infamous chapter 5

Cole was mad after when Kessler defeat him. He went to place outside the city to practice and to get stronger. Cole was practicing for 7 weeks. He got very strong. After that he returned to New York and saw that Kessler and his gang were having all the city and no one could stop them. Cole was angry and start to protect the city from them. He was catching and killing them without any mercy. He starts from the west to the south to the east. He was doing great until when he saw his ex-girlfriend with Kessler. He got mad at Kessler. He went to the north to fight him he saw Kessler son, and they start to fight. It was easy fight to Cole. He killed Kessler son. He went to Kessler with dead body for his son. Kessler got mad and they start to fight. It was hard for both of them, but this time Cole win. After the fight Cole went to his girlfriend and kissed her. They returned to each other. After a while, the police Announced that Cole is the hero of New York.