Chapter 11 – Business trips and untold secrets

After all of this I went to London. I kept the Infinity Stones with me. They were disguised as a necklace, and enchanted so I couldn't lose or take it off.

One day I managed to run into Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn, Peter and I's best friends from before 'the spider incident'. Ever since that day in Uni, we've been best friends again. I did tell them about my powers and my true family and what had happened since they had left.

Once we finished Uni, Gwen and I ended up becoming Harry's joint CEOs and assistants which we didn't mind at all.

It had been five years since I had left New York and my past behind me. I would have left it that way if I hadn't known that something was going to happen and the Avengers wouldn't be able to stop it alone.

Harry has insisted that Gwen and I stay at The Osborn Hotel instead of with Gwen's parents, which was probably more convenient. It was great and all...just not home. The one thing I've been missing since I left.

"I'm going out for a bit!" I called out to my two best friends,

"Stay safe!" Gwen called back and Harry shouted

"Don't get caught by Peter!"

"Bye guys!" I said before leaving. It was times like these when I was glad I ran into them that day.

As I approached Aunt May's house I couldn't help but feel nervous. What if she didn't recognise me? Would Peter be there? If he was, what would I do?

"SOPHIE! Oh My Goodness! Look at you!"

"Hi Aunt May, how've you been?"

"Good, good. Why didn't you tell me you were in town? Why are you in town?"

"Honestly, I've even really busy recently. Remember Gwen and Harry?" I asked and waited for a sign that said she remembered them before I carried on, "Well, I'm here with those two. Gwen and I are his joint CEOs and assistants, why he gave both jobs to us? Who knows."

"Sophie. Why are you here?" She asked me again and I sighed

"Something is coming, something big. And if I'm not here to stop it when it comes the world will literally end."

"You're here to do something your uncle does almost everyday?"

"Tell me why we're here again." I said. I was using my magic to disguise myself, I couldn't have anyone recognising me.

"Business proposal." Harry said

"With your Uncle." Gwen added on to the end. I gulped. Who else would be there if Uncle T was. Probably Aunt Pepper, because she rarely leaves his side.

We were having this meeting at Oscorp, so it was less likely that I would be discovered. I was nervous, I haven't seen Uncle T for five years and I can't act like I know him either.

"Mr Stark, I see you're eager."

"I was on time." Uncle T? On time?

"Our last meeting, over ran."

I expected Pepper to be there but I didn't expect Peter to be there. Seriously? Is the universe against me after I brought half of it back to life?

"Mr Osborn, it is lovely to see you again,"

"Please, call me Harry, Mr Osborn was my father. And it is lovely to see you again to." Of course Pepper would start the nice talk.

"And this is Peter." She said gesturing to him.

"Thanks Pepper, we know each other." Pete said dryly

"I am Gwen and that's Miss Lauson."

"Not on the first name basis then?" Uncle T asked

"I prefer to keep my personal details away from my work. I'm sure you can understand that Anthony." I knew he didn't like his first name, the reason I called him that.

We were about half way through the meeting when I got a vision, the thing was coming. The side effects of this is the fact that I was often ill after them. I quickly stood up and Harry and Gwen gave me knowing looks before I rushed out of the room.

Peter's POV (go Peter!)*

Miss Lauson just upped and left. Why would you do that.

"Well that's rude." Mr Stark said.

"I would prefer it if you didn't talk about my colleague like that." Gwen said. Did I forget to mention that I was in a business meeting with two of my past best friends, Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. While Gwen and Mr Stark argued about it and Pepper trying to diffuse the situation Harry turned to me.

"I know we've not talked in, like, six years but can you go and find Fey for me please. I need to stay here." I just nodded and slipped out of the room and used my spidey senses and hearing to find her.

I found her in one of the staff bathrooms. She was huddled into a corner and shaking.

"Fey?" I asked, not sure if she wanted me there or not. When she didn't move to make me leave I moved to her and sat of the floor next to her.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Danger." Was all she said

"Are you in danger?"

"No, the Avengers. Won't. Can't. Stop. Help. Thanos." She kept saying these words. What did she know about the Avengers, and how did she know about Thanos. She had tears rolling down her cheeks so I did the only thing I could think of and pulled her towards me.

Sophie's POV*

I felt Peter pull me toward him then wrap his arms around me. Classic Peter. I'd already spilled part of my secret but hopefully he would warn everyone.

"Do the Avengers still live in Stark Tower?" I asked, just out of pure curiosity,

"Why?" He asked me. I pulled back from him and looked him in the eye. Once I was sure I could keep eye contact I slowly let my disguise disappear revealing Sophie Laufeyson.

"Sophie!" He exclaimed tightening his hold around me.

"You're back!"

"Peter! Shut it! Harry and Gwen don't know that I was going to tell anyone. They don't know I went to see Aunt May a couple of days ago."

"You went to see my Aunt?" Peter asked sounding shocked but looking hurt.

"Don't start. We need to get back. Meet me tonight?" I asked, I didn't know if he had anything that he was supposed to do later.

"At our spot?" He asked and I nodded before put my disguise back up and stepped outside with him.

"And it's Fey when people are around unless it's a meeting then it's Miss Lauson." I said as we approached the meeting room.

"And DON'T tell anyone Pete. I'm serious. No one should know that I'm back."

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