Welcome to a bonus chapter! This scene didn't quite fit into the flow of the story but I assure you it definitely happened.

Let's see how Sheldon and Amy "took advantage of their time together" when they were touring the country on their speaking tour.

Sheldon thought for sure he was back home in East Texas. Whew! Who knew Chicago could be so hot, he wondered. It was not even officially summer yet but they were having some kind of heat wave.

Sheldon had been excited to bring Amy with him this weekend to present to the University of Chicago physics department and so far the trip had been wonderful. Their speech last night was very well received along with the lecture he had presented this morning. These speeches always went better when Amy joined him. Her insights on the way we conceptualize symmetry and asymmetry from a neurological perspective always engaged the audience.

After this morning's presentation, they had strolled along Hyde Park taking in the Museum of Science and Industry and had a fantastic time, although the heat had started to bother them. They decided to come back to the hotel to shower and change before heading out to dinner. They were going to enjoy a leisurely evening out since their flight home was not until tomorrow afternoon.

Sheldon took off his suit jacket and tie and looked around their hotel room. The University had procured an extravagant room for them. Much nicer than some of his other stays, he thought. When they had arrived yesterday, Sheldon had performed his standard check of the hotel facilities which had all passed muster. Traveling was never an easy process has far as Sheldon was concerned. However, even though Amy had convinced him to forego the black light inspection of rooms (he would never be satisfied with what he found) he still found comfort in bringing along his PRK (public restroom kit) when he went on his trips.

Amy had just finished her shower and Sheldon was waiting patiently to clean up. The hotel may have been elegant but the air conditioner was taking forever to cool off to an ideal setting of 72 degrees. Sheldon could not take it anymore and drug his shirts over his head while he stood under a vent. Ah, that was better.

Amy came out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she was wearing nothing but a white fluffy towel. The towel was fairly short and didn't quite cover her completely because her little baby bump (as they call it these days) was forcing the towel open. Amy turned her back to him and walked to the bed. She bent over to retrieve her clothing from her luggage.

Suddenly, Sheldon felt hot again despite standing under the air vent. Sheldon could see everything and gulped. Everything about Amy had rounded out with her pregnancy. First her breasts were fuller, her belly began to grow and Sheldon's favorite part of Amy (aside from her brain of course) her bottom was rounder than ever. Sheldon immediately felt his pants tightly constrict around his groan area. He and Amy's sex life had dwindled somewhat with her pregnancy and it had been too long since they had last been intimate.

Amy's first trimester of pregnancy was pretty typical. After her one scare that landed her in the hospital, she had not had any more fainting spells. She did have morning sickness unfortunately and had been quite tired as she recovered from her loss of nutrition and hydration each day.

Her second trimester had been much smoother so far. The morning sickness was gone and she so was her tiredness. In fact, at times it seemed like she had never had so much energy. While Sheldon had needed to stop and rest this afternoon on their museum visit, Amy just kept going. She seemed to have a glow and exuberance about her that grew stronger every day. In fact, Sheldon had thought that she had never looked more beautiful. A feat he did not think possible after seeing how amazing she looked on their wedding day.

Sheldon was reminded of two things that happened on the day of their wedding. First, he and Amy's discovery of super asymmetry which was the reason they both were here in this room in the first place. And second, his promise to her that he would spend his life showing her how much he loved her.

In the past, those two things sometimes conflicted with each other. Such as the time last year when he ignored Amy and worked day and night working on publishing their paper on their theory. Unfortunately, he had forgotten his promise during that time but he vowed he would never forget again.

"Sheldon?" Amy asked suddenly bringing him out of his daze as he ogled her. "Wasn't that Math Maze exhibit so much fun today at the museum? We are definitely coming back and bringing the baby when he or she is old enough. I really loved how they transformed Euclid's written definition of the golden ratio and made it come alive, didn't you?"

Sheldon gulped again. Between Amy's voluptuous pregnant body and her voluminous brain, he was a goner.

Keeping his promise to show her how much he loved her in the forethought of his mind, he took a chance and walked over to Amy. He embraced her from behind and she straightened back up. Sheldon kissed her neck gently and then moved to her shoulder.

"Sheldon?" Amy asked inquisitively. "What are you doing? I thought you needed to take a shower before we go out to dinner."

"Mm, you smell wonderful" he said as he avoided her question.

"Sheldon!" Amy playful chastised as she turned to face him. "We'll be late for our dinner reservation if you don't hurry."

"Well, I guess we will be late then because I most definitely do not plan on hurrying" he said breathing heavily as he took her face in his hand and kissed her. His kiss was very sweet and soft. At first. Then Sheldon leaned into Amy deepening the kiss.

Amy raised her arms and put them around Sheldon's neck. Her towel slipped off her body and fell behind her. Sheldon moved his hands to her back and pulled her closer to him. He twisted his body ever so slightly to avoid pressing into her stomach. He felt her round full breasts press against his bare chest. Amy really did smell good, he thought. But she felt even better.

As they continued to kiss, Amy moved her hands over his bare shoulders and back. Her touch felt amazing. Her leg lifted slightly around him and her hips grazed his increasing bulge. His pants were definitely too tight now!

Sheldon stopped the kiss to catch his breath. He stepped back and removed his pants and underwear to relieve some of the pressure. Amy stood there watching his movements with a look of lust in her eyes. Sheldon walked to the bed and removed the suitcase. He turned down the sheets and looked back at Amy. Suddenly, her lustful eyes turned to a look of shyness.

"Amy?" Sheldon questioned her. He began to doubt if maybe his chance might not pay off. "I was hoping…that is if you are not too tired…well, I had hoped we could…"Sheldon trailed off.

"Are you sure Sheldon?" Amy questioned. "I mean, I know I've never been any prize but now I'm well, getting really big" she finished and crossed her arms in front of her trying to hide her nakedness.

"What are you taking about?" Sheldon asked. "That is crazy talk" he said. "Never been a prize" he mumbled under his breath. "Amy, you are the most magnificent creature ever evolved. You are astonishing" he said as he moved her arms away from her body.

He gazed over beautiful body and let out a soft moan as he realized the absolute truth in his words. She was astonishing. She had always been beautiful to him from the first moment he saw her in that coffee shop years ago. And now, unbelievably, her beautiful self was nurturing his progeny. His child. His baby.

His eyes began to glisten with tears. He moved his large hands and placed them gently on her naked growing stomach. For a split second, he thought about explaining to her that she was not really that big. Based on his projections, her stomach would most certainly triple from the size it was now by the end of her pregnancy. However, something in him told him to keep that information to himself. Sheldon had made great strides in trying to think of Amy's feelings first and it seemed the more he practiced doing that, the better he got at it.

Sheldon bent down to kiss her stomach gently. He did not feel a kick. It seemed their little one was asleep. Sheldon knew on an intellectual level that the baby could not possibly know what was happening if they engaged in coitus right now; however, it brought him an odd comfort to know he or she would be oblivious to their parent's amorous activities as they snoozed the night away.

"Amy" he said as he raised up to look in her eyes. "You look beautiful as always. I love you. And I want you" he said as he kissed her lips and pulled her naked body to his so she could feel with absolute certainty just how much he clearly did want her.

Amy felt Sheldon's large manhood press into her hip. She could not help herself and had to reach down to touch him. Amy knew that women in their second trimester often times experienced a heightened sex drive and she had been no exception. She needed him so badly.

Amy began to move her hand up and down upon his length. Sheldon felt magnificent. So long and hard yet so velvety soft to the touch. She heard him moan into her mouth as he kissed her and she increased her movements.

Sheldon became even more exited as he felt her hands on him. He moved one hand to caress her breast gently and the other to firmly cup her bottom.

As carefully as he could, he moved them closer to the bed and sat down pulling her to sit on top of him as he continued to kiss her and caress her breast. As they sat down, Amy's hands moved up to his shoulders to balance herself on his lap. She was pleased that her movements were more graceful that she anticipated what with her stomach being in the way.

Once settled on the bed, Sheldon lowered his head and moved his lips to her breast. His tongue teased her and then he began sucking on her nipple. Amy moaned as she arched her back. Sheldon's mouth felt like magic on her. Amy wasn't sure if it was her increased sexual appetite or the amazing sensations Sheldon was invoking in her but she soon became desperate for him.

Amy pushed him backwards onto the bed and she attacked his mouth with frenzied kisses while she reached down to stroke him again. Sheldon wove his long fingers through her hair as he returned her kisses and moved his other hand lower to connect with her slick folds. He moaned again as he discovered her so wet already. Amy's breath caught in her throat as Sheldon began to stroke her and she moved against his hand to increase the friction.

Sheldon knew he could not last much longer with the way Amy's hand was moving on him. He moved his hands to stop her and ended their kiss. He stared at Amy breathing heavily. His bright blue eyes had darkened with his absolute desire for her. The only women that he has ever wanted this way. Sheldon needed to be inside of Amy now as much as he needed oxygen to live. He could tell she too was more than ready for him. He gently scooted them back further in the bed.

Amy understood exactly Sheldon's inference as he moved them back and she took the lead. She raised up and held on to headboard. She slowly lowered herself down onto him. They both gasped as her heat and wetness engulfed him. She began to move in a rhythmic motion.

Sheldon watched with wonder as Amy's full breasts began to bounce in time with the rhythm and her beautiful round belly was on display. She really was a goddess, he thought. He allowed his mind to drift back to the first time they had made love all of those years ago on her birthday. He remembered thinking the same thing about her when he first saw her naked form beneath him. When he finally realized how lucky he was that she had waited to share that part of her with only him.

His mind came back to the present but he could think of nothing other than the building sensation he experienced as her movements became more erratic. Soon Amy cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm forcefully hit her. Sheldon watched in splendor as she hung on to him and quickly moved her head side-to-side. Her wet hair swung back and forth in front of her eyes as they closed and her mouth formed a perfect "O". He stopped watching though when his eyes involuntarily closed and he felt his own orgasm release as he cried out Amy's name.

Amy slowed her movements and moved to his side to lay down on the bed. She was breathing heavily and her hands were splayed on her stomach.

"Amy?" Sheldon said through shallow breaths. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Although, she seemed alright at the time, he was worried that she may have exerted herself too much with their encounter.

Amy laughed.

"Amy?" Sheldon said again hesitantly. He had never known her to laugh after they had sex. He wondered what that could possibly mean.

"Oh, Sheldon" she finally said. "I am more than alright. That was…well, just wonderful" she said as she turned to him with a smile.

"Oh" he said. "Good". Sheldon smiled at her in return. "It was" he agreed. He was not sure he understood the laugh but he never was the best at understanding human reactions so he decided to not worry about it.

Amy laid there next to Sheldon grinning and took his hand in hers while the other gently caressed her stomach. He had been so attentive to her needs lately. He had been doing such a good job of balancing his work with their marriage and upcoming new arrival. She had never felt more cherished. Sheldon was a wonderful husband and she knew he would make an wonderful father.

"Thank you Sheldon" Amy said. "Thank you for making me feel so…so beautiful and so wanted" she beamed.

"I should be thanking you little lady" he said as he kissed her sweetly and pulled her in his arms.

Sheldon was thankful.

He was thankful that Amy was lying here in his arms after everything they had been through together. Thankful that they were having a baby to care for and shower with affection. And, most of all, he was thankful that he finally understood what was really most important in this life. Love.

"Amy?" he said as he hand gently traced the outline of her curves.

"Hmm" she replied while her eyes closed.

"I know we have a dinner reservation" he started as he leaned in to kiss her. "But how do you feel about room service?"

Amy moved closer to him and answered his question.

She just didn't use words.

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