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The day dawned bright and early.

Though, for Susan, it hardly felt like morning; she hadn't slept all night. She was just lucky it didn't show on her face.

Two fauns were working on her hair, braiding it in a style so intricate, Susan was sure she'd need help untangling the whole thing before she went to bed. Nervously, Susan clutched at her locket - a habit she'd started after watching her siblings leave for the last time. For a while, it had become her lifeline, her only reminder of her family.

Caspian didn't begrudge her her bad days, when she'd ride out as far as she could go, accompanied only by a sturdy mare and her bow. And he was there for her on her good days. Eventually, though, the sting of separation eased, and Susan was able to settle into her life at the Telmarine court. It was so different from how Narnia had been run in her own time that she found she had a lot to learn.

The Narnians had rejoiced at her return, and even the Telmarines had been happy to see their King return with someone who could smooth over any remaining conflict between the two peoples.

It had come as no surprise to anyone when Caspian asked Susan to marry him, barely a year after he had returned with the missing Lords.

Susan's hand drifted from her locket down to the ring that now adorned her finger as the fauns put the last touches on her hair.

She was going to get married today.

A knock at the door startled her helpers, but Susan was too distracted. She missed her family dearly. More so than ever, save for those first few weeks. She wished they could be there.

"Your Majesty?" one of the faun women said gently. "Lord Trumpkin is at the door, should I…?"

Finally, Susan felt herself snap back to the present. "Let him in. It's only bad luck if the groom sees me," she joked, though it fell flat, as it was very much an English tradition.

The faun - Susan was sure she'd been told her name, but couldn't now recall it - smiled politely, offered a curtsy, and left the room with her companion, leaving the door open for Trumpkin.

Susan had been overjoyed when she'd seen their 'dear little friend' again, though her heart still ached at how much Lucy would have enjoyed speaking to him. He now sat on Caspian's council, and had become a close friend of Susan's.

"Is it time?" she asked, feeling her heart beating in her throat. She didn't know why she was nervous, she and Caspian had been together for over a year now, and they loved one another with all their hearts.

"Almost," Trumpkin said, in that gruff tone of his. "Came to give you this, from Caspian," he said, handing her a small box. Inside it was a pair of beautiful sapphire earrings. "He said to tell you that they were his mothers, so they're…" he seemed to be searching for the exact words, "old, borrowed and blue. Said you'd know what that meant?"

Susan pressed her hand to her lips as tears filled her eyes. In the very beginning of their courtship, Susan had mentioned that rhyme. "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," she whispered. She'd left out the part about the sixpence, because she wasn't about to dance with a coin shoved in her shoe. "I can't believe he remembered that."

Trumpkin still looked lost, and seemed somewhat uncomfortable with her emotional display. But, to his credit, he pulled out a handkerchief for her, and waited patiently for her to compose herself again.

Susan had always loved that tradition, but hadn't wanted Caspian to feel forced to do anything. With the ring being something new, she now had all her good luck charms. Though with Caspain at her side, she knew they wouldn't have to rely on luck.

Carefully, she put the earrings on and gave herself one more look in the mirror. Her flowing white dress - another thing she'd insisted on - her elegantly curled and braided hair, her locket with her family inside, the sapphire earrings… this was actually happening.

"Are you ready, Your Majesty?" Trumpkin asked, offering a soft smile from underneath his neatly styled beard.

Susan picked up her bouquet. "I think I am."


The ceremony itself wasn't overly long, thank Aslan. No two hour service like in England.

Afterwards, the great hall was open to all. Most people simply wanted to come by and wish the King and Queen well, but plenty of people stayed to dance, chat and be merry. There was feasting going on all over the Kingdom, and everyone looked their best. It was a great day.

Susan had expected it to be more bittersweet without her family there, but she had this odd feeling of comfort, like they were right beside her, just out of her reach.

Caspian showered her with attention and love all evening, though they both had their respective obligations to their guests. Susan even thought she'd spied Aslan walking by the windows, right outside, but he was gone before she could investigate.

Before long, though, the length and buzz of the day was starting to wear Susan down, and she retreated from some well-wishers by going out to the balcony. Faint music drifted up from the streets below, and laughter could be heard from inside. Leaning against the railing, Susan closed her eyes and breathed in the night air. Once again, she felt like her family was right there, just behind her, watching, and celebrating with her. She knew if she turned around, the illusion would be broken, so she kept her eyes firmly on the lights below.

"Making your escape, my love?" Caspian asked, having followed her from the ballroom. He snaked his arms around her waist and kissed her bare shoulder. Susan shivered.

"Have you had the feeling like… like they're here? My family, I mean?" she asked, curious if he'd felt the same.

Caspian hummed. "It's an odd feeling, like they're just outside my line of sight," he agreed.

So she hadn't imagined it. "Well, if they are, I'd want to tell them that I love them, and that I miss them."

"Me too. And that I am grateful that they've given me the chance to love you," he murmured against her skin. Another shudder. "And I've like to assure Peter and Edmund that I'll take good care of you, all the days of our lives."

Susan chuckled. "If you didn't, they'd find a way to come back, impossible or not. Or make Eustace promise to club you over the head when he comes back," she joked.

They stood in silence for a while, just enjoying the mild night air and the muted sounds from around them, blissful in their unity. Susan loved these moments, the quiet times she could have her husband all to herself. That, of course, brought to mind what would be happening later that night. Not that it would be in any way novel to the pair.

"I wonder if they'll be scandalized," Susan said suddenly.

Caspian raised his head from where he'd rested it against her shoulder. "Why would they be scandalized?"

Her heart was pounding again, and her cheeks were flushed, but this time it was excitement, rather than nerves. "Well… in about 6 months they'll have a new heir to the throne. Some people might take offence."

Caspian froze. She could tell that it took him a moment to realize what she was saying.

He stumbled back, and she turned around to smile at him. "Congratulations, Your Majesty. You're going to be a father."


Far away, in a different land, 4 children woke up in the middle of the night. Two immediately scrambled for the phone, while the only girl burst into her brother's room.

"That wasn't… that can't have been real, can it?" Edmund muttered, sitting up in bed and scooting over to make room for his sister.

"You dreamt it, too? About Susan?" Lucy asked, her heart beating loudly. It had felt so real, and she'd heard Aslan's roar, it had to have been real.

Somewhere in the house, the phone rang, and the two children lept up to get it. Edmund reached it first.

"Did you see it too?" the person on the other end asked in lieu of a greeting.

"Susan getting married and telling Caspian she's pregnant?" Ed asked. "Yeah. Eustace, Lucy dreamt it, too. You don't think-?"

He was interrupted when a sound came over the line. "Hang on, Eustace, there's another call." This late at night - or early morning, as it was - it could only be one person. "Hello?"

"Ed! I just had the strangest dream-"

"About Susan? Yes, Lucy and Eustace had it, too. We all heard Aslan, do you think it was real?"

For a moment, Peter didn't reply. He was still on the other side of the world, so must have been much earlier for him. "I… I think so. Aslan wouldn't have shown it to us if it wasn't. How long ago were you there again?"

Lucy, having been listening in, took over. "Only a few months, but we know time moves differently there. What I want to know is if they knew we were there. Susan talked to us!"

"I like to think so, though maybe not consciously. Look, I have to go, this call is going to be a nightmare already. Give Eustace my best."

And with that, their elder brother hung up, leaving Edmund and Lucy on the phone with their cousin. "Peter thinks it was real, and so do I."

"I agree," Eustace said.

There was another moment of silence. "Eustace? When you go back, if… if Susan is still there, could you… Just tell her that we saw, and that we love her?" Lucy asked.

"Of course, cousin. Even if I have to cross all of Narnia to find her."

"And don't forget to tell the baby about us," Ed chimed it. "Wouldn't do for our niece or nephew not to know about their best uncle!"

Together, they laughed, and remembered the good times, and the joy they'd witnessed and felt at Susan and Caspian's wedding. And, when they said goodnight and went back to bed - with promises to write to one another in the morning - they dreamt only of good things; of family, and being together.

And, if another King and Queen in another world, far off, dreamt the same thing. Well... Aslan had always been kind to their family.

THE END (for real this time)