9:50 pm Queens NY…

It was a quiet night for burglars and crooks to do their job, for many people it was believed Manhattan was the heart of New York that was under siege from the criminal underworld. Queens on the other hand felt tame with the number of crimes that happen once in a while. For a crime fighter like 18 year old Peter Parker himself, the job was simple and sweet. No one really had to cause trouble.

Peter perched on the side of a building with a half-moon shining behind him; his homemade red suit with a black spider emblem accompanied by some blue undergarments glistened in the moonlight. The homemade adjustable eye lens spied on four masked burglars attempting to open a warehouse door.

"Mr. Cavallaro is expecting $100 million in that house. If this heist goes well, we save ourselves from his troubles." One of the burglars explained.

"Why do I feel like that money is going to be useless? All he's gonna do is hire more guns for his little party." Another burglar complained.

"Actually I think he's paying more of his medical bills. The poor guy is paying so much for that lump on his head." Another burglar said.

Meanwhile Peter jumped down quietly without notice and hid behind the car they had parked. He listened to more of the conversation that is happening among the criminals he is tailing. "He's getting more paranoid. I heard that he has a new set of eyes watching our every move. We have to start stashing this wealth ourselves. It can't only be his life that matters." As the door security lock is being tampered with.

At first, Peter wanted to do a silent takedown until he couldn't resist the urge to make himself known. "Uh... Excuse me, gentlemen. I can't help but notice that ever since I'm around, it's super tough to make an honest living out of stealing."

The burglars at first expected to be intimidated only to find quip annoying. "Get out of here, Spider-Boy. We have to do this for a living." One of the burglars said.

"Guys, if you're jobless; homeless or-" Before Peter could finish his line, his phone suddenly rang in his pocket. "Uh…Could you let me do this first?"

The burglar then pulled out a handgun out of his pocket and aimed at Spider-Man. Immediately, Peter's 'Spidey-sense' picked up on the danger and allowed him to move away from the gunfire being shot at him.

Peter then reacted by aiming a web shooter wristband at the burglar's head and shot a sticky ball of web fluid onto his face. The burglar made an "Argh!" sound the moment the web hit his face and tried to remove it only for his hand to get stuck.

Peter then moved swiftly in knocking the burglar out by punching by his jawline before spinning around to shoot a fine line of webbing at the rest. Parker was then able to pick off at least two of the burglars before the last one rushed towards him and pinned him against the wall.

"Okay… You're surprisingly strong…" Peter said gasping for air as the burglar had his arm pressed his neck. "I'm not just small-time thief…" The burglar said in a thick Russian accent as he reached for a knife. Parker then used both of his legs to force his attacker off him before he could stand straight to face him.

"Nice accent… Did you have to watch a movie starring some cartoon villain? Cause it's throwing me off." Peter joked. "It's a natural one…" The burglar explained, "Unless you want me to talk like I'm from around here." The accent then changed from Russian to American.

"OK, I can take you seriously now. Now tell me…Do you have anything special with regards to stealing loot?" Peter asked as he positioned himself in his fighting stance. "I have obligations to fill for my client. I want to start my own business. The business is confidential." The burglar replied.

"I can respect that. I mean privacy is important." Peter agreed. "Yes, just as long as I tear that mask off your head…" The burglar threatened before charging towards Peter. The two then started to trade blows left and right before the burglar threw some powder into Peter's eye lens blinding him.

Peter felt his eyes water a little before returning his attack with a kick to his opponent's face. The burglar then fell back before he tore off his mask to reveal his face. The burglar soon revealed his dirty blonde hair as well as his smudged and wrinkled face. The burglar soon shook his head before getting back to game.

This time around, the burglar drew out his knife and attempted to stab Parker. Despite Peter's super-strength, the knife came very close to his left eye for a brief moment before Peter could force the knife away. Unfortunately, the knife managed to swipe onto his arm ripping cloth on his suit as well as leaving a bloody mark.

The burglar smiled with satisfaction at the injury before he started to talk, "As soon as I have your blood on my knife, the better my designs can get." "Well in that case…" Peter replied as he attempted to use his web shooters. In another unfortunate surprise, Peter then found that his web shooters had been messed up. "What the-?" Peter questioned.

"Those annoying cobwebs of yours are busted now…" The burglar remarked. Peter then started to panic and quickly picked up a handgun from one of the unconscious burglars and aimed. The burglar laughed as he menacingly walked towards Peter, "Do you even know how to use one?" Peter took a couple of steps back from the burglar with the gun in front until he was in front of the car the burglars used.

Peter then ducked down and slid underneath the vehicle where he finally let go of the gun. "What are you even doing?" The burglar asked. "Okay, Pete… Let's show this guy something amazing." Peter said to himself. With all his might, Peter then pushed with all fours lifting the car before standing tall with the vehicle on both of his hands.

The burglar was soon surprised by the immense power and took a step back as soon as he saw Peter lift the car. The next thing he knew was the car being thrown at him which sent him flying against the warehouse wall and smashing it. The burglar was hit hard with the vehicle upside down and landed inside the warehouse flat.

"Well, that's an entrance…." Peter joked before he went on to check the status of his enemy. The burglar groaned as he lay on his back before touching his face. He noticed that part of his face skin had peeled off leaving a slight white mark on his face. This was something Peter noticed as he perched on the upside down vehicle. Before Peter got close, the alarm in the warehouse tripped which forced Peter to leave as soon as possible leaving the burglars to be dealt by the authorities.

"Someone managed to wreck my web shooters today… At least I can still wall crawl and jump fast." Peter said to himself and ran; as he ran he then reached out for his phone. "Crap… Missed a call from Aunt May; Ned has been calling up about homework and I wasted so much time dealing with criminals that there's hardly any time today to work on that physics assignment. Wonderful."

"And it looks like the fastest way to get back to Forest Hills a.k.a. home is approximately a one hour wait from the friendly neighbourhood train station…" Peter sighed.

11:15 pm Parker Residence

After an unexpected night of crime-fighting, Peter was exhausted and wall-crawled on top of his house to change into his civilian clothing that he packs into a backpack next to the chimney. He then climbed down and knocked on the door.

Aunt May opened the door clearly not pleased with Peter's late arrival. The old woman's age is clearly starting to show with bits of grey hair sticking out of her natural orange hair. "Peter, where were you tonight?" She asked as Peter entered.

"Uh…I was at Ned's house. He said he needed some help for his photography class." Peter blurted. "And what pictures were you two taking?" Aunt May asked. "Uh…" Peter thought awkwardly to himself. "Peter, if you don't give me that quick of an answer. I assume you're being dishonest." Aunt May replied.

"Okay fine…. Philip and I were doing physics homework… And …We talked about some girls too." Peter said with a cheesy smile. Aunt May sighed before she accepted Peter's word. "You two sure work hard together."

Peter soon saw that Aunt May looked visibly upset which prompted him to talk briefly about Uncle Ben. "I'm sorry… I know things have been rough these days." Peter then headed upstairs to get ready for school tomorrow.

After brushing his teeth, Peter walked into his room and the first thing he did was check him in the mirror. He rolled his left shirt sleeve up and examined the scar given to him by the burglar. "That's a mark…" He said to himself.

The rest of Peter's room held some of his cherished memories. The room was constantly in disarray with the bin next to his desk overflowing with snack wrappers. Posters including the time he faced a wrestler aligned his wall. While the desk with his homework had the textbook and other notes opened.

The last thing he did before he switched off the lights was the pictures lying on the desk containing the important memories with friends and family. There was a photo of Peter's real parents and him when he was a baby; a picture of him, Uncle Ben and Aunt May together at a park; a picture of him with his old friend Harry Osborn as well one with his former neighbour Mary Jane Watson. Harry had left Peter since he was 16 for another school at the insistence of his father while Mary Jane left when he was 17 to pursue an early career in acting and modelling.

"Good night, all of you…. See you tomorrow…." Peter yawned before going to sleep.

8:15 am Midtown High School…

"Hey Peter, where were you last night? I've been trying to reach you, dude." Ned questioned as soon as Peter came to his locker. "I had a lot of things yesterday, Ned. You know… I've been prepping for the English essay test… Also I went shopping with my aunt and went out to eat, you know? Had to rush the last bit of physics around 6 this morning…" Peter explained.

"Well… You literally forced me to make a deal with Flash…" Ned whispered. "What?" Peter responded in disbelief. "Hey Leeds, get over here!" Flash called out from behind. Ned gave Peter a nervous look before he went away. Peter then saw his friend walk over to Flash and his friend circle including his brunette girlfriend, Liz Allen. Peter noticed Liz smile at him before he decided to sheepishly wave back.

"You got me into a confuzzle, you little shit…" Flash growled as he grabbed Ned by the collar, "You're gonna delete that file and start over. You understand? I'm going through that plagiarism bullshit because of you…" Peter then noticed Ned was starting to feel the heat from Flash before he stepped in.

"Hey Parker, aren't you supposed to take care of Leed's needs? Why did he come over to me for advice?" Flash complained. "Flash… You gotta chill when stuff like this happens." Peter answered. "I have an academic reputation I need to protect, Parker. You know what? I think you deserve the thrash so that your lazy friend can still feel bad…" Flash then viciously grabbed Peter by his collar.

Flash's friends attempted to hold him back with Liz exclaiming his name. "HEY!" the fight was soon halted by the principal of the school, Mr. Harrington who patrolled the hallways daily. "Get to class; I don't want to have to deal with trouble in the morning." Mr. Harrington said.

As the students picked their notes up, Flash snuck in a whisper to Peter's ear. "You're on my hit list for today, Parker…" After Flash left, Peter gave Ned a sorry look as his disappointed friend walked away. "Man, my two lives are all in a crisis today." Parker thought to himself.

During physics class at 8:30 am, Peter sat down in nervous anticipation regarding the assignment. Mr. Warren, the class science teacher stepped into class with a stern look on his face as he made his announcement. "Uh… I just want you all to know that the assignment has been delayed for five days. I had a bit of trouble accessing my work today due to a server error on my computer."

"Anyway… Um, graduation party will be here soon. I also have a special guest I would like to introduce as part of the school's partnership… Please welcome Martin Li…" Mr. Warren said. Peter then saw a tall and young Chinese man with a white shirt and black pants walk into class looking friendly.

"Hello everyone, my name is Martin Li and I'm here on behalf of F.E.A.S.T. I just want to let you people all know about the work we're trying to spread across all of New York. We've just recently established our new headquarters here around Forest Hills for our Queens department. Just would like all of you to know that we've heard stories surrounding economic downfall in New York, people have their jobs taken; their homes… It's something that concerns me."

Martin then paused for brief moment before he talked again. "Anyway, I don't want to waste class time. And to keep it short, your school has opened up a partnership with our organisation to recruit volunteers. We're looking forward to seeing some helpful people to spend some time with people who need our help. It's great for your resume and uh… That's it. I just want to leave with a motto of ours. When you help someone… You help everyone. Thank you."

The class then clapped as Martin left the room in a hurry, while most of the class felt like they were indifferent to the message Peter was impressed and thought to himself, "Man, someone who doesn't need to dress up and beat people to help others. Wouldn't I like to be him?"

"Well, there you have it… Quantum physics, page 209. Let's read through it… Gwen Stacy, you mind doing the honours reading for class?" Mr. Warren asked. Peter looked over to the blonde girl seated 2 blocks away from him. "I wonder if I could ask her to graduation with me. No, no, no…. How about I just… Focus on class. Yeah, that's it…"

10:05 am class break…

For class breaks, Peter would normally hang out with Ned but because of the incident early in the morning Mr. Harrington had decided to call him and Flash to his office leaving Peter to do one thing and seek out his other friend, Phillip Chang.

Peter found Phillip in a quiet study room within the school library where he wore both his NYC cap without a care as well as his school coat looking over his laptop. "Hey there Phil… How have you been?" Peter asked. "I'm doing fine, Spider-Man…" Phillip remarked. "Phil, come on… Don't say that name out loud." Peter insisted.

"Well I know you aren't going to ask me about school work… So might as well talk about your vigilante crusade…" Phillip said. "Yeah about that… I think we need to talk about the costume." Peter said as he dragged his red suit out of his school bag.

Phillip helped spread the costume out on the table with Peter to examine it. "Okay… I see a tear on the left but wow…. Dude, your web shooters are fu-..." Peter then stopped Phillip from swearing, "Yes, they sure are. I also got a scar from one of the four dudes. That guy seriously could have killed me if it weren't for my spider powers…"

Peter rolled up his sleeve to show Phillip his scar. "Yikes, you still hurt from that?" Phillip asked. "It's actually nothing…" Peter shrugged, "Anyhoo…. I'd like to know what's going on the laptop." "Uh…Not much to be honest, my crime feed has reported that your fight from yesterday and they say that one guy actually evaded police. It might be the same dude who gave you a hard time."

"I gotta tell you… The craziest thing isn't my arm; it's that he nearly had me in the eye like that scene in Mission Impossible 2. Guess my super strength still counts as normal apparently. "Peter said as he recounted the events. "Sounds like we have ourselves a supervillain maybe…Noted." Phillip said as he tapped away on the keyboard.

"Oh yes… Phil, could you please track down the name 'Cavallaro' for me please? It's something I overheard when I took them out. Also the break is nearly over, could you also fix the suit a little?" Peter asked. "I could stitch the left arm up in time but the web shooters are very peculiar engineering…" Phillip insisted, "And yes, I'll look into the name."

"Thanks, Phil. Talk to you later. Oh, by the way I'll take care of those web shooters. " Peter said as he picked up his bag and left the suit with him.

4:32 pm Rego Park Oscorp Research Station…

"Ugh… Without the webs, travel is just painful..." Peter thought to himself after he climbed an apartment building to reach a small white and sterile cube house with the words 'Oscorp' on top. "And I had to use my Spider-Man year one wrestling mask to avoid being spotted." Peter said as he took the black and red outlined mouthless luchador mask off him.

"Okay…The Oscorp employees are pretty much done for today leaving me the chance to look around in these blocks for Spider-Man resources. Good thing Harry gave me permission codes to access these places before he left. Thanks buddy." Peter then began tapping away on the keypad and entered the station.

Peter then rummaged through draws to find bits of scrap metal and other materials and began his construction for new web shooters. "Guess the old round ones won't do anymore…. Time to rethink the shape of these things." Peter thought to himself.

As Peter began building his web shooters, his phone rang from Phillip. "Hey, found some sources on your person of interest. It's not really him but some associates of his." "That's fine, Phil. Tell me what you got." Peter requested.

"There's a 10-65 a.k.a. a robbery that's supposed to happen near one of the local bank branches. If the coordinates I sent to your phone are correct, there's bound to be action going on." Phillip explained. "Phil, there's so many time I have to praise you. You're literally my eyes out there." Peter happily said. "Well, I also helped extend that time slot for your physics assignment. So you can thank me again." Phillip answered.

"Are you for real?! You hacked the school network? What do you even learn in IT class?" Peter asked. "If I can crack into police feed then the school network is just baby steps…."Phillip answered. "Okay, I think we better delete this phone call from our history in case we'd get caught." Peter said shaking his head and turned off his phone.

As time went by, Peter finally completed the web-shooters and was more satisfied with the design. "Flatter design should lessen the chance of my web shooters from jamming up." As he studied the small wristband gadgets he made.

"Hopefully the staff here won't mind too much since all they do is monitor the environmental air here. " Peter said as he packed away the tools and leftover materials to where they belonged. "Also hope that there's no security footage of me at Oscorp right now. Then again, it only happens if I access their computer mainframe."

As Peter stepped out of the station, he tested out the web shooters. The web line smoothly shot out with better accuracy against a wall. "Yes!" Peter exclaimed as he tested a few more shots before trying out his swinging.

With his temporary mask on, Peter shot out another web and swung from one building to another. "Ah, feels like year one again…" Peter said before he jumped off the building and started to swing away.

5:05 pm Hammerhead's penthouse…

The burglar who tangled with Spider-Man came into his client's penthouse looking more professional with a suit and tie. His blonde hair was slicked back with gel as he entered the elevator. As he walked out, he met up with a strange man with a blocky forehead sitting alone on the table drinking.

"I saw your problem yesterday…" The burglar spoke in his Russian accent, "I'm asking for a raise, Mr. Cavallaro." The man stood up from his drink showing off his gold chain as well as a white shirt draped by a black buttoned shirt. "You're a professional killer, are you?" The man asked, "You're the best I could afford. The payment is the same as I offered."

"Does that payment mean anything worth if he could lift cars up with his two hands?" The burglar asked. "My head can crush a diamond if I really want to. You think a guy lifting a car surprises me?" Mr. Cavallaro threatened, "You ever wonder why they call me 'Hammerhead'?"

Hammerhead then showed the scars on his forehead to the burglar. "Knock me if you want…" The crime lord threatened. "I would…" The burglar replied, "If you're more than just your head. Your men so far from what I observe are disloyal. They talked about wanting to take your money all to themselves leaving you helpless."

"If you talk to me like that again…. I'll…" But before Hammerhead finished, the burglar interrupted. "You're not my boss… To me, you're just a client." The burglar replied, "I'll deal with your problems my own way and you'll be thanking me instead."

The burglar then turned away and walked towards the elevator in an instance with Hammerhead yelling, "You son of a bitch! You can't turn away our arrangement like this." But the burglar smiled as the elevator doors closed in front of him.

7:30 pm Corona Queens Community Bank Branch…

Decked with his suit, Peter followed an armoured truck posing as bank security. As he swung by and perched, he watched as the truck parked in front of the local Queens Community bank. Two masked men got out of the front and opened the back to let out a man dressed in a yellow spandex-looking suit with a mask over him. The mask had a pair of safety googles that seemed like it was to protect him from whatever he is about to do.

"You two take a break… I'll do the heavy lifting." The man said as he walked to the locked door in an attempt to open it. "Sweet mother of… What's up with the costume? And what exactly do those gauntlets do?" Peter wondered as he watched, "No time to waste gotta stop this." It was at that moment Peter struck and dived down to deliver a solid kick onto one of the men. Before the other could react, Peter webbed him onto a nearby light pole.

"Okay… First of all, you do realise banks are closed at that time. Second of all, do you guys ever stop trying to steal? It's such a redundant crime but hey, at least you came with a fancy costume. Do you mind if I take some notes down about the design?" Peter jokingly asked.

The man in the yellow suit looked at him with his own eyes and scoffed, "Stay out of this; I don't need to add a body count to my list." "Funny thing is, I had someone try doing exactly that and he's still on the run. You know? The warehouse filled with $100 million or something like that. So what's up with the costume?" Peter asked not giving a care in the world.

The man then turned around and aimed his gauntlets at him before firing a warning air blast. "This is your final warning… Either you mind your own business or I blow your head apart…" The man warned. "Sorry but I have to stop you." Peter replied but before he could attack, the man shot another wave of air against him this time blasting Peter against the armoured truck which rolled over.

"Geez, my head hurts… Ugh." Peter said to himself before he stood up. "You wish you never sent me to prison!" The man shouted as he launched another wave in an attempt to hit Peter. As Peter dodged, he tried asking the man who he is, "Who exactly might you be then?" The man however ignored his question as he continued to shoot air waves at him.

Each air wave seemed to be more destructive than the other turning over parked cars as well as causing reckless property damage to windows and buildings themselves. Peter then heard civilians scream or shout in panic. "Can you settle down for a bit? Maybe I just want to talk things over. Like how you're in cahoots with a crime boss? Sound familiar?" Peter questioned.

"He has my head. If I don't deliver the money then I'm done. You can't mess with him one way or another." The man explained. "Oh okay…. Uh… What exactly does he do that can hurt you?" Peter wondered. "I don't know. Someone in his crew has been pulling the trigger left and right to silence us and put us into position." The man said as he defensively put his gauntlets in front of Peter who began tiptoeing in front of him with his hands in the air.

"Okay… You know that really helps. You know what else? Stopping this right now, I can help you." Peter insisted. "NO!" The man shouted as he launched another blast at Peter. Luckily with the help of his heightened senses, Peter jumped onto the light pole where he webbed one of the men unconscious before swinging to the right and shooting a web at one of the gauntlets.

As the man tried to remove the webbing off with his other hand, Peter shot out another web at the other gauntlet which caused him to be stuck on the glass window of the bank. Peter then rushed forward and delivered a kick onto the man's chest breaking the bank glass behind him. Not only were the window destroyed but an ATM machine had been hit hard as the man was moved by the kick's force.

"And I'll add some more webs for that..." Peter said as he sprayed the man to the wall while the night alarm tripped. The last thing Peter had to do was remove the digital gauntlets off the man's body to which he did with his strength. "You know I actually think those things you have on your hands are awesome but man do they not do you any favours." Peter remarked.

"Now to unmask you and stuff," Peter said as he ripped the yellow mask off the man's head. In an instance, Peter realised who he was. "Herman? Herman Schultz? Man, it's been quite some time." Peter said with a laugh. Herman then looked at Peter and spat at him.

"Ew… Herman. Come on, of all the people I locked away… You went out with style last time! This time, it's a new record. Man, could you tell me more about how you built that suit?" Peter asked excitedly. Herman said nothing as he struggled against the webs put on him.

"Well, I'll leave you to the authorities. Good luck with your prison sentence." Peter said patting Herman on the head before he left. "You idiot, they're going to kill me now!" Herman shouted at the top of his lungs as police sirens rolled in.

8:25 pm Train line….

Peter reflected on the fight as he sat on the zooming train all the way back to Forest Hills, "That was so much easier than last time. Though, on the bizarre side its weird how someone is now donning a costume. That's totally a first. Now I have Herman on my suspect list, I'm one step close to being able to pinpoint whose top of the chain. Okay seriously, I can go home and work on that assignment. Oh, I better figure out the suit Herman was wearing. It looked like a protective suit against certain physical forces and it sure as hell can come in handy."

8:40 pm Elsewhere in Queens NY…

A group of men armed with rifles, knives and handguns closed in on the traitor Hammerhead wanted dead. There he was, standing at the closed end of an alleyway in a trench coat and bowler hat while staring at a wall. In one hand, he has a face mask that he used to approach Hammerhead.

"Mr. Cavallaro would like to thank you for your time and service." The man leading the hunt said. The traitor snickered before he turned around to reveal his face. Some of the men were in shock at the sight a man whose entire head is wrapped in white. His nose also seemed to be missing making his face resemble a skull almost if only the piercing green eyes were not there.

"My pleasure, gentlemen," He said with a smile before throwing two ball-like objects to the ground which dispersed into tear gas. "Open fire!" The leaders shouted as a barrage of bullets were sprayed in the traitor's direction.

As ferocious as the firepower was, it was no match for the impeccable speed the man was capable of. Many of the men fell to a knife behind their back as well as some for their necks. Only three of the men including the leader stood their ground. One of them saw the bowler hat and trench coat on the ground.

"Where did he go?" One man shouted before being stabbed in the neck by his own teammate. In shock, the leader fell on the ground as the last man fell on the ground with a sickening thud. The man who had stabbed him turned his attention to the leader.

Much to the leader's dismay, his teammate turned out to be none other than the traitor himself. A holographic projection had been overlapped over his figure beforehand. "Wonderful technology, isn't it?" The traitor asked wiping his knife from the blood he had spilt.

The traitor grabbed the leader by his collar before stabbing him in the gut making his victim scream in pain. "You cold-blooded…" The leader stammered in pain. "That is why they call me, the Chameleon. Your safest moments are my speciality." The traitor said confidently.

"Run back to Hammerhead for me and make sure you make it in time." Chameleon warned as he watched the fearful leader run as best as he could with the knife wound near his stomach. Chameleon was left alone with the bloodshed he created, "Now to put on a face…"