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'Italics means he is talking to himself /inner voice'

"inverted commas" means a normal conversation.


Reality and it's laws. It changes when you get to the fourth world.

For example; Everything here and now took on a larger size, than it did in the normal dimension.

One of many quirks that comes with dimension hopping into a core origination point.

What I came here for was the real deal. Darkseid in his fullest, most powerful form. The real origin of all other Darkseid's, the spawning point of it all.

On the very edge of the of the fourth world stood Apokolips, a colossal titan sized planet. When I say titan I mean as large as earth's sun if not larger.

Hovering before my eyes in all its fiery, wretched glory. Fires that provided it with light, for the planet had no sun or moons. The same fires provided it with torment.

The glaring fires shot off the surface in anger, the planet was screaming, no, roaring in wrath, it was vengeful. It was furious at the atrocities being done to it. I could hear it all.

The dark barren landscape facilitating the agony and torture of its inhabitants.

I could hear screams and cries. I could hear it all. From the newborns lucky enough to survive to the last screams of dying mother.

Every second a thousand inhabitants are tossed into the fiery depths, alive or dead the results are the same. They are incinerated.

[Atmosphere breached] the shop penetrated the very veil that was the atmosphere. Before the ship an army of screeching parademons gathered in wait. Like minions from hell, they drooled nasty muck from their filthy maws.

A pale skinned giant spotting a mohawk, flew before the ship and pointed with his battleaxe.

"You intruders dare thread on these lands! Your corpses will make fine flags! I Desaad will make it so!" Desaad was furious! These impudent ones dared, had the audacity to step feet on his father's territory. He would turn them into another example. He would show them the might of Apokolips, and his father would be proud of him.

This little shit was too weak for me to acknowledge. I wanted them all together here. And, ah here they come.

Scantily dressed women, who look like twisted versions of amazonians on a poor horror movie budget were led by a larger, elderly woman in a metallic one piece. (Well, I can't unsee that)

"No, that glory will belong to granny goodness and her furies" she said with a sneer, her voice uncharacteristically heavy. More parademons blotted the skies with her arrival.

Granny goodness laughed in mockery. 'these fools' she called them in her head. The dared come to Apokalips? Ha! Fools indeed. Not even the New gods of genesis dared thread on these cursed lands without the lords permission. And they dared come here, brazenly so! They would join countless others in the pits of fire. The would feed the suffering that is Apokalips, their corpses desecrated and their skulls used as ornamental cups. She hungers for their blood, she would show the lord the power of her army. She wouldn't fail, she never has. Not like the failure Steppenwolf. It left a distaste in her mouth that he was still allowed to be general. Well, that would soon end, for today she would prove her worth to the lord. And he would recognize her value.


From where I was, I could see the palace of the evil god. I could see his belittling gaze on me and my ship.

"Hope, clean the skies for me"

[Understood sir.]


The hum like sounds of particle beans and gravity beam emitters filled the skies but for a moment. A white flash, like the shining light of sun was emitted from the cannons of the ship. And when the lights receded so did the parademons that once blotted it.

Not even ash remained. Desaad, Granny goodness and her furies had varying degrees of burns on them. As virtue of their thick skin.

"My children" I said almost silently.

"FATHER!" they answered with power.


"FOR ZOD!" The ship shook from their thunderous roars.

Humanoid shapes accelerated in hypersonic speeds towards their enemies. All that filled the air was shrill screams. They said parademons are incapable of feeling fear. Well, they lied.

Angry red glares tore through the atmosphere. The sounds of flesh colliding at speeds it wasn't meant to resounded out. In less than five seconds, the furies were dead.

"FOR FATHER!" Granny goodness's still bleeding head was held in the grasp of Ironlion-Zod. I know that child's name sounds chunni, but that child was always the most zealous, I chuckled at his past antics.

"FOR ZOD!" The others responded and went on to decimate the fleeing parademons.

Vel-Zod was clearly toying with her opponent who was Desaad.

I shook my head, this was almost unfair. Damn, is this how villains with super armies feel. I mean, they were all doomsday level beings who had soaked in concentrated solar radiation, what else could I have expected.

Don't worry about the minions of Darkseid resurrecting. Not only would the nth metal weapons inhibit that, but the miracle machine also had a part to play in this battle.

Once again I turned my gaze to the evil god who sat on his throne. He cared not for the massacre being delivered to his minions. He just sat in his throne and watched with a disinterested look. It was my time to act.

I steadily ascended the steps that led to Darkseid's gigantic throne. His figure easily towering over mine even as he remained seated. The stony dark texture of his skin blending into the dark gloomy atmosphere of his throne. His eyes a demonic red, proving that he was alive and not just a weathered and cracked statue.

"You dare invade Darkseid's priva-" steppenwolf who walked out from behind Darkseid's throne was turned to a pile of ash, courtesy of my destructo eye beams. I didn't have time for side characters.

"Uxas the Farmer. How goes it? " I asked in ridicule. What? The guy really was a farmer. Oh I had many ways to defeat him. But there's something I want to confirm. If superman was truly serious, could he kill Darkseid in a fistfight.

His red glare intensified. His face turning into a picture perfect definition of cruelty and viciousness from that of boredom. The omega symbol on his waist came to live in pure angry red.

"INSOLENT!" The omega beams shot out of his eyes and took sharp turns in thin air.

Slamming into my open palm. I wanted to feel it. And how did it feel?

"Wow, that actually hurt" It did. It felt like a slap to the face, or a powerless kick to the balls. Heh! I imagine how superman would have felt, when he was so much more weaker than I was.

Lightning flashed around my eyes and I entered God perception. Time stopped. Not slowed, stopped. That's how fast I was going.

[Playing Venom by Eminem]

(I got song filled with shit for the strong willed.

When the world gives you a raw deal, sets you off till you. Scream piss off screw you!)

With the music in my ears, I grabbed the frozen god by the neck and threw him through a portal that opened up behind him.

We were transported to an empty universe one before the its big bang occurred.

I slugged the god across the face, the hold of gravity didn't exist. He flew into the deep dark. I flew after him, dodging omega beams that followed behind me. He yelled in anger, the omega symbol on his waist flashed brighter. Red lines formed on his body. His arms covered in the same angry glow as his eyes. His size turning larger. And then he disappeared.

I raised my hand. Blocking an overhead strike, the omega effect still affecting me on a miniscule level. He was teleporting. A flurry of strikes were traded between us.

I punched him back. Flashes of red repeatedly flying out. His omega beams continually trailing on my form. Slamming into speed force armor constructs.

"YOU ARE PUTTING UP A GOOD FIGHT FOR A KRYPTONIAN. BUT YOU WILL BE VANQUISHED!" His heavy deep voice resounded through empty primordial space. He was talking about the various realities, his other forms were based in. Realities were superman always lost.

"Well, I wasn't raised a farmer" Huh, look at that, Darkseid and Kal-El were both raised farmers. Is it just me or is this the invasion of the crop boys. Hah.

Darkseid creates an army of clones out of thin air. They all rush at me with omega beams and blasts.

"Heh" lightning crackles as my hand disappears into it. I pull out the sword of divinity, stored in the speed force.

I held it in a double hand grasp and swing! A singular all encompassing arc of lightning shoots out towards the encroaching clones. The clones disappear in the silent explosion of light. Darkseid is pushed back and sweating? Heh, he was actually sweating. His purple suit of armor cracked and blackened. All his clones destroyed. I stashed the sword back into the speed force. And shook my head.

I know, I know, Darkseid was the biggest bad of superman's I should take him more seriously. Do you have any idea the number of times I could have killed this guy? I'm not joking, damn even batman severely wounded him. He isn't the biggest bad for me, what I see is a coward who stole a piece of incomplete primordial power from dying titanic gods, he was corrupted by power since he had never wielded such before, and he immortalized himself. No, superman made him immortal, because of all the defeats he faced at the hands of Darkseid. Forming legends of le great sombre seid heh. This is appalling. What the hell were kryptonians doing?! Superman has been under the yellow sun of earth longer than I have so why was I so much more stronger? Let's leave out the speed force.

All I did was spend years going closer and closer to earth's sun, absorbing pure potent radiation for months on end, pushing my cells to evolve and as a result my body and powers, then performing sets of training regimens that were no different from suicide using various forms of kryptonite and red sun radiation, tempering my body under hellish conditions that I don't talk about and viola, powerful ZOD was born. And that's me not mentioning the various forms of solar radiation I had exposed myself to. Or the various impossible machines I had built. Or the endless plans and contingencies I had formulated.

The simple truth is that I worked for my strength. I wasn't lazy or complacent about it, even when I could afford to be. Because I know that the DC universe is an endless series of ridiculous dick measuring contests. And I wasn't going to be part of the cycle. My power would be solidified, and I would explore and discover without being restricted. Now, my hardwork spoke for itself, and it spoke loud and clear.

I'm sorry if you were expecting a story where I suffer in battle against such a foe. A story were I go through a hard battle and barely win by skin of my teeth. This won't go that way because I was sufficiently prepared. And I wasn't an idiot, or a character in a play conforming to the whims of a writer. I was a person from earth origin. We were damn geniuses, with unbound imaginations. Not plot bound characters in a book. And I'm sure if anyone else from earth origin was in my spot they would make choices to strengthen themselves and not live like 'friendship is all we need! So let's dance in a field of flowers and rainbows, holding hands and kissing ass' unfucking realistic anime characters…well most of us. The ones that have common senses. I hope.

"Uxas, have you seen it? Tell me, have you seen it?" I asked humorously.

His expression turns even angrier.



"You will, Uxas, you will" I answered simply. He saw his future. Or rather, he could no longer see his future. I feel his telekinesis try to hold me in place. My bio aura slices through it. He smiles thinking it's enough, even if I was stalled for just seconds. It isn't. I don't let the blast hit me. I enter God perception, and watch it all frozen in place. I pulled out various rods from my belt and go to work.

"ARGHH!" he yells in agony. Radion rods are stabbed into his major nerve clusters. Radion was to the new gods and Darkseid, what kryptonite was to Kryptonians. I had too many ways to kill this God of evil. Is this how Saitama feels?

Both my hands are placed on his cheeks stroking them till my thumbs hovered over his eyeballs. I push my fingers against the soft balls of flesh. Embedding them into his eye sockets.

"ARGHHH! AHH!" the screams of Darkseid was music to my ears.

"I'll give you a good death" Darkseid is suspended by my left hand clasped around his neck. I raised him fully over my Head, my other hand holding his lower body, I bring his spine down on my knee.

A Shockwave is generated from the intensity of impact.

KRACK! His back is broken, in the picture perfect move Bane delivered to Batman. (I caught that on video.)

"URGH!" he grunts in pain, his spine and eyes begin to reknit and heal.

Have you guys seen the movies or comics where superman or most times the flash performs an infinite mass punch? If you're like me then you know it's bulshit. Why? Because nothing survives infinite mass.

Picture this: An elephant stepping on a quails egg is an example of what increased mass can do to something of lesser mass, the egg is absolutely crushed.

Now imagine the elephant had infinite size (which represents mass here), it grew to be as large as the moon and it is still growing, the earth is quaking the quails egg is crushed to dust.

Now it's even larger than the earth, the egg is disintegrated, the earth is breaking apart and buckling under the mass.

The elephant is now as large as the sun and it's still growing, the fabric of space is bending, the planets are way! way! way! Off their paths, you can see them unravel and rush beneath the elephants feet where the pull is strongest, matter is breaking apart, the gravitational pull is too much, a black hole is being created light can't escape the pull, the sun is swallowed and now a singularity is about to be formed. And the elephant is still growing, it will grow till that singularity is fully formed and all matter or anything with mass in that local galaxy is swallowed.

That is just one example of infinite mass.

Darkseid's eyes are widened in terror. His body is frozen by the pull. The mass is too much for him to go against. We're falling downwards through space at close to light speeds. So when my bio aura and speed force protected fist passes through and disintegrates his upper body it doesn't stop, his whole body follows and then something expected happened. The reason why I chose this universe in the first place.

-FLASH- the pure white light of creation sweeps over everything, the virgin pure radiation, rejuvenating me.

I caused the big bang of this universe. My actions created it and seeded it with speed force. And also a resulting black hole. A chain reaction of atomic explosions starts. Matter is being created. It's a song I remember. The vibrations are familiar.

My bio aura is almost visible now, it's like a translucent gold, it's advanced and evolved under the strain of the punch, my body was evolving further under the pure white light and explosions around us.

Darkseid is dead and his body utterly disintegrated to molecular atomic dust and although his soul is severely wounded I can see that it is still alive. This is where he runs and reincarnates in another multiverse or takes another form. Not today…….The soul was busily escaping 'Whenever you're ready'

CRACKLE! A being wrapped in glorious armor held together by red speed force electricity, appeared with a bolt of celestial lightning. His very presence radiates power of great magnitudes, he is like a sea of raw awesomeness. On his chest is the symbol of ZOD with a red omega outline. His eyes a full golden glow with tinges of red. His hands had golden omega symbols on them.

He slashes the true soul of Darkseid. The curved bolt like blade of the red lightning scythe in his hands, tears through the visage of Darkseid like a blade through twine.

"ARRHHhhhhhhh!-" a shrill scream as terrible as death shakes the void of space and Darkseid is no more. The being sucks in the essence of the soul and devours it. I can feel the satisfaction flow into my soul with pieces of the omega effect. Darkseid is no more, the old God of evil had been truly dealt with.

"Took your sweet time" I said to him.

"HAD A MINOR COMPLICATION TO DEAL WITH ." His voice as powerful as his presence. Pure unadulterated power, he nodded as though he could read my mind. "I AM." he finished.

CRACKLE! He disappeared in a celestial bolt of lightning the same way he appeared.

Time isn't linear. I knew Darkseid would be able to escape with his soul, should I defeat him. My beams could harm his soul but then he'd still be able to escape with damaged pieces of it. So what did I do?

I sent a message to my future self, any of my future selves, a type of message in a bottle if you will. For them to appear at these exact coordinates with death in their hands. Death in the form of the anti life equation and the black racer's scythe, the personification of death for speedsters.

How was this all possible? Time isn't linear, saying it's parallel would only be true to some parts of it. If I were to begin explaining it now, we'd need more than a decade to fully cover it if you don't have the speed force. In short I made use of that characteristic and had the miracle machine send the message through the speed force to a future me. There done. I know, I'm a genius but thank you for your praises.

What a great first crusade.

-bhmm- I walked through the blueish gray portal.

The kids were being worshipped. People dressed in rags, skin and bones, walked through the lifeless bodies of parademons and knelt before the children. They stood like heroes above slain demons and oppressors.

In the core, innermost center of the planet apokolips was the omega chamber. The omega chamber was where the omega effect would converge after the true death of its host. It wasn't artificially created, it just came to be.

So imagine my surprise when I spotted a little shit trying to claim my prize.

A bald giant in gray armor, was trying to sneak into the center field.

He never heard me approach him. He was too focused on the power at hand, almost in his grasp.

A slap to the skull turned his body into a blood mist. All schemes are useless in the face of absolute strength.

"Stupid side character thinks he can claim my stuff."

Lightning flashed on me and my armor was disassembled. My fully naked body brought to view.

I stepped up to a red floating ball of energy, roughly the size of an ostrich egg. A bright but somewhat chipped omega symbol hovered above the glowing energy ovoid.

I uttered the words of power again. The vocal representation of the fundamental makeup of reality across the infinite multiverse in the form of an equation. The power over death. The power to subjugate sentient wills and bend, no, abuse matter to the wielders whims.


THE ANTI LIFE EQUATION, power over life and death and so much more.

A darkness mixed with threads of red began to coalesce over my open palm in the form of a matrix. My will was tested and was my might. I stood strong. The omega sanction was always incomplete, that was why Darkseid so fervently sought after the anti life equation. Not only for the powers it held, but because it would complete the omega sanction as it was always meant to.

Space around me was being bent, reality was turning into concepts, like the very tunnel of the soul stream I had once entered. Sound took shapes, colors spoke, numbers painted a 4 dimensional field of reality, branching into the 5th dimension.

The ovoids remained constant, as did I.

The anti life egg was like a reddish black writhing mass of equations and numbers. And the omega egg was a missing part of it that reached out to once again be conjoined.

I held both eggs in my hands and eased them towards each other, not physically, metaphorically. At these levels matter is all about concepts and imagination.

The eggs joined together, a larger one was created, a full bright, complete omega symbol appeared over it. I felt ultimate pleasure and satisfaction as the egg sunk into my chest. It's red tendrils wrapping around me to form a cocoon of pure power. I was being reborn, I was being evolved, I could feel it. I could sense in my innermost being. Power, so much power was coursing through ME.

Ripples were spreading out, what I did was never meant to occur. Darkseid was a constant in all realities and unrealities. As long as there was an omega effect, then there must be a Darkseid. What I had done, is alter the constant. The role was broken. And my actions were being set into the laws. I completed the omega sanction, I reunited it to the anti life equation. I held the absolute power over it. My actions, my doings were rewriting the fundamental laws. Before my very eyes I could see the source change. I could feel the vibration spread throughout the eververse.


In the world of New genesis, the new gods felt the changes spread across reality. They saw the light that shone over Apokolips, the evil god was gone and something else was taking his place. They tried to peer into it, but the power was too strong, and then they witnessed it. Something too powerful to speak off, something that seemed like a part of the All-source. The all fathers heart, beat in trepidation and concern. The power was too much.

A very, very powerful being was about to take the center stage.

On earth,

Kal-El felt whiffs and saw hints of ripples going out through space. He knew not where it originated or where it was going. But something powerful was creating these ripples.

The Amazon women of themyscira felt the waves of power. The immeasurable power that even Zeus didn't have. They sharpened their weapons and then they prayed. For whatever it was, it would fall before their might.


When the cocoon receded I came out a new being. One born of ultimate power. Golden Omega symbols were etched onto the back of both my hands, my skin a tad darker tone. My armor was saturated in the omega sanction and it changed. It turned more regal, the golden ZOD symbol on my chest bore in it a pure red Omega symbol. Red Speed force electricity weaved into the armor like fabric, forming sections where it held it together.

I hovered above kneeling masses of people on the planet apokolips. No, no longer apokalips. I showed them all the defeat of the undefeatable Darkseid, I showed them how I broke the God over my knee. And when they fully comprehended.

I pushed in me, the matter manipulation powers going to work.

With each step I took towards my palace, trees grew and the fires turned silent. The barren planet began to rejoice as it bore life, and something it never had before, water. Waters rained down from the skies above, and I could not only see and hear, but experience the feeling of the masses as they exclaimed in praise and wonder. As they knelt with their tears of joy being washed away by the rains.

The dead demonic hoard of parademons were erased and in their place, winged angels rose.

I looked above, in my golden gaze and the birth of stars began. Meteors bounded together to form beautiful moons which hovered above the planet, next to it's yellow suns.

Birds sang, animals dug through the fertile sands and appeared before me. Exotic plant life of all colors and functions took root and grew fruitful.

My throne was before a forever shining sun. My palace built around it.

My children knelt before me in their blazing armors of light. I WALKED, each step accompanied by the powerful pounding of their armors.




Each and every gaze on this planet, no, Utopia. Could see me clearly.

I sat on the glorious throne of pure solar radiation.

"I AM ZOD" The power behind my words were consolidated. It spoke into the minds of everyone present here and not. It reverberated through space and reality. The ceremony was complete.

"LIVE LIVE THE SUPREME ZOD!" They responded with shouts that shook the very ground. Each and every individual on Utopia, praised in joy.

The speed force, a pseudo physical realm of infinite possibilities. Where speedsters get their powers.

I was chasing after a black shadow. We had been at if for quite some time now.

Death was actually running from me. I shot omega beams from my eyes and stopped chasing it. The beams caught up to shadow and bounded it.

What was I doing? I was defeating death. Actually I already defeated death, well this version of it. The thing is, as long I had the full omega effect and the anti life, I can't actually die, even if time stops existing. I was here to make it official and take something I needed. I looked at the shadow, revealed to be a bones held together by speed force electricity. It screeched in fear and tried to back off, but I had held it in my grasp.

I was just borrowing its death scythe.

"Desist I say" my words affected it, it's grip over the scythe loosened and I held it. For that moment, I was death. Added to the anti life equation and I could truly see her, she smiled and waved. Her black dress swaying. She was cute, but I wasn't Thanos.

I flew with a flash of mighty lightning, to the coordinates my past self had sent me through the speed force, and with a flash I appeared before me.

The lightning death scythe tearing through the soul of Darkseid.

"ARRHHhhhhhhh!-" His shrill scream accompanying his essence being sucked into my power.

"Took your sweet time" my past self said to me.

"HAD A MINOR COMPLICATION TO DEAL WITH ." The power of death changing my voice.

I knew what I was thinking off so I answered shortly.

"I AM."

CRACKLE! I disappeared into the speed force with a flash of lightning.

Giving death back its scythe and a soul, completing the bargain.

When I returned to my throne, I found actual gods waiting for me. Heh, gods, sounded so cheap. Everyone's a god these days. I wasn't one, I am more,










(Guess where ZOD goes to next.)