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I ain't Lynette Noni

"Y-Your D-Dead." I managed to stammer out. He just rolled his eyes and said "I don't think so." Gesturing to his perfectly normal body. This has to be a trick. There's no way. No way, That he's alive. Niyx Raedon alive? I never thought that my mind would say those words ever again.

"This is not possible. I've gone mad." I muttered, loud enough for everyone in the silence filled Arena to hear.

"Dear, sweet Aeylia," Niyx started fondly. " You went mad long ago." This is the Niyx I know. All jokes and sarcasm. Maybe this was actually him.

"It's really you." It was meant to sound like a statement but came out more like a question.

"Would you like a blood test to prove it, kitten?" He responded blandly. "Because if that's what it will take for you to-." His words were cut if when I launched myself at him, sobbing all the tears I've been holding these past few weeks. I held him just as tightly as he held me. Niyx placed his forhead against the top of my head and I felt moisture seep into my hair. I realised that he loved me, and I loved him too. Not the same way I love Kaiden but the way you love a sibling. I pulled back a little so that I could see his face. "I love you." I whisper quietly. He lifts an eyebrow. "Not like that." I add quickly. "Oh, I know. It's just that I always thought that I'd be the first to say it." I embraced him again and stayed like that for a while.

After about thirty seconds I became aware of the murmurs in the background. Crap on a cracker! I forgot about the combat boys. I quickly pulled out Niyx's grasp and turned towards the small group. They stopped murmuring at my gaze but not before I caught some of the speculating whispers.

"I thought she liked Kaiden."

"Is Kaiden okay about this?"

"Did they just say they loved each other?"

"Who the hell is this guy?"

They were all things that I needed to answer. At least Kaiden knew what was going on. He hadn't moved for the last few minutes, probably out of shock.

"Well," I started " this is my friend Niyx."

"So your just friends?"

"Yes. Well, no. We're more than just friends. We're very close. Emotionally, I mean. We're very close emotionally. Yes, that's right." I was blabbering now. "Great. Now it sounds like we're dating or something. Ew. What I really mean is….. we're just friends. Only friends. Nothing more. Never have been. Actually, he once had a crush on me. But I didn't reciprocate his feelings." Everyone looked like they were having an inner battle about laughing or voicing there confusion.

"In my defence, I liked you when I thought you were meyarin."

"Wait, you mistook her for meyarin? Like, I know she's hot, but meyarin hot? Wow." Brendan said and I felt a blush creep up from being labeled 'hot'.

"If you ever manage to get meyarin eyesight, you'll see why." Multiple peoples eyes narrowed slightly and trailed down my body. Kaiden kept his locked on my face as he gave me a small smile. I blushed from everyone's attention and moved backwards to hide a little bit more. "May we please move the topic along from my physical appearance?"

"Care to go back to explaining?" This came from Sebastian.

"Sure thi-." I rudely got cut off by Niyx

"Kitten, you suck at explaining."

"I'd like to see you do better." I retorted

"With pleasure." He said with a smirk.

"So," He began. "Kaiden. You know Alex is in love with you?"

"Niyx- middle name I do not know- Readon!!!" I shouted, mortified at what he had just said.

"Yes, Aeylia?" He said innocently

"What the hell!?"

"You two haven't made any progress so I thought I'd give you a slight push."

"How would you know if we had made any progress or not. You have been dead."

"Your not cuddling up to him so it's pretty obvious."

I turned to Kaiden. "I'm so so sorry about him"

"It's okay." He was smirking along with all my other combat class mates. I groaned and made a silent vow to destroy Niyx when we were alone.

"Do you want to explain how you managed to become some walking dead dude?" I ask Niyx

"Are you calling me a zombie?"

"Yes. Now get on with it." I replied bluntly

"Okay, So you know how Aes Daega and I died by the same hand and weapon." At my nod, he continued. "Well, not many people know this but when a Tia Aurans meet mortal humans they chose one to be there 'champion',I guess you could call it, this champion would be the cause of their death. When the Tia Auran dies they may choose one being important to their champion to bring back to life. In case you haven't guessed already, you were Aes Daega's champion. Which makes me the one important enough to bring back to life. Is that a good enough explanation for you, kitten?"

"Dang, if I knew it would be that complicated I wouldn't have asked." I said

"What'd you expect? Some witch craft?"

"Would it be stupid of me to say 'yes'?"

"Yes, kitten."

"Then,no. Not at all." He rolled his eyes at me.

"I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm sure lost." Declan chirped from a couple metres away. There were many agreeing grunts from the majority of the epsilon combat kids. We explained all the complications in my life because Niyx thought it was about time everyone knew about everything. When we were done I asked. "I know you can't exactly go back to Aven but why are you here, at the academy?"

He started to answer but was cut of by Karter yelling for us to get out of the arena. Karter stopped when he eyed Niyx. "Oh goodie. Your here." I was mighty confused. "Everybody, I would like you to meet Niyx Raedon, my new assistant."

"Assistant!?" I spluttered

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