Weiss looked around the apartment looking for the keys to her and Blake's shared car. She eventually found them and headed for the door. She turned to look back at her apartment calling out, "I'm heading out Blake. I don't know when I'll be back."

Blake waved her hand not turning away from the tv, "Don't hurry back."

Weiss rolled her eyes as she opened the door and headed toward the elevator. She pulled out her phone, quickly shooting the Ruby a quick text letting her know that she was on her way before making her way downstairs. She made her way to the car garage and toward the old beat up Honda that she and Blake shared and slid into the front seat, sliding into the car and turning on the car. She pulled out of the parking space and headed out of the parking lot.

As Weiss pulled to a stop at a stop light her phone buzzed and she picked it up seeing a text from Ruby.

Meet you there ;p

Weiss quickly shot back a text before rolling forward and tossing her phone onto the passenger seat.

See you there.
Driving through Vale late at night was calming in a way. The streets were clear of cars and there was nearly no traffic. The drive to Vale City park took about 15 minutes and that was only because Weiss took the long way there. As she pulled into the parking lot in front of the park she half expected to see the Vampire leaning under one of the street lights waiting for her but the parking lot was barren. She pulled into one empty space among many, put the car in park before reaching over and grabbing her phone.

At the park. Where are you?

Weiss hit send and leaned back, turning up the music to try and wave away the sudden uneasiness she was suddenly feeling. She glanced out the window into the dark of the night trying not to think about whether or not she was really alone or not.

Sorry :'( Waiting for my dad to fall asleep.

Weiss frowned and turned the radio to a late night talk show while wondering if the Vampire was even going to show up. The people on the radio were talking about how there was an uptick in vampire perpetrated crimes. They had some rather controversial opinions on how to deal with it. Most of which ended with the phrase 'stake the vamps'.

Where are you?

Weiss typed worriedly and hoped she wasn't coming off as desperate.

My dad is still awake D:
Im gonna have to sneak out.
Wish me luck ;p

Weiss snorted, rolling her eyes and responded.

Good luck.

Weiss didnt expect another text but she got one, this time with a picture attached. It was a selfie of the Vampire smiling revealing a set of fangs, she was giving the camera a "rock on" sign.

A pic so you know I'm actually coming.

Also so you can see an image of me before my father

absolutely murders me for sneaking out.

Wait, what?

Weiss waited for a response for but only got a quick.

Gotta go. Being sneak.

Weiss was left sitting in silence with only the racist ramblings of the late-night radio show host to fill the empty space.

Ruby smiled as she pocketed her phone and continued down the stairs toward the hallway that connected the living room and kitchen with the front entery room. Ruby could hear the tv and him yelling at it. She turned and headed toward the door. She placed her hand on the and had just bearly turned the handle when her father's voice boomed from the end of the hallway where it led into the living room, "And where do you think your going young lady?" Ruby looked over her shoulder at her Father who was slumped against the frame and she could smell the alcohol on him from here.

"Out. I need some fresh air." She reached for the door only to flinch when there was a loud bang as her father slammed his fist against the wall.

"Take another step and you'll be in deep trouble young lady." Her Father slurred and Ruby squeezed her eyes shut before reaching for the doorknob, throwing it open and bolting out the door. She heard her father yell after her as she ran across road nearly being hit by a car the driver of which laid on the horn. Ruby spun around waving her hands in apology before continuing to toward her front door neighbor's front lawn. She picked up the pace as she approached the fence that separated the front yard from the back before launching herself up at the wooden barrier. She grabbed the top of the fence and began pulling herself up only for something to grab her leg. Ruby glanced over to see her father, a look of pure rage in his eyes as his grip tightening. She panickedly kicked at her father's head causing him to stumble backward giving her enough time to pull herself up and over the fence. She stumbled slightly before she continued running, cutting across the yard trying to ignore the sounds of her father banging against the fence. She flashed an apologetic smile at her neighbors before jumping over the fence into the other yard just as she heard her father finally managed to get the gate open. Ruby stuck her head over the top of the fence and looked at her neighbors, "Sorry." before continuing on her way.

Ruby ran through the yards jumping over the fences in a straight line until she arrived at the road. She nervously glanced around before pulling her hood up and began heading toward Vale City Public Park.


Ruby walked through the park, head down doing her best to avoid looking at the lights that lit the darkened park. She really should have anticipated this but she couldn't think of any other place better to meet up. She couldn't think of anything with all that god damn noise.

She glanced around the park noticing the only car in the parking lot and approached it.

Ruby leaned down, knocking on the window of the car causing the person inside to jump. She rolled down the window, leaning her head out, "Ruby? That you?"

Ruby pushed back her hood and flashed Weiss a smile, "Yeah. Care to let me in?"

Weiss chuckled, "Do I have to invite you in?"

"I mean, it's polite but you don't have to."

Weiss chuckled, "I was just...I mean..." She shook her head and unlocked door, "It's unlocked." Ruby moved around to the passenger side and opened the door sliding inside. A heavy, awkward silence filled the car and Weiss cleared her throat awkwardly while Ruby scratched back of her neck.

"So—" They both started, overlapping with one another, and then pausing before bursting out into laughter.

"Can I ask you something?" Ruby nodded, turning to look at the other girl, "Why did you want to meet here and not at your house?"

Ruby worked her jaw as she looked down at her legs, pulling at the edges of her sleeves, "I just don't want to be there. Not right now."

"Can I ask why?"

"My dad came home last week and I don't want to be around him," Ruby muttered and Weiss reached out placing a hand on Ruby's thigh. She glanced up at the women who was paid to be here and muttered, "Listen," She brushed Weiss's hand off her leg, "I'm not even that hungry, I just wanted to hang out with someone who wasn't completely racist."

"Your sister didn't seem to bad. A tad overprotective but nice." Ruby let out a heavy sigh as she rubbed her hands over her thighs.

"She's not. She's trying and that's great. It's more than my dad." Ruby screwed her eyes, the light from lamps starting to give her a headache, "Hey, can you move the car into the dark? The lights are giving me a headache."

"We are in the dark," Weiss said just a little to loudly and Ruby pressed her hands over her ears, "The nearest lamp is 50 feet away."

"Yeah well, it's hurting my eyes alright!" Ruby snapped before letting out a heavy sigh, "Look, I'm really sensitive to light so can you please move?"

"I don't know if I can find a darker place."

"Just drive further in. They only keep the lights on at the front." Ruby shook her head trying to keep from passing out when the engine turned over. Ruby could feel the relief as the moved further into the dark park, away from the lights. She opened her eyes, letting out a sigh of relief as Weiss turned the car off.


"Much." Ruby leaned back in the seat, letting the headache subside as she enjoyed the quiet.

"So, your dad?" Weiss gently prodded and Ruby wanted to tell her to just drop the subject but given that she had brought it up that seemed like kind of a dick move. "Do you want to talk about him?"

"Not really but I guess talking about it couldn't hurt." Ruby couldn't really talk about this stuff with Yang. Sometimes her loyalty to their father was frustrating.

"So," Weiss started, trying to get the conversation flowing and Ruby was happy she was willing to at least listen.

"My dad is a good person, I swear." That sounded like something someone would say about someone who really wasn't a good person. "He's just gone through a lot of stuff in regards to vampires and its lead him to have some unwarranted opinions on them." Weiss looked down at her lap, fiddling with her fingers, "I'm not trying to defend him. I know he's wrong. I just wish he would try and understand."

"Understand what?"

"That being a vampire isn't easy and that I just want him to tell me that it's gonna be okay." Ruby felt a hand on her thigh and looked see Weiss staring at where she thought she her eyes were.

"Why do you still live with him then?" Weiss asked and Ruby looked at her like she was insane.

"He's my father and I love him."

"I'm sorry," Weiss muttered, giving her thigh a squeeze. "I'm sorry you have to deal with that."

Ruby flashed her a weak smile, "Thanks. I just can't bring myself to leave, ya know." Weiss nodded and a frown pulled at her lips.

"Yeah. I do." They fell into silence and Ruby found the hunger she thought she had under control began to gnaw at her stomach. It growled and in the quiet of the car, it seemed much louder than it really was. Weiss laughed and, if Ruby still had a pulse, she was sure she would have blushed. "I guess you are hungry after all."

Ruby laughed awkwardly, "Yeah, I guess." She rubbed the back of her neck as Weiss rolled up the sleeve of her shirt. She silently offered her wrist to Ruby who took it and began feeding.