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"Hey, give me the ability to speak their language, Riverr."


"It's the new name I came up for you, 'cause i'm definitely not going to be calling you 'Disembodied Voice' all the time."

" Fine, but i'm not happy with the name…"

"Thank you, Riverr."

Teasing Riverr is pretty fun, but back to the bigger problems. The slime just spoke Japanese, and I honestly don't know how to feel about it. Should I talk back?

"Ability granted: Translation and Repetition."

Knowledge flooded my brain, it was as if someone blinded you for a long period of time and suddenly turns on the light switch for your eyes.

Oh. I feel like an idiot… The language they were speaking was basically rough English. Why didn't you tell me before, Riverr?!

"Because you should've picked up their dialect as soon as that little goblin from before asked you if you were ok."

"Dammit, it looks like my intelligence wasn't upgraded like the rest of me, mind helping with that, Riverr? Please?"

"Oh, i'm not helping you, it's fun watching you do stupid stuff, like using a twig for a weapon."

'Shut up about that already!"



That was all Rimuru could think of whilst looking at the wolf girl in front of him, her long, wild hair running down her short figure, one golden eye that shines as brightly as the sun in the sky, and a dark, nearly ebony eye that seemed to represent the darkness of the night plastered on her face. The wolf ears on top of her head were twitching a little, most likely picking up any threatening sounds that were near her.

The girls dark cloak reached down to the base of her foot, how she didn't trip when she ran, Rimuru didn't know. All he did know, however, was that this wolf girl was Japanese, and she was adorable, but that's besides the point.


"Great sage? What is it?"

"This woman is like you, she carries within her is another great sage, furthermore, she has the ability to transform between a wolf form and a human form."

"Thank you, great sage."

"Of course."

Just before a word could come out of the wolf girls' mouth, she was cut off by the white haired ogre and Ranga attacking her front and back, the latter going right for her throat.

Both the red haired leader and Rimuru tried to reel in their companions, but to no avail.

"Woah, it's like everything is in slow motion!"

"That's because it is."

"Shut up! Why'd time slow down?"

"I'm giving you a choice on whether you want me to activate auto battle mode, or to just fight yourself, you choose."

"It's like that one quote! Don't trust anyone, not even yourself. Activate auto battle mode!"

"Yay! I'm not dying!"

Auto Battle Mode: Activated

"Old man! Ranga! Get back!"

The wolf girl was gone in a flurry of blurry afterimages, although Rimuru got a good look at said girls eyes before she disappeared.

Rose red, the eyes that he had when he went into auto battle mode… Oh no, this is bad! The old man and Ranga are gonna be torn apart!

"It's like i'm flying! Man this feels good! Can you feel this, Riverr?"

"Shut up! I'm concentrating right now!"

Flashing through the trees at high speed was amazing, it's like the whole world is a blur as you outrun almost anything in your way.

Well, almost everything.

"Oh shit! The old man and wolf caught up with us, and it looks like the rest aren't that far behind! Hey Riverr! Speed this up!"

"Fine! But you owe me so much later."

"How am I going to give you anything if you're just a disembodied voice in my head?!"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there, now stop demanding things of me, or else i'll disengage Auto-Battle Mode."

"Looks like everyone left… Hey, Great Sage, who was that girl?"

"As I said earlier, she is like you, Rimuru, she died in a car crash from your world, and my brother, the self proclaimed, "Amazing Sorcerer," managed to get a hold of her soul and turn a clinically crazed thirteen year old girl into a human-direwolf hybrid. I knew he was an otaku, but seriously? Turning a young teen into one of his fantasy waifus? That's a new low, even for him…"

"Wait, you have a brother?"

"That's not the point, the fact that he chose an insane girl that would most likely complement his own crazy nature to destroy everything around him, heh, add those two together and you would most likely get a being so powerful that it can give the demon lords a run for their money."

"But she's so tiny, she's probably only around four foot nine!"

"I quote this from my brother, 'Size doesn't matter,' I guess that was really the only time he was smart for once…"

The trees gave way to an open field, the green grass blowing with the wind, looking serene as all hell broke loose.

"Deactivating Auto-Battle Mode."

"Alright, let's do this!"

Pulling the Sword of the Deep in front of me, I spread my feet apart and put my open right hand just above my chest.

'I'm not letting Riverr do all the fighting for me.' I thought as a smile crept onto my lips.

"I'll just be here for support, y'know, watching your six!"

"Let's do this!" Our thoughts mixed together as we both prepared for the upcoming battle.

Basically any weapon under the sun, swords, clubs, magical fire, came at me as a tidal wave roared behind me, I looked toward the source to find none other than the Sword of the Deep gushing out water like a geyser.

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