Chapter 1 – Eight Years Ago

"Sophie, come on honey! We'll be late if we don't hurry!"

"I'm coming Mother!" I called as I rushed down the stairs. Eight year old me couldn't be happier at that moment. My parents were taking me out for the day, to do what? I never found out. We never got there.

The streets were going crazy. Apparently some God was trying to take over the planet. There were giant alien-like creatures everywhere, attacking the people and destroying the city. I turned to look at my parents but found that they weren't there, it seemed that I had been separated from them in the rush. The fact that I was on my own during an alien invasion didn't bother me though, my young self was more focused on the so-called God.

"Please Stop!" I cried at him,

"I am Loki of Asgard! Bow before me!" He commanded

"You don't want to do this!" I yelled. His eyes turned from an icy blue to a beautiful emerald green.

"I'm sorry." Is all he could say before his eyes changed back. It was then that I knew he wasn't in control of his actions, he was only a puppet in this game.

"Uncle Tony! Listen to me! He's not in control!" I yelled at my Uncle.

"Sophie. Get to safety, you should not be here." Was all he said to me, ignoring what I had said.

"But you are Uncle Tony!"

"That's because I am Iron Man, Sophie it is my job to protect this city and more importantly to protect my family. Now go and get to safety, and find your parents. They'll be worried sick about you." He said then flew off to join the fight against Loki once again.

I found my parents. Dead. They had been killed. My guess was trying to save themselves. They would never have been looking for me. They barely acknowledged my presence in their lives no matter what happened. It was their work before everything else.

It was my Aunt Pepper that found me in the middle of the street, crying my eyes out over the dead corpses of my parents. She took be back to Stark tower that was now partially destroyed due to the previous attack. She lead me up to the roof where Uncle Tony was, along with the other Avengers and Loki with his wrists chained together. A metal muzzle was about to be put on when I arrived.

"No!" I shouted, running over and standing in front of the God.

"Don't put that thing on him!" I was close to tears, I don't know why I did that to this today. Everyone there seemed either shocked or surprised by my actions.

"I do not wish to do this to my brother but I have to." The tall one with long blond hair said, he was the one holding the metal muzzle.

"He has taken many lives and destroyed part of your city. He must be punished for his crimes."

"I don't care! My parents and dead but I don't care about them! They didn't deserve to live." I heard my Aunt and Uncle make noises of shock along with others making similar noises.

"It wasn't his fault that this happened! There was nothing he could do! He was being controlled!" I turned around and faced the God I was trying so hard to protect.

"Your eyes are green." I said staring up at him.

"They were the color of ice before." The God bent down and cupped my face.

"You are wise beyond your years young one, I am sorry that you have lost your parents. Even if they did not care for you how a parent should, you must forgive them now that they are gone. I appreciate you attempts to prevent this but it must happen. We shall meet again in the future but until then take care." He kissed my forehead before flicking his wrist and teleporting me somewhere so that I did not have to witness the rest.

It was then that I realised what he had meant earlier. His 'I'm sorry.' Was for all of this. The death of my parents and for the pain I felt for not being able to save the God that I felt an unspeakable bond with.

As the scene folded out in front of the Avengers, no one knew that King Odin was watching. He knew that Loki knew Sophie was his daughter, that he had tried so hard to hide from Asgard and most importantly him. Sophie, of course couldn't remember him, or any of her life in Asgard. Odin had banished her from Asgard and removed her memories until the time came for her to know her true self.