Author Notes: Alright, although this poem was originally written with other purposes (I'll admit that much) it fitted in the universe I love so much, so here it is. Legolas POV, warnings for the lightest form of Slash, in my mind is A/L (and I am the author you know) but no names are mentioned so suit yourselves.

A recommendation: Try reading it fast, for some reason, I wrote to be read in such a fashion-like when your thoughts are racing...

Eternity Without
By Yours Truly

Do not speak of eternity,
Be silent, for you know naught
Don't speak at all tonight
I don't wish to hear you
I don't wish to hear, to speak, to feel
I don't wish to live, to die, to breathe
I don't wish to feel the pain in my chest
Nor to realize my failure in this test
That Destiny decided to face me with.

Do not speak of eternity
With your gaze
Don't attempt to soothe with a caress
You cannot touch me, reach me, have me
I will not allow you to, I cannot allow you to
Get a step nearer to me

Do not speak of eternity, tonight,
Do not touch, do not gaze, do not taste
My blood is ice and my words are poison
My embrace is pain and my touch is fake
I do not exist, do not let me be
Anything more than a nightmare or a far off dream
Do not make me real, do not wish me here
Or I might just come...and actually feel

You don't want to hear
I know this
Don't ask then
Be silent!

Do not speak of eternity
You know naught.
You don't wish the answer to your question
Do you wish to know?
Do you wish to hurt?
Do you wish to die and still draw breath?
I love you then, I say it now
What can you answer me?
Now you know!

No, don't come closer
I need no comfort you can offer
Stay away, there where you're safe
Or I might be real and make you stay
I don't wish to touch, I don't wish to feel
I no longer wish my life to be,
I don't want to live, I don't want to die
I just want to bleed and want to cry...

Don't speak of eternity
Because you know naught
You have doomed us both with that final call
You have spoken, I am here
Be afraid, cause now I'm real
And know something now
And better learn it well
When you say eternity
I feel the pain...

Be silent now...speak not a word...
Let me grow used to your absence
Let me feel as if pierced
By the pain and the grief
of you being gone
Of me still being here
Doomed to feel, to breath, to live
Without you...for eternity....

One day you'll be gone
And I'll still be here
Without you forever...
For Eternity.

The End.
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