"Right up you get! Time to go to school!" I wriggled out of bed my body unwilling to move. When I descended the stairs I was met by a bone crushing hug from both of my parents. "What do you want for breakfast darling? Uncle Eliot is cooking. " I was informed by them. Waddling to the kitchen, I told Uncle Eliot that I wanted a bacon bap. After breakfast Mum drove me to school, which almost made me regurgitate my meal.

Walking into school I had the worlds biggest smile planted on my face. "What's got you so happy?" Asked Mrs Jones, "See you are miles better than yesterday." It was true that my world had just lit up in one day. "My parents came home from their work duties and told me that they aren't going to go abroad as much, only twice a year at most. Mum's taken a position training the US gymnastics and cheerleading teams. Dad has taken a job as a forensic computer analyst at the police." I spent the whole day cartwheeling and flipping around school.

When I got home she was there waiting with him by her side, parents. And they were mine nobody could take that away not even the US Supreme Court.

This is my family. Fighting crime with crime. All mine.

My family Leverage!