim in hand already and Naruto stayed to keep her alive until the police and medics arrived. The girl lived, but Naruto was arrested and tied to multiple killings that he stated were serial killers and agreed to a plea of consecutive multiple year sentences in exchange for him giving names of either active targets or locations of the bodies that weren't found. DNA tests showed that the victims were in fact the culprits and the few that DNA couldn't confirm showed that the killings he said they were tied to just stopped right after they died. This was then further confirmed when Naruto revealed he turned the bodies over to the families so they could have closure." Reid stated having studied the man for a long time.

"The director has decided this and we have to go along with it. Naruto will be answering to Gideon and myself for the investigation and will be with us on the plane. The lawyers for the Bureau, the state, and country have already brokered their deal with him." Hotch stated surprising them.

"And just what does this guy want in exchange for his help?" Elle asked curiously that was shared by the rest of them.

"For each case he helps close, he gets one month off his sentence, one day a month he is allowed a personal visitor of his choosing and if the person says no then he doesn't get a visitor, and he wants a double bacon cheeseburger, crispy fries, a vanilla milkshake, and a large sweet tea for a meal." Hotch stated making them raise their eyebrows, "That's all he wants and the deal can't be discussed again until he's helped us close at least 50 cases or if he proves not to be helpful at all."

"You mean to tell me that he could have demanded any number of things from the Bureau and he just wants a month off his sentence, the possibility of a visit, and a meal once a month?" Morgan asked incredulously and Hotch nodded.

"That's right, but since the local authorities don't know about this he is to be treated as a consultant and not a criminal. Wheels up in 30." Hotch stated before walking off while the others were wondering what the hell they got themselves into.

Federal Supermax prison: Virginia*

Federal Supermax prisons, the most secured prisons in America, that officially exist, and the places that held criminals that were too dangerous, cunning, smart, or something else all together to be left in a normal prison and weren't able to be executed under normal circumstances.

Within the walls of one in particular was a 25 year old male with spiky sun-kissed blond hair that stood 6'5" made of muscle. However, unlike others he wasn't bulky but instead looked like a professional runner or a martial artist complete with a six pack that was close to an eight pack. Aside from the hair, the other noticeable features of him were his crystal blue eyes, six whisker-like birthmarks on his face, and two large burn wounds on his bare chest.

Said man was currently doing vertical pushups while waiting for a guard to come tell him something or give him his food. He was still waiting for word on if the FBI accepted his offer of help since he really didn't want the various sick bastards out there to have any kind of extra time to hunt more people. Of course, he'd have to change up some methods since he couldn't kill every criminal they came across and there was no way they were going to trust him with a gun right away at least not until he proved himself. However, that didn't bother him. He'd still be hunting the bastards and making them stop, some would get arrested and some he was sure would give them reason to shoot them dead and not let them see the next day.

He broke from his musings and workout at a knock at the reinforced bullet proof glass at the door, "Alright kid, get your shit together. You're getting your chance." The guard named Asuma stated as he stood there in uniform and a cigarette in his mouth, which was more to mock the inmates than it was for himself.

Naruto nodded and stood up while grabbing the white T-shirt that was the standard undershirt for all the jumpsuits before he put his hands through the slot to be cuffed before standing back with his hands there to ensure the guards knew he wasn't being hostile.

As he stepped out to be chained up further by Asuma and his partner Kakashi, Naruto smiled seeing his lawyer, Kurenai Yuhi, standing there beautiful as the day he met her waiting to walk with him and explain the details.

Kurenai was dressed in a white blouse with the top two buttons undone showing some of her cleavage, black pantyhose with black stilettos on her feet, a slitted navy blue skirt that went past her knee but showed off her gorgeous legs, and a navy blue jacket buttoned just under her blouse's buttons showing off her curves even more. In addition to her hair being done up in a bun with a pair of chopsticks holding it in place, she also had a pair of half rimmed glasses on her face, red lipstick that matched her crimson eyes which came from a pigment mutation that just merely changed her eye color, and red painted fingernails. On her ears were two studs one a pearl and one a diamond. Her right ear had black ones and her left ear had normal ones.

"Nice seeing you Kure-chan." Naruto stated as he began walking beside her with the guards behind them.

"Nice seeing you Naruto-kun. Now as for your deal, you will be answering to Agents Aaron Hotchner and Jason Gideon while also working with their team that consists of a Doctor Spencer Reid, Agent Derek Morgan, "newbie" Agent Elle Greenway, technical analyst Penelope Garcia, and Media Liaison Agent Jennifer Jareau. You are going to be given a change of clothes and then escorted to their plane where you will be briefed and discuss the case. You are to be introduced as a consultant and may not carry a firearm unless Agent Hotchner or Gideon state otherwise; you will not be allowed to go anywhere without one member of the team accompanying you unless Agent Hotchner or Gideon say otherwise; you will not discuss any of your previous work in front of anyone except for the team, again unless Agent Gideon or Hotchner say otherwise; you will in no way compromise or jeopardize a member of the team you are with; and you most definitely will not kill anyone while you are out with the team save for the act of doing so to save the life of someone." Kurenai read off using the clear cut language she knew Naruto would appreciate as they walked before they arrived at the exit and Kurenai handed him a duffle bag.

"Thank you, I'll be sure to behave." Naruto stated before kissing Kurenai full on the lips making her moan slightly and return it for a few seconds before they separated, "And I'll look forward to seeing you personally once the case is done." Naruto stated making Kurenai smirk and lick her lips.

"Can't wait love." Kurenai stated as they walked out and Naruto was put in the back of a stretch SUV where he was uncuffed and told to change while two Marshalls and FBI agents kept their guns trained on him.

Naruto merely snorted in amusement as he changed clothes before sitting back and enjoying the drive.

Within 20 minutes, he was at the airport and got out while dressed in a pair of jeans, a black belt with a leaf shaped emblem as the buckle, black combat boots, a red ¾ sleeved shirt, a pair of black sunglasses hanging from the shirt, and a black jacket on his shoulder. Standing beside the plane was Hotch and Naruto walked up to him while two Marshalls followed, "Agent Hotchner, pleasure to see you again." Naruto stated shaking Hotch's hand, though he knew it was a bit forced, "Relax sir, I'm here to help, not take advantage of you or your team. If you want me to sit there and shut up then I will, but I want these guys stopped just as much if not more than you all do." Naruto stated trying to put Hotch at ease as he sighed a bit.

Hotch nodded to the Marshalls signaling they could leave as Hotch began walking towards the plane, "So how pissed is the team that I'm essentially a forced piece of baggage?" Naruto asked as they walked and Hotch snorted slightly.

"A lot more than they will be when they see what a valuable resource you can be. Don't get me wrong Naruto, I think the information you've shared is valuable, but you're still a big question mark on if we can all trust you or not." Hotch stated making Naruto give him that point since it was fair.

As they entered, the team all looked at Naruto though Elle did think he looked handsome, "Everyone this is Naruto Namikaze, he's already been briefed by his lawyer on each of you. We'll proceed like any normal case and go from there, any questions?" Hotch asked with the team shaking their heads while Naruto nodded.

"Just one, how should I address each of you? I don't really care for using general terms and such unless the person would prefer it. So if I address you someway that you would prefer I not, then please let me know." Naruto stated as he took a seat near the others before the pilot proceeded with takeoff.

Once they were at a cruising altitude, Hotch stood to address everyone as the files and pictures were put out, "Alright, the last victim was Brenda Samms, she was found yesterday by her children when they got home from school. She had been strangled with a thin ligature, possibly a wire." Hotch stated making Naruto hum in thought.

"Shows he's careful and calculated. If there is the possibility of a wire than that means he took it with him and since they didn't find any foreign blood that means he didn't use his bare hands to hold the wire or he would have cut himself." Naruto stated making them nod.

"The residue on the mouth and wrists indicate that duct tape was used and then removed from her, also not found at the scene." Reid stated making Naruto frown.

"Then that means he must not want a mess that he can't control otherwise why not use the wire to bind her?" He stated getting them to look at him in confusion, "It's like this, there's no indication that the wire needed to be wrapped or held a certain way to choke her, so why then didn't he use it? Because wire that thin could have cut into her wrists as she struggled which would leave blood and a mess also giving the possibility of getting blood on him which may mean he can't afford to have a mess on himself. This also narrows down the kind of wire he used since it would have to be thin enough to match and hold but not so thin that it would snap easily." Naruto explained making a few raise an eyebrow.

"He could have just used the duct tape because he had it handy when he was taping her mouth." Morgan stated and Naruto shook his head.

"No, if this guy is meticulous then he knows nothing is gonna disturb him so why would he tape her mouth first before taping her hands since he doesn't want to risk her having some fight in her and getting a lucky shot. That means he did her hands first and if you have wire in your bag why not use that since wire is stronger than tape usually especially with sweat and struggling, which then leads me to believe he used the tape to save on the mess since the wire could cut into her." Naruto explained making Morgan see his point.

"There's also the fact he started leaving messages at the fourth scene." Hotch stated as he showed a picture of one of the mirrors, "This was on the mirrors. 'Fair lady, throw those costly robes aside. No longer may you glory in your pride. Take leave of all your carnal, vain delight.'" Hotch read before Naruto and Reid cut in.

"I've come to summon you away this night." The two said looking at the other before Naruto chose to explain.

"He's using an old ballad from the late 1600s where a woman and death have a discussion with the woman begging death to let her live." Naruto stated with Reid nodding while the others just looked on in interest, though Gideon also had a smile at Reid knowing the ballad, before Naruto looked at the other mirror photos, "Interesting, he's not using the woman's side of the ballad at all, maybe he thinks the body is enough of a reply to what happens when you try to bargain with death. But why not use it at every scene?" Naruto stated in thought before he paused and frowned, "Agent Jareau." Naruto started before JJ cut him off.

"Miss Jareau or JJ please." She stated making Naruto nod before he continued.

"Could you see when the news ran on there being a serial killer?" He asked making her look at him in confusion, "After which victim." He clarified making her nod.

"I can as soon as we land." She stated since she wasn't going to try and make the call at this height.

"What are you thinking Naruto?" Gideon asked making Naruto frown in thought.

"I think killer boy was whining for attention." Naruto stated casually making them raise an eyebrow, "I think he was upset at being ignored by everyone, counting the police since they weren't linking him to the other cases, so he left a message to make everyone start looking at him. He got a news report on himself and heightened awareness, but still he struck two more times basically letting him bask in the glory of him still killing and the cops couldn't do anything to stop him." Naruto stated making them raise their eyebrows in surprise.

"That's similar to how the ballad goes, the woman tries everything from begging, to bribery, to even trying to seduce death if he'll let her live but still he kills her." Reid stated making Naruto nod.

"So this guy thinks of himself as death?" Elle asked with Naruto nodding.

"Think about it, a victim always tries to bargain or plead with their attacker. Offering them anything if they'll just let them go and this guy won't do it no matter how much they beg and I'm willing to bet the begging just makes it more enjoyable for him." Naruto stated as they flipped through more work.

"That may also be the reason for all the destruction, they were the women's riches." Gideon stated seeing all the expensive items that the Unsub destroyed.

"Most likely, and since he hates and despises the wealth so much it probably means he's poor or just middle class or even something that should make him higher class but he still gets no respect. However, since he doesn't stand out in the area he can't be poor or lower class so he has to be at least middle to upper middle class or he would be too noticeable in the area. That also means this guy is average to the point of being a ghost: nothing remarkable, noticeable, distinguishable, or anything that would make someone remember him if they saw him. And since his anger is aimed at women, I'm betting he's got a controlling wife, overbearing mother, or a cruel and abusive boss that makes him feel worthless or powerless and since he can't touch her, he goes after women that represent her. This guy could be hunting at random or just targeting women for any perceived slight he feels they committed against him." Naruto stated since it fit and the others nodded.

"It's the eyes that I'm focused on, it's the signature: the one thing he doesn't have to do but needs to if he wants the release." Gideon stated as Naruto flipped through the photos before pausing with a frown as he stared at the picture of one of the victims.

Elle noticed the frown first, "What is it?" She asked drawing everyone's attention.

"Okay, look at this." He said showing the photo of Brenda Samms face down with her head turned and her arms at her sides, "This guys reads as an excitation rapist, the kind that needs them to look at him, right?" He asked making them nod, "And there's no sign of her having been moved after she died aside from her arms moving when he took the tape, correct?" Again they nodded, "Then here's the problem." He stated pointing to her head, "If the eyes were glued open to make them watch the attack, why are they looking away from it happening?" He asked making Gideon and Elle widen their eyes, "She can't see him, see the attack, or anything he's doing to her. So maybe the eyes aren't glued open to see him during the attack, maybe they are to have to see him afterwards? To make it so that he knows that they are looking at him after they are dead and that he is the last thing they will ever see." Naruto stated making them all frown in thought, "That leaves the question of what was he doing either in the room or maybe outside that she was forced to watch." Naruto stated making them all look at the various pictures.

"Well aside from signs he cleaned and went through the area, nothing. She's turned away from the destruction, she's turned away from the mirror, and she's turned away from everything except a blank side of the room." Morgan stated not seeing anything and Naruto frowned.

"There is one thing." Naruto stated making everyone look and he held up a photo of the room, "This window." He stated pointing to the window to the far side of the bed, "Now, that adds another characteristic to him, in addition to making them see him after they died, he could also look at them at any time. Maybe from his own home or from a work position." He stated before frowning as he went through the photos, "Damn, there's no outside street photos." Naruto stated as he looked to the two senior members of the team, "Is it possible for someone to accompany me to the different crime scenes so I can see the outside area? It might give me a perspective on what he could have been doing to see the victims but also not draw a lot of attention."

"I'll take him." Elle stated since she knew someone of the team had to go with him.

"Alright, the rest of us will head to the station to start coordinating with the police." Gideon stated making them all nod as they knew they'd have to hurry since the Unsub was only going to give a day or two at the most before he struck again.

San Diego

Elle and Naruto were driving to the first scene while the others went to the Police Station housing the task force for the Tommy Killer case. After landing, JJ informed them that the story was run after the fourth victim when he started leaving the messages showing he wanted attention.

"So what made you start doing what it is you do?" Naruto asked and Elle merely glanced at him before turning back to the road, "Okay then, well how about a trade, I'll answer any question you have if you answer one of mine?" Naruto asked as he turned to look out the window.

"How do I know you will answer honestly?" Elle asked with a look while Naruto smirked.

"How do I know you will?" Naruto countered making Elle smirk as she drove.

"Alright, my mom was killed in a robbery went I was 8 and my dad was a cop for over 20 years before he was killed when I was 18. I decided that I was tired of letting people die because of criminals and when I learned the FBI handled the worst of the worst of people who targeted dozens if not hundreds of people, I joined the academy." Elle explained and Naruto nodded, "And you? What got you started with the life you chose?"

Naruto sighed, "It… It chose me actually. My dad was military and started moving us around when my mom left with her boss and his money. In each place we stayed he had me trained in various things including psychology and hand to hand combat. He also took me on the various hunting trips that only veteran hunters would take to ensure I knew how to survive in any area as well as trust my instincts, follow tracks, and be able to hide when necessary. This life came when my father was murdered by someone I thought was my best friend and he nearly killed me. Turns out my so called best friend was a serial killer and got off on torturing men and raping women until they were nothing more than pieces of meat to be used for his enjoyment. My dad suspected something and got killed, while my girlfriend was raped before I interrupted and tried to kill him. He surprised me during the struggle and tortured me for a bit before I got free and killed him. From then on, I started hunting anyone like him." Naruto stated making Elle feel bad for bringing it up.

"I'm sorry, was your girlfriend able to return to normal?" Elle asked and Naruto merely glanced at her.

"There is no normal after that experience. She's just learned to adapt to how things are now and go from there." Naruto stated as they arrived at the first scene and Naruto got out of the car before looking up and down the street and around the area taking in everything.

"What do you see?" Elle asked as Naruto looked around.

"It's what I don't see. The victim's window can't see the street, the other houses, or anything from that position plus how she was laying. That means the typical people that would blend in such as mailmen, garbage truck drivers, delivery men, even cops can be ruled out just based on this location alone. Especially since cops could just knock on the door and be let in, no breaking in necessary. What the window would allow her to see is the trees right there and the telephone pole, which narrows the possibilities to gardeners that do trees, tree cutters, telephone repair men, and anyone doing maintenance on the power lines going by as well." Naruto stated looking around, "I mean think about it, no one notices a gardener digging or mowing the lawn, a man up on a ladder cutting tree branches, or a guy up a telephone pole, it's such an everyday occurrence that no one notices." Naruto stated looking up and down the area.

"Ok but what about the kit he'd need? Glue, duct tape, and wire?" Elle asked since that would help limit things.

"No, all four would share that. Duct tape is used for cheap repairs on equipment, to bind flowers together instead of twine so as they grow they just break the tape, and it's used to bundle branches easily and cheaply since the cord typically used can snap easily. Wire is used for securing plants, fixing hanging plants, and the obvious of doing repairs with the phone and such. Glue is used for fixes, quick treatments, and is even used for some planters to ensure animals don't dig the stuffing from the planters." Naruto explained making Elle frown since that didn't help limit the choices further, "As for not wanting to make a mess, even gardeners would be put under suspicion if there was blood on their clothes and a repair man would have a uniform that would be extra scrutinized. Plus there's the woman in his life making his life even worse if she has to get blood out of his clothes." Naruto further explained making Elle sigh, "Hey, we limited the possibilities to just four possible professions, what are the odds all the homes had more than one of them working the area within a week of the murders?" Naruto stated making Elle nod at his point, "Of course we'll need to check the other places as well."

Elle nodded as they got back in the car and drove to the second scene just a little ways off and found the same situation followed by the third scene. With the sixth scene being closer, they decided to head there and got there just as Gideon, Morgan, and a Detective Martin arrived, "Hey guys, Naruto and I hit three of the scenes, if our theory about him wanting the victims to see him after they died is correct, then he's gotta be a gardener, tree cutter, telephone repairman, or electrician. Nothing else has line of sight to where the victims are." Elle reported as Gideon nodded and looked at Morgan.

"Get our girl Friday on the job, have her look through to see if any of those people were around the different victims' homes. Tell her it could be as much as 5 days prior." Gideon ordered making Morgan nod before Gideon's phone rang, "Yeah Hotch?... Attempted?... Alright, well let us know if you get a suspect." Gideon stated before hanging up.

"Suspect?" Detective Martin asked looking at Gideon.

"There may have been an attempted attack near the station." Gideon stated as the detective turned to leave.

"Hey man hold up, at least let us have the keys to this place so we can look while you go there." Naruto stated making him shrug and toss Naruto the keys, "Ok, and the guy came in through the back?" The detective nodded and mentioned an opened window, "Elle, this woman is gonna be traumatized, why don't you go with the detective so there's at least one woman there to talk to her?" Naruto suggested making Elle nod as she tossed Gideon the car keys and left with the detective.

"Shall we?" Gideon asked as Morgan went around the back to look for the entry point. Naruto nodded and entered through the door taking note of everything. Naruto then went upstairs to the bedroom and looked around a bit before laying in the same spot the victim was, "What do you see?" Gideon asked as he looked around seeing the message on the mirror and all the destroyed items.

"I see the top of their flower bushes and a telephone pole, which means that we can cut out tree cutters since they wouldn't be maintaining the flowers. The common denominator so far besides the women being upscale women is the telephone poles and possible gardening areas." Naruto stated as he got up, "And did you notice some of these things on her dresser?" Naruto asked making Gideon turn and see some candles, cheap vases, and a few family pictures.

"What about them?" Gideon asked not seeing the significance.

"Two of those frames are silver plated and custom made, yet he didn't break them, why?" Naruto stated knowing those things could cost a pretty penny.

"Maybe he didn't know? He went for the obvious signs of wealth and status but not the lower radar versions." Gideon stated as he looked at the destroyed pile.

"Or he couldn't stand the thought of destroying that family moment, could mean he's dedicated to family even if the woman in his life is related to him in some way." Naruto stated making Gideon frown in thought as he turned back to the mirror.

"Well based on this being about the riches being useless, I think your analysis about him being a lesser class than the victims was correct." Gideon stated as Morgan came in.

"Our boy has to be at least somewhat physically in shape, even with my capabilities I had to be careful with my footing or I'd fall." Morgan stated as Gideon saw a video was in the VCR.

"She was doing steparobics." Gideon stated making Naruto frown before looking under the bed and felt the carpet finding it was vacuumed soft.

"Well, he certainly spent a ton of time here." Naruto stated making them frown, "You know, if that attempt that the others are looking at isn't connected to Tommy, we could use it to make him contact us. If we tell the media we captured someone in connection to his crimes, he'll be pissed off enough to make contact and gloat over how stupid we are. He's gone through a lot of trouble to make sure that the police knew he was out there and hunting women. If someone starts taking credit for his actions then he'll be furious." Naruto stated making Gideon smirk and Morgan nod.

After discussing a few more things, the trio went back to the station, "Hey, the attacker in this case was black." Elle stated making them frown.

"Well, that rules out Tommy, so we can still use this situation to lure out Tommy. Miss Garcia can do a trap and trace when he calls us to scream about how we don't have him in custody yet." Naruto stated making them nod.

Hours Later

That night they were all gathered around the phones waiting for the call to come in while Naruto was sitting next to Reid and Elle, "God, I hate waiting." Elle complained sitting and waiting.

"Could be worse, at least we're waiting during a time we know he can't be hunting for another woman." Naruto stated making her concede his point while Reid looked to be in thought, "What's on your mind, Reid?" Naruto asked making him blink.

"Do you think it's weird that I knew that ballad?" Reid asked making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"No weirder than me knowing it." Naruto replied and Reid frowned.

"Do you think that's why I can't get a date?" Reid asked in genuine curiosity.

"Reid, have you ever asked anyone out?" Naruto asked and Reid frowned in thought before looking at him.

"No." Reid stated and Naruto chuckled as he shook his head.

"That's why you can't get a date Reid, you kinda need to ask a girl out in order to get a date." Naruto laughed while Elle chuckled as well while Reid merely nodded.

They broke from their discussion when the phone rang and Detective Martin answered before waving them to the phone, "YOU STUPID, INCOMPETENT, ARROGANT, SONS OF BITCHES! I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES! I AM DEATH! YOU HEAR ME?! I AM DEATH. You'll see now, you'll ALL see tomorrow. Mark my words, you will see. And while I'm taking her, I'm going to be thinking of you." A male voice shouted on the phone before the resulting click was heard.

Naruto frowned at that while hearing JJ state they had nothing on the trace before Naruto came over to the phone and JJ handed it to him, "Miss Garcia." Naruto stated as he heard frantic and annoyed mumblings on the phone.

"Who is this?" Garcia asked testily as she was working.

"This is Naruto." Naruto stated making her pause, "Look, I think I can help you with what went wrong, check into the substations. One of the occupations we suspected the Unsub could be is a phone technician. If he is, then he could easily route the phone call through any number of substations to kill any possibility of tracing it." Naruto stated making many raise their eyebrows in surprise.

"Y-yes, he could, I will get right on that of checking the source for the call." Garcia stated glad she had a working point to do.

"Alright, and if it's true he went through the substations then immediately cross reference repairs in the area of the victims up to a week prior to the killings and look for overlapping names." Naruto stated making the others nod since that would work.

"Will do sugar, I'll call back the moment I have any information." Garcia stated hanging up and so did Naruto.

"Alright, well he's not gonna strike tonight so we should all try to get some sleep before getting here bright and early to canvas as much of the street as possible until Garcia can get us anything. Captain we're going to need every officer available and some undercover vehicles for the team" Hotch stated making the team, the Captain, and most of the extra cops nod in understanding since if they were exhausted tomorrow then they were going to be no help to anyone.

Next morning

Naruto was out with Gideon in the car waiting for word from anyone since they were now looking for any telephone repairmen acting suspicious. Garcia informed them she was close to finding if the substations was used and had a list of the repairmen ready to cross reference the moment she had confirmation, "This is gonna be like finding a specific needle in a pile of needles until Garcia gives us a definitive answer." Naruto stated making Gideon snort in amusement since it was accurate, a needle would stand out in a haystack and their unsub didn't stand out.

The two continued sitting quietly looking around the area for any kind of sign while just idly looking around as the time ticked by, "Huh, a black-headed grosbeak." Naruto idly commented making Gideon look up at the electric wires seeing a bright orange bird.

"Yeah, a male." Gideon commented idly, "You enjoy birds?" He asked looking around more.

Naruto shrugged, "At times, mostly just feeling a little jealous. They can fly wherever they please, never hunt each other for sport or enjoyment, able to take in the beauty of anything they see without worry of someone ruining it. Sometimes I wonder if we're as evolved as we like to think we are when compared to other animals." Naruto commented making Gideon nod since he felt the same way sometimes.

They broke from their musings as Naruto's phone rang, "Hello? Alright, call Morgan and Reid and tell them to get to the company and find where he's at." Naruto stated before hanging up, "We got a name, Franklin Graney. Reid and Morgan are heading to his work right now to get us a location." Naruto told him getting him to start the car and drive to possibly find the vehicle while Naruto called Hotch and the precinct.

10 minutes later had them at the corner of Orange and Chandler with everyone starting to canvas the houses while Naruto went with Gideon after Hotch tossed him his backup firearm while a cop stayed near Graney's truck.

It didn't take them long before they found an open gate and entered hearing a toddler crying. However, Gideon drew his gun upon seeing a tool belt on the counter and called Hotch, "875 Orange, Hotch. Backdoor, quickly." He stated while Naruto calmed the kid shushing him and giving him his juice before following Gideon upstairs.

As they moved, Gideon took his time trying to be quiet as they heard Franklin yelling at the woman about how he's overlooked everywhere he goes.

However, both cringed as one of the floorboards squeaked under Gideon's foot and hearing Graney stop speaking and they quickly went to the door and opened it finding Graney holding a gun to a woman's head, "I'll shoot her." Graney stated seriously and Naruto smirked.

"No you won't, Franklin." Naruto stated calmly while looking at Graney as he lowered his gun making Gideon glance at him.

"I will." Graney stated seriously not sure how to deal with this.

"If you do then we'll both shoot you. Then you'll never be able to take credit for being the Tommy Killer and we won't tell anyone that you're him. You'll simply fade away never to be looked at or heard from again. A few fanatics will look up your work but then no one will care anymore. However if you surrendered right now, well then your face will be all over the news because of the arrest and then the trial. Then once you're in prison and news spreads further, you'll start getting fan letters, gifts, phone calls, people wanting to meet you, study you, learn from you, maybe even love you. They'll tell their friends and they'll tell their friends to the point that you'll have an army of followers wanting to know you and meet you. But all of that goes away if you kill that woman, so how about you drop that gun and stop being invisible to the world?" Naruto stated while Graney was practically salivating at the idea and quickly dropped the gun and put his hands behind his head as Hotch and Elle came in.

Naruto knelt before he woman and took the tape off her mouth while Gideon took the tape off her hands and feet. Elle cuffed Graney while Naruto then handed Hotch his gun back as he assured the woman that her son was ok. Making her sob out thank you over and over.

Two Days later

Naruto was back in prison after arriving back and being taken in by the marshals again. Currently he was being led to a stock room for his private visitor and was unchained before being allowed in.

Naruto smirked at the sight before him as Kurenai was standing there in a black lace bra and panties over a black lace garter that was connected to black stockings under a pair of black "come fuck me" heels and she smiled seductively at him, "Oh no, is the cruel prisoner going to do something evil to me?" She asked in fake concern as Naruto approached her and grabbed the back of her head roughly making her smile more.

"Perhaps, depends on how good a girl you are." Naruto stated before kissing her and lifting her by her ass causing her to wrap her slender legs around him as he carried her to the bed intending to remind Kurenai why he was more than just a client and just how much he loved her. Though she probably wouldn't be able to walk properly for day or two.

Meanwhile at BAU, Hotch was on a conference call with Strauss, Director Fickler, and a few other names for the Bureau, "So Agent Hotchner, what is your opinion on the usefulness of Naruto Namikaze?" Strauss asked as they all listened.

"He's a bit rough around the edges but not anymore than some of our own agents. He offers unique insight to the criminals and has an extreme attention to detail that allowed us to get a more in depth look into the unsub. Within 20 minutes of the flight he had managed to narrow our suspect possibilities to only a set group and even gave specific areas to look into for them. After observing one crime scene he was able to narrow the possible suspects down to four professions, then down to three after another crime scene, and then down to one after the suspect made contact out of anger. He then had an intricate working of the mind of the unsub to talk him into surrendering thus saving a woman's life. It shows he doesn't need to kill the unsubs as we find them and was merely killing the previous ones out of a sense of justice." Hotch reported to his superiors.

"That's all well and good Agent Hotchner, but as a team leader and not a profile what is your opinion on him?" Director Fickler asked since he needed to know if the man could work with the team.

"He's not specialized sir, before he was captured Naruto hunted every kind of Unsub there is and took down them all. Each member of my team specializes in a specific area while having knowledge of others, Naruto would fill in gaps we have as well as teach us new ways of reading suspects and hunting them. If he isn't assigned to my team I would say giving him to an international team or a Red Cell. I personally think he will be invaluable to the team as a whole and can be trusted, which my team will learn as they work with him as it's not easy to ask FBI agent to trust a serial killer." Hotch stated honestly since even when Naruto was captured, Naruto didn't try to escape or try to bargain for freedom.

"Alright then, I will talk with Agent Gideon in the morning for his opinion and if he has no objections then Naruto Namikaze will become a permanent consultant of the Bureau so long as his side of the agreement is met." Fickler stated making the others give their agreement.

"Sir, before you go, I would also like to have Naruto certified to carry a firearm." Hotch stated getting silence as an answer for a few moments.

"Why is that Agent?" Fickler asked wanting to know the reasoning.

"Sir, Naruto is too valuable for us to leave in a car, at a station, or at a hotel when going after a suspect. He also can't go out there unarmed, though if I had to guess I'd say he's as dangerous without a gun as he is with one just from his understanding of a suspect's mind. However, I would personally feel better if had the knowledge that he was armed and didn't need to take my backup piece when we were in the field." Hotch informed making Fickler hum in thought.

"I will consider it agent, as well as getting Agent Gideon's input as well." Fickler stated with Hotch giving his agreement before the call ended.

Hotch sighed as he leaned back in his chair. He hoped that sticking his neck out for Naruto wouldn't come back to bite him. Both he and Gideon highly respected Naruto for his methods, the killing part notwithstanding, and had been two of the primary people to interview him since he was captured.

He shook those thoughts away to finish his paperwork and get home to his wife and son. After all, tomorrow was another day and another case they'd have to solve."

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