You don't remember your childhood before the age of eight. Then something happened you would never forget. Your parents were taking you out for the day, something that rarely happened, when earth was invaded by … Loki of Asgard ? Why did that name mean something to you ?

Something drew you to him, something you couldn't describe. You tried to stop him, stop the Avengers from harming him. It seemed to work for a brief moment and all was said was 'I'm sorry.' It was clear to you then than he was not in control.

Your parents died that day. Nothing could be done to save them. Only then did you realise the meaning of what you were told. He had known this would happen.

Six years later you and your best friend are both bitten by radioactive spiders, you kept this fact from your Aunt and Uncle. For you knew that if they found out, things would be different.

It has now been six months since the spider incident. Your best friend is your Uncle's 'apprentice' training him to become the best hero he can be. While you still hide your powers from the world. Yet there's a feeling that there is more to the the God of Mischief that invaded Earth so many years ago.