Dick drummed his fingers on the desk. This was such a cut and dry case. Pose as the perfectly trustworthy agent, get into the inner working, prove they were related to the two Laten deaths, and go home. That was it.

His eyes rose as Gar leaned in the doorway. "You wanted to see me?"

Gar was the perfect partner to take along. Together they had worked to develop his skills to allow him to surpass anything they could have imagined as young teens. At every test Dick presented, Gar eventually adapted to and overcame. From focusing one sense or another to seamlessly phasing between forms to get him in and out of anywhere. Every now and then his younger, childish ways still got him in trouble. The only difference now was he could get himself unstuck. They were still different in their approach to a lot of things but they could trust each other in any situation.

"Yeah," he sat up, twisting his nervously bouncing leg under the desk. "Can you shut the door?"

"Of course." The door shut with a smooth hiss of air. Reaching for his water, Dick took a long swig. The air in the room instantly thicker and drier.

"I um," coughing he took another swig. "I have a favor to ask."

"Yeah?" Gar grabbed the chair in front of the desk, twirling it around to sit, leaning forward on the back. "What's up?" His body was tall enough to lean over the back of the chair and onto the desk. They were closer now. There wasn't even a window in the room, just four walls covered in darkly paneled computers. Leaning back, Dick opened the space before continuing.

"I've been working on a case lately and I could use some help."


"I've been going undercover with this group for months. And I've been invited to go on a heist with them. I imagine it'll be a several week mission." Gar nodded, this thing happened enough. Dick wasn't the sole leader of the group anymore and they managed without him. "I just need some help on this one."

"You want me to go with you?" Gar pinched his eyebrows.

"Yeah. Yeah, see..." he said standing and pushing everything to the side of his desk to reveal the screen's content underneath. "It's going to be in Dawne. I rented out a loft already, over here." He pointed to the glowing map. "During the night while I'm out with the team, you can be back here checking out the place. I'm looking to tie them to the Dock 19 murders."

"Do we have a motive yet?"

"I think the Laten's were trying to get in the way. Maybe competition bought them out and asked them to sabotage their old group." Dick started pulling up the photo evidence from the scene.

"What do we do during the day? Do I just stay hidden?"

"No, we'll be out together in character." Not pausing to look up, he worked on organizing the data into his planned explanation.



"Friends...?" Gar's voice had a hint of amusement.

"No, I'll be your boyfriend." The words came out rushed and muffled. "This is the main piece of evidence I want us to revisit before leaving. Have you get a scent or," A hand slid over Dick's left hand and he had to shift his weight to get it free.

Chuckling, Gar pulled Dick's attention back to his face. "An emotionally available boyfriend?"

"Of..." Dick mirrored Gar's smirk before rubbing his chin with a laugh. "Well, I mean I can act."

"How long have we been dating?"

"Two and a half years."

"And we've lived together how long?"

"A year...you're really missing the important parts of this mission." Tapping the screen, he continued into his spiel. After explaining they would be kissing ass to the son of the leader, as well as the father's two right-hand men, he moved onto the heist. They were stealing plans to expand the gang's product line into explosives. Then he got into the details of the bosses new gorgeous wife and how it just so happened the two men last promoted happened to be gay. Rumor was so the boss felt assured they wouldn't be tempted to move on the wife.

"Mhm, I got it. An insecure guy that's never heard of the word Bi." Gar nodded, holding his head up with both hands. The hour had taken him from cocky to barely awake.

"We can go over more tomorrow, I have a meeting tonight."

"Greeeat." Rubbing his face he stood to leave. "When do we leave?"

"Next Thursday."

"A week. You want us to become a believable couple in a week. You couldn't do that in the six months you were actually dating Star."

"I'm more concerned about the details you just slept through!" Dick exclaimed, hands wide and gesturing down.

"Yeah, yeah, and I'm more concerned with your ability to act like the stick in your ass was removed."

"We've never done an undercover job together before. Trust me, it'll be fine. I've never failed one before."

"Mhm, you also never work them in pairs." Gar disappeared from his side of the table. For a second it was just Dick, his face illuminated by the screen below him and surrounded in darkness. Dick jumped back as Gar resumed his human form beside him.

"Alright, tender lover," he mocked, grabbing Dick and pulling him close. He wasn't given much of a choice and Dick's heart quickened at the strength Gar held him with.

"What if we were saying goodbye and we knew we had people taking a peak? There's always a chance they don't trust the people they hire right away."

"There is. I've already thought of that. I'm pretty low priority right now. But as I try and get in with the key leaders, they'll be poking around a bit more. We'll have to always stay in character, even in the loft."

Gar raised a brow. He didn't repeat his question. He didn't need to, Dick knew what he was being held there for. They were about the same height, making it easy for Dick to lean forward and grab the back of Gar's neck with his hands. The first kiss was long, tender, and probably enough. But his pride wouldn't stop there. As soon as their lips parted he went back for more. Gripping the back of Gar's neck tighter he opened his mouth. Gar wordlessly matched his intensity and let one of his arms dip down to squeeze the ass in front of him. Pushing them in closer, as their tongues took one last pass over each other.

Holding his breath, Dick tried to hide his excited short breaths.

"Well," Gar took a deep breath in, "maybe I don't have to worry."

"Told you I could act." Coughing, Dick pulled himself away from his grinning friend. "So, back to this." He pointed down again.