Hey, everyone. I watched Reckless on Netflix a couple of months and was shocked that it got cancelled. Anyway, this is my way of keeping the show alive. It takes places after the Jamie and Roy get together in the season finale. it's sort of AU.

Chapter 1:

(Jamie's POV)

It was a quiet night in Charleston, where you could hear the incessant chirping of the crickets and the warmth of the night mingling with the breezy wind. Jamie, burning the midnight oil, was working on a child-custody case, advocating for the father. After their short moment before Shelby interrupted them, she and Roy started spending more time together and enjoying each other. He was supposed to meet her at her office for a late-night dinner. She was trying to finish up her closing argument, when she heard the door opened.

"Hey Roy, I'm almost done," she said assuming it was Roy. There was nothing but silence. "What's for dinner? I'm starving. I hope you didn't go back to that fish and chips place. That was not a good night for me. Roy?"

Jamie didn't turn around until it was too late. Within the next few seconds, a shot went off. The assailant had shot her in the lower abdomen, leaving her to bleed out in the middle of the office floor. She crawled to her phone as fast as she could, without losing too much blood, and attempted to call Roy, but couldn't press his number. The last thing she saw before blacking out was a dark figure walking out the door.

(Roy's POV)

Roy was picking up dinner at a new spot, hoping to surprise Jamie with dinner. He was about to enter her office when he noticed that the door was opened. Jamie was never careless to leave the door opened where anyone could just enter.

"Jamie?" he said as he slightly opened the door. "Jamie? Where are you?" He dropped the bag of dinner when he saw her lying on the floor, unconscious. He took her in his arms and tried to shake her awake. "Jamie! Jamie!" Then he heard ambulances and police sirens coming in their direction. He hoped that he wasn't too late.