AN: Ok so, I think I've finally got the major parts of the plot figured out. This is my first Gravi fic, so they may seem OOC though I tried my best to keep them at least in their own genre of personality.
Hiro is in an accident and ends up losing his memory. How will the others handle it and what does it mean for Bad Luck?
Warnings: I guess Angst ^-^
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Revised: April 21, 2003

Lost Memories - Hidden Emotions

The street was slick with the steadily falling rain, but Nakano Hiroshi wasn't overly concerned. He took the next left, eager to get home after the concert he and his band, Bad Luck, had performed that evening. The light ahead flashed to yellow, and the red haired youth slowed his motorcycle to a stop in front of it.

He glanced around idly, letting his mind wander as he thought about the past few hours. The concert had been great, with almost three hundred more people than what had been expected showing up. They had even been kept an extra hour with encores.

Hiro smiled to himself, completely satisfied with the way things seemed to be heading. It was just a few months before when they had gotten their first big break from their manager K; a chance to play in the live house Ruido, where the famous band Nittle Grasper had held their debut. After that, it seemed as though their popularity had skyrocketed; they were constantly being invited to perform in what seemed like hundreds of concerts.

The light finally changed to green and he quickly took off, more than looking forward to taking a hot shower and changing into dry clothes. He saw a few cars coming the opposite way, but paid them no heed, wondering what he would make for a late dinner that night. It wasn't until one of them swerved wildly, sliding out in front of him, that he realised his mistake of not paying more attention.

He tried to stop and guide his bike to the side, but the slick street did nothing but make him slip and slide uncontrollably. The lights from the car blinded him with a flash of white before everything faded to black.

The sound of the crash echoed down the street, dulled only slightly by the heavily falling rain. The few people who happened to be walking nearby turned towards the cause of the sound, only to find a car with its side smashed in by a lamp post, where it had finally been stopped by the slightly bent steel pole. The man in the car was slumped weirdly against the contorted door, red streaks of blood staining it and his face.

Next to the car lay a twisted motorcycle, one wheel lying a few feet away, the other spinning slowly from where it was bent slightly into the air. Beneath it lay a slim form, red hair falling loose of the broken helmet as watery blood seeped from numerous cuts and slowly formed a bright stain on the damp white tee shirt.

Lights flashed in the distance some time later, accompanied by the wailing of a high pitched siren. An ambulance and a few police cars approached the wreck, the policemen moving to push the small crowd that had gathered back, while the medics rushed to extricate the victims.

The man in the car was proclaimed dead only moments after he had been pulled out. He was immediately placed on a stretcher and covered with a sheet. The other team worked frantically on getting the still form of Hiro out, finding him still alive, though weak and quickly fading. Finally they got him free and gently loaded him onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. Removing his helmet, a medic then placed an oxygen mask over his face as the large vehicle took off towards the hospital.

Hiro's eyes opened slightly, looking around as far as he could without being able to move his head. His slate-colored eyes focused on the face above his for a moment, catching a glimpse of the blue shirt, but unable to piece together what that meant.

Noticing him awake, the medic leaned closer to look at his eyes, shining a small light in them to check for neuro damage. Satisfied that he wasn't showing signs of a concussion, at least not yet, she turned off the flashlight. "Can you hear me?" she asked.

He saw her mouth move as he stared at her in a blank daze, but he barely heard her words; they sounded distant and faint. His eyes closed again of their own accord and he welcomed the peaceful darkness.

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