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He had always had "the gift" as his mama called it. It was a secret from Papa, because his mama wasn't happy that they were always alone in the big house.

Then his papa came home with a strange man that he had to call grandpa, even though something told him the old man wasn't. Papa acted too much like someone showing off their family to their boss for the man to be family.

Tsuna looked at the odd ghost following the old man around. He was scowling at the man as if he was very unhappy about something.

Late at night, when the adults were asleep, Tsuna crept into the room where the ghost was and smiled at him.

The blond ghost blinked, before staring at him in shock when he realized Tsuna could see him.

Tsuna liked ghosts such as him. They were nice and they liked to tell him things. Mama had the gift too, but she only got vague whispers...he could see them clearly and have full conversations with them.

"Hello little one. You can see me can't you?" he said in odd Japanese.

Tsuna nodded. He kept his voice quiet, because Mama said not to let outsiders know what they could do.

"Mama said it's always been our gift, to See things that others can't."

"And a precious gift it is, bambino," said the ghost. "Do you see others too?"

Tsuna nodded.

"Some of them aren't very nice."

The ghost looked sympathetic.

"I know, bambino. Some of them would love to get their hands on a cute kid like you."

Tsuna went silent, hearing someone up. From the sound alone he knew it wasn't Mama, and she wouldn't have bothered him if she figured out he was talking to a ghost anyway. She had noticed him hanging around the old man too.

He quietly chatted with the ghost, who called himself "Ieyasu" right up until the end of visit.

He remembered a warmth that sprang out of him like fire in his viens and his father having a panicked look on his face.

Ieyasu didn't look happy, but he understood the words the two were saying. His father tried to make him come to him, but Tsuna knew that was a Bad Idea.

He only remembered bits and pieces of what happened after that.

He knew Ieyasu stood in front of the old man, trying to stop him from touching Tsuna's head with a finger that was ablaze. How Ieyasu stood in the way of whatever that power was...and was somehow sucked in to Tsuna's body.

He felt an icy chill he associated with the dead and something click into place...and the warmth seemed to try and push back a feeling of ice that seeped into his bones.

He blacked out before the end, unable to handle the 'battle' within his body.

Tsuna woke up the next morning to find his 'papa' gone along with the old man...and Ieyasu looking furious for some reason.

Ieyasu didn't leave after that.

"'s okay bambino," said Ieyasu, gently stroking his head. He felt like a mixture of ice cold and blazing hot. Very strange.

"Ieyasu? What happened?"

"They tried to take your gift away, bambino. I was able to stop it, for the most part, but it left a part of you exposed to the bad things out there. That and now I seem to be stuck here with you," said Ieyasu gently.

It took a few days, but when Tsuna finally got the courage to tell his mother about Ieyasu sticking around, she was all for it!

"While it's a bit unusual to get your spirit guardian this early, so long as they don't cause trouble it's fine. Besides, we can always research to see what sort of guardian you've acquired later!" said Nana cheerfully.

"Spirit Guardian?" asked Tsuna. Ieyasu looked just as confused.

"Those with a stronger than normal Gift often acquire protectors of sorts. Humans simply can't compete with the more dangerous things out there that prey on the spiritually inclined. We call them Spirit Guardians, because they can fight the things we can't since they don't have the same limitations. They can come in all sorts of forms, such as ghosts, youkai and even common animals!" explained Nana. "I was planning to take you out to find a compatible one when you were older, but this works out too."

Ieyasu seemed to relax...and found it amusing that Nana started setting out a third plate for him once Tsuna told her his guardian was a human spirit.

Tsuna found it very odd that Iemitsu (he had long since quit calling that man "Papa") dragged them all the way to Italy shortly after he came home with no explanation whatsoever. Didn't he know Tsuna had school?

Rather than stick around in the big fort that gave him a really bad feeling, Tsuna went exploring outside following Ieyasu's directions. Inside his pants were special gloves that Ieyasu helped him to find that allowed him to focus his special fires to the point he could hurt ghosts. Considering the bad ones seemed to hone in on him more now, that was a necessity. They were a bit big for him but once he figured out how to channel the bright orange fire they seemed to shrink to fit him perfectly.

Ieyasu lead Tsuna through a few secret tunnels that no one knew was fun to hear the adults start panicking when they realized they couldn't find him. Of course Ieyasu was also translating what was being said, which made it even better.

Tsuna had to hide a giggle as he darted in and out of the fort, before finding a secret way out of the place.

Ieyasu looked darkly amused himself, and the two disappeared from the grounds using a trick that Tsuna had figured out early on to avoid bullies. Ieyasu called it being 'in Harmony with your surroundings'.

Of course since Tsuna had never been to Italy before, much less speak the language, it didn't take him very long to get lost.

Suddenly his 'intuition' as Ieyasu called it, sat up and took notice of something.

His feet started walking and he followed his instincts like Ieyasu told him. His intuition had never lead him into anything too dangerous fact it had gotten him out of a few bad ones.

The last thing Tsuna remembered was smelling something bad and being knocked out cold. Fortunately no one could see Ieyasu and his gloves were hidden by the "special place" Mama had showed him to use.

In the labs...

Mukuro barely looked up when they brought in the new kid. The new ones they captured rarely lasted long.

And then he noticed something.

There was something behind the new one. Something that the others couldn't see...though Ken could sense it somewhat.

The new kid groaned as the drugs wore off...before grumbling at the other presence. He even glared right at it.

Then the kid noticed them and went still. He seemed to be looking at something past them.

Mukuro glared at him.

"What are you staring at?"he demanded.

The kid points to something behind and a little up to the left of him. It takes him a few seconds to realize what it is, before he stares.

"You can see them too?!"

The kid hesitantly nods.

Finally! Proof he wasn't crazy!

The kid suddenly whimpered and looked towards the door.

"Not again...this place is infested with the Bad Ones."

"Did you understand that?" asked Ken quietly. Chikusa shook his head.

Mukuro felt the other presence near the new kid come near him. Something latched onto his arm, and then he saw the shadow clearly.

It was a man. He looked a lot like the new kid, except the clothing was weird.

"Can you see me?" he asked in oddly accented Italian.

"Who are you?" demanded Mukuro. The man sagged with relief.

"We need to get you kids out of here. Now. Tsuna is like catnip to the more malevolent spirits...and this place is completely infested with them. If we don't leave and soon...well..."

"What do you mean, infested?"

The kid, Tsuna, looked at him with wide eyes.

"When people die in bad ways, sometimes their soul sticks around. It gets worse when a lot of them die in the same spot...especially kids," said Tsuna.

"Wait, you can understand me now?" said Mukuro.

"He's acting as the bridge between languages, since you don't know Japanese and I don't know Italian. We really need to get out of here," said Tsuna.

"I'd like to see you try," sneered Mukuro.

Tsuna shivered.

"Would a really big distraction work?" asked Tsuna.

"What sort of distraction?"

"The kind that involves humans getting ripped apart by really pissed off spirits eager for revenge," said Tsuna.

The spirit winced.

"We really need to go. Now. They're started to wake up and take notice of your presence."

"Can I watch?" asked Mukuro with dark glee.

Before Tsuna could reply, the screaming started. He winced.

"Tsuna, gloves. Now."

Tsuna sighed and reached into his hidden space to pull out a pair of gloves.

"Stay close and whatever you do, don't follow the screams," said Tsuna.

"You kidding? We might help cause them," said Mukuro darkly.

Didn't stop him from following the tiny kid though.

Ken and Chikusa stared wide eyed at the scientists as an unseen force ripped apart the adults into pieces. Tsuna kept his eyes forward and his hands were ablaze with fire.

Mukuro and the others kept pace, only attacking if the adults got too close. Tsuna followed his instincts to the closest exit...after they somehow found the trio's weapons of course. Mukuro's trident blazed with indigo-colored flame. A fire that seemed drawn to Tsuna's orange one.

The group, when they got to breath fresh air, stared inside the complex.

"Anyone you're going to miss in there?" asked Tsuna.

"The only ones I gave a damn about are right here," said Mukuro.

"Oh, well in that case..."

Tsuna blasted the doorway to the point it collapsed.

"Anyone who goes in there now is really going to regret it. Now that They are active, they'll murder any human that goes inside. It's going to take a while before it's safe to cleanse the place," said Tsuna with a wince.

Mukuro looked up at the sky. What were they supposed to do now?

It was as he started to walk away that he felt someone's hand on his shoulder.


"It's not a good idea to let a medium like you wander around without training or protection," he said.

"What's a medium?" asked Mukuro.

"Someone who can channel spirits of the dead directly. If you can astral walk, which I suspect you can, then you're at risk of another spirit taking control when you're out and using it, trapping you in the spirit realms forever."

"What do you mean, 'taking control'?" said Mukuro sharply.

Tsuna pointed at the newly collapsed lab entrance.

"You know those things that killed the adults? If you took a 'walk' outside your body with them around they could take your body instead and you would be stuck as a very unhappy spirit for the rest of eternity...if something didn't 'eat' you first," said Tsuna.

"You mean one of those things would be in control, not me?" said Mukuro, eyes narrowing.

"Spirit walking without training or protections is bad. Especially for natural mediums," said Tsuna. "And while it doesn't exist in our family, Mama knows who to contact for training and advice on what to do."

"So what do you suggest then?"

Tsuna blinked. He had thought the offer was obvious, but if they had been in that place too long it was possible they missed it.

"I'm saying Mama wouldn't mind having more kids in the house, especially psychics. We have plenty of room," said Tsuna.

Mukuro looked towards Ken and Chikusa.

Tsuna looked at them as well, an incredulous expression on his face.

"You do realize I meant all of you, not just you right?"

Ken eyed Tsuna with interest.

"What's he saying?" asked Ken.

"He said that his mother would offer us a place to stay. All of us," said Mukuro in Italian.

"Really?" said Ken, perking up.

"Mama likes kids," said Tsuna in rough, but understandable Italian.

A few hours later...

Nana beamed at Tsuna when she saw Mukuro and Ken.

"Mama, can they stay with us?"

"Of course they can sweetie," said Nana smiling. She quelled any protest Iemitsu might have made with a Look.

"Honey, I'm not sure these are the sort of...people...our son should be associating himself with," said Iemitsu slowly.

Tsuna gave him a flat look. Nana looked at her son expectantly.

"Tsuna... What did you overhear?" asked Nana in an odd language that had Iemitsu staring at her.

Tsuna looked at Iemitsu, before stating flatly in the same tongue...

"Mama, the staff were wondering if you were really married to him or if you were another 'loose woman' that he had been fooling around with that just got pregnant and he couldn't weasel out of claiming me."

Nana went from mild to pissed in an instant.

"They what?"

"The maids were talking about it while I was hiding from them. It's a well known secret he has been with other women, but this is the first time he's shown up with someone he claims to be his wife and a kid. And he's never worn a wedding ring while visiting this house before."

Nana slowly turned to Iemitsu with the look of angry wives everywhere about to rip their 'husband' a new one. Mukuro settled in next to Tsuna with a dark expression of glowing amusement on his face.

"Darling...what is this about the staff questioning whether or not you're married and if our son is a bastard?" said Nana sweetly.

It was not a friendly expression.

Iemitsu had an odd expression on his face.

"They what?"

Tsuna had an annoyed expression on his face.

"My Italian is rough, but I understand fine," said Tsuna. "The staff was openly talking about your indiscretions before I slipped off the grounds completely."

Iemitsu was clearly shocked his son knew the language at all...or the fact his wife spoke one he didn't recognize.

On the plus side he didn't question the idea of letting Mukuro and the others staying with his son after the royal chewing out Nana gave him upon learning her husband hadn't been as faithful as she had hoped.

Back in Japan...

"What is all this?" asked Mukuro.

Ken and Chikusa were still catching up on the language, but they were definitely settling in.

On the table was a myriad of odd ingredients and a doll of sorts.

"Oh, Mama is making sure that Iemitsu doesn't forget the chewing out she gave him..." said Tsuna.

"How?" asked Mukuro fascinated.

Nana noticed his interest and beamed at him.

"Would you like to learn how to curse others? And I don't mean directly...I mean the kind that reaches across generations."

Not that she was about to do a generational curse. That took far too much time and required the old gods being in a good mood. However a general curse aimed towards infedility being the trigger...that was easy.

Seeing the avid interest of Mukuro, Nana gained an oddly terrifying gleam in her eyes. It was so nice to have a willing assistant. Tsuna simply didn't have the knack for the more...intensive...curses she had in her books.