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Chapter 33: Second Task

( Hogwarts)

It's February 20th, as Harry Potter had indeed spend his New Years with the Delacours, and returned to Hogwarts after the new year. During his return to school he would train his powers, of his Basilisk and Phoenix traits, his powers are starting to grow stronger and that it's increasing much more. With some free time he spent quality time with Fleur, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Daphne and even Susan.

Much to the jealousy of certain individuals who couldn't stand to see their crushes or 'objects' of their desires and these individuals were: Ron Weasley, Roger Davies, Malfoy, and surprisingly Victor Krum. All four of them couldn't stand to see the girls hang around with Harry Potter.

Ron and Victor both wanted Hermione Granger, and it made them angry to see her stand with Potter when ever they are eating or in class together. Only reason why Ron couldn't do anything to spite Harry or Hermione is because he knows his twin brothers and sister Ginny will be on his head and send a letter to his Mum, in which he did not want to deal with, and dreaded that she'll send a Howler to further embarrass him.

Malfoy didn't like the fact that Slytherin's respected Ice Queen decides to be with Scarhead and his harlots. Daphne was his date for the Yule ball. And it still angered him that she chose Potter over him. And it wasn't enough that it made him jealous that she liked Potter's dancing then his? What was it that Potter has That he doesn't? When he the heir of the Malfoy family is very good enough for any woman. He'll get back at her and at Scarhead also.

Roger Davies still lusted and wanted Fleur Delacour, angry that he failed in getting her as a date for the Yule ball. He so wishes to give Potter a piece of his mind for taking away Fleur.

On Valentine's Day he and his flock did go on a few dates and even had dancing in the chambers of secrets.

February 20th and the second task isn't until February 24th. He still hasn't Figured out his golden egg. That was until he received help from Cedric, Since Harry told Cedric and Fleur about the dragons, Cedric thought it was fair to help Harry by telling him to go to the prefects bathroom and bathe with the golden egg in hot water. Harry thanked Cedric and so he mentioned the same thing to Fleur since she did not know about it either.

Both of them would go to the prefects bathroom with both of their golden eggs. And figure out the clue for the second task.

( Prefects Bathroom)

Both Fleur and Harry Potter are in the Tub with the water on and bubbles.

Both naked and blushing as Fleur admired Harry's naked appearance, especially since she saw his skin was becoming more scaly. With some feathers being shown.

Both heard giggling and turned their heads to see moaning myrtle.

But what surprised the ghost girl that Harry Potter looked different, as she stares at his body, she saw scales and small red feathers.

"What happened to your body Harry?" Myrtle asked in curiosity while also admiring his body with a lusty gleam, Fleur glared at the ghost girl with Myrtle catching her look and have a amused look.

"It's really complicated Myrtle." Harry said with her frowning.

"Complicated you say? I've never seen a human being with scales of a snake and red feathers? Just what are you? I notice you go to the chamber of secrets every day." She remarked with him going tense, and he can't lie to her, might as well tell the truth and hopes she keeps it a secret.

"Myrtle. Will you promise to keep this a secret of what I'm about to tell you?" Harry said with Fleur looking at him with wide eyes while the ghost girl tilted her head.

"Arry, you can't be serious that she'll keep the secret?" Fleur spoke in a whisper.

"I'm sure she'll keep it." He whispered back to her as Myrtle folded her arms waiting

"What I'm about to tell you has to remain secret." Said Harry as he began telling Myrtle of what he is becoming, and she looked taken back when he mentioned he was bitten by the basilisk that killed her, and Dumbledore's familiar Fawkes had saved his life while unknowingly the Phoenix's tears caused a chain reaction to the basilisk venom and it turned him into a feathered serpent while having two mythical creatures within him, Salazar's basilisk and a Phoenix that looks like Fawkes.

Moaning Myrtle took in the information, and looked like a gapping fish as Harry kept telling her.

"I'm speechless..." Myrtle says with wide eyes.

"So you won't tell anyone about this?" Harry said with her nodding slowly.

"Your secret is safe with me Harry. My lips are sealed." She said with both of them looking relieved as the ghost girl vanished away leaving the two alone. If only she was alive she would be in the bath with Harry, but knowing he's magically married she did not want to anger the Veela that Is with him.

With Myrtle gone, they both proceeded to put their golden eggs in the water with them and opened as they both went underwater and saw that the egg looked peaceful and it played a melody of some sorts.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,"

"We cannot sing above the ground,"

"An hour long you'll have to look,"

"To recover what we took."

After hearing the song under water both of them got up for air and closed their eggs.

It was then Harry realized what the second task could mean. He recalled swimming in the black lake once in his Quetzalcoatl form, and from what he witnessed, were mermaids in the lake including

Grindylows, Hippocampus's. Even the Red octopus he pretrified.

So the clue could only mean that they must swim in the black lake for about a Hour and retrieve what the Merfolk took. He wonders how will he fair in swimming in the black lake? Will he have to transform? No took risky.

"I've figured it out, it seems Cedric has too." Harry said

"What is it Arry?" Asked Fleur

"We have to swim in the black lake and we have until but an hour to retrieve what the merfolk took from us." Said Harry with Fleur frowning wondering what could it be the merfolk could want to take from her.

Harry wondered the same thing. What could the merfolk want from him.

"It seems you will have to carefully use your powers in the black lake." Warned Toxine. With Blaze nodding in agreement.

"So it seems." Thought Harry towards Toxine.

"If we are going into this black lake, Arry, we will need to learn the bubble head charm." Said Fleur.

"I don't know how to use the bubblehead charm. You think you can teach me?" Harry asked as she nodded and since they are in the bath she could teach him how.

And so on Harry finally got the hang of the bubble head charm thanks to Fleur now he just has to prepare himself for the real danger in the black lake.

( Four days later,)

It was now the second task, February 24th. As Harry wore shorts, and a vest. He used a charm to hide his actual appearance so no one couldn't see his scales and growing red feathers, he was lined up with Fleur, Cedric and Krum.

Their wands attached to their ankles.

Those who are watching and waiting for the four champions to dive in are: Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Daphne. Watching Harry and Fleur, but Susan was not present and no one knows why? Hence why Madame Bones is present also. Fleur's parents were present even Fudge and a ugly toad like woman in pink was there too.

Ron was busy glaring at Harry as usual.

Moody was focusing on Harry, as was Snape.

And at the sound of the Cannon.


The champs all dived in.

( Black Lake)

Krum used a transformation spell to turn himself into a Half shark. Harry, Cedric and Fleur all had bubblehead charms and swam deep, the lake was cold, Harry being a part Phoenix heated himself up underwater. They would swim through the forests and spread out.

They heard the singing, and followed it.

As they continued to swim Harry, saw a mermaid and followed her.

That was until a large swarm of Grindylows came out of no where and ambushed Harry as they were all over him, he struggled fighting them off, as he tried to reach for his wand only that the creatures weren't giving him a chance to do so which left him with one option he had no choice but to do.

He closed his eyes and went into his mindscape and grabbed both his tenants hands and flared magic.

He snapped opened his eyes revealing them Golden eyes. As a flaming whirlwind enveloped around Harry transforming him into his true form.

( Up the surface)

The skies began to go dark and grey, thunder rumbled as the winds blew hard for a moment as everyone wondered what was with the Weather.

( Black lake)

Harry now his Quetzalcoatl form had fully transformed as the Grindylows were burned to ashes from the flaming whirlwind as he regained his focus and went sonic speed swimming. As he caught the scent of the merfolk.

And just when he got to the location, he spotted the merfolk that held tridents including the four taken hostages. He widened his golden eyes seeing Susan among with Fleur's little sister Gabrielle. He even saw Cho Chang his former crush and Astoria greengrass Daphne's sister.

He swam to them and as soon as the merfolk saw him they instantly fled in terror and left their posts.

Some mermaids who stared indirectly at Harry were instantly petrified, while those who weren't lucky stared into his eyes and died on the spot.

Most of them fled away and went to hide to terrified to face Harry.

He used his wings as blades to cut the rope of Susan bones. He used his tail to grab hold of her gently as he looked around and noticed he did not see Fleur and wondering what was taking her? It was then he suspected that she's either lost or under attack just like he was.

He used his wing to cut Gabrielle's rope and pulled her into his hold of his tail along with Susan. He then caught the scents of Cedric and Krum meaning they are near, so he went speed swimming again and went to look for Fleur.

Krum and Cedric both got there and what surprised them was what became of the merfolk, some were petrified while some are dead and wondered what could have killed them. Then realized both Harry and Fleur has their hostages which they Assumed. And went on and saved theirs.

( Harry.)

Harry narrowed his eyes as he saw Fleur being attacked by a swarm of Grindylows.

He gleamed his yellow eyes as they stared into them and died while some were petrified, Fleur was unconscious and was sinking that was until Harry opened his mouth and caught Fleur gently continued to speed swimming he saved her, Susan and Gabrielle.

He was almost there. He saw the surface.

( Up the Surface)

It was nearly an hour. Judges waited and so did the crowd.

Lupin and Padfoot ( Sirius) in his dog form is also watching.

Everyone was murmuring, Seamus noticed something as he pointed at the water.

"Oi look everyone! Something is coming!" He said as everyone paid attention.

Harry in his Quetzalcoatl spat Fleur out of his mouth and started to revert back to normal at the Same time he used a Wind blast underwater to send all three of them up.

Once they reached the Surface they awakened and started treading water and instantly swam to the Docks to be pulled in.

Harry had speed swam himself out of the water and landed on the docking with the rest as everyone cheered and loud enough that Harry was the first one up. Fleur had explained Harry had saved all three of them.

Krum and Cedric along with their hostages came last.

The cheering continued as Malfoy scowled glaring at Potter then his eyes shifted to disgust seeing that Harry's vest was damaged and widened his eyes.

Everyone froze when They saw Harry's appearance changed. The spell that hidden his appearance had worn off and revealed a nearly scaly Harry Potter with red feathers.

Harry noticed the looks everyone was giving him.

"Oh no..." He thought with dread seeing everyone look wide eyed at his appearance.

To be continued

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