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Craighead, Illinois

"Debbie, I can't thank you enough for this," Sally snatched her keys from the kitchen counter.

Debbie Blankenship was their next-door neighbor, a middle-aged woman with short dark hair who was a generous and kind soul. Sally had just asked her to watch over her son in their home while she drove to Haddonfield, where her husband and mother-in-law was.

Nate sat on the couch with Debbie, still wearing his now bloodied clown costume and still very much shaken from the hospital experience.

Debbie stroked his hair in comfort. "It's no problem, Sally. I just hope Miss Penny is okay."

"Me, too," Sally sighed as she walked to couch and knelt in front of her son. "Sweetie, you'll be safe here with Debbie," she softly said. "It'll be okay."

"Mom?" Nate whispered, his eyes becoming watery again. "Is Grandma gonna die?"

She paused before she shook her head. "No, honey. She'll be fine."


Another pause. "Stay in the house no matter what, okay? I love you." She kissed him on the forehead before she hurried out of the house and to her car. As she pulled down the driveway, she prayed that her husband wouldn't do anything rash.

Haddonfield, Illinois

"MICHAEL, NO!" Penelope squeezed her eyes and waited for the blade to come.

Just as Michael was about to bring the knife down, he froze at the sound of police sirens outside. He walked over to the window and looked out through the dusty glass.

Four police cars pulled up to the old Myers house, which had never been sold since 1963 but was now a tourist attraction because of its history with the Halloween babysitter killer. It was still empty, of course, and no one dared to go inside due to the widespread rumor of it being haunted.

Gabe couldn't explain how, but he just knew that Michael would be here, and as he stepped out of a patrol car and looked up at the small house, he saw a silhouette standing in front of the right window on the second floor. "There!" he shouted as he pointed in that direction.

As the police surrounded the house, Gabe ran to the front porch despite their warnings and went inside. A sniper climbed to the roof of the house across the street and took position, using night vision goggles to help him spot the target.

"Mom?!" Gabe shouted as he ran inside.

From upstairs, Penelope heard her son's call and opened her mouth to respond, but Michael quickly gagged her with a dusty cloth, so all that came out were muffled screams.

Fearful but determined to find her, Gabe slowly and carefully went up the old creaky stairs. One of the steps actually broke under his foot and he almost fell down, but he quickly grabbed onto the railing and pulled himself up onto the next step.

When he finally reached the second floor, he went into the room where he saw Michael earlier, but the killer was nowhere in sight. He found his mother in the coffin, bound and gagged, but thankfully still alive.

"Oh, god. Mom!" Gabe ran to the coffin and checked her over. She was frantically shouting behind the cloth, her eyes wide with fear and tears rolling down her face. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm getting you out of here."

As soon as he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she screamed, "LOOK OUT!"

He swiftly turned around and saw Michael standing right behind him with his knife raised. He tried to move away in time, but unfortunately Michael was much quicker and the blade sliced his arm. Gabe cried out in pain and dropped to the floor while his mother screamed in horror. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a plank that was lying on the floor nearby and whacked Michael in the head with it.

Michael stumbled back a bit from the impact, but he barely felt it, so Gabe stood back up and started to him again and again and even managed to knock the knife out of his hand. Soon Michael got frustrated and snapped the board in half with one swipe. But that didn't stop Gabe from grabbing the next available weapon, which was a fireplace poker.

With all his strength and with a loud cry, he thrust the poker deep into Michael's right side. The killer grunted, but amazingly he remained standing and shoved Gabe away, sending him flying across the room. Gabe cried out as he collided against the wall, and he was pretty sure that one of his ribs was broken.

"Stop it!" Penelope shrieked.

He groaned as he struggled to get back on his feet, then he remembered that there was a sniper across the street and moved right front of the window. "Come on, Michael," he said through gritted teeth. "I'm right here. Come and get me."

"Gabe, what are you doing?!" Penelope sobbed.

Michael pulled the poker out of his side and stomped toward him.

"That's it." Gabe waited until Michael got close enough and ducked down so that the sniper could get a clear shot of his target.

From the roof, the sniper could see Michael standing in front of the window and fired two shots, one bullet hitting him in the chest and the other in the neck.

Penelope screamed as the bullets shot through the window and hit Michael. When his body dropped to the floor, she frantically tried to raise her head. "Michael?!"

Gabe hurried over to her and undid the wires that bound her hands and feet. Despite the pain he was in, he picked her up out of the coffin and carried her in his arms. "It's okay, Mom. I'm here."

She looked down to see Michael lying lifelessly on the floor with blood pouring out of his bullet wounds. She was sure that he was dead and started to weep. "Oh, Michael...Michael!"

Gabe gently pulled her head into his neck, making her look away from the corpse. He carried her all the way down the stairs and out of the Myers house. As soon as they were outside, a few officers rushed into the house to look for Michael's body.

Gabe sat his mother down on the curb and approached one of the policemen. "Hey, can you give us a lift to the nearest hospital?" he asked him.

The officer nodded. "Of course." He helped Penelope into the back of his patrol car and Gabe sat next to her, then they drove off to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, the officers in the Myers house searched for Michael's body upstairs, but all they found was his bloody knife lying on the floor.


On their way to the hospital, in the backseat, Penelope suddenly began to heave.

"Mom?" Gabe became worried and rubbed her back. "Are you okay?"

"I-I-I need-" she spoke in gasps and pointed out her window.

Gabe immediately understood and spoke to the officer, "I'm sorry, we need to pull over for a sec."

The officer pulled off to the side of the road and let Gabe and Penelope out, and the latter wobbled into a field of pumpkins, where she dropped to her knees and puked. Gabe knelt beside her, soothingly rubbing her back as she emptied her stomach of all its contents.

When she was finally finished, she looked up at her son with tears in her eyes. "Gabe," she whispered, "he's dead. He's really dead."

Gabe nodded, looking at her with eyes full of sympathy. "I know, Mom. I know."

"I couldn't save him," her shoulders trembled as she began to cry harder.

"I know. You tried. You loved him, and he knew it." He pulled her into a hug. "You did what no one else could: you were able to reach him. But you just couldn't pull him out. He was too far gone."

She clutched his shirt with one hand and stroked his cheek with the other. "I almost lost you, too. My baby boy. I'm so sorry, Gabriel. I love you so much."

"I know, Mom," he softly told her. "I'm just happy that you're alive. Everything's going to be alright."

As they talked in the field, the officer stood by his car and kept watch, but he didn't hear a figure sneak up behind him, and a strong hand was suddenly over his mouth. Before he reach for his gun, his neck was twisted and he dropped to the ground dead.

"Okay, we'd better get going," Gabe said as started to get up, but then he heard someone approaching them from behind. He turned around and...

A hand grabbed him by the throat and he gasped as he was being lifted a few inches off the ground.

Michael breathed angrily as he stared at him through his black eyeholes.

"MICHAEL!" Penelope screamed.

He ignored her and slowly walked into the field, taking Gabe with him.

"STOP!" She desperately grabbed one of Michael's legs, but he easily pulled away from her and continued walking. "MICHAEL!" Then, to her utter horror, she realized that he was heading straight for a tractor in the distance...with a three-spear bale mover.

"HELP!" She whipped her head back at the officer, who lying dead next to the road. She was on her own.

Gabe struggled to breathe as Michael continued to hold him by the neck. Then he managed to get a glimpse of what Michael was walking toward. He instantly knew what the killer was planning to do and started to kick at him.

But Michael just kept on going. Nothing was going to stop him. He was like a shark, focused only on killing its prey.

When they got closer to the tractor, Michael stopped and positioned Gabe in front of the middle spear. In what he was sure to be his final act of defiance, Gabe spat on the white mask and sneered. "You won't have her," he rasped. "She'll never be yours."

The Boogeyman said nothing and prepared to spear him.

A gunshot echoed in the pumpkin field and Michael grunted as he felt a bullet penetrate his shoulder. He slowly turned around to see who fired at him.

Penelope was standing a few feet away from him, aiming the officer's gun at him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her hands trembled. "Stop, Michael," she begged. "Please."

"M-Mom," Gabe gasped.

For a moment, Michael just stared at his former caregiver, feeling both confused and betrayed. She never once lay a hand on him during their time together. She was the one and only person he ever trusted. And now he was bleeding because of her.

Then the ghostly nun appeared at his side once again, whispering in his ear, "She's not your Sister anymore. We don't need her. Kill her now, Michael."

Suddenly, Penelope was a complete stranger to Michael. Just another prey.

He dropped Gabe and stomped toward Penelope menacingly, and she could feel the burning hatred in his eyes behind the mask.

"Mom!" Gabe wheezed as he lay on the grass.

"M-Michael!" She raised the gun again and started to back away. "Stop!"

But he didn't.

"Sister," a boy's voice caught her attention and she looked to her left to see six-year-old Michael looking up at her. "You know what you have to do," he calmly told her.

She knew what he was implying, but she shook her head. "No," she sobbed. "I can't. I can't...!" When she looked back up at the real Michael, he was still walking toward her with the intent to kill. "I can't!"

She couldn't kill...



She walked into the room and found the six-year-old boy sitting in front of the window. The nun approached him and smiled warmly as she stroked his blonde hair.

"How are we doing this morning?" she asked him in a sweet voice.

He looked up at her and gave her the cutest smile she had ever seen on a little child's face. "I'm good," he told her.

"Good. Guess what?"


"I'm taking you home with me."

His whole face lit up. "Really?" he asked her excitedly.

Penelope giggled and nodded. "Yep. You're getting out of this hospital."

Michael squealed in delight and wrapped his arms around her neck in a tight hug. She laughed as she picked him up and carried him out of the room.

In the halls, the nurses clapped for the two as they passed by, congratulating them and wishing them luck. Dr. Loomis and Dr. Wynn were both waiting for them at the front entrance as they walked out.

Wynn smiled at Penelope and shook her hand. "Congratulations, Sister."

Loomis ruffled Michael's hair. "You be a good boy, Michael."

Michael nodded. "I will."

The psychiatrist then looked at the nun and smiled gratefully at her. "Thank you, Sister. Take care good of him."

"I will, Sam," she said softly as she shook her friend's hand. "I promise."

And she held her little boy closer as she walked down the parking lot and toward their new future together.


If only.


She screamed in agony as she fired two shots.

Michael's head snapped back and he stumbled backwards. Blood flowed down from his eyeholes like tears and he was completely blinded.

Gabe took the opportunity to grab Michael and pull him toward the tractor. With every ounce of strength left in his body, he shoved the killer against the spikes of the three-point bale mover.

Penelope watched in horror as the three spears pierced Michael's neck and both his wrists.

For a breath moment, Michael sat up and raised his head to the sky as his impaled body twitched madly, then he slowly slumped forward and bowed his head, his heavy breathing now a high-pitched wheezing. His legs went limp and lay spread out on the ground. The blood continued to run down from his eyeholes and drip onto his jumpsuit.

Devastated, Penelope dropped the gun and slowly approached her dying, crucified son. Gabe sat by and watched as she knelt down before Michael and reached up to touch his mask.

Before her fingertips could reach the rubber material of his fake face, Michael slowly lifted his head and looked straight at her, even though he was blind.

She sobbed uncontrollably as she placed her hands on his bloodied cheeks. "Michael, I'm so sorry."

Then something incredible happened.

For the first time in over fifty years since that fateful Halloween night, Michael Myers spoke.

It was just below a whisper, and you'd have to be real close to his face to hear it, but she definitely heard it.

One word.


Penelope's eyes went big. "What? Michael, did you...?"

The wheezing suddenly stopped and Michael bowed his head again. There was complete silence. Even the wind seemed to have stopped.

"Michael?" she grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him.

There was no response.

She shook him again. "Michael?"



When she finally realized that he truly was dead, she went into a sobbing fit and collasped to the ground, gripping the sides of her head and pulling at her hair.

Gabe crawled over to his mother and placed her head in his lap, doing his best to comfort her. "I'm so sorry, Mom," he softly said.

Suddenly Penelope's body went stiff and she clutched her chest. "G-Gabe..." she gasped.



Gabe began to panic. "What's wrong?! Another heart attack?!"

She couldn't respond to him and just continued to breathe in short gasps.

He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed 9-1-1. "Hello! Yes, my-my mother's having a heart attack! We need an ambulance! We're-We're in a-a pumpkin patch-" A hand weakly grabbed his and he looked down to see his mothet staring up at him with eyes full of sorrow and regret.

"Gabe," she whispered, "I'm so sorry." Then she closed her eyes and sighed deeply as she laid her head back down in his lap.

"Mom? Mom?! Mom!"

Craighead, Illinois

Nate stepped out the shower and wrapped himself in a towel, his bloody costume lying on the tile floor. He walked to the sink and got his tube of toothpaste and his toothbrush.

Downstairs in the living room, Debbie was sitting on the couch and watching a classic black-a-white film on the large screen T.V. She kept her phone on the coffee table in case the Wilsons were to call.

Aftet brushing his teeth and rinsing his mouth, Nate bent down to spit in the sink. When he lifted his head and looked in the mirror, there was somebody standing right behind him.

He caught a glimpse of a pale white face with empty hollow eyes before everything went black.


The Shape slowly and quietly walked downstairs and looked through his eyeholes at the unsuspecting victim sitting on the couch and watching a movie, breathing heavily behind the mask. He snuck into the kitchen and pulled out a knife from one of the drawers of the cabinet.

She was so engrossed in the movie that she never heard him walk into the kitchen, look through the cabinets, and approach the couch. But when she saw his shadow on the wall before her, she quickly turned around.

But it was too late.

Before she could even scream, he stabbed her in the throat. Then in the stomach. Then in the shoulder. And finally, in the heart.

He watched as she rolled onto the floor and slowly bled to death.


Gabe and Sally were silent the entire trip back to their hometown.

It was almost 2:00 in the morning and Sally had sent several texts to Debbie, letting her know that they were on their way. But she never responded, and she figured that their neighbor was asleep.

She looked over at her husband, who was staring blankly through his window. His eyes were red and puffy and he looked like a complete mess. But of course he did; just a few hours ago he went through hell. She couldn't even begin to imagine the pain he was currently feeling, but she promised herself that she would do everything she could to heal his broken heart and soul, even if it took years.

She reached over and gently took his hand, rubbing her thumb over his in comfort.

He didn't look at her, but he spoke in a broken, quiet voice, "What are we going to tell Nate?"

"We'll tell him the truth," she softly told him. "That Grandma's gone to Heaven, and that he has a guardian angel looking down on him now."

"This will crush him, Sal."

"I know. But we'll heal together, as a family. Penny would've wanted us to."


He watched from the window as the car pulled up the driveway, then he opened the front door and walked outside, still breathing heavily behind his mask.

Gabe was the first one to step out of the vehicle as well as the first one to see the Shape. He froze and looked at him with eyes full of shock.

Sally stepped out next and when she saw the Shape, she gasped in horror and covered her mouth.

The couple just stood there and stared at him for a moment, before Gabe slowly approached him and reached for the mask.


When his father pulled the clown mask off, Nate just stood there and stared blankly ahead, back in his blood-stained clown costume and holding the kitchen knife that was still wet with Debbie's blood.

And his eyes were the blackest eyes.

Happy Halloween