It doesn't matter what religion someone exercise, everyone have heard of Hell.

Everyone have a picture in mind of what Hell must look like.

The majority will say that it's filled with demons, that's correct. Others will add that it's in never ending flames and rocky with skulls everywhere from any kind of creatures, that's also correct.

But what many people doesn't know is that even in Hell there is a 'Boogeyman' for the devils. A human blessed by angels to fight the demonic forces of Hell. A marine who died once then came back from hell just for revenge. Then stayed there to fight forever against them. Thousands of years was enough time to become the nightmare of Hell.

Demons are frightened of him and yet their instincts make them attack him on sight to get rid of the source of their fear, an unacceptable feeling for them.

But not once did any demons won a fight against him.

One demon even betrayed their kin for survival by making the 'Human' even stronger.

They did manage to seal him away in a temple for millennials… But he was awakened to fight them again and here he was in Hell one more time to do just that.

What misses from everyone's description of Hell is a green heavy armored Marine, dashing through the Hellscapes, weapon in hand, hunting demons.

Ready to tear every single one of them apart.

He was known by many names: Unchained Predator, Hell Walker…

But one of them stood out the most:

The Doom Slayer

There was a World where the Gods of Light and Order fought the ones of Chaos and Darkness constantly… That wasn't very uncommon you might say.

But here their fights were decided by a dice roll. And they used pawns who were controlled by those rolls. The Gods called it the 'Game of Life' with many mythical creatures Humans and adventurers! So many characters to play with and to leave their fate at the mercy of a simple dice roll.

But one of those 'pawns' stood out the most among its peers.

He was an unexceptional young man. A male warrior with no distinguishing traits at all. And yet, all of the Gods liked him.

He as always thinking, strategizing and acting by himself.

He did not let the Gods roll the dice.

He was just a normal man: no 'cheating' powers, no superhuman reflexes or speed or strength. He would not change the World, maybe nothing at all. And yet he kept surprising the Gods.

All he did was one thing over and over again and yet there was something different each time he did what he did best: Kill the weakest monsters in the Gods' 'Game of Life'.

He was known as:

The Goblin Slayer

It was another normal 'Day' in Hell.

Well, he couldn't really tell since there isn't really any celestial bodies in Hell except some Red Moon that never moved, just eternal flames and dark thunderous stormy clouds. He only managed to tell the 'Time' with the movements of the clouds.

He just finished purging another Dark Temple from Demons. It was a rather quick raid as there wasn't any real threat except for the Barons of Hell and the Cyberdemon 1.0 at the top.

On second thought… Actually that fight was pretty tough. But anyway, the most important thing was that this 'country' - or Kingdom, Land, whatever those devils wanted to call them- of Hell was now free of demons.

But it was just one country out of millions or even billions. He certainly did already purged many more in the past millennials but after a thousand year of sleep, who knows how many demons have spawned again and repopulazed them. He needed to be sure.

So now it was time for a last check-up around the country to be sure he doesn't leave a single demon alive here.

Demons don't reproduce like any other living being, they are spawned. But he came to understand that they spawn wherever there is another demon around. That's why he must be sure that there isn't any hiding somewhere that he might have overlooked.

He searched every crook and cranny. Demons aren't very sneaky but they are tricky. He tapped the rocky walls once more. Who knows which walls is fake.

But if any one of them was, Demons will be waiting behind it. And that's unacceptable.

The Doom Slayer won't let any one of these bastards survive.

The sun rises, another day begins.

But he woke up even before that. He put on his gear: a helmet with broken horns, a chain mail and a dirty armor. His shield strapped on his left arm and short sword at his hips. He looked inside his bag: potions and other items were there. Nothing missing so he won't have to buy anything.

He looked at the bird cage near his bed, the little canary was still sleeping, he left some food for it before leaving his room.

Once outside he started his usual routine. He looked for any footprints around the farm.


Before he could start checking the fence, her voice called out to him from behind.

He looked back to see his childhood friend, Cow Girl, already smiling and telling him good morning. He nodded and told her good morning back.

They took breakfast with the Uncle, and they left to town for work. He helped her with the cart during the walk.

Once there they separated ways, he entered the guild for missions to do.

The Spearman was on the desk talking (flirting) with the Guid Girl who smiled politely as she listened to him. Something about being back from last mission and two Pirates Ghosts.

He didn't care, he walked forward.

Some adventurers greeted him, he greeted them back. Some walked away in murmurs, he ignored them.

Guild Girl smiled when she saw him, silencing the adventurer in front of her. He groaned and frowned when he looked at him before leaving them alone.

He asked the usual, Guild Girl smiled sadly as she said that there wasn't many missions for him yet, only one that she thought wouldn't be wise to leave them to novices.

He looked at the mission, a wise decision indeed.

From the look of it, even if they weren't that many, at least two hobs were sighted and there's no information about the hostages.

He'll take care of it. Guild Girl wished him good luck.

He then went to the tavern to meet his party members and tell them about the mission like he always do.

And another routine he got used to, Lizard Priest was enjoying his cheese breakfast, Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer started to argue over nothing and the young Priestess scolded him to not really leaving them a choice to join.

And yet he made sure to be more careful about that.

Cow Girl appeared behind him and asked what was up.

And before he could open his mouth, every member of his party and even some adventurers around them shouted in unison.


From an outside view he looked immobile but he blinked under his helmet and looked around as everyone smiled and laughed.

Was he that predictable? That's bad.

It'll be bad for Goblin Slayer if the goblins could predict him too.

The Doom Slayer was standing in a familiar cave. He remembered resting there once upon a time, when he decided to stay in Hell. He didn't notice at that time that he didn't need to sleep or eat.

So this 'country' was a place he already visited before his slumber. Everything changed a lot, not a single other place looked familiar beside this cave.

Which made it even more suspicious. With the barrel of his shotgun, he poked at the walls, hoping to discover a secret passageway.

And one down.

Goblin Slayer counted as he retrieved his blade from the skull of the dead goblin at his feet.

The cave had guards, that was already a bad sign of a big nest. They didn't have any impressive equipement but there was a totem near the entrance. So they had a shaman, that was only getting worse.

And two down.

He counted again as the one that tried to backstab him got its head skewered by an arrow.

The party regrouped at the entrance of the cave. Ready dive in and slaughter the green devils.

The wall of the cave collapsed after one shot, and as he predicted there was a whole other section in that cave. A whole new area he didn't know.

Which means more demons for him to slay.

He won't even need to search for them, the moment they know he's in there, they'll all come to him. As always.

He'll kill them all.

They'll kill them all.

Rip and Tear…

All of them…

Until it is done.

DOOM X Goblin Slayer crossover


Baka's notes: And here we go for yet another crossover! I really hope you'll enjoy this story. I ove both series: DOOM and Goblin Slayer. I can't wait for Doom Eternal and I'm enjoying the Goblin Slayer anime and Light novels!

Now on a second note, there are some stories I'll put in hiatus for a while: The Godzilla X Danganronpa story 3 and Puppeteer.

I'm working on the next chapter of Normality in Lobotomy and Summer Together.

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