Joan studied the picture her mother had found intently. She wanted to be ready the next time her vision struck to make it clearer, more concise, maybe even have one of the figures become recognizable. She had to do this. She knew it was about Jaune's friends, but she couldn't prove it, at least not yet. This one like others would continue until the events they represent had passed, she just hoped this instance it was far in the future and something could be done.

Setting the picture down on her desk, she looked up into the mirror regarding her tired looking face. It was always the unsought visions that caused her so much grief. Draining her, making her lethargic and spent. Reaching for her brush she tried as best should could to work with the rats nest of hair she was not sporting. It was only a matter of time before it came again, there was no reason to sit and wait for it.


Amber followed the compass she held in both her tiny hands. She flew straight and true, never veering off the line it held her to. It would only be a short time now until she found it. The first of the closest possibilities. A fifty percent chance to locate the black eyed man. Glancing down at the compass to ensure she was still following the layline she almost missed it. Hidden in a copse of large trees it was nearly fallen in upon itself.

Landing nearby she set the compass down, and allowed her fingers to lengthen. If what Jaune and Neo said was true then if that man was here, she would not run the risk of facing him unprepared. Flitting into the air she glided forward, just occasionally flapping her dragonfly like wings to keep her airborne. She cover the distance in a short span of time and landed upon the rotten edge of a shattered window.

Inside was dark and dingy. Motes of dust churned up by her landing floated through the still air. The darkness was no obstacle and with a careful step she set foot inside. She could see clearly, and noticed the ruins of furniture scattered about the abode. Moving further inside she noticed personal items scattered among the forest debris that had invaded the ruined home. It was if whomever once lived here had fled; leaving everything behind in their haste.

She scouted further, and checked every room worth entering, or that could be entered by someone of a larger size than her. There was nothing here. Nothing but rot, ruin, mildew and mold. This was not the place they sought. Allowing her hands to return to normal she retraced her steps and made her way outside. Returning to the compass, she picked it up.

If she remembered correctly the next site was along a divergent of this line. Chaz had instructed her on how to find it. To watch for her compass to suddenly stop it's slow lazy spin and rapidly flip back and forth. That would be were the lines met. Then all she would have to do it move off until the compass return to its normal slowly motion and follow it to the next home.

Lifting off into the air she made her way deeper into the wilds that surrounded Vale. Deeper into darkened woods that could house grimm and something much more dangerous.


Jaune spent his time waiting by spinning the medallion he had bought on his first visit. Neo walked the narrow aisles looking at the eclectic collection of odds and ends. Chaz busied himself in his office, looking through his mishmash of papers and books; seeing if he had something a little more recent to use for their search. He was having little luck in the endeavor.

Spinning the coin shaped gold piece for like the hundredth time Jaune sighed. He hated this. The waiting. The not knowing. Would Amber be okay? What happens if she runs into some grimm? Or worse the black eyed man. In fact Jaune didn't know which worried him more. He knew she was powerful, but was she strong enough to take on either such a monster.

Neo for her part was less worried about their companion, and more overly bored. She could feel things in the shop reaching out for her, and that was unnerving. She was uncomfortable, and deeply wished they could have waited in comfort at home. But this place was built on a layline; whatever those were, and it was easiest for Amber to start her search following such a line than it was to attempt to find one. Yet still she wondered why they couldn't just go home, and wait in comfort.

"If you want to go you can Neo. No sense both of us sitting around here." Jaune spoke up as if reading her mind.

Neo shook her head. As much as she wanted to, she needed to be close and ready. If Amber came back having found something they would need to act fast. They had no idea how far along the ritual Jaune had seen was. No idea what it was meant to do.

"I mean it. You can go home, I'll wait here." Jaune spoke up again as he spun his medallion upon the glass topped counter. "Might be for the best, you could get us some gear together while there."

Neo paused she hadn't thought of that. They would need more than what they had on them. Aside from the magic they could both wield; they were basically unarmed. So she considered it, and then looked at him. He looked up and smiled, nodding. It was settled then she thought. She'd pop back to the house and gather up some things just in case.

"Anything you want?" she asked.

"The street-sweeper, and maybe Crocea Mors." was his reply.

"Street sweeper?" asked Chaz as he leaned out the door of his little office, "You planning on going to bloody war?"

"Who knows what we might be walking into." was his reply.

Neo waited for a minute for Jaune's attention to return to her. When he added nothing else to his list she nodded and vanished from sight.

"If she could do that why'd you send the little one out to scout those places?"

"Cause she can only do that with places she's been before, or those that are with in sight."

"Makes sense." Chaz replied as he leaned back into his office to continue his search.

Putting his medallion away Jaune placed his elbows on the counter and leaned forward, chin in his hands. As worried as he was about Amber's well being, he was also bored out of his mind. That was until Chaz leaned out of his office again.

"Just a thought."

"And that was?"

"How is Amber suppose to tell us if she's found something? I mean its not like she has a scroll or something like that . . . does she?"

Jaune put his face into his hands. They had entirely looked over how Amber was going to get hold of them if she found what they were looking for. She was out there alone right now with no way to contact them. Jaune felt stupid, and useless to have over looked such a small but important thing.


He was ready now. The panic from someone possibly knowing what he was up to had passed. There was no way anyone could. There was no way they've seen the inner sanctum. It was all in his mind. Yet the feeling that someone knew still bothered him. He pushed it aside as he made his final preparations. Gathering several cable ties he stuffed them into his pocket along with a dirty rag. They would be his tools this night.

Taking one longing gaze at the putrid form upon the bed, he smiled a crooked smile. Turning he left the room, and headed out the hanging front door into the forest beyond. Night would be falling soon. That was his time to hunt.


Amber had found the divergent line. It took her a few tries to narrow it down, but she was now sure she was on the right path. The compass needle had stopped the side to side motions and slowly began to once again slowly spin. She was tired, but pushed on. She had a job to do, one that only she was capable of, and she would see it done.

The caw of a nevermore drew her away from the task at hand. She had to fight the urge to drop the compass. She watched as it circled high above her, and she waited; hovering in midair. If it attacked she would rend it. If it flew away she wanted to chase it down, but she knew she couldn't. The task Jaune had assigned to her was much more important then that of satiating the dark feelings she held for the foul creatures.

Drifting towards the grass covered ground she kept her eyes upon the circling nevermore. She needed to figure out what it was doing, and why it just kept circling about the area. She knew she knew little about grimm. She had only ever needed to know she could kill them, but this was a new problem. She could kill it easily, she had killed grimm a dozen times the size of it. Yet she couldn't leave the compass behind. If she had to chase the foul bird she would loose it, and her chances of completing the task set out for her.

As she muddled things through with her mind a figure walked out of the shadowed trees. He was unnatural, and angular. Limbs too long for his short torso. Amber folded her wings back and shrunk backwards into the taller grass. Hidden she watched. The growing night was of no obstacle, as she could see as clearly as if it was day.

She heard the caw, and turned her attention upward just fast enough to see the nevermore dive. Dropping the compass she allowed her fingers to morph into her preferred weapons, long razor thin claws. It was only during this process did she come to understand that she was not the target. The strange man reached up just as the nevermore closed. His long fingers plucking it from the sky. It pecked and struggled as he brought it down and towards his face.

Amber watched waiting for the man to react to the rapid attacks of the trapped bird. Yet he didn't. He just reached up with his other hand and wrapped his long fingers about its head. It was a fleeting motion, but its effect was instant. The long fingered man wrenched the nevermore's head to the side ceasing its struggled and sounds. Opening his hands he let the creature dissolve in his palms.

Amber retreated further into the brush. She did not wish to be seen by this strange long fingered man. A man who could pluck a nevermore on the wing from the air with his bare hands was not something she wanted to test her skills against, at least while alone. So she hid and waited.

With the annoyance of a bird dealt with, he continued on his way. Long strides carrying him down the underused game trail towards the walls of Vale. He stopped part way across the small clearing he had just entered. Sniffing the air he looked about him. Amber held her breath. Leaning forward he peered towards the shadowed edges of the clearing.


Neo had returned with the asked for items, plus her own weapon of choice. Upon her return she was informed of the issue that had just been discussed. She felt like she should smack someone including herself; for not foreseeing this issue.

"Mirror." was her answer to the problem.


"A mirror. There has to be one there right. The bathroom maybe."

"And?" Jaune asked.

"She could use that to contact us through Index." was Neo's summation.

"It is possible. She could even do it with a broken one."

"Problem solved."

"Only if she thinks to use one, and not hotfoot it back here." commented Chaz as he leaned out of his office.

"He has a point." agreed Jaune.

Neo hopped up and took a seat on the counter. She was annoyed. For all of their magic and knowledge they had no way of communicating over any real distance outside of using a scroll. And a scroll was the one thing Amber did not have.

"We have another issue."

"And what would that be Chaz?" asked Jaune.

"How are you going to deal with the ritual, I see the hardware you have, but not real useful in defacing runes, unless you're planning to just shoot up the room; and in that case you might want more ammo."

"Okay, can anyone else think of something we over looked?"

"Hey calm down Jaune. Things like this happen; it's not like we've had weeks to plan this out. We're working on the fly here."

"Okay, okay. What do you suggest."

"About what problem?"

"The defacing issue."

"Spray paint."

"Spray paint?"


"That would work?"

"It should, I mean it's thick, covers just about anything to put it on. SO it should work without a hitch to mess those runes up."

"You have any?"

"Next door does."

"Guess I'm going shopping." Jaune rose from his seat, "Any color you would recommend?"

"I'd go with black. Maybe in a matte or semi-gloss finish."


"No. Just get some that says high coverage or something like that."

"We should have planned this out better." Jaune mumbled as he left the shop to go to the hardware store next door.


The man had moved on, but not before giving Amber the most frightening moments of her short life. She could have sworn he was staring right at her with his black eyes, yet he didn't say anything or make a move towards her hiding place. But on the side of caution she remained still. Unwilling to move until she was positive he was long gone. The minutes ticked by slowly, and as they did her apprehension waned. Moving forward ever so slightly she closed on where she had dropped the compass. The rustle of a bush caused her to grab it and streak into the air. Putting everything she had into making the treeline. Landing high in the thinnest branches she looked around her. There was no sign of him.

Shivering she placed the compass down in the crook of the branch and rubbed her arms to remove the chill she was feeling. The way he had moved, and looked was so off. The easy at which he dealt with the nevermore disturbing. With her mind slowing down she began to think. Why would someone like him be out here, in the middle of nowhere?

Then it hit her. Black eyes. That was the black eyed man they were looking for. She had found him, and run from him. Her disappointment dragged her from her feet to sit upon the branch. She had not only run, but hid from the very thing she was meant to find. No she corrected herself. She was to find his home, his refuge, the place where he was conducting his ritual.

If he was out here, then that should mean his home should be nearby. Amber perked up. Leaving the compass where she put it she hopped into the air and drifted down towards the path she had seen the man following. Deciding it was her best option she flew along it for a short distance. Before her it appeared. A ramshackle and rundown home. Fluttering through a glass free window she skirted around inside, until finally seeing the room Jaune had described.

In the middle on a collapsed bed was what looked like a body crawling with bugs. On the walls she saw brown stains of symbols. She circled taking it all in before removing herself to land on the floor of the trash strewn hallway. she had found it, and only by pure chance.

Now to tell them, and that stopped her. How was she supposed to do that? Frantically she searched her thoughts, trying to come up with a solution. She had no scroll, nor would see the things where nearly as large as herself. They at least weighed as much as she did. She could always fly straight back to them. She could find the way back here easy enough. But that would take time, time she wasn't sure they had. if only, then it hit her a mirror. there had to be one here. Floating into the air she flitted around checking each of the room.

The bathroom had one, a small one, she doubted it would do. What she needed was something big enough for them to at least crawl through. It was in the second bedroom she found what she needed. It lay on the floor, and was conveniently cracked straight through the center. the bathroom it was then.


Index shoved her upper torso through the mirror at the shop. Everyone jumped at her sudden appearance,, and before anyone could speak she did.

"She found it. Come quickly.."

Without a moments delay neo and Jaune gathered their things and stepped up to the mirror. As Chaz watched they stepped through and vanished. In her realm they watched as she closed the portal to the shop and began to hurriedly trace a new set of runes. Jaune and Neo had long ago become privy to what she was doing. She was inscribing the coordinates of a destination mirror. How she could remember the infinite possibilities they didn't understand, she just seemed to be able to do so.

"Be careful it's a tight fit."

Jaune nodded as he took the lead. It was a tight fit, and he had to crawl through backwards in order to fit. His feet found purchase on the grim slick porcelain of the sink, and once he was through he reached up and helped Neo climb out. Her smaller frame found it easier,, but it was still an exercise to complete.

"Where?" was all that Jaune asked of Amber.


"Get away from her!"

Jaune dropped his spray can and pulled the street-sweeper up and to the fore. His finger hovered next to the trigger guard as he sighted down the barrel. Before him stood the black eyed man, and before him stood a terrified and bound young boy. Jaune adjusted his aim so he was high above the stricken child's head, but it was still too close for his comfort as a marksman. He watched as the man reached out and took a long thin bladed knife from the table near the door.

"Hey." Jaune warned as he tightened his grip on his weapon.

"Get away from her." he hissed as he brought the knife down to sit against the child's throat.

"Hey, hey hey, we can talk."

"Get away." he hissed as he pressed the blade against delicate skin.

"Okay, okay." Jaune lowered his weapon and started to back away from the bed. As he did he rolled back his sleeves and lifted his hands in the air. "No one needs to get hurt . . ."

"The faunus whore too." he hissed his long fingers tightening upon the terrified boy's shoulder.

"Anna, I need you to step back."

Neo looked at Jaune for a second before catching on to what he was doing. Letting the blade of her parasol dip she too start to back away. In the rafters Amber crouched, her fingers becoming wicked razors. She was hidden above and in the shadows, so she readied herself. At a word she would attack.

"Good, good good." the black eyed man hissed, though he didn't loosen his hold on the knife or the boy. "You should not be here. No you should not."

"We're just travelers, we got lost, thought . . ."

"Lies, lies lies."

"Listen, let the boy go."

"No, no no no no no." He gave the pair a wicked smile, "He is the last part, he is much too important."

"Last part for?"

"For her resurrection."

"Resurrection?" Jaune tentatively took a step forward, only to have the man step back and hiss at him.

"No no no no no, you stay; no you get back."

"I'm backing up." Jaune took a couple steps backwards.


"I'll stay, but let the boy go. You don't need him."

"Oh yes yes yes yes I do."

"No, we can help you, you don't need him."

"Your blood is too sick for her. She need innocent blood. She craves it."

Jaune didn't know how to proceed. He had never thought he'd be in such a situation. A quick glance towards Neo told him she felt the same way. They were at a loss on how to proceed, at least how do so without the child potentially getting hurt. But he still had one option left. They watched as the man shuffled his way closer to the bed, keeping the boy between him and them.

"She craves it, needs it, and I will give it to her."

"No, wait, wait." Jaune yelled as he saw the blade press against the boy's throat.

"Enough! The time is here!"


Everything slowed, moving in fractions of a second. The knife pulled, and blood flowed. Jaune rushed forward, as Amber dove. Neo dropped her parasol and vanished. It the middle of it all a figure appear and latched onto the black eyed man's throat with cold wet hands.

Neo appeared as the man was knocked backwards by Annabelle's assault. Grabbing the boy she vanished, reappearing in the trash filled hallway. Her hands pressed at his wounded throat as she willed it to close. The boys brown eyes were wide with fear, not knowing, or understanding what was happening. Neo rushed, knowing skin to skin contact would enable her powers to work faster. Keep one hand on the wound she pulled up the boy's shirt. She exposed the the youthful skin of his stomach and chest; then she tore at her own. Opening her shirt she pressed her bare flesh against his and closed her eyes.

In the room the man gargles and gagged as Annabelle's fingers closed upon his throat. Cold wetness flowing upwards and into his gaping mouth. Jaune rolled to his feet bring his weapon to bear as Amber dove her claws searching for flesh. None of them watch as the blood slick knife fumbled from the stricken man's hand to fall upon the mattress.

Amber's claws dug deep as she lashed past his face. His gargling howl of pain allowing more and more of the coldness that was Annabelle to flow inside his open mouth. Jaune hesitated his finger hovering next to the trigger guard. He watched the man struggle to breath, bloody slashed decorating his face. His mind rolled with thoughts, about how much pain this monster had caused. How much suffering was his fault.

Amber hover in the air as she watched Annabelle's work. Jaune slowly stood lowering his weapon as the man's face turned blue. He had finally been driven to the floor and there he squirmed and writhed. Annabelle sat on top of him now, firmly on his chest. Though Jaune knew she had no real weight to her incorporeal form; it still seemed as if the black eyed man was having trouble to breath. Like a great weight was crushing down upon him. Through it all Annabelle said nothing. She just bore down with her hands, allowing her self to flow over and around him.


"Amber where's Neo?"

Amber took one look at Jaune and sprinted out of the room, only to reappear a second later.

"Hallway with the boy."

"Are they safe?"


"Are they well?"


Jaune turned his attention from the hovering form of Amber to the final last spasms of the black eyed man. His legs kicked and his hands clawed weakly, almost as if he was trying to swim. As he went still Annabelle rose, and the house groaned.

"Okay, that should not be happening." Jaune shouted over the growing sounds. Glancing around he tried to make sense of what was happening, and that was when he saw movement on the bed. "Everyone out!"

Amber took the lead as Jaune hefted his shotgun and pulled the trigger. Slugs ripped into and through the mass rising on the bed. Backing his way into the hallway Jaune kept squeezing the trigger, unloading slug after slug into the morass of vermin taking human shape. Neo looked up from where she sat as Jaune yelled for everyone to get out. In her arms lay the boy, a scar denoting where his throat had once been slashed open. His breath was even; his clothes and hers soaked with his blood.

"We need out of here now Neo." Jaune screamed as he unloaded more rounds into the now standing form. He could see the separate impacts of each slug, and their exits. But no matter how many he piled into it the wounds closed as fast as he was inflicting them.

Getting to her feet Neo pulled the unconscious boy up with her. With his arm over her shoulders and hers around his waist she reached out and touched Jaune's back as Amber landed on his shoulder. In a blink they were outside.

"Get him to safety, I'll hold off whatever that is."

"You can't do that alone." Neo countered.

"I wont be alone, Amber will be here." Jaune rebutted, "Get him to safety."

The trio looked back at the house as the sounds of falling timber echoed into the dawn sky. Bangs, crashes and groans could be heard as whatever it was began to make its way outside. Keeping his attention on the house Jaune dug into his pocket and began to feed the last few rounds he had into the magazine.

"Neo, get him out of here."

Amber floated into the air as Neo took in a deep breath and then vanished. Hovering Amber closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

"If you have any new tricks Amber, this would be the time to show me them." Jaune called out as he leveled his gun, and prepared to unload everything he had left into the humanoid mass of insects that was smashing its way free of the rotten homestead. Without waiting for her reply Jaune fired. He squeezed the trigger as fast as he could until the gun clicked empty.

"Well that was a thing."

Unhooking the sling he let the spent weapon fall to the ground as he reached around and took hold of the hilt of Crocea Mors. With a twist he detached the sword and sheath from the small of his back. Grabbing the sheath in his left hand he pulled the sword free, and in a second by nature motion deployed the shield. Taking the stance that Pyrrha had spent hours drilling into him; he prepared himself.

Above Amber floated eyes closed with her hands held out before her. She could feel the power welling up with inside her, it was so close; she just needed a little more time. She hoped Jaune could give her that. Neither was prepared for what happened next. From behind the creature a pale and waterlogged form arose. It struck like a sledge hammer smashing through the entire left side of the monster. The creature howled more in rage than pain as even that wound began to knit back together before his eyes.

The form rose again this time before the beast, and as soon as it took shape his suspicion was confirmed.


She said nothing as she rounded on the beast. Keeping herself between it and Jaune.


Neo appeared in the shop with the boy in tow. Chaz fell out of his office at the commotion caused by her sudden appearance. Lifting the boy up she carried him over and laid him upon the counter.


"Call the police, get him to back to his family. I have to go back for the others."

"Wait. Wait!" Chaz shouted as Neo vanished. "Great, just great. Call the police she says. Like that's going to go over well when I tell them I have an Amber Alert child bound in my shop; covered in blood."


When Neo reappeared beside Jaune she was greeted with a sight to behold. A massive vaguely human shaped collection of insects was attempting to trade shots with the ghost of a murdered huntress. She watched for but a few seconds before summoning her own weapons and unleashing a rapid fire volley of spirit orbs into the writhing mass. The orbs had as much effect as the slugs had. Punching through but causing no true damage. With an annoyed huff she turned to Jaune.

"What's going on?"

"Annabelle is holding it off, but I don't know how much longer she can be effective."

While its attacks could not harm her Annabelle was having no better luck against the beast. Her own blasts of fetid water, and blows from her water heavy hands did no lasting damage. They scattered the pests; but just as quickly as they were knocked away the collected again.

"What about Amber?"

"I'm not sure what she's doing , but she's up there." he pointed to the sky above them. It was at that moment Amber opened her eyes.

"Get clear!" she screamed as she lifted her arms above her head. Jaune and Neo stumbled backwards as the wind suddenly went from nothing to gale force. Seconds later a fork of lighting arced downwards sheering off what one could only guess was the creature's right arm. Annabelle was driven back by the strike, and as she was collecting herself a second bolt crashed downwards, but off the mark.

"Its not enough." Jaune shouted over the din of the wind.

More lighting slammed down into the beast. Each fork blasting away a portion of it. But they could see it was having little effect as the shatter portions began to rebuild, or at least they seemed to. It was Jaune who caught on when he noticed smoldering holes decorating the stricken parts.

"We need fire! Amber keep it up!" he yelled, "Neo cover me!"

Neo moved so she was between the battle as Jaune dropped his shield and fell to one knee. He reached into is side pouch to produce a piece of red chalk. Neo watched for a couple seconds to see Jaune start to trace runes on the blade, before turning her attention in full upon the fight raging between Annabelle and the monster. Deciding even if it was almost useless, she summon more spirit orbs, and launched them at the mass of crawling vermin. If she couldn't do real damage maybe at least she could distract it. As her orbs ripped into the creature Amber dropped more lighting upon it; and Anabelle struck it with heavy hands.

The chalk wasn't working. It would mark the blade, so Jaune tossed it aside and thought, he thought hard. An idea came to him and forcing his aura down he drew his finger along the edge. Hissing in pain he watched as it achieved the desired effect. Blood welled up from the wound. Wasting no time Jaune once again set himself to task.

The combined assault was having some effect. the monstrosity was being knocked backwards, a step at a time. Jaune stood when he had completed his work. grabbing Crocea Mors in both hands he rose and then charged. Neo was taken aback by jaune's sudden movements and before she could utter a cry he was closing to with in striking distance.

Amber saw it to and had to struggle to twist an incoming lighting strike. It his the remains of the homestead shatter what the beast had left standing in a hail of debris. Closing the last few meters Jaune twisted his blade and drove it point first through Anabelle into the center mass of the creature. releasing his grip he allowed himself to be knocked backwards to roll along the grass and dirt. When he stopped he rolled onto his back.


They all watched as the blade suddenly burst into flame. The creature shrieked and started to flail about. Amber adjusted her aim and rained a rapid fire series of blasts down upon the stricken creature. Seeing it was not enough Jaune raised his hand before him..

"Flame Strike!" a gout of fire erupted from his palm; slamming into the twisting bulk. "Flame Strike! Flame Strike!"

Each time he cried out another blast struck the now slouching figure. Flames licked up through it's rolling mass. Each strike of lighting blasting away burning portions. Leaving them smoldering ruins upon the ground. It did not mend, it didn't meld itself back together. It began to fall apart. Annabelle drifted backwards putting herself at Jaune's shoulder; ready to move forward and block the flaming mass if it made any move towards him.

Neo ceased her attacks, and just watched as the thing dropped to what she would guess would be its knees. Amber saw it start to fall and ceased her attacks as well. She was more than content to watch it burn.

"Flame Strike!" Jaune yelled again causing another burst to fly out and roll over the engulfed creature. Satisfied he stopped casting, and lay back to listen as the insects that made its body hissed and popped.

The quartet stood and lay there waiting as it burned. It took the better part of and hour for the flames to finally give out, leaving nothing but black and gray ash in their wake. standing Jaune regarded Annabelle for but a moment before walking over and retrieving the heat blackened form of his sword. Neo approached and as Jaune turned around she tossed him his shield which he instantly collapsed and used to sheath the heat tortured weapon.

Amber floated down and lighted upon Neo's shoulder. None of them spoke,, they just stood there and regained their composure. Once he felt sure enough that his legs would support him, he walked over and picked up his other weapon. clipping the quick release sling together he draped it over his shoulder and turned to look at his team.

"I think we did it."

"Looks like it." replied Neo.

Jaune turned to look upon Annabellle who was slowly fading away. He said nothing and just watched in silence. She looked at peace. the pact had been fulfilled and there was nothing holding her to this plane anymore. Neo spoke up once she had faded away completely.

"So how do we get home?" indicating the destroyed remains of the homestead.

"You could teleport us."

"Too tired." she responded her shoulders slouching.

"Too tired?"

"You heal someone with a life threatening injury, teleport them several kilometers to safety and return back to join a fight with a bug monster, and then see how tired you are." she snapped back at him.

"Okay; then I guess we walk."

"You know that was the second bug monster we've had to face."

"You're right."

"Is this going to be our thing?"

"I hope not." It was then Jaune noticed Neo's shirt and jacket. "Ah Neo?"


"You might want to cover up." he replied taking a chance and nodding towards her exposed midriff.