Chapter 1: The Portal

The Doom Slayer didn't waste a second to run through the cave, the sooner he gets to a 'room' the sooner the demons will come to him. His pistol in hand he shot a few times some walls for any secrets.

So far nothing relevant, except that the walls were extremely dusty, not the floor. That was a very rare sight since demons roam every surface of the Rocky Underworld without rest but this place seems abandoned.

One shot though suddenly made a wall crumble and reveal a secret room.

The Slayer walked in, maybe he'll find some ammunition or some weird artifact that will reveal yet another secret chamber… But instead he found something much more intriguing: skeletons.

In the rather small room without a ceiling but walls so high that it was impossible to climb up there were four skeletons.

But what was weird was that not all were humans, at least, not really. One of them was definitely a human, the second was rather tall and the rib cage was slim. One was very short and the last one was just not human: it was of a humanoid reptile.

He looked up and saw on the wall a painting, or rather and engraving, of a team, it looked they came out of a fairy tale like the ones he used to read when he was a child. There was a human girl accompanied by an elf, a dwarf and a female lizardman.

The human looked like a martial art fighter, the elf was dressed as what he assumed a mage. Then the dwarf was some sort of priest and the Lizard Woman was a sword fighter. They were all smiling in the drawing.

He looked around and something shone on his visor. He looked back at the skeletons to see the source. Around each neck of them was a tag. He leaned closer and saw that around the human and the lizardman was a fossilized gold tag while on the elf was a silver one and around the dwarf a copper one.

Identification tags, like soldiers. Like the one he used to have.

It wasn't hard to understand what happened here: they got trapped in this room and died. But they died slowly of starvation. There was no bone missing from any of them, and none inside another's skeleton… They didn't turn to eating each other. There was no trace of a fight either… Four friends understood that they will die and decided to die together without infighting. Four very loyal friends…

He envied them a bit.

… Leaving those here where no one would find them would be rude to them. Doom Slayer took the tags and left the room before shutting the entrance with a small cave in with a punch on the wall.

There was now a question in the Slayer's mind. How did they get here?

There was only two ways to get in Hell: via a portal or by dying. And he went through both. They didn't seem to be blessed by an angel like he was, so they must have come by a portal.

Which means one of them was close by, a portal connected to another world… A world that can be invaded by demons, he'll have to close it as soon as possible.

At the end of the cave, he found a large room with several floors and on the wall at the other side of where he was, was a giant orange portal made of flames. That's his target. And he could already predict that the second he walks one meter in the room, he'll be trapped in and the demons will appear wave by wave to eliminate him.

But that was no problem for the Doom Marine. He's used to it.

He walked two steps and the wall closed behind him by itself. A demonic roar echoed throughout the room and summoning flames started to appear everywhere.

Let's rock and roll.

The Doom Slayer immediately ran towards the closest flame where an orange imp appeared. Before it could even growl at the Marine, it's head was already blown to bits by a point-blank headshot of his shotgun. Then he quickly moved away, changed his weapon to his Assault Rifle and started shooting at everything on sight.

Never stay still, always move, except for execution of Demons.

He looked around to analyse the number of enemies on this first wave.

He counted many Imps from both generations, a second generation Pinky, a couple of Seniors Hell Knights, and some Hell Razers on the elevated floors aiming at the Slayer from above with the brown Imps.

A piece of cake for a first wave.

He ran to the first Imp near him to punch its head away, trying to bait the Pinky. It worked, the armored demon roared and started to run towards the Marine.

Pinkies weren't really smart demons. The first generation have very strong jaws but that's about it. They need to get close to their victim to bite them but the Slayer uses guns, he was at a clear advantage. The second generation though were just a tiny bit more evolved. They have armor all over their front: their face, legs, arms was armored with bullet-proof plates. But they get so confident in their defenses that they just charge on their prey without thinking that they can just move over or just jump over them, leaving their unarmored behind completely exposed.

Doomguy jumped over the creature who crashed face first against the wall and changed his assault rifle for his Plasma one. He then shot a myriad of bullets on the demon's back until it exploded in a firework of blood, leaving the demon for dead.

The Hell Knights and Imps were surrounding and about to jump on him. He looked at the rifle, it's overheated.

Perfect. He pressed a button and a heat blast emerged from the weapon, slicing every demon around him in half except for the two Hell Knight who got heavily injured.

He started to run backwards as the two large demons chased after him. He dodged all lasers and fireballs the brown Imps and Hell Razer were shooting at him while he planted shells of lead in the weakened demons in front of him.

Once one was down he shot the last one one more time to stun it before punching him once in the gut to lower its head, then punched again across the face, exploding its skull with his fist.

Now to the others in the elevated floor. He jumped on a floating platform then again, shotgun ready to shot at the demons at his left.

He didn't expect to see a brown Imp waiting for him with a fireball. He couldn't dodge in time so he got hit and sent back to the ground.

The Imps… Two colors to differentiate the two very different types. The brown ones are taller and more humanoid like, they have red eyes and are strong with their punches, but they are very slow so they are mostly on the back, firing powerful fireballs to their target with good precision. While the orange ones are much more agile and can climb on walls. They can throw little fireballs when moving but need time and stay still to charge a large one that has as much power as a Brown Imp fireball.

So taking a Brown fireball in the chest while in mid-air was rather painful.

But Doomguy got much worse. He got up almost immediately when he touched the ground and came back to the charge, this time he didn't miss shooting the demon in the face and finishing it off with a good kick to the head that crushed it between his heel and wall.

He turned towards the other demons who were already ready to shoot lasers and throw fireballs.

He ran towards them.

Run. Dodge. Shoot. Punch. Kick. Kill.




And like that, it was done in under two minutes.

He quickly jumped back to the ground floor, hearing the second demonic roar that echoed through the room. Demons started spawning around, let's see.

More Imps but only brown ones, four Senior Hell Knights, a Revenant and a Second Generation of Mancubus.

Was that all? There was less demons at that wave!

Well it was a good sign, it could mean there were less demons left in this 'country' that he expected. At least there was no sign of Cacodemons, Barons of Hell of any kind, Pain Elemental or worse, an Arch-Vile.

All of them except for the Hell Knights were range attackers, so he'll have to deal with the four big demons first.

Senior Hell Knights, he decided to name them like that because of how different they are from the first Hell Knights he encountered. They gave up their eyes, horns and fireballs for speed, strength and lighting their hands in fire when attacking. But for that they need to be close to their prey, or sometimes they'll just jump at them to crush them with their weight.

Which one of them was exactly doing. It jumped high up, fists burning in flames, ready to slam them down on the Marine. But Doomguy just ran forward and shot a few rockets locked on on the three other Hell Knights, killing one in the process as the one in the air stomped the area where the Marine was a second ago.

It turned around, growling but got its mouth shut with a quick knee in the jaw followed with three shots of the Slayer's shotgun in the face at point-blank, killing the creature instantly. Two more to go before dealing with the rest of the demons.

The two other Hell Knight started chasing him, but even running backwards, he was faster. He used his Plasma rifle to kill one, then activated the Heat Blast from his weapon to cut the last Hell Knight in half.

He bumped into something and when he turned around he got punched by a fleshy skeleton hand in the visor. He quickly recovered and dodged a few fireballs aimed at him to fight back against the Revenant but it already flew away.

Ever since those giant shoulder-cannon-armored skeleton demons got jetpacks they loved to jump around. But not this time!

The Slayer ran towards the Revenant still in the air and grabbed its legs before the demon flew too far. He slammed the monster on the ground, quickly shot it's two arms with his shotgun so it couldn't punch back. He then stepped on the face while he moved one of the shoulder cannons towards the Imps on the upper floors, and with some pressure on the Revenant's head, it started shooting at its fellow demons, each one exploding at the contact with the Skeleton's missiles.

But he couldn't stay like that forever, he'll get overwhelmed quickly if he doesn't move. He crushed the demon's head under his foot and jumped back upstairs where he killed all remaining Brown Imps until it was only him against the Mancubus.

It's a second Generation Mancubus, which means it's the cyclop one with flamethrowers. All kind of Mancubus can shoot fireballs out of their hand-cannons but these one can also use flamethrowers when their prey are too close. They could even do jumps with those.

But this one won't have time for that! Doom Slayer ran towards the demon and dodged any incoming fireballs. The Mancubus stepped back in surprise before releasing its flames. The green Marine jumped over the flames, rocket launcher in hand.

The green eye of the demon widened as it thought that the 'human' will step on its face. But right before his feet could touch the demon's disgusting face, Doomguy fired a rocket right under his feet, right on the Mancubus face. Stunning the demon and projecting himself in the air, the Slayer came back down with his right hand open, he reached forward, aiming at the best sensitive point of the demon: its eye.

He lunged his hand forward, he grabbed the squishy orb between his fingers but instead of ripping it away, he just lunged his hand even further, plunging shoulder deep his whole arm down the eye socket, through the skull of the demon.

After a loud crack was heard, he jumped off, shook off the blood of his arm and went back downstairs while the demon died in agony.

He grabbed his shotgun again, and got ready for the third wave…

He waited almost a whole minute but nothing was coming.

Looks like he was done. He turned to the portal, he needed to close it somehow. He should first inspect it.

He didn't even walk ten steps towards the portal that something fell on him.

What the?!

It was an Unwilling: a possessed human completely turned into a demon. They are rather weak and fragile.

But where did this one come from? He looked up to see two other falling on top of him. With the extra weight, he was slowed down. What was more concerning was that they weren't even attacking him, they jumped on him and grab onto him.

He grabbed one by the skull and threw it to the ground before stomping it's head. But another Unwilling fell on him.

What is going on?!

He was about to grab another demons off of him when a loud thump was heard behind him. He turned around only to be face to face with a towering Baron of Hell.

That was bad, very bad. He could already see the large demon raising its right hand, ready to slash- Wait. No, it was clenching its hand into a fist. It was going to punch the Slayer, but why?

He looked back and understood immediately: the Portal.

That demon was going to punch him through the portal! He needs to dodge! But with those fucking Unwillings on him he c-! He then noticed fire around him.

Oh no.

He looked passed the Baron of Hell to see a silhouette hiding in the darkness, it was slim and had its two hands covered in fire raised high.

An Arch-Vile!

He needed to take cover as soon as possible! But he couldn't with the demons on top of him! He was about to grab a weapon to at least fight back a bit but another Unwilling fell on top of him. It was too late!

The Arch-Vile summoned the pillar of fire under the Slayer, damaging his armor greatly as it sent the man in the air, also killing the former humans in the process.

He couldn't recover in time as the Baron lowered its fist. All he could do was to shield himself with his arms, the impact sending him right through the portal.

That didn't go well… At least it seems that the world the portal was connected was pretty 'far' since there was a whole bridge connecting it.

If he could describe it, it's like a tube of light connecting both realms. It wasn't very wide for movement.

But at least the earlier panic subsided as he could think of a plan of action. He knew the demons wouldn't destroy a portal, it's way too valuable for them to conquer another world.

Except if that world was already ravaged by the demons… dammit! He need to act quick! Once he reach the other end of the portal, he'll jump right back in.

He just hoped that the demons wouldn't have spawn an army when he gets back since 'time' is pretty weird in Hell.

Suddenly he got hit in the shoulder. He spun around to see what hit him and saw three Imps in the Bridge with him, one brown and two oranges, all of three of them throwing fireballs at him.

And he couldn't dodge! He got hit again and again, the third fireball he tried to kick it back to the demons but it just exploded on his feet. He reached for a weapon.

He pulled out his rifle and equipped his scope for better aim since he couldn't move. But when he looked through it, the brown Imp was right in front of him.

Shit! He didn't know they could go faster in that damn bridge. The Imp raised a fist, in a similar fashion like the Baron earlier, and punched the Marine's head.

Doom Slayer hit the wall of the bridge… Wait, the wall can break?! He quickly spun around to punch back but the demon was faster.

The Imp punched again and the Slayer fell of the bridge and disappeared.

The three demons laughed their heart out and dived in faster through the bridge.

When he opened his eyes, he only saw darkness. He immediately stood up and grabbed his shotgun. He passed out, that's very bad! Where are the demons?!

… No wait, he fell of the bridge between words… So this is the world at the other side of the portal… But he fell somewhere, probably far away from the portal. He didn't know where it was and he needs to take it quickly!

But first he should get out of… Wherever he was.

Suddenly he heard noises all around him. He immediately turned around but only saw complete darkness.

He activated the night vision of his visor, he rarely uses it since in Hell pretty much everything is illuminated by flames. But he would be a fool to not have night vision in a world of Demons. What would happen if he found himself in a pitch black dark place with demons surrounding him?

He quickly looked around, he was in a cave, a big room with two entrances and there was little humanoid creatures surrounding him.

Very ugly creatures. They were the size of a child and looked weak as one without much muscles… He looked behind him, one was wearing more clothes than the others, sitting on some sort of chair but it looked as surprised as the other creatures, probably the chief.

Seems he just appeared inside a house or something, he should probably leave and not start a fight with the inhabitants of this world. They do look ugly and mean but for all he know they could be 'good'?

They looked ready to attack him, he wouldn't hold it against them, he would be pretty pissed too if some stranger appeared inside his home. He should just leav-

He then heard a whimper, he looked toward the source and he saw it.

Two naked women, laying on the ground around… Stuff he didn't even want to imagine but pretty much know. They were hurt, trembling and sobbing, they looked… young, probably not even in their mid-twenties…

Bad memories resurfaced, from a time he was just a normal human. When he and his group had to raid a village where enemies were hiding… The commander saying to kill the innocents… his 'comrades' wanting to 'have some fun before they become corpses'...

He started to tremble with rage.

Those ugly, horrible little devils were not good.

Fuck them.

"GROROB!" One of them screeched and tried to empale him with a pitiful excuse of a spear.

But the weapon broke just by impact. The little monster looked stunned and confused.

The Slayer slowly crouched and faced it. The creature didn't move, too startled. He slowly reached out for the monster's head… And once he had a good hold of it, he crushed it with the simple force of his grip.

Fragile… Very fragile… This will be quick.

A lightning bolt suddenly hit his shoulder. He looked around to see that the creature that was sitting was now standing and had a staff pointed at the Slayer.

He grabbed his shotgun and in a flash, he was standing in front of the monster that jolted at the speed of the towering man.

He kicked the chief in the stomach, sending it fly against the wall, and before it could fall to the ground, a thundering sound echoed in the cave.

The leader was now missing it's head, blood splattered all around the corpse.

The slayer pumped his shotgun and turned around.

"GROOOORORRRROOO!" The creatures screeched and ran towards him.

He changed his weapon for his assault rifle and started shooting, it was incredible to him how quickly they were falling. He was so used to use at least 5 or more bullets to kill demons without even aiming, but here only one or two was enough for those little devils.

And like that, in the blink of an eye, the first wave was done. Some of the creatures started to run away in fear. He probably should follow them, they were probably going to leave the place and he didn't know where the exit was.

But after a few steps towards where the creatures left he heard a scream from one of the women, he quickly raised his rifle and turned towards them.

One of the creature, armed with a dagger pointed at her neck was holding her hostage. Others around it started laughing with glee in a disgusting manner. It was screaming incomprehensible words at him, probably yelling at him to let him go or drop his weapon or something like that.


He looked through the scope of his rifle, slowly took aim and pulled the trigger.

The bullet went right through the skull by entering between the eyes. The creature fell dead, the woman screamed again as she fell but a cold metallic hand held her up and slowly lowered her down to the ground.

He'd rather not let her back down in the filthy ground but he could hear the other creatures around him. More of them just arrived from the other entrance.

He stood back up and looked back then raised his eyebrow in surprise.

In the middle of a little group was standing a way larger creature, still as ugly as the other ones. It looked stronger and more resistant. It was probably as tall as him or maybe a bit higher.


He changed weapons again. This time he took his chainsaw, the motor already starting to roar back at the creatures.

Now let's see those guts.

"Seven…" Goblin Slayer counted as he crushed a goblin's head with a club he took from the sixth goblin the party killed.

"Hm… Orcblog, don't you think it's weird?" High Elf Archer asked.

He didn't answer, he just lowered his head, a sign that he was thinking, so the Priestess answered for him.

"I think I know what you mean" she said, "All the goblins we encountered since we entered the cave have been running without an intent to attack us, they looked scared."

They got inside the cave only a few minutes ago and instead of getting ambushed, they were running away from something deeper. Of course they didn't let any escape and just strike them down as they came.

"That's right… And there's that strange thundering sound I've been hearing from deeper in the cave… Maybe that's what scaring the goblins?"

"Goblins are scared of a lot of things… I once saw one getting scared of its own reflection in a mirror." Goblin Slayer said in his cold voice.

"Hahaha! I'd love to see that with my own eyes!" Dwarf Shaman laughed.

The Lizard Priest rolled his eyes before leaning closer to the leader of the team.

"But Milord Goblin Slayer, what do you-"


The roar made everyone (except the warrior) jump at least one feet in the air. They all looked around in panic and got into a battle formation.

"What was that?! A war cry?"

"N-No, that was clearly a cry of pain." the Priestess stammered.

"It was from a hob. Be ready!" Goblin Slayer exclaimed.

"GR-GR-GRABOOOOO!" they heard a goblin scream.

Then they heard a large number of footsteps, it was coming their way! The elf counted the footstep and counted at least another seven, no eight goblins.

They massacred all the goblins that emerged from the dark, not a single one of them fought back. They were in tears and scared. But that didn't stop any adventurers to splatter their brains around the walls.

"J-Just what could have scared them like that?"

"I don't know… Another one is coming!" the archer yelled.

"Wait… Something else too!" The Lizardman exclaimed, then followed in a rather worried tone, his instincts kicking in, "Something dangerous!"

Everyone could feel it, an aura full of anger radiated from the darkness as they heard two distincts footsteps. A goblin appeared before them, it fell to the ground then when it looked up to see the adventurers. They swore that it looked relieved when it got back on its feet and ran towards them.

Goblin Slayer raised the club, ready to slam it down on the monster's head.

But the head was soon replaced by an explosion of blood and brain matter.

"Eep!" Priestess yelped at the sudden gory scene.

As the corpse fell to the ground, a green armored fist was standing where the goblin head was a mere second ago. The fist disappeared in the darkness. A strange clicking sound was heard coming from there.

Goblin Slayer extended his arm holding the torch forward and the… thing that was standing there was now visible.

It was very tall and looked human but they couldn't tell with the way they were wearing a complete suit of dark green armor, with slightly lighter legs and helmet, all covered in disgusting goblin blood. The armor design and the material itself appeared much more technologically advanced. It was holding in its hand a small weapon that they never saw before.

The aura it was radiating was terrifying and screamed of danger. But after a few seconds it disappeared and was replaced by an extremely familiar aura.

The party immediately recognized it and everyone, except Goblin Slayer who was as still as a statue like the one before them, looked at their leader then at the newcomer… Then at their leader again… and at the newcomer again.

No one moved or said anything, the two parties kept staring at each other. The only sound slicing the silence was the cracking of the fire from the torch.

High Elf Archer had her eyes wide open in astonishment. Priestess looked troubled. Lizard Priest didn't know what to do. Dwarf Shaman looked as surprised as his long eared comrade. And finally Goblin Slayer didn't move or say anything, he just kept staring at the one who killed the goblin in front of him.

Finally the dwarf tapped his belly and let out a:

"That's one messed up mirror."

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