Title: To see him. Author: Grace Baker Category: News Radio Notes: I don't know, this is really, REALLY bad, I haven't written anything in a while, haven't posted anything in years, but, for some reason, I started writing, and this came out. If you want to review, review. Flames, will be used to set fire to my computer so that I shall never write anything ever, ever again ;) of course, I'd prefer no flames.

Lisa Miller stood in front of the apartment, steeling herself to knock on the door. Not sure, why this was so hard, it wasn't like she was going to ask of him anything, it wasn't like she expected anything of him. Except to maybe be a friend. A friend she hadn't seen in three years, but a friend nonetheless. Sure she had friends back in New Hampshire she could talk to, Beth, and to a lesser extent, Mr James, and to an even lesser extent, Joe and Max.

But, yet, here she was, knowing full well, what she would get, nothing but, 'I told you so's' which he had. He had told her what a huge mistake she was making. She hadn't listened. But yet.despite this.

She needed to see him.

The marriage had failed, not much of a surprise to many people, the only surprise was how long it had lasted in the first place. And the only reason it had lasted so long, was she had repeatedly told herself, that this was NOT going to fail, that along with a lasting, successful career, she would have a lasting successful marriage.

Ha, what a joke, lasting successful marriage. Johnny Johnson was in prison, God only knew if he'd ever be released. And if he was, well, what then? Sure, they had had great, lust filled sex, great conjugal visit sex at prison. But, if she was truthful with herself, there was no way, that the lust they shared could ever really come close to love. There was no way that they would be able to make a marriage work, despite the excitement of having an ex-con as a husband.

Hesitatingly she knocked at the door, wondering, if she was interrupting anything, was he there with a woman maybe? She had kept in touch, through phone calls and letters, but he had never mentioned any relationships he had. Never mentioned anyone he was seeing, maybe there was no one. Or maybe the truth was, he just wasn't comfortable sharing stuff like that with her now.

Which led her to the truth of the matter, they really didn't know each other anymore. And that hurt, because despite the fact that she had married someone else, despite the fact that she hadn't seen him in a long time.she still had a special place for him in her heart.

All of a sudden she didn't know why she was here anymore, she had jumped a plane today without even giving it proper thought, but the divorce papers had come back with Johnny's signature on them this morning. Like her marriage, she had done this on impulse. She had hoped that this would have a better result, but now she realised, that this too.was a mistake.

And so she turned, preparing herself to just walking away and going home, to New Hampshire, she didn't belong here.

But, before she could do that, the door opened, and she heard his familiar voice, more than a little sleepy say 'hello?'

And she turned to face him, registering the look of surprise on Dave Nelson's face as he saw her.


Smiling weakly, she met his eyes.

'Hi Dave.'

The end.

(weak I know)