This is just a sad little story I wrote after Endgame. I am just posting it now. I do not approve of C/7. I am a J/Cer. Please R and R!
I see you standing there, kissing her. I feel my heart being torn

in two. I always thought that you would wait for me. I guess I was

wrong. But why her? The woman that I took from the collective. I

raised her and treated her like a child of my own. You never seemed

to like her so why did you go to Seven of Nine? I truly believed that

we would one day have a chance. Until you went to her. Everyone

on the bridge is staring at you and Seven. I then feel there eyes turn

on me. Trying to figure out what I am feeling. I have to bite my

tongue to keep from crying. From letting the tears come and flow

freely. I am a Starfleet caption. I can't cry in front of my crew. I have

to be strong. I cannot brake down know. Not after seven years in the

Delta Quadrant. But it is killing me not to cry. Why did I bring the

ship back to earth? Because it is my job. Throughout the whole

journey, in the back of my mind I know the real reason why. So we

could be together. But know I see you there. Your arms wrapped

around each other. Kissing. I feel my heart being ripped from my

chest. I feel worse then when I lost Justin and Mark put together.

Why? Because I could have prevented this. I could have given

myself to you. Let myself love you. But now it is to late. I see you

standing there, kissing her. I feel my heart being torn in two. I have

nothing left to hope for. The journey is over. You went to her. Not to