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Chapter 28: Dancing Serpent part one.

( With Harry)

Having now purchased his Silver and Black suit along with black shoes to wear to the Yule Ball, as he was now having himself ready for the Yule Ball which is tomorrow. He could tell Fleur herself was getting ready for the Ball tomorrow along with the rest of his wives.

He knows Susan is going to the Ball too and that she was going alone, it didn't take a genius to know she also wanted to Dance with Harry too. He promised to save her a dance as well, he had spoken to his Tenants Toxine and Blaze about Susan and both told him she was the perfect choice as Lady Hufflepuff, Harry agrees with both of his tenants he liked Susan and didn't mind having her as his next wife. Once he marks her he will have to find a chosen candidate to be Lady Slytherin, then after he finds Lady Slytherin he has to find Lady Black.

Maybe after the Yule Ball on Christmas Day he should take a visit to Nightingale Island. And see what the place is like, he will use the place as his new home.

Because once his transformation is fully complete he realizes the British Magic of Ministry will never accept him due to him being Part Basilisk, France might not even accept him due to the law regarding Basilisks.

So nightingale island will be he and his wives new home along with some of the creatures and his familiars.

Sirius could live there with him, safe from the ministry after he finds Wormtail and turn the traitor in to the Ministry.

He knows Voldemort is out there, in the shadows plotting and scheming his next plans to try and attack him.

Putting on his Gryffindor robes he leaves the chamber of secrets.

(With Susan Bones)

She was currently in her dorm room on her bed clutching a pillow blushing. She couldn't believe she sat with Harry Potter and his Harem!

She herself was also getting herself ready for the Yule Ball, which is tomorrow.

And most of all she couldn't wait to dance with Harry Potter.

She wondered could she ask Harry could she join his group?.

Harry told her he didn't mind but she will have to gain the approval of his girls.

Which she is determined to do so.

( With Hermione)

Hermione is currently sitting with Ginny and Luna in the Great Hall waiting for Harry Potter to come here as they were having a small conversation and we're excited for the Yule Ball.

"Are you guys excited about tomorrow?" Hermione asked with both girls nodding

"Well, why wouldn't we be?" Answered Ginny

"Yes, we will all enjoy ourselves with the boy we love." Added Luna.

Of course starting tomorrow they all were going to get themselves ready for the Yule Ball, having picked out dresses for themselves.

"Hey guys." Greeted Neville with a smile on his face.

"Hello Neville!" Greeted the girls, while Hermione looked at the plump boy noticing that he was happy about something.

"What's gotten you in a good mood Neville?" Asked Hermione as the boy turned to her with a smile and blush.

"Well I asked Hannah Abbot out to the Yule Ball and she said yes!" Neville answered while the girls squealed happily

"Good for you Neville!" Ginny said happy for the boy.

"I take it all three of you are dancing with Harry?" He said seeing them nod.

"You know it." Answered Hermione with a smile.

"Look here he comes! And he's with Fleur." Said Ginny seeing the great hall doors open revealing Harry Potter holding the hand of Fleur Delacour now making their way to the Gryffindor table.

The Couple made it and sat with their friends and sister wives.

Ron down the corner glared hard at his former best friend, he knew tomorrow was the Yule Ball and yet he still doesn't have a date. It's all Potter's fault for scarring him! He will get his vengeance and he can't let Hermione dance with him.

He must think of something to stop her from dancing with Potter and dance with him but How? He knows Hermione is a miss know it all.

Maybe he could try exposing Harry Potter in front of everyone! Like throw a Rooster at Harry since a Rooster would harm Harry. No... He can't do that he needs something else. Damn it he needs to plan this out and get Hermione as a date.

"So looking forward for the Ball tomorrow?" Asked Harry while the rest of his wives nodding.

"It's going to be nice." Commented Ginny.

"So Neville who you asked to the Yule Ball?" Asked Harry looking at the plump boy.

"I-I asked Hannah Abbot out and she said yes!" Neville answered

"Awesome! Good for you that you asked her out." Harry praised

"Thanks, it's no secret that you're taking Fleur to the Yule Ball, everything knows that you're taking her." Neville replied

"Yeah, but she's not the only girl i'm dancing with, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Susan." Harry said making Neville widen his eyes slightly.

"Susan? As in Susan Bones?" He asked seeing the Boy who lived nodded.

"Yeah, i'm pretty much saving her a dance and that she is the perfect candidate for being Lady Hufflepuff." Harry spoke out seeing his girls raise their eyebrows at that.

"And I take it she wants our approval?" Asked Hermione seeing him nod his head.

"Well what do you think Fleur?" Asked Hermione turning towards the Half Veela who is stroking her chin as if she was considering this idea.

"We will accept her as our sister wife. Since Arry will have to complete the magical contract of marrying all four houses of your school. With him marrying Susan, all we have to worry about is who is the perfect candidate for Lady Slytherin." Fleur said in a whisper, surprising Neville that Harry has to marry a snake? But who?

"So who all are you married too?" asked Neville looking at Harry who sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"Fleur, Hermione, Ginny and Luna." Harry answered making Neville have a surprised expression of that of a gaping fish.

"Wow, Harry you're really lucky." Neville said seeing Harry nod to that.

"You do realize that you will have to explain to not only to our parents that you married us but also have to tell Madam Bones you married her Niece." Added Hermione

"Oh right..." He said now imagining what it would be like to explain to all of their parents that he married them and also turned them into Phoenix basilisk hybrids.

"Well I suppose we should get going soon, do you guys have any plans for Christmas?" he wondered.

"Well I plan on spending Christmas with my family." said Hermione

"Well you know us Weasleys and how we celebrate Christmas." Chimed in Ginny.

"Me and Daddy might spend Christmas away from the nargles " Luna added in.

"Well Arry, I was wondering would you want to spend Christmas with me and my family?" Asked Fleur seeing him widen his eyes

"Really? You want me to spend Christmas with you and your family Fleur?" He asked wondering did he hear right.

"Of course! I honestly want you to meet my little sister Gabrielle and my mother." Fleur said with a smile

"Hmmm might have to change plans on being able to go to the island my mother and father own, might go there in two days after Christmas." Thought Harry

"Alright, I'll definitely be there!" Harry said making her smile.

The group got up and went their separate ways while Ron was glaring at the retreating forms of his sister, Hermione and his former best friend. He needed to do something to stop her from dancing with Harry as the red head boy left to go scheme and plan.


On the evening of the Yule Ball, Harry Potter slipped quietly out of the castle and made his way to the Beauxbatons carriage. Wearing a suit of silver and black.

Once inside the carriage, he went to Fleur's door and knocked on it.

She opened her door smiling seeing Arry Potter in his suit while She was dressed in stunning robes of silvery-gray satin,

"You look fantastic Fleur." He complemented making her blush.

"You yourself look dashing Arry. Shall we go now?" She said with him nodding taking Harry's arm that he had extended for her. The two made their way to the portrait hole and began slowly walking down to the Great Hall, taking their time as they talked to each and were deep in conversation. Harry was rather enjoying themselves when they arrived in the entrance hall, which was packed with students, some trying to find their dates from other houses or the other schools.

"Champions! Champions, over here!" Harry and Fleur turned to see Professor McGonagall standing off to the side near some benches, waving above the crowd. The two of them waded through the crowd and arrived in front of her. Professor McGonagall was wearing robes of deep red with her hair covered by her hat, and told Harry and Fleur to wait by the benches while everyone else filed into the Great Hall, as the champions were supposed to enter in procession once everyone was inside. Harry and Fleur took a seat on one of the benches and continued talking.

The champions indeed made it, Cedric is with Cho Chang, and Victor Krum is with Astoria Greengrass.

Just then Professor McGonagall opened the doors to the Great Hall and the champions entered with their dates in a procession. Harry and Fleur were the last pair to enter, and everyone else in the crowd was applauding as they filed through the pathway and up to the extended High Table, where the champions were to sit while everyone else sat at round tables that were lit by lanterns. The walls of the Hall had all been covered in sparkling silver frost, and the massive Christmas trees were at the very end of the Hall. Chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling alongside massive icicles that gave the Great Hall the feeling of being a giant ice palace.

(Meanwhile in Harry's mind.)

Blaze is wearing a crimson suit with his flaming hair of embers slicked back and wearing a red rose on his suit. As he opened his ember eyes looking at the Beautiful Basilisk Toxine in a black glittering gown with a snake necklace around her neck wearing sets of silver heels with her yellow deadly eyes sparkling.

He extended out his arm as she took it as both mythical creatures walk down in the middle of the chamber of secrets where a table with food manifested, with a candle lit and red roses.

"You look absolutely stunning Dame Toxine." Blaze said with a coy smile

"And you look hot lord of embers." She said with a smile

(Back with Harry)

Now seated with his date and all of the other champions. He couldn't help but smile as he realized his two tenants in his mind are having their own 'Yule Ball'.

Now eating their dinner and having a lightly conversation until after they are finished eating they are to dance on the dance floor, Harry is going to enjoy this moment and dance with Fleur then all of his wives.

To be continued

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