Love Hina – Beautiful Dreamer

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

Chapter Ten – All Good Dreams. . .

Monday Evening.

Naru, after changing back into her skirt and sweater, sits on the couch in the common room staring at the glass of tea in her hands. The other girls watch Keitaro kneeling on the floor and bowing to her.

"I'm sorry, Narusegawa! I didn't know that you thought you were using the MV! If I did, I wouldn't have let you, ah, uh, you know! Please don't hit me or kick me out! I promise that I'll do anything to make it up to you! Don't Naru-punch me! Don't throw me through the wall again! Don't cut out my tongue, crucify me and send me to hell! Don't tell me I'm starting to babble!"

Keitaro drops his forehead to the floor and shivers, waiting for the inevitable kick, punch, or inanimate object to smash into him.

"I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!"

Naru continues looking at her tea.

"Please Keitaro, get up before you hurt your ribs again. I'm not going to hit you, and no one else is going to hurt you either."

He raises his head and peeks up at her with watery eyes.


She glances over at him and smiles.

"I promise. It's my fault for trying to use that thing on you."


Motoko and Kitsune help him up and sit him in the chair. Shinobu pours a glass of tea and hands it to him. She stays next to Keitaro and wrings her hands.

"Uh, S-sempai, I, I need to make an apology. I used MV on you too. Aaauuuuu!"


Su kneels on the arm of his chair.

"Me too. Same as Shinobu said."

"You both used it on me?"

He looks over at Kitsune as she raises her hand.

"Guilty. I'm sorry for what we done to ya'll."

Motoko looks around as everyone turns to her. She shuffles her feet and places her hands behind her back.

"I must also offer my regret for using that device upon you without your permission, Urashima. We did the only thing that we could think of to convince you to remain here as our manager. Please believe that we did not mean to play a trick on you."

"Then that means, that all of those strange dreams were. . ."

Naru stares at the other girls.

"Wh-wh-what do you mean you used MV on Keitaro? What did all of you do with him?"

Kitsune tiptoes and ducks behind Keitaro's chair.

"Oops! The tigress senses someone was messing with her mate!"

Naru leaps from the couch and stomps her feet.

"I am not a tiger! And, and don't call that stupid, lazy, pervert my mate! We still haven't decided where we stand with each other!"

Keitaro hangs his head. Mutsumi leans over the back of the chair and hugs him around the neck.

"Oh my, aren't they all so sweet to you? I wish that I had a chance to play with you too before Mister Virtual was broken. I could have been the mommy!"

Naru waves her arms and looks at Kitsune.

"We're getting off the subject! What did all of you do with Keitaro?"

"Ya'll should know that a person's dreams are private territory, Naru. There is no reason that we should tell you anything, no matter how juicy the details."

Kitsune waits for her last statement to sink in. Naru blinks at her a few times and them leaps for the one person that she knows for absolutely certain will tell her.

"Shinobu-chan! What did you do with Keitaro?"

With a terrified look in her eyes, Shinobu spills the beans.

"Aaauuuuu! I only wanted to k-k-kiss Sempai! But, but Su didn't tell me that I had to put some money in MV to make it last longer! I had such a beautiful wedding planned too!"

The young cook holds a hand to her mouth and runs behind Motoko. Naru turns to Kitsune and raises her hands like claws.

"Alright, out with it!"

The fox takes a step backwards and lands in Keitaro's lap.

"Hold your horses Naru! All we did was have some sake and sit by the campfire!"

"Really? I find that hard to believe for you, Kitsune!"

Keitaro watches Kitsune's breasts bounce as she falls in his lap and he begins to blush.

"I remember now! So that's why I smile whenever I think about bumpy things!"

Forgetting herself for a moment, Kitsune smiles and wraps her arms around his neck.

"Ya know, the offer still stands. Ya can touch my bumpy things again whenever ya'll want, ya adorable, big ape!"


Motoko crosses her arms as she stares at them.

"Konno-san, please leave Master, uh, I mean Urashima alone. It would not do to re-injure him."

Naru turns to Motoko and narrows her eyes.

"Now you're story I've just got to hear, Motoko-CHAN!"

Keitaro stands up and tries to stop things before they get out of hand.

"Narusegawa, please don't get upset. I'm sure they didn't mean any harm. Besides, y-you're just as guilty as they are."

Naru stops and looks at him.

"G-guilty? What do you mean, Keitaro?"

He smiles at all of them.

"You all are guilty of wanting to keep this lazy, perverted, clumsy, ronin as your manager. And I'm grateful, really. I have no idea what to do to thank you all."

Kitsune rubs her chin.

"Well, maybe we can think something up for ya. But first, PARTY!"

Shinobu reaches behind the chair and grabs an empty sake bottle.

"I've g-got the, the spinning bottle. Aaauuuuu!"

They party for the rest of the day. Much to Keitaro's disappointment, Naru nixes the idea of having another game of spin the bottle. As the evening becomes late, they all drop off to sleep one by one in the common room. As they all sleep soundly, Mutsumi rises and heads for the restroom. A few minutes later, she returns carrying a box.

"Oh my! I happened to see this in Su-chan's room. Maybe it would be fun to try!"

The side of the container says 'Mister Virtual – Mark II'.

Mutsumi places a headset on each of the girls and then one on Keitaro. After placing on her own, she plugs them all into the control box. She makes herself comfortable by lying down and resting her head on Keitaro's left arm, careful not to disturb Naru, who is on his other arm. She presses a button and smiles as she closes her eyes. Lights blink on the box and a quiet whirring sound is heard. Everyone smiles softly in their sleep and Keitaro's foot begins to twitch. A small trail of blood leaks from his nose as he whispers.

"It's good to be the King!"

The End.