In the morning, Akeno Misaki looks up and see the sunrise over her head. She had a pretty cold day even the snow starts to blow them away. Harekaze II still standing in the dock not being sank. And so Akeno Misaki went on and having Rin Shiretoko on a date. Maron Yanagiwara was on duty fixing inside the Harekaze II to prevent from being freezing the boat.

Rin Shiretoko waved at Akeno Misaki and they decided to go to hot springs so they can feel warm instead of cold. Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko arrived in hot springs in Yokosuka and they had a hot bath so they can be feel warm and cozy in here. As Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko gets undressed, they went inside the bathtub and having to sigh for relief.

Kouko Nosa was about to take over their stuff like any other things that Wilhelmina wants to but was interrupted by Thea. She works here in the building where the students can enter the study building and work like they are girls. And so the girls went to the study building and went on for their cold respective shivers.

The girls makes them cold and so they decided to close the blinds so they can feel warm with hot air conditioning. The girls finally their relief's of bath with clothes on. Wilhelmina was about to change her clothes into school uniform, and was being cold by the freezy wind. Wilhelmina closed the blinds and made her warm in the bath.

"What would I do?" The student said with her tone of high pitch voice. The students decide to do their break until the freezy wind came up again. So the girls went on to have their storytelling about the birds fly up and they went on to the nest. Wilhelmina quits the school and Kouko Nosa came up and said that Wilhelmina is about to leave the building. Kouko Nosa does it too.

As Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko are about to show their private room in the study building, the girls finally use the bathroom to have sex with them. Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko puts back their clothes on and went on to study. Minami Kaburagi said to Akeno Misaki that all students being as bad as they were.

Rin Shiretoko sits in the cushion and Akeno Misaki sits on her cushion with Rin Shiretoko. They all went to sleep.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. Next, We will bring up the December Edition for Holiday Tradition and coldest Morning with snow in the ground. See Ya.