An: Ok ok.. this is my first Harry Potter fanfic so bare with me, it's After Chamber of secrets. After being Bitten by the Basilisk he is unaware of what the great Snake has gifted him after he killed it. it will awaken during his 4th year.

Chapter 1: A Bite of the Basilisk.

Swinging his sword of Godric Gryffindor at the Blind Basilisk who growled and is trying to strike him with a bite.

( Basilisk Pov)

Now under the control of Tom Riddle, she is trying to kill the boy named Harry Potter, she wishes she could use her eyes but because of that damn Phoenix, she is blind but could still hear where her prey is. She noticed that he is on top of the statue of her master Salazar Slytherin still swinging that sword at her as she knocked him down using her head.

Hearing how she disarmed him she saw her chance to kill him, she lunged forward at him with her mouth wide open and her fangs bared but failed to see Harry had got his sword and impaled the sword through her head causing her to roar in agony and pain from a death blow it was then she was no longer under the control of Tom Riddle as she finally came to her senses.

Even though she was blind her sight was awfully blurry that she could see Harry pull out her fang.

"Thank you Heir of Godric Gryffindor... you have freed me from my so-called master's control, i only Live to serve and obey my true master Salazar Slytherin... forgive me for biting you but at least i have bestowed you a gift that may come in handy for your future against Voldemort that is if you survive from my deadly venom." Was the Basilisk's last thoughts

She may have been manipulated to kill him and many other muggles and students within this school, but managed to bit him and injected her venom into his right arm, with one last roar of pain she collapsed and died.

( Harry's Pov)

He couldn't believe it, he actually did it he actually managed to slay a basilisk but the worse part is that he has been bitten by it as he pulled her fang off his arm and could only look at the dead snake with sympathy seeing that she was controlled by Voldemort who is Tom Marvelo Riddle Jr.

He stumbled forward dropping his sword and came near Ginny Weasley seeing Tom Riddle approach.

"So this is how the great Harry Potter will die, how fitting that you will die in a matter of minutes due to being bitten by the basilisk and you know a basilisk's venom is very dangerous" Tom Gloated with a smug expression looking down at Harry who looked ill and pale as he reached for the diary in Ginny's arms opening it.

"What are you doing?" Tom demanded as he widened his eyes in horror seeing what harry was about to do with the fang of the basilisk.

"Stop! No!" He yelled but was too late when Harry stabbed the diary with the fang causing Tom to stumble back as a hole of light manifested in his chest as Harry kept stabbing the book over and over again causing Tom to light up and explode.

Seeing that the deed was done, Ginny had finally awakened as she looked to see Harry on the floor pale and looked close to dying

"Harry!" She cried with worry as tears began to flow.

"Ginny? your okay?" He asked with her nodding as she gripped his hand looking at the boy who lived risked his life to save her.

"Please don't die! i didn't mean for this to happen Tom made me do it!" She pleaded grasping his hand as he gave her a weak smile.

"It's fine Ginny, I'm not angry at you and never will be it wasn't your fault" He assured as the tears fell freely off her face as it touched his face, He felt cold and could actually feel himself coming to Death's door.

That was when Fawkes the Phoenix trilled and landed by Harry's side looking down at Harry with respect.

"Fawkes?" Harry spoke turning his eyes at the majestic bird with Ginny doing the same as Fawkes leaned over and started dropping its tears on Harry's basilisk bite mark as the tears began healing Harry restoring him back to health.

Ginny could only widen her eyes with amazement as did Harry, meaning he won't die from the Basilisk's Venom.

Now that he was back to health he grabbed the sorting hat, his wand and book plus the sword of Gryffindor while putting the fang of the basilisk in his robes.

Turning around he stared back at the dead basilisk that was remained motionless looking at it one last time as he felt Ginny tug on his robes he looked to her and nodded grabbing her hand and left the chamber with Fawkes to get Ron and Lockhart and leave the chamber of secrets.

( A week Later departing from Hogwarts)

Harry had told the Headmaster everything that had happened and that he saved the school.

Now that peace had returned for now every student that had been attacked by the basilisk are safe and sound meaning that Hogwarts wasn't closing thanks to Harry Potter.

Students were getting on the train to go home to their parents and families waiting for them.

( Sometime ago at the Dursely's house)

Harry indeed returned to this place he calls hell, as finally went back to his room taking all of his belongings and trunk as Hedwig hooted.

( An: I love that owl she's pretty)

Taking a nice shower Harry failed to notice a Tattoo on his right arm where the basilisk had bitten him, it looked like Basilisk except with flaming wings around it as it disappeared slightly.

To be continued

An: Well this is my first Harry Potter fic, still bare with me. I'm not going to spoil the surprise in the next chapter, in the next chapter there will be a timeskip to his 4th year in the tri wizard championship.

Pairings? i am a supporter of Harry x Ginny but in this story I'm evolving a small harem. he's dating three or four girls, Ginny is one of them, Hermione i did supported them in a relationship after watching the movies, as for the other two girls he'll be involved with that's a surprise and no it won't be Cho Chang i can't stand her. And since I'm time skipping to his 4th year there will be Ron Bashing i didn't like how he treated Harry in the movie.

Now what's up with the tattoo on Harry's right arm? and what does it mean? What did the basilisk gift him before she died after bitting him? only time will tell once he is at his 4th year in the tri-wizard tournament

Until next time