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"[Talking to AI]"


I was suspended in a fluid of some kind, I felt it being dragged upwards and then bursting open.

'I SUCCEEDED!' was the first thought that came to me when I opened my eyes. Bright lights instantly assaulted my vision causing me to periodically blink. Shapes,forms, sizes and colours gradually coming into focus with each blink. My body felt wet, a cluster of unintelligible sounds reached my ears. I could move my limbs but not in the way I wanted to, my body felt like it didn't have the muscle memory to fully respond to me. Or maybe it just didn't have the capacity to. I hoped the body I got wasn't severely damaged. Yes I understood that I took over another beings body and to tell you how we would have to delve back to some aspects of my previous life.

My previous life was one full of extraordinary accomplishments, but I still looked for more because I wanted to be more than just a man, I wanted to advance, transcend and move up the pyramid of existence and if I could, I would help my race do the same. I was a genius with an insatiable desire or maybe I was just a man seeking the truth.

Now imagine what I went through when I found out that I had an incurable brain tumor, I nearly broke down right there. After everything I've gone through, everything I had accomplished, everything I had done, I would die. I mean I did think about death from time to time. But having it knock on my door, was entirely different, so much so that it nearly drove me insane. The fact that nothing matters after I die. The fact that death would be the end of the story. An afterlife? I wouldn't put all my cards on it, hoping that one even exist. I refused my so called "fate". And I went against it with all I had, I wholeheartedly threw myself into metaphysical research. Research about the soul, about the brain and it's interaction with what we call the mind. Research on the preservation of the consciousness, I involved myself in spiritualism and meditation and its effects on the conscious mind. I put all my energy into finding a way to escape death. I did things….so many things that would seem morally wrong depending on some perspectives. But I was just trying to survive, to live. It may not justify my actions but I'm not exactly looking to be justified or saved. My life is in my hands. This is a dog eat dog world, only the fittest survive. And survive I did.


I can't remember the process I went through to retain my mind even when I was in soul form. The whole process was erased from my memories. I don't know how neither do I know why. I know I died on a in my lab after strapping myself to the surgical bed, I remember that there was a lot of blood around me. But I can't remember why.

Upon death, My soul was sucked into a wormhole filled with a flux of colours and shapes that defiled existence, my mind was almost driven insane, I was on the brink of madness but some sort of protective aura was wrapped around my soul. It felt like hell, as the passage was increasingly trying to squeeze my soul, to make me forget myself, to lose all the things I worked so hard to achieve. The protective aura was gradually decreasing as well. I didn't reach the end of the tunnel. The aura bore a hole through the side of the passage sucking my soul through it. Leaving the tunnel I experienced the meaning of the word soul rending pain. Unimaginable, unbearable pain… I thought that my very existence would end then and there. But once again the protective aura saved me from such torture. Drifting through the ever expanse the protective aura around my soul was rapidly depleting. I encountered a impenetrable barrier of sorts, again and again I tried to go through it but failed. There was a momentary weakening of the barrier. It wasn't caused by me but I made sure to capitalize on it, using the last of the aura I pushed through the thick boundary walls, against so much resistance I pushed and pushed and pushed, slowly and steadily I move through the barrier. The protective aura already dissipating, I found myself inside the enclosed space.

A small soul came into view. A soul that would periodically dim and then brighten.

Approaching it as it did me I touched the soul and a piece of it was absorbed into me. Filling me with pleasure. There was no warning as we got into a battle of survival we knew that only one of us could exist the smaller soul was tenacious, it had so much willpower and although I was tired I wasn't going to lose out when it comes to survival. The battle was drawn out as we went at each other. Waiting for a chance I struck the soul the moment it dimmed. And I absorbed a large piece of it, providing nourishment to me. The soul seemed angered, it's light got brighter and brighter and it rushed at me but that was a stupid move as it dove right into my metaphorical jaws, I fully devoured it assimilating all of it into mine.

My soul was energised, the smaller soul provided sufficient nourishment and then some.

Thinking back through all that, I came to the deduction on why I couldn't remember the prerequisite process that led to me retaining my mind and having a protective aura. Parts of my soul was used to build and maintain the aura. And those parts held the essential memories concerning the process. Yes it was dangerous to not have a complete soul but I must have factored that in, Because by devouring the smaller soul I made up for the missing parts of mine. It allowed me to have so much of it, I don't know what to call it, it was life force or energy, it filled me and strengthened me. I can feel it course through my innermost being. I could feel it slowly sooth my mind.

I slowly drifted off back to sleep. I would acquire more info on my current situation later. For now, I just wanted to rest with my success still fresh in mind.

In the six years I had been born I had noticed one thing about krypton. It is gloomy, don't get me wrong, krypton is full of so much exotic plant and animal life. But the atmosphere of the environment seems spiritually gloomy.

It feels as though the planet is crying out to its unrepentant children, warning them of its impending death, but none seem to pay heed, the leaders in the council seem not to notice.

Or maybe it's just my world view, I mean it's not everyday you wake up to fiction becoming reality. I learned of that the first eight months after being born.

If hearing names like Jor-El or Lor-Van and on a planet called krypton doesn't do it for you, then the visible red dwarf sun should provide glaring evidence that you are on the birth planet of Superman.

I accepted my circumstances fairly fast, it's not like I could change anything by living in denial or ignorance or by panicking.

I'm sure anyone in my position would be pleased at the opportunity of becoming a potential superman. But that wasn't the case for me. See I would have been really happy if it wasn't for the fact that I and every other Kryptonian on this planet was going to die when it would finally explode. I just came from one death to get here and now all of that was going to be taken away from me by another death? No, I did what I do best and that was to think of a way to survive.

My name is Val-Zod, yes you guessed right, born into the house of the madman, General Zod. I don't know if he's my father, I didn't have any form of parental bond growing up, to me he was just the general, the leader of the warrior guild. All I know is that his genes and the ones of my mother(who I have never met) were used to create me. I wasn't even born through natural birth, I like countless other Kryptonians was born through the birthing matrix of the Genesis chamber.

I was bred with a specific role in mind, I was born to be a warrior and a leader. And everyday since my birth I was put through the process of becoming one. I would've succumbed to my birth role, if not for the maturity of my mind, I wouldn't just follow orders like sheep or like the other programmed at birth warriors, no I was me, I have my individuality and my freewill, my mind was too mature for it to take proper effect. They did see my brain activity but chalked it up to my unique biology. The effects of my genes on my physical body did show, I had a more advanced growth rate compared to the other warrior birth children, although I was 6 my body looked to be that of a 10 year old. I believed it to also be an after effect of the life-force on my physical body contained. My Kryptonian body even without receiving the radiation from a yellow sun is way more advanced that my previous earthly body. My senses are so much more Sharper, my physiology the pinnacle of health, and I was trained on how to control and properly utilise it.

I was trained and trained and then trained some more to ingrain their teachings into my very being(I have the scars to prove it) I actually did enjoy training, and making myself stronger and more skilled, I always sought to advance myself.

I found out that I(my body) could soak up all things related to combat allowing me to learn faster and become increasing skilled on experience, the guild members were elated at that, so much so that higher staff granted me access to the Kryptonian archives, with the order that I shouldn't look at parts I wasn't granted access to. You see the thing is if their programming had functioned like it should or if I had succumbed to my birth role then I would've done exactly that, but no and since I didn't, I learned all I could from the archives. Warriors did only what warrior should do or were told to do, as a warrior it was forbidden to learn what thinkers did in their guild, that was left to thinkers and the scientists. But that didn't stop me from learning.

If I didn't say it before then I'll say it now, I am a genius and I don't know how but I know that the life force and my Kryptonian biology raised that to New levels.

Back to the archives.

Of course I learned to hide my access and later erase all traces of my "illegal" activities of accessing the "forbidden" files. Which provided the groundwork of my operation 'escape from krypton'. I was actually "caught" by Jor-El when I began accessing the files. It was part of my plan, I knew Jor-El would have what Kryptonians would term as heretical thoughts and meeting someone like me who refused to go along the path I was directed to would interest him.

The surprising part was that he approved of my nature to learn, he was proud that I instead of being conformed to a role wanted to choose my own path. Well such views were the reason he decided to have Kal-El born naturally and then sent to earth with the codex. He knew krypton was dying and he made a spacecraft for his son. I mean, he could have built many more spacecrafts than just one right? What of the other kids, was he just going to watch them die? He could've done something. Don't tell me that he was being suppressed by the council, if he could've build a spacecraft in Secret without them knowing of it, then he could've built more. Not enough time? The Man has a cult following of nerds and scientists that look-up to him as a god. I mean what do you expect the man is a scientific pioneer, a genius who provided krypton with amazing inventions.

A single word from him would get them all lined up and ready to work. I'm ranting I know.

See, what Jor didn't know was that he gave me the means to make my escape. And today was the day I execute my plans.


The thunderous sounds of blasts was heard all over Kandor. The colourful explosions of ships caused a rain of burnt metal scraps.

The coup began earlier today, I waited for the guards to be occupied before I left the guild.

I wore my slim exoskeleton above my house uniform. The exoskeleton was made by my very own hands. I made my way to my spacecraft.

Yes, I have a small spaceship. How did I get it? I hacked my way into the grid that registers all the ships and worked on from there. The thing that caused me so much pain was acquiring a phantom drive. Do you know what I had to go through?! A full 4 years just to get that damned drive. The process was so hard it's disgusting for me to think about it anymore. I don't want to recall the hell I had to go through just to get it, period! One thing I will say is that the physics governing the DC verse defies common sense, it is constantly changing and being broken. Most of Earth-Prime's(Origin Earth) physical laws make little to no sense here, they barely even act! I'm saying this now for the science bending bulshit that happens in the future will cause you to lose your mind if you try to make sense of it (I know I almost lost mine...twice). (*Maybe you already did*)

My spacecraft was a highly modified dropship with a phantom drive fitted to a hyperdrive engines. Everything in the ship was modified by my own hands.

The ship was thoroughly hidden.

I smiled as I approached the dark as night ship, it had parts sticking out of the exterior that looked Frankenstein-ish, protected cables and pipes formed a network through the rods and the body of the ship.

I let my guard down.

"Stop right there! Val-Zod! Do not take another step!" The voice of the guard rang through the area.

I slowly turned around to face him. Ah it's the bastard I never liked, he hated me and I him. There were two others next to him who also had their guns pointed at me.

"Dex-Ul, I can see that you're still following my footsteps" I responded with my arms in the air.

"Quiet! You disgrace, I always knew there was something about you that wasn't right. You're a traitor and I can't wait to see the punishment you receive from the general. You don't even deserve to have his blood!" what an edgy guy.

He turned to the guard on his left.

"Disarm and arrest him" the guard gave him a nod as he approached me.

"Don't try anything suspicious or I will be forced to use lethal means" he warned me. They were still looking down on my form. I guess they saw me as just a child.

I saw the nasty smile spread across Dax's face.

"Dex-Ul, do you want to know why I always called you an incompetent idiot"

I straightened my arms as the guard took out his reinforced handcuffs.

"You underestimate your opponents"

The moment his eyes left mine to look at my hands I made my move. A swift kick to base of his ankle destabilized his stance. An clean uppercut met his falling form dazing him. I wrapped my other arm over his exposed neck and turned him to face the other two, who have now begun to register the situation. I pulled out the side arm and pressed it on his head.

"Drop your weapons or he dies! Drop it now!" I ordered loudly.

"No you drop yours immediately, or will you just put yourself in bigger trouble"

"You must think I'm joking! I will splatter his brain matter over the ground if you don't comply!" I threateningly pushed the gun towards the guard's head.



Using the distraction provided by the exploding ship that flew over us, I blasted the second guard down, I saw the energy blast headed for me I raised the first guard's body using it as a shield. The impact force drove us both back. I rolled around as soon as I hit the ground dodging another blast. I shot at Dex, impacting him on the leg causing him to drop his weapon as he screamed holding his mangled foot.

"Ah, damn you traitor. You will suffer the worst punishment. Wait please don't kill me! Please!" it's amazing how he goes from angry to begging with tears.

"Die with Honour, a good death is its own reward." I shot him in the chest, ending his agony. I barely felt anything after killing them. I know my genes had something to do with my ruthlessness but it was me or them plus I was raised in the house of Zod. Their principles and doctrines are with me even if I may not acknowledge it sometimes, I accept it as my heritage.(In Zod we trust, heh) When it comes to survival, I will choose myself. I didn't have the time to mull over my decisions.

I ran into the ship.

"[Welcome, Sir.]" Hope spoke in English.

Hope was my AI, I won't lie it wasn't as hard to make as I imagined it would be. Kryptonians were one of the most technologically advanced races in the galaxy. They contained a variety of AI's and methods to make them. I just made mine and added parts that would allow it to evolve, I took inspiration from various sources especially Iron-man's Jarvis, oh I also taught it English. What? I missed Earth OK, in heart...in soul I was still human.

"Hope, get the launch sequence ready"

"[Yes sir.]"

I secured myself into position, running checks throughout the ship, making sure everything was functional and ready to go. I looked at the coordinates once again, making sure it was the sol system of Earth.

"[Phantom drive online, ready for launch sir]"

I took one last look at Krypton and said my goodbyes. I already took all I could and most of them I would need. The shield panels slid into place. They would protect the ship and all its components.

I looked at the launch switch below the pulsating liquid gel interface.

'Now or never'

I pushed the switch.


With a stifled roar the ship began to make it's ascend.

Beep beep! "Hostiles on our tail sir"

I knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing.

"Deploy defensive measures! Speed up the phantom drive ignition process" I didn't have weapons on the ship, I had to take them out so install other needed tech.

The blasts I couldn't dodge impacted the force fields surrounding the ship, causing a wild turbulence throughout the spacecraft.

"[Shields down to 15%]"

"Now would be a really good time to get out of here!"

"[Life support systems activated and fully functional. Phantom drive ignition in 3….2...1]"

With a soft zip through reality my ship disappeared from Krypton's atmosphere with a flash of blue light.

The phantom drives I had wouldn't be able to make an instantaneous trip to Earth's system. It should take about a year or two at most, then the hyper drives would kick in accelerating the ship through space.

I was dizzy trying to wake up from from my stasis state deep sleep. The sounds slowly began to clear up.

"[Si…r…Sir!]" I instantly shot up. I had gone into induced stasis state deep sleep to save up on energy, and to also not go mad from the solitude of my ship, I wouldn't really age much in such a state due to my body being kept in a stasis like state. I took account of my situation and responded appropriately.

"Hope, give me the report" I said focusing on the controls and stat screen.

"[We're breaching the Earth's Atmosphere sir]" I guess we're here.

"Good, commence atmospheric re-entry procedures" I said as I worked on the controls.

"[Anti atmospheric drag and heat shields deployed]"

The temperature in the ship slowly rose, as the ship shook due to the re-entry.

"[Ship temperatures stable. Stratosphere breached, altitude 30,000m decelerating]"

The shaking stopped as the temperatures stabilized.

"[Entering troposphere, altitude 2000m Activating retro thrusters, beep thrusters unfunctional]"

"Dammit, activate all defensive shields at full power. Deploy emergency sails" I didn't come all this way just to die. "Brace for impact!" I held on tightly as the ship shook,

Crash! The whiplash jerked me off my seat all the way to the back of the ship as we impacted the land, boring deep ravines through sand.

I tore through the ship doors, the metal felt like paper under the strength of my arms.

The rays of the sun shone down on my body, enhancing and changing me. I was being rebuilt at every nanosecond down to each atom of each molecule, my being was gradually altered.

"AHHHH! HEY! HaHAHA!" I fell to my knees as my ears were bombarded by intense sounds across multiple wavelengths, I could hear the resounding laughed and screams, I could hear the ultrasonic screams of bats and the chirps of the birds. I could hear the world. I could hear the songs of the stars. And my sight wasn't any better.

Shapes and colors zoomed into view and then out of focus I could see through my ship and the sand beneath my feet and the bacteria that resided in it. I could see the electromagnetic spectrum, I could see through my very own hands at varying levels of exposure. The smells of the sweetest perfume and most disgusting filths assaulted my nose at the same time. I was agitated, I felt the nerves around my eyes generating great amounts of heat energy which were then expelled through my very own corneas. It was painful at first as my vision turned red, I turned away from my ship, the heat rays turning sand into burnt dust and the rest into glass.

I placed my arms over my eyes but that just made it worse as the beams became scattered through the space between my fingers.

I had to calm down! 'remember your training! You are the master of your body, you control your senses'

I shut off all sounds coming into my ears and focused on my presence, I calmed down and called upon my vision. I willed for it to clear, periodic blinks brought everything else into focus.

"Huf~f" I took a smooth exhale as my overwhelmed senses once again returned to my control.

I may have recovered faster than others in my case, I was a warrior my senses were mine.

"I AM SUPER!" with arms spread wide I announced to the heavens, the power behind my shout was enough to move the floating clouds and shake the sands I stood on as almost visible sound waves moved through the area.

Saying my mind is expanded feels like an understatement, my intellect is beyond anything I have ever known. I am from krypton part of a race that's known for their advanced technology and intelligence so believe me when I say my intelligence has risen exponentially. I didn't know the things I didn't, but I now understand all I knew, everything I once made research on is now like an open book. I now understood why the phantom drives took so long to get here.

This is what a having an above super genius level intellect is like. I knew things before but now I understood them, I see things now, such simple answers to complex problems. Can you imagine that in mere moments of gaining this intelligence, I solved the cure for cancer that killed me on Origin Earth. It's like an explosion of quantum computers in my mind, this must be how God feels. And I can feel it growing.

Kal-El has this and he chooses to be a journalist, he once said that lex luthor could single-handedly advance the human race. But what of him, Why didn't he advance the human race when such power was within his grasp! My goodness I really was a baboon before compared to my level of intelligence now. I will bury myself in education and information to make good use of my mind. One look would be enough for me to retain all information, I have the combination of a super raised to godly levels eidetic and photographic memory. (I think I broke the lottery of life)

I can see the atomic components of matter. I can see the entire EM spectrum, I can see the bacteria in the air, my vision went further than the microscopic level. I could see the atomic components of matter! I can see it with my naked eyes! Can you imagine it, can you truly imagine these clouds of electrons, surrounding a micronucleus. I could SEE! I was blind before, I don't think I could ever go back to being human after all of this even if I was given the chance.


After calming down from the realizations of my abilities, from the enlightenment I received.

I felt the bioelectric aura that surrounded my skin. It was like a autonomic response system that would affect my immediate surroundings. I tested this by lifting the ship and I still remained standing on the desert surface without forming any depressions. I guess this was the tactile telekinesis.

But why does it function this way? I didn't have enough info to form an accurate description on my abilities or that of superman. but even if I did I couldn't explain everything with common sense. Even DC hasn't given a comprehensive reason behind Superman's abilities because even though it's Fiction they don't truly understand it either. This universe doesn't fully enforce the laws of physics and reality. One example of this is my ability to know an object's position and momentum at the same time. Can you imagine that, I know where an object is exactly when in time it is. I shouldn't be able to do that! It makes no damn sense! That is basically small scale reality warping! Anyway back to the aura. I could consciously utilise the aura but it wasn't easy at all.

I know the heat vision is the discharge of solar energy through my optic nerves. The varying intensities caused it's different colours. I could make low intensity invisible rays, I could also make high intensity micro beams. The provision was down to a molecular level.

I wanted to try a different heat vision I speculated as one of the more explanatory reasons for Superman's power.

Heat glare. I willed my eyes to vibrate to ridiculous levels, causing excitations in the air molecules that come in contact with my eyes, turning them into a stream of super heated plasma. I was transferring kinetic energy into the air and the intensity and temperature of the beams had a correlation with the speed of my vibration.

speeding through the air.

Vvzzzz the superheated plasma cut through the air. I could combine both emitted beams and created ones to make something exceptionally destructive.

Yeah, I'll call the combination of both a destructo beam.

Doing the reverse of the process by absorbing the Kinetic energy in the air I could also create freeze rays.

They looked like solid beams of ice the would skewer and freeze an object on impact.

What? Doesn't make sense? The physics don't add up? Haha this universe doesn't conform to your definition of common sense.

I could fully test my abilities but I don't think I could cover it all in the course of a year.

It was time to test the real power that made superman iconic, flight.

I focused on my being, I focused on this aura that responded to me like a third arm, I had an instinctual feel on how to use it, to control it.

I directed and manipulated it, it responded to my advances. Sand grains slowly rose signalling the effect of my aura on the environment. And with a thunderously mighty shock wave I shot off the ground like a super rocket. Dust and rubble was scattered, the ground cracked and quaked as I zoomed through earth's atmosphere.

"Hahahaha!" Flying is like nothing else in this world. It's like swimming but with absolute freedom and barely any resistance. I shaped my aura on the fly instead of making it spherically streamlined I altered it into shape edges and immediately I cut through the air constantly bursting sound barriers. This could be utilized offensively, I could cut through an object like this.

Let's try the standing man pose, with my superior proprioception I would always have an awareness to the relation of my body to the space it was in all at pinpoint accuracy.

"Look Ma! I'm king of the world" I spread my arms out with a standing pose. I think I like this better than flying horizontally.

After hours of playing around with my flight abilities, I decided to go to space. To visit the very power source of my powers.

Flying through space without any form of protective gear was absolutely surreal. The Earth looks so much more beautiful when seen from space, this big blue ball of magnificence and vibrant life. I zoomed past the planets as I arrived before the sun, it's rays barely tickling my skin. Filling me with strength and power. I have a theory I would test to increase the energy procession and storage capacity of my cells. I would stay very close to the sun and with each trip I will gradually move deeper into it, till I reached the core of the sun allowing my cells to evolve and enhanced to have a larger storage capacity and the capability to effectively process it.

I couldn't immediately move to the centre of my sun, the resulting raw stellar energy would be more than my cells will be able to process which would then lead to them being over saturated with solar energy causing to burst from within, they would constantly explode resulting in the eventual degradation of said cells, effectively killing me.

I don't know how long I spent here bathing in the raw rays of the sun. I felt so peaceful just floating here among the stars and their songs but I had work to do.

Even from space I could make out my ship and its location, that's how op telescopic vision is. I zoomed through the Earth's atmosphere the re-entry resistance barely even affected me.


Hero landing achieved. I would've coughed with all the dust and broken pieces of rubble shooting through the air, but I was a superman.

One thing I haven't thought of is a hero name. Maybe I should call myself Zod.

That would be epic! Churches would rise in my name and go "In Zod we trust" heh that really would be epic.

My house symbol would be a circle interpreted as Kneel! Before Zod. Heh, or it could mean doom( For my enemies).

Or maybe I could act as All Might, the defender of Justice!

Zod has a negative meaning? Well it's up to me to change it then.

Heh the things I would do to fulfill my aims. I had a secret weapon in my mind that would prove to be my key in obtaining the thing I needed the most. I can't acknowledge the existence of one of them yet because doing so would draw undesired attention towards me.

All the rocks I had brought from Krypton had turned into kryptonite.

Due to the solar radiation of earth's system the rock developed an unstable and unpredictable radioactivity at the molecular level. Rocks spray off a steady stream of isotopic particles that may have unpredictable effects on their surroundings or other beings. Such as the effect of kryptonite on the biology of a Kryptonian exposed to yellow sun radiation.

I had landed on Earth a decade after Kal-El did. This was due to the phantom drives and how it was integrated to the ship. I had thought that I would only take a year, but I guess sometimes things don't go according to plan.

That left me in the year of 1991. I was in the 90s, it good and all but wow, All the music (colour me bad, boys 2 men!) and movies(Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Sega was still king in the video game scene in that era.

I had to mostly re-watch stuff I had previously seen but it was nice being here. I was born in the late 90s back on Earth Origin so much of the stuff older folks would talk about just flew over my head but I get it now. Don't get me started on pet rocks (heh)

It was easy to get myself into the system. I mean I had a highly advanced AI and computers just began to have the internet. Let me rephrase that, computers just began to actually develop into a more widespread technology.

My new identity was that of Eric Valentine, an orphan who was raised in an orphanage, genius level intellect, did amazingly well in school. I made solid proof facts of my existence. Superpowers made secret infiltration easier than it really should be.

Oh, of course in less than five years of getting here, I started my own company.

I was on the forefront of technological advancements and innovations.

Start up Funds? Even if we ignore asteroid mining, did you know that the pressure in a super grip of mine is enough to form diamonds from the necessary materials.

And with x-ray vision I almost became a pirate unearthing the treasures in sunken ships littered all through the ocean.

The products my company made was well beyond it's time. Nothing too radical, just advancements to move the technology of the world along, helping it in its path to reaching the future.


I was raking in cash, I was so poor all I had was money. Haha I never thought the time would come where I actually had so much money I didn't know what to do with it. And so I did the next best thing, charity. All over the world my charity organizations worked to make the world a better place. I was a hero without even performing physical acts of heroics. The organizations established help centres not only in North America but all over the world. I was especially focused on Third World countries, providing top notch health care and education at next to nothing. I would periodically release technologies into these countries to make sure that they would have the needed tools to better their lives.

Oh, I wasn't shying away from the media, in fact my face was all over the media. They called me the futurist, the Man of tomorrow, the wunderkind.

I was the youngest person to ever make it onto the fortune 500 list. My age on paper was 18 like I looked to be when I was actually just 14. Due to the stasis state I was in when travelling to earth, my body actually only aged for 6 years.

But due to my unique biology and the recent solar radiation, I still looked developed like I trained all my life(which I did) I had a large strong build. Muscles decorated my whole being, they looked like they were sculpted by the very hands of a god. My body would rapidly but stability progress to adulthood and then aging would steeply slow to a crawl from there. And now that I was affected by the yellow sun's radiation, once I reach adulthood my aging process would slow even more. I had sharp(handsome!) facial features with sharp slightly raised at the ends hawk like brows, which went well with my angular features.

I inherited my father's blue eyes and the light brown chocolate skin tone of my mom. The mom I never met or knew…..moving on.

In 1999, My company has been slowly expanding and solidifying it's reach in other sectors,

It was rapidly growing into a diverse international conglomerate with interests in utilities, waste management, industrial manufacturing, computer hardware and software, chemicals, retail, bioengineering, weapons, pharmaceuticals, oil, communications, airlines, real estate, hotels, restaurants, technology, media, financial services, robotics, security, transportation, satellites, stock brokerage houses, cash businesses, space exploration and food.

In 2001 I caused a ground shattering change to the world. I introduced my cure for cancer. Nothing sounds better than the laughter of parents who know that their kid is going to survive that death sentence. I could hear the joyous laughter and cries of people all through earth, knowing that they had the chance to overcome their illness. The pharmaceutical companies tried to downplay its effects and then suppress my company. But I was too big to touch, my company was too large for them to be able to effectively act against me. And to make it all the more satisfying I made the cure as cheap as a pill of aspirin. Haha, I could hear them grinding their teeth to dust on that day. The citizens trusted me. The world adored me. I was happy that I could cause such a change….ok and the public image couldn't be any higher. I was untouchable, no news agency even wanted to try to run smear campaigns against me they respected what I had done and been doing, and those that did were easily silenced by the voice of the masses.

Two thirds of the population of metropolis and Gotham worked for my company directly or indirectly. The gloomy nature of Gotham was changed by my own hands.

What I achieved can summed up to four words. I revolutionised the world.(and became rich doing it...very rich)

June 2011.

Barry Allen, I've been watching him for some years now(Totally not creepy). Always keeping the necessary tabs, and at the slightest sighting of lightning or a cloudy weather I would be in close proximity to him. There have been many false starts but I wouldn't give up on trying to get the speedforce. I remade all the chemicals that would've been splashed on him during the lightning strike. Just like he did back in flash point when he was trying to get his powers back using the electric chair.

"Sir, we finalised the procurement of the company" a smooth voice interrupted. That was my personal assistant, Janet Lee. I like her for her courage and boldness. Did I mention that she's also hot because she is. She had long brown hair that she mostly keeps in a neat bun. A voluptuous figure and that matches her height.

She's half Caucasian and half Asian. No, I'm not any kind of relationship with her in any way, I'd say I enjoy her presence and she likes working for me.

"Excellent as always, Jane. I knew I could leave it to you." I smiled turning from the screen.

"You're doing that a lot these days sir. Although I do appreciate the trust you have in me, I don't think it's ethical" yep there's her honesty.

"You're indirectly complaining about the workload aren't you. I'm joking, Jane you just keep doing what you're doing and forget about the ethics" I said with a soft laugh.

I heard her mumble that she wouldn't mind a raise.

"Here are the documents that need your signature." she handed me files that I quickly looked through. After finalising it all I handed it back to her.

"That's all of it sir. I'll be taking my leave." she said.

"Take care of yourself Jane. You're the real MVP and smile more...please" that actually did cause a thin smile on her lips.

"See you look even better when you smile" I complimented her leaving figure. I could look at her naked form with my X-ray vision but that would be so easy it wouldn't be worth it, I had my honour. Plus I actually like the reward gained from hard work. If I can't even enforce my will to be able to be able to resist such temptation, I would just be another person without discipline or self-control, impulsive.

I turned back to the video feed of Barry's activities were being displayed on a screen. He was in his lab today, he looked visibly frustrated as he kept pacing back and forth. He did visit his dad earlier, he's probably frustrated at the fact that he still can't find his mom's killer. I noticed the weather begin to change from a bright sunny into a rapidly darkening thunderstorm. It has never acted this way before in all my years of watching. If that doesn't spell unnatural phenomena then I don't know what would. Immediately leaving the comfort of my office I sped through the air.

Just in time to witness Barry toss out a device through his lab window, breaking the glass. Rumbles and roars began to occur in the thunder cloud as yellow lightning increasingly flashed from cloud to cloud. I increased my perception raising it to superhuman levels everything began to slow down giving me more time to observe a bolt of lightning gradually travel from the cloud as it made its way to Barry's lab through the window, he screamed in pain as the lightning struck him and caused the chemicals to soak his form. I was more focused on me.

I was flying at supersonic speeds directly into the cloud.

I called on the equation that would affect reality, the equation that represented such power.

3 X 2 (9 Y Z) 4 A

With the mention of each letter and number the thunderous rumblings in the clouds increased, I felt foreign energy respond to my words, I called forth the power and the power answered. The world slowed to a crawl as a congregation of yellow lightning struck my form, bundles upon bundles of lightning took turns in striking me. It was actually somewhat painful, and that's a lot coming from me. It felt like hours when it was actually just seconds. I felt it course through my innermost being. I felt the connection to this zone, this Extra-dimensional field of time and energy. I felt it changing me, I saw it fundamentally changing then charging and empowering my cells with its electricity. It's was rapidly supercharging my bioelectricity and it enhanced my aura.

When I opened my eyes, it was as if time stopped. I had super perception that enabled me to view things in slow motion relative to others.

But this was different, maybe it was the combination of both the speed Force and my Kryptonian based superpowers but time seemed to have stop. The clouds, the wind, the people, the water droplets, everything seemed to have paused. It was like a super flash time vision. I understood that my brain's processing power was working at magnificently uncharted levels allowing me to witness time flow at super dilated levels, in short super perception on super steroids. Maybe I should call it god perception. The wonderful thing is that I had godly reaction and reflexes to match it. This was one of many effects of the speedforce on my biology.

Red lightning crackled around me as I reached out to stroke a suspended water droplet when I noticed that my body was vibrating at ridiculous levels this was most likely due to the speed of my thoughts and the unconscious use of the speedforce to continually phase through matter. I had to slow down my thoughts and slowly adapt to my new powers.

The cloud was rapidly dispersing, I flew higher into the atmosphere and made my leave.

I had flown to my secret underground base, and calming myself I was able to draw my abilities under my hold and stabilise myself.

First I have to say that this is undoubtedly unfair, my zod(heh) I was a superman with a speedforce! The speedforce the dimensional energy that allows you to break the laws of space time and reality. Yeah that speed Force. That was damn unfair. I really did break the lottery of life. Haha! I must have saved the universe in my past life. Well it's not like I was handed the powers. All I got I got through my own hands, through countless hours of planning and simulations. Mentally exhausting activities and danger at each step.(escape from krypton) I was confident in my abilities but I wasn't going to start getting arrogant and complacent. Anything could happen, with all the all powerful beings in the DC verse(Darkseid, antimonitor, parallax) I definitely couldn't be complacent if I wanted to live my life my way and peacefully at that. I maybe semi immortal now. The speedforce caused my aging to slow even more than it has been. I would basically look my adult self for very very very long time. Then coupled with the accelerated healing factor and my Kryptonian based powers, I'm almost unkillable. I don't have plot armour, but I do have hax powers. (heh)

I didn't need to physically run for the speedforce I contained to work. The speedforce activates even in flight so I wasn't limited to land like many other speedsters.

The powers came with the speedster package. Super enhanced speed/reflexes /perception/healing/neural process.

Electrokinesis, I was able to toss lighting like Zeus! Hell yeah, without even flying around to gain momentum. I could gain enough of that by just swinging my arms. Since the speedforce enhanced my physique which was kryptonian rather than a human's I could display more powerful abilities without the same amount of strain it would have on a speedforce enhanced human. I also had electric absorption, that ability alone had very large purpose that I would soon put to the test.

Aerokinesis Was The same as well. I could do that even before I had the speedforce, now it was just a whole lot easier and more powerful with the increased speed.

Body vibrations and intangibility were a given. I could manipulate the movement and acceleration of my cells, and even molecules, enabling me to shake and vibrate my whole body or parts of it by willing my cells to do so. You should have heard my batman voice, Bruce Wayne would be proud. I could also distort my image and generate more force behind my actions. But most of all I could phase my whole body or parts of it through solid matter, ghosts have nothing on me.

Speed mirages were awesome! I could actually talk to an exact replica of me. I could get my own jokes (heh)

Accelerated metabolism? I didn't have to eat like a beast, sunlight provided more than enough nutrients for my body.

Time travel? Nope not touching that…..yet. I know I know time wraiths and what not. But wasn't it proven that only only speedsters who are reckless and without forethought of how their presence in events could damage the timeline would be hunted down. I was going to do it wisely.

I also had momentum negation/speed absorption. That would allow me to suck up the kinetic energy from the atoms of an individual with a single tap. I know I shouldn't think this way but imagine using it during sex (heh!) or using it to secretly cock block someone. Oh this ability was going to be a major pain for bad guys. I could also use it to absorb the kinetic energy in explosions.

To sum it up I had all the powers a speedforce user would have but the powers were more pronounced and powerful due to my biology. And they would all continue to grow with time and usage.

My aura has been enhanced as well. I don't know how but I can feel it, it more potent and pronounced now. Have you seen paper cut through a solid metal block? That's what happened when I coated the paper with my aura. Maybe I should include cards in my weapons arsenal.


I now live in a slow world. I'm very thankful that I could get used to super perception earlier because if I didn't I would live in torture. Do you know how slow everyone else is in relation to me, to my frame of reference. The world moves so slow that it is almost hell. It almost became a perpetual state of torture. I could be talking with someone and zoom around the world 10 times and still not miss anything. So I have to slow myself and my perception down instead. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying life, in fact it made me value it more. But with each passing day I notice that my thought processes , movements and reactions are increasingly becoming faster and faster. The speedforce is changing and enhancing me.

My cells are evolving and beginning to contain and process even more sunlight faster than before and more efficiently.

December 6th 2013.

Beep! My eyes shot open as I slowly rose from the bed, so I wouldn't disturb Sarah(met her last night)who lay beside me with her arm across my chest.

"Hope, what's the notification about" I went ahead to grab a drink from the stand. I wasn't worried about the woman on my bed over hearing. Hope was broadcasting over a very secure self made sound frequency that could only be deciphered by me. Even to superman it would just seem like white noise. I spent a while making that one function.

"[Sir, it's a distress beacon from the scout ship]" Kal must have activated the the AI of Jor-El. That means that he's in the scout ship right now. And if I received the beacon signal then so would Dru-Zod and that means he's coming here.

"sigh so it begins" I said gulping down the drink. A smile slowly formed on my face. "Took you long enough " I was more than prepared to take him and the sword of rao on.

"Hope, get the 'demon child' ready" that was my suit of armour, my war suit.

"[Yes, sir]"

'War is coming'

*BOOM! That was insane! Wow, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Kryptonians are a haxor race, For real though, they really are. The aura was influenced by that of all star superman, it fits well(Although not sufficient) as an explanation for Superman's powers and how they affect his surroundings(dc has been shying away from giving a clear cut explanation). Val is a very determined man, he's selfish and he admits it but if he can help someone while he benefits then he does it. And he is also very protective of his and his own.

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