Authors notes: I've made some alterations to the last chapter. First being that I altered Raven's and Hedgy's conversation because I felt I was too heavy handed, and Raven felt a little out of character, opening up to a person light that rather than being mysteriously vague about it. Now that is more in her character.

The second change I made was a bit just after Raven and Hedgy's conversation where Raven goes into Ace's bag while she's not looking. It was to set something up, but it made me write a brief scene of Raven finding something specific in Ace's bag, and what affect it has on her.

Chapter 90

The Evil of the Daleks

The zombie pepper pots raced towards the door, but thankfully Raven, Ace and Hedgy had all vanished from their path. Raven watched the Daleks zoom past underneath them, her back up against the ceiling, same with Ace and Hedgy. Their torsos were shrouded in Raven's dark power.

Some of the Daleks bumped into each other in their charge. Those Daleks turned to each other and they each blasted the offending Dalek. It seemed even a Dalek shell was not designed to stand up to the weaponry of another Dalek, since they both blew up when the beams struck them.

The Daleks began gathering closer to the half open bulkhead. Hopefully, they'd cause problems for the pursuing Daleks.

Lowering herself and the others away from the ceiling Raven began floating over the heads of the Daleks. Raven held her hands back and dragged her two companions with her.

"And you couldn't have done this sooner, becauseā€¦?" Ace asked. Raven shrugged. "Hey, this is wicked. It's like being super-woman."

"Shh!" Hedgy hissed, "They might hear you!"

"They're too busy with their shouty family members to deal with us." Ace reassured him.

"That was scary," Hedgy then said.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." Ace replied.

"Yeah, but to tippy-toe around them, where one slight bump, one wrong word or sound could get you both barrels." Hedgy swallowed.

"Yeah, welcome to social media, mate." Ace added with dry humour.

The bulkhead door suddenly flew open, and all Daleks fired on the three Daleks beyond. Not one of them survived. With the door open the zombie Daleks began flooding out now that they had a new place to go and were eager to explore.

"ALERT, ALERT." Screamed another Dalek from beyond the door. "RE-ESTABLISH CONTACT WITH NEURAL NETWORK. OBEY, OBEY, OBEY!"

The zombie Daleks stopped, their eye stalks raised to the ceiling as if receiving instructions.

"CONTACT ESTABLISHED!" They all now chanted. "UPDATING CURRENT SITUATIONAL INFORMATION." Followed by bleeps and clicks.

Then, slowly, all the blue disks like eyes turned around, and focused on the three people floating in mid-air. Raven stared, despite her danger senses rising she was too scared to move. She hoped they were still blind, but the hope was misplaced since they were all staring directly at them. Then, as one, their bases began turning to face them, their egg whisk like weapons suddenly noticeable.

"They see us, crap, get us out of here!" Ace shouted. Raven took off like a rocket, dragging the other two after her looking like a pac-man ghost being chased by two human shaped balloons. The Daleks fired and Raven twisted and moved left and right to avoid the Dalek blasts. Raven stopped, allowed Ace and Hedgy to fly forwards ahead of her. Raven dropped them to the floor as the demon girl focused on the floor plate beneath her. Covered in dark energy it was ripped up from the floor and she held it between herself and the Dalek force as she continued to retreat towards the open door, that was still a little too far away for her own comfort.

Hedgy and Ace had reached the door, but were not able to move it.

Raven turned back and saw the floor plate shield glowing red from absorbing so much of the Daleks firepower that it was starting to bend, burn and melt. Stomping boots heralded the arrival of Ace, who tossed a deodorant can at the Daleks. It hissed as it flew through the air. The Daleks fired at the can, not aware of what it was, but were probably certain it was an offensive weapon. A blast caught it and instantly it exploded before Raven and Ace were ready to move. The blast forced both Ace and Raven off their feet. The semi-molten floor plate fell to the floor and ended up stuck upright in the floor as it rapidly solidified.

The two girls landed on their backs not far away from the door. Raven found herself being dragged towards the door, she assumed by Ace. It wasn't. Surprisingly Hedgy had ventured out, grabbed the collars of the two girls and he was dragging them through the door. Raven instantly got to her feet and swiped Hedgy's hand away from her cloak. Ace also got to her feet and stumbled through the door with Hedgy.

Laser bolts flashed through the open door between Raven, and Ace and Hedgy, so many beams it was like flashes of disco lights. Raven reached out with her powers, took the two halves of the heavy door, her hands curled as if her small appendages had gripped hold of the large doors. She forced her hands together, and the shimmering, black and white doors were not only forced shut, but practically welded themselves together with the impact. To make sure, Raven focused on the gap in the door and forced them to fuse together into one slab. It wasn't perfect, but it would make life more difficult to cut through it.

"Hey, Sunshine, you come in pretty handy." Ace said as she rotated her left arm, which she had smacked with the impact with the floor.

"Thanks." Raven said with boredom. She turned to Hedgy, her eyes hostile. She felt like she should say thanks to him too for dragging her through the door, but she really didn't want to. Instead she gave him a small nod. Not a big one. Just a slight, five degree tilt forwards and backwards.

Their relief at escaping the Daleks was short lived however, as a glowing spot, that had appeared in the centre of the door became larger and larger until the scent of burning metal was on the air.

"Tenacious little bastards, aren't they!" Raven said.

"We need to keep moving." Ace said. "If I'm right, there should be an exhaust shaft around here that will take us back up to the surface. Hopefully there isn't a bird nesting in it.

They moved on quickly, as the Daleks would soon be through that door and coming after them.

They emerged near a long shaft as broad as the TARDIS was and which went straight upwards into the darkness.

"This is a vent for one of their reactors in the core of the planet." Ace said, feeling around for a foothold they could use to climb up.

"If that's the reactor shaft, why not drop some bombs down there and blow up their reactor?" Hedgy asked. Raven guessed it was a reasonable question.

"Yeah, except this isn't Star Wars, it doesn't work like that." Ace said in a gentler tone than Raven would've used. "Anyway, we want to disable the Battle Platform, not blow it up with everyone on it."

Ace found a foothold and leaped out over the chasm that also went down into the dark. "You good at climbing Hedgy?" Ace asked.

"Can't Raven lift us up it?" Hedgy asked, "it'll be quicker." It was weird hearing Hedgy call her by her name, Raven didn't like it. Something in his voice made it feel insulting.

"You want me to lift you up with my power and drag you to the surface?" Raven asked in a tone which suggested contempt. But Hedgy soon found himself floating above the floor, and out into the shaft. Raven smirked a little, then dropped her powers. Hedgy suddenly dropped, a millisecond later he screamed as he vanished downward and was swallowed by the darkness.

"Whoops, I lost concentration." Raven said deadpan to Ace who was looking at her in utter horror at what she'd done. Raven then casually raised a hand in a clawed pose and made a motion like she was pulling a yoyo back from its descent. Hedgy's scream became louder and louder as he reappeared back up from the darkness, his torso firmly in Raven's dark powers.

"What did you do that for?" Hedgy exclaimed. The demon girl shrugged.

"Yeah, my bad." Raven said deadpan. "I lost focus, there are just so many distractions."

"Leave him alone." Ace said sternly to her, not like a mother, more in the tone of a big sister. Like the older woman had some authority over her. Raven just sighed at her dismissively before she took Ace in her power too. "Oi" Ace protested since she was not ready. Raven honestly couldn't be bothered to wait for her permission. They should get on with it as far as Raven was concerned.

Raven stepped off into space as she floated, transitioning from ground to air like it was natural. She flashed Hedgy a look and out of Ace's view Raven raised a hand to Hedgy and mimed a yoyo like motion. He got the message.

Then up they went. Raven took it at a quick pace, but not too quick. Just quick enough to make Hedgy feel on edge. She did enjoy nearly pulling Hedgy up into any protruding objects only to snatch him away from the wall at the last minute. Raven felt great delight in hearing him yelp in panic and fear when she did that. She could feel the hate emanating from him. Honestly, it was nice. At least Raven was being hated for genuinely being a bitch, and not for a fabricated reason to bolster someone else's social image.

She was so enjoying this game that the teenage psychic didn't sense what was coming until she'd nearly ran into it herself, which would've been rather embarrassing. She had to come to a grinding halt with the others when she found their path covered by what looked like criss-crossed tree branches. Dirt and soil fell between them. These weren't branches, they were roots.

Ace went into her rucksack and produced another deodorant can. More of her nitro-nine stuff.

"If I prime this, do you think you can jam it into the roots up there?" she asked Raven.

"Will it be strong enough to blast a way out?" Hedgy asked.

"A less powerful version of this once shattered a solid block of ice. It'll make match wood out of this." Ace said with pride.

"I can't divide my concentration further." Raven said.

"You mean you can only pick up two things at a time?" Ace asked. "No more?"

"If I intend to just throw the stuff, yes I can pick up lots of stuff at once." Raven said matter-of-factly, "you want me to do something delicate..."

"Alright, alright." Ace said, looking around, her legs dangling in the air like she was under water. "Put me up against that wall. I can grip to that."

"What about me?" Hedgy asked. "I can't climb." Raven shrugged and moved him over to a piece of machinery and hooked the back of his shirt onto it. He panicked at first as his legs dangled in mid air over a million mile drop. Raven turned back to Ace who was giving her a look. "What?" Raven asked defensively. Ace wanted to say something, but kept it to herself.

Ace prepared to prime her nitro-nine can. "You'll only have thirty seconds to get it into position, before 'bang!'"

"Thank you for the exposition." Raven said with sarcasm. Ace actually laughed, Raven couldn't understand why. Usually her stand off-ish attitude usually made people glare at her.

Raven moved Ace over to the wall and, unlike Hedgy, she allowed Ace to cling to the wall herself. Using her teeth Ace primed the deodorant can and let Raven take it with her power.

"Be gentle with it." Ace warned. Raven shrugged. She produced a small, black portal and just forced it up into the largest space above them the can could occupy.

Twenty seconds, her danger sense rose.

Raven took Ace and Hedgy away from the edges of the shaft.

Fifteen seconds.

Raven gave Hedgy a look, before she dropped him and Ace. Raven also allowed gravity to win and drag her down, and down and came an almighty flash of light,

"Cover your ears!" Ace shouted. Raven and Hedgy obeyed, followed by an ear shattering bang and a blast of pressure.

Raven regained her concentration enough to catch herself, Ace and Hedgy.


The goth girl pulled herself and her two companions to the side under an overhang as a mass of soil, dirt and roots flashed past them and down into the belly of the planet.

Raven's heart was pounding, she hadn't expected any of that until it was almost too late.

"Quick thinking." Ace congratulated her. Raven didn't respond positively, nor negatively. She just acknowledged that she'd heard Ace say it.

There was now a light at the end of the shaft. Soil was raining down now around the edges of the shaft and it tickled Raven's nose a little. Raven had to hold back a sneeze. It didn't work, she sneezed. In that moment she lost concentration, not on herself, but on Ace and Hedgy. They began to fall. Lucky for them Raven was quick to reassert her will against the power of gravity and willed them back up to her.

Another sneeze was coming. Raven quickly shut her mouth and squeezed her nose shut with her fingers to stop another one coming. She tried to sneeze again, but she held it back. The goth girl was going to hook her companions onto the wall for a second until she got this sneezing fit out of her system. But a worrying blue glow from the hatch they'd entered the shaft through, followed by the whirr of motors filled Raven with extra urgency to go up.

Taking a deep breath, she plugged her mouth and nose and they all took off upwards like a rocket, like a giant invisible hand had flicked all three of them at once up the shaft.

They emerged into the sunshine, the warmth and the fresh air assaulted them.

Ace and Hedgy were dropped at comfortable distance from the mossy ground, and Raven released her nose. Took in a great, lungful of warm, golden, fresh air before she sneezed again, and again, and again. She coughed and stroked her nose as If trying to remove the offending particles that were causing this. She sneezed one more time and it suddenly stopped.

Well, that was an embarrassing thing Raven didn't know about herself. She can't focus on her powers, if her body is more focused on sneezing. It was like her body went into panic mode. But then, why wouldn't it? Something would be interfering with her breathing, of course her mind would focus on that.

Raven exhaled and rubbed her fingers down her nose, closing her nostrils, and allowing her exhaling breath to blast them open to remove whatever remained of the offending dirt.

Ace crawled up to the edge of the shaft and looked down it.

"I don't think they're following us." Ace said.

"Are you sure?" Hedgy asked.

"Nah, they'll want to get their drives back online. Daleks are focused on killing in the most efficient way. The best way is to fix their drive and kill everyone when the planet freezes over."

Ace could not have been more wrong. The older woman must've been psychic herself, because she pulled her head back just before a lance of blue light hit her. The Daleks were coming up.

"Raven," Hedgy spoke, "Can you close this shaft?"

A Dalek came into the light.

"It's too late, run!" Ace shouted and the three took off into the forest. Raven glanced back, just long enough for her powers to gather up a lot of dead wood and she flung it all at the Dalek. It didn't cause a dent and did nothing but aggravate it.

How did it even get up the shaft? They look like they could only roll on flat surfaces. Unless they're not rolling, but hovering. The Dalek cleared the shaft. It was, indeed, flying. A blue glow was emitted from its base.

And Raven thought these things couldn't get any worse, now it turns out they could fly.

That put a pin in Raven's initial idea once they were out in the open. Raven thought they could just fly away. Now, Raven knew that was a bad idea, because the Daleks could come easily after them.

The leaves and branches of plants slapped them in the face. Raven knew she could conjure a shield to push everything away from her, but she was too busy putting all energy into running away to care about nature slapping her in the face. The Daleks, being big, broad things, seemed to struggle in the forest, especially when the plants got too close together. Like rats the three escapees were running for the small spaces were predators could not get at them.

After what felt like hours of running Hedgy glanced back. "They've stopped following us."

The three came to a stop. They looked back, and listened.

Raven reached out with her senses. He was right. The Daleks were gone.

"Have they given up?" Hedgy asked.

"Daleks don't give up." Ace said, "they probably found something better to do than kill 'us'. Which is worrying."

"Worrying?" Hedgy asked.

"The only thing Daleks enjoy more than killing, is more killing." Ace said. A distant explosion sounded on the air. It rumbled ominously before slowly fading out.

Raven reached out further. She could sense something. A great disturbance in the ether. Dark emotions. Fear, Horror, Terror. She floated upwards above the trees and she could see the black smoke rising up from the distance. The teen telepath dropped to the ground again.

"It's coming from over there." She nodded.

Ace took off in the direction of the explosion. For some reason Raven didn't question and just followed her. Hedgy trailed after them saying, "But we're trying to get away from them."

As they ran towards the explosions Raven reached out to sense exactly what was going on so at least they knew what was going on when they arrived.

Raven found a connection, an open psychic presence. A small child, just a few months old, so full of potential, so full of innocents. So hungry. But all it wanted was for the horrid, loud noises to just stop. It cried, it screamed for its mother, its father, its guardian. The child just wanted all loud noise to stop, and be held by loving arms again instead of where it was. In it's cot, all alone.

Where was mummy and daddy? Why had they stopped coming?

Through it's new eyes a hazy looking cone appeared. There was a blue light at it's top. Lights flashed and one word was screamed, it was too young to understand language, but Raven knew the meaning of the word and the meaning of how it was said. Without thought, without remorse, without pity. But with cold, hatred and rage.

"EXTERMINATE!" A flash of blue, and the crying, finally, stopped.

Raven had to stop and prop herself up against a tree. She'd actually felt that, more deeply than she had before.

To Be Continued...

Authors notes: Bit of a dark ending I know, but you know that the Daleks would be just as evil, and confirms to Raven how evil they are. Daleks will just kill you because you are there.

Wow, 90 chapters. This is a great cry from the simple, short, 5 chapter story I originally had in mind. Thanks everyone for joining in on this journey. Hopefully I am still entertaining you with Raven's journey through the Doctor Who universe and we shall see where this will go next.

Everyone please have a fantastic 2021. :D