A 2 year old boy can be seen sitting alone in the corner of the orphanage. Crying to himself silently because he was hungry he hadn't had anything to eat for a month, other than some water and forgotten scraps of food under the table. But during the month he wasn't allowed to leave the orphanage. The villagers have always glared at him, though he doesn't know why. The only one kind to him is the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, though he can only visit every couple months because his position as Hokage keeps him very busy. The boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki he was going to plan his escape of the orphanage, but overheard the orphanage Matriarch saying she was going to kick him out on October 10th, his birthday and the day of the Kyuubi attack 2 years ago. So Naruto just decided to think of what to do when he was kicked out, but first decided to learn as much as possible before he left in 2 weeks. Since he had been able to walk right after the Hokage came last time, he decided to keep learning to read, write and talk since he had started after he could walk properly. He had learned to do those things by watching and listening the others since they refused to teach him.

~~Time skip 3 & 1/2 days later~~

He exited the orphanage to see where people went the least, finding the Forest of Death was where very few ninja went he picked that to be his destination after he got kicked out. Since he had one and a half weeks till his birthday he decided since he was going to be living in a forest with people and animals hunting him, he thought he should see if he could learn any ninja tricks. So he went by Ninja Academy to see classes doing different things reading off the chalk boards he saw chakra theory and how to control and how to access it, history, Chunin Exams, stuff about summons, geography, survival skills- which he listened to because of his good hearing, kunai and shuriken throwing, taijutsu and katas and spars, ninjutsu, genjutsu, henge, kawarimi, and bunshins. Then he went to a clearing in the Forest of Death and practiced some survival skills then accessed his chakra and practiced henge, kawarimi, and bunshin. He struggled with the bunshin but since he didn't need it yet he didn't care, so using his henge he looked into the pond next to him to make sure he looked alright. He now was a green eyed and blackish blue haired 8 year old boy with a blue sweatshirt with a white undershirt under it and black shorts with black ninja sandals. (Its on pinterest under the name of Alexis Jackson in a folder called misc. titled anime boy )

Naruto had been given a monthly allowance from the Hokage so he took out his money put it in a bag so he could buy a clock, a backpack and some clothes that would fit his 2 year old self. On his way out of the forest he grabbed an apple from a tree and ate it quickly. After exiting the Forest of Death he kept to the shadows just in case some Hyuugas' saw his henge, and walked to the civilian side of the market for the clock, backpack and 2 year old clothes then decided to buy a box of granola bars too. Once Naruto payed he put it all in the backpack then put the backpack on his back. Then headed off to a civilian weapon shop that had sealing supplies and already made scrolls so he bought some storage seals, sealing ink and paper, then bought chakra-affinity paper. Put all of it in the storage seal now on his wrist then got kunai and shuriken with pouches and a belt put all of that in the seal after paying and then headed off to the library. Once to the library he went to get a couple of books about chakra, chakra control, geography, taijutsu, ninjutsu and genjutsu just d-rank, natural medicines, herbs and poisons, how to fish and hunt, how to make simple weapons, and what plants are edible or poisonous, then checked them all out put another storage seal on his other wrist then put all the books in it. Left the market and went back to the forest to drop the henge and went to watch the ninja training grounds till it was dark went to the forest and slept in a tree with lots of leaves to make himself as hidden and as safe as possible when he woke up around 7 a.m. and ate another apple. Then started reading all the books he got the day before he got up every now and then trying to do some of the things it instructed till it was 3 in the afternoon put it all away put the henge up he had the day before and went to the civilian market again this time he bought a survival guide, the basics of fuinjutsu, a guide to clean and prepare or preserve meat, a book to start a garden at a bookstore, a futon, more granola bars, sewing supplies- needles, thread, fabric, and an instruction book, gardening supplies- a hoe, a shovel, a watering can, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, some fruit tree saplings, when Naruto was done he put everything in another storage seal on his left arm. Naruto went back to the Forest of Death to find a safe place to live and store his stuff so he starts looking around and finds some money, some tools, and weapons probably from the last Chunin Exams, so he puts them in another storage seal on his right arm. He found a group of tall trees and they were mostly hollow but about a room of space height-wise then there was wood and above it would be hollow it was like that all the way to the top to the trees. So he took an ax he found and carved a door shape hole into the tree and moved the new door away to fill the stump with everything he had, but took a granola bar then went out of the tree and put the wooden 'door' back. He left the forest after making sure he still had the henge up, Naruto then headed to the Hokage tower once he entered he went to Jiji's office and took down the henge. He knocked then went straight in not waiting for an answer.