*Midoriya's P.O.V*

"So then I ran up the tr-"

"MIDORIYA!" Mirio's childhood story was interrupted by a blood curdling scream... we turned to see 1-B waving at us. "COME HERE! WE WANNA ASK YOU SOMETHING!"

"Setsuna no need to yell they can hear us just fine!" Kendou yelled forcing her to sit down.

The four of us walked over to 1-B's table, "What do you need?" I asked.

"Well the Sports Festival is in 2 weeks... and we were wondering-"

"Can you help us train?!" Tetsutetsu asked with a bow. "We want to beat Class 1-A, and we need your help."



"Is that a good idea?" Tamaki asked, "Aren't we supposed to be not biased and help our underclassmen equally?"

"Yeah, should we?" Nejire asked.

"At the same time, they worked up the courage to ask... but the choice is up to you Izuku." Mirio told me.

We aren't supposed to be biased. But 1-A already has experience fighting villains... and I would love to see these guys improve. This could be my only shot to train them before their hero career takes off.

"I'm not throwing away this shot."


*Togata's P.O.V*

Izuku pulled out a blank notebook and opened to the first page, "You all will need all the help you can get. You have us, as well as your teacher."

"Oh here he goes... he's going into planning mode." I muttered with a smile.

"I could convince Cementoss to let us into a training facility, the TDL, you shouldn't have access to it until summer vacation. That way you all can get a sneak peek into what you need to do, as well as master the element of surprise." He explained before looking at them, "You are the future generation of heroes. You all will rise above your stations, improve, and go beyond!"

"Yes sir!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Awesome! Now, we start tomorrow after school. I'll see if I can pull some strings." Izuku said as he closed his notebook and headed towards the door. We followed suit.

"Izuku how do you plan to train all 20 of them?" I asked.



"Like I said." He said before walking ahead of us.

"I'm going to see if I can pull some strings."


*Tokage's P.O.V*

"So he told us to meet him here... but where is he?" Pony asked.

"Probably flaked on us for 1-A." Monoma sneered.

"Give him a chance guys, he's probably stuck in tra-"


"I am here!" Midoriya yelled as he walked inside.

"So you didn't flake on us." I said with a smile.

"Nope... just needed some back up." Midoriya said as the rest of the Elite 4 wal- No way...

"So these are the youngins you kept talkin' 'bout?" Fatgum... THE FATGUM entered the TDL.

"The ones you believe will be the top 20 someday?" Ryukyu too?!

"He's known for overexaggerating." Is that Sir Nighteye too?!

"W-Why are you all here?!" Itsuka asked.

"Izuku begged us to help train you all." Sir Nighteye said.

"Yeah, you shoulda seen 'im. He bartered cookin' for us for 2 months to train y'all for two weeks." Fatgum explained.

"Really we would have done it for free... but we wanted to see how far he would go for you all."

"O-Oi!" Midoriya yelled his face redder than a tomato.

"Aww, Fatgum you're rubbing off on him!" Hadou cooed.

"A-Anyway! We have two weeks to work on your Quirks and training." Midoriya said bringing the conversation back to the original topic, "They have taken a lot of time out of their busy schedules to help train you all... let's not waste their time!"

"Yes sir!" We all exclaimed.

"Then let's get to work."


*Hadou's P.O.V*

"Tsunotori, see if you can ride on your horns as a mode of transportation."

"Shoda, see how long you can space out your Twin Impact."

"Shishida, see how long you can maintain your Beast Mode."

Izuku's in Automatic Mode right now. He's pushing them by making them think about their Quirk's potential, as well as different applications they can use it on. That's the problem most First Years face, they train their powers to improve them, but don't think outside the box.

That's what makes him SO COOL!

"Kendou, Riot Shield Mode."

"Yui, try to box in your opponent!"

He's even helping them think of Ultimate Moves, that's not even until next semester.

"Shiozaki, see if you can control the vines that you've detatched off your head. Kind of like Hawks feathers."

Shiozaki nodded and concentrated, sure enough even when it's detatched off her head, she can still control it. Making it expand, contrast, and even move. "Interesting."

"A vine that's detatched only lasts for an hour, but use that hour to your advantage."

"I thank you for that idea."

"Alright, Kaibara, try gyrating your entire body."

"Huh? Will that work?" He asked.

"Only one way to find out sonny!" Fatgum encouraged.

"O-Okay!" He exclaimed as he rushed towards Fatgum, and started gyrating his whole body. It worked for a few seconds before he crashed onto the ground.

"Oww..." He muttered.

"That worked!" Izuku exclaimed, "You can gyrate your entire body, not just your arms and legs. You can make your body a massive drill. I call it... Drill Run."

"That's a move from Pokemon... but I like it!" He exclaimed back.

"Work on it. All that moves needs is control."

"Yes sir!" He agreed... which made Izuku blush... adorable.

"B-Bondo! Can you use your Cemendine on your hands?"

"I-I don't know..."

"Well try it!" Izuku urged with excitement. Bondo nodded and expelled some of his 'Cemedine' onto his hand, creating a hardened coat around his hand, "That will surely pack a punch, Tetsutetsu!"

"You rang?!" He yelled as he rushed towards Izuku... then looked at Bondo, "Ohoho... I see where this is going, lay it on me!"

Bondo hesitated at the idea, but didn't hold anything back as he sent Tetsutetsu flying into a pillar.

"W-Woah, you pack a punch big guy! And that Cemendine made it hurt more." Tetsutetsu stated.

"It makes sense. Getting hit in the back of the head by cement is way more painful than getting punched by a strong person. Combine both..."

"And you'll get a mega punch rivaling my own!" Tetsutetsu exclaimed

"Well you're not as strong in comparison, but you're made of denser material... more testing required." Izuku muttered while writing all of this into his notebook.

"Alright... who's next?"


"Alright, that should be good for now." Izuku muttered as the entirety of Class 1-B was exhausted.

"M-Man... and that was the first day?" Tokage muttered as she rubbed her sore arms.

"Yeah but look at how awesome you all are now! But that's just half of your battle..."

"W-What do you mean half?!" Tetsutetsu asked.

"You have midterms the week before the Sports Festival."



"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Who decided that?!" Kendou asked.

"Nezu." Izuku explained, "He says that placement was to test the student's mettle. Balancing studying and training."

"... So what do we do?" Shoda asked.

"Isn't it obvious? We'll help you!" Izuku exclaimed.

"Wai' woah woah!" I cut off, "What about us? You promised us you would help us for our midterms."

"They are helpless without us Izuku..." Tamaki commented.

"Wow..." I muttered in fake offense.

"Well we can do both!" Izuku exclaimed, "After all, Tamaki and I are the smartest in our year."

"We don't have much competition..." Tamaki responded.

"Are you certain?" Yanagi asked.

"Yeah, we don't want to steal your ti-"

"Don't bother..." Sir Nighteye commented, "When he's dead set on helping, nothing can convince him otherwise."

"Yup, he's a good one." Fatgum added.

"He's right... and it's rather irritating." Ryukyu muttered, "But also extremely cute."

"W-Why do you always call me cute?!" Izuku exclaimed growing redder by the second.

"Because it's the harsh truth." Ryukyu answered.

"The harshest of truths." I added.

"A-Anyway! You should study on your own, but study session this weekend! No and ifs or buts about it!" Izuku exclaimed.



*Midoriya's P.O.V*

"Alright 1-B the Sports Festival starts tomorrow." I said as I pulled out their test score sheets, "Not to mention that all of you passed with none of you going below a B. Awesome work all of you."

"Amusing how you omit that you were the sole reason we obtained such high marks." Yanagi said.

"Yeah, you told us to text or call you if we needed help. Seriously dude do you ever get sleep?" Tokage asked.

"And you no matter what time of day we call you. Afternoon, morning, dead ass of night, you always answer within the first two rings." Kamakiri added.

"Not to mention that if we needed a house visit for tutoring, you would always make a time slot for us the next day." Komori said.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Mirio bellowed, "Oh man, they called you out Izuku."

"Yeah man, needless to say, we appreciate you bro!" Tetsutetsu said as he glomped me into a side hug.

"Group Hug!" Komori yelled as she hugged the other side.

"I'll take the front!" Tokage yelled as she slammed herself onto my belly, "Oh yeah... the front."

"H-Hey!" I yelled as started feeling up my... as Nejire always told me... my 'Sexy Abs'. God that's so awkward hearing me think that...

Soon all of 1-B crushed me in a class hug. I pulled my hand loose to reach out to the remaining members of Team MINT, hoping for some reinforcements.

"Sorry, we can't reach the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep... beep."

Those traitors...


After several long seconds of 1-B squeezing the life out of me with a death hug, they eventually separated. "Ooh! I have an idea!" Tokage yelled.

"Does it involve touching me?" I asked.



"Some parts of it." She added with a smirk

"Then I'm in!" Nejire yelled... with an equally big smirk. I could barely handle Nejire... now there's two of them!

"Just messing with ya big green. Buuut I was thinking we go out for victory ice cream."

"ICE CREAM!" Mirio, Tamaki, Nejire, and I yelled in unplanned unison.

"So the Elite 4 love ice cream... good to know."

"Ice cream!"

"Ice cream!"

"Ice cream!"

"Ice cream!"


"Hello welco- Oh Nejire, Mirio, Tamaki, and Izuku. Welcome!"

"You know her?!" All of Class 1-B asked.

"Oh yeah, we come here all the time. In fact she's also a student at U.A. She's also a member of our team... as much as she said she doesn't want to." I explained.

"Because Team: MINTY isn't cool." She responded.

"Anyway, how are you Yuyu?" I asked.

"Pretty good, except business is extremely slow!" She complained.

"Yuyu, patience is a virtue." I replied.

"A boring one..." She huffed.

"Anyway Yuyu, shouldn't you be working on Support Items for the Sports Festival tomorrow?" Tamaki asked.

"Already done all I needed to make. I'm coming for you Mr 3-Peat." She challenged.


"Yeah, there's a bounty on your head. 500,000 yen."

"W-WHAT?!" Myself and 1-B asked.

"Yeah, everyone put up some money to take you out. The one who does one way or another gets the pot." Yuyu explained.

"Y-You guys aren't coming for me right?" They're silent... that's not a good sign! "G-Guys?!"

"500,000 yen is a lot of money Izuku." Tamaki said.

"Not to mention I want a gold before I graduate." Mirio said.

"... Nejire?"

"You're going down."

"Wow... that was like one of those soap operas. Betrayal at every turn." Ryukyu commented.

I... I've been abandoned... wait.

"If I win... do I get the money?" I asked.


"If I win the money, then I can... I can... okay I have no idea what I would use it on, but I could buy stuff!" Oh it's on.

"... Oh right, you're customers. What can I get you?"

"Mint chocolate chip!" The 4 of us exclaimed.

"Of course you all would." She said with an eyeroll, "I might as well give you 4 the tub."



"Can you?"

"No! I'd get fired!"


*Kendou's P.O.V*

"I still can't believe you convinced the owner to give you the tub of mint chocolate chip." I said while pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Hesh a big fan of ush!" Midoriya said his mouth full of ice cream.

"Izuku, don't talk with your mouth full. And don't eat too fast or you'll get-"


"... Brain freeze."

"Haha! Poor Izuku, you're still no match for MEEEEE!"

"You talk big Mirio, but you can't back up with ACTION!"



"That's why I eat my ice cream slowly." Amajiki muttered while his teammates suffer through their brain freeze.

"Hey, Amajiki." I asked... because the other 3 aren't going to really answer the question.

"Yes?" He asked as he plopped another spoonful into his mouth.

"Out of the 20 of us... who do you think will be the next Big 3?"

"What's the point?" Wait... that wasn't Tamaki.

"Midoriya?" I asked.

"What's the point on limiting yourselves to just 3? Or 4 even?" He asked.

"Because it's supposed to be the Big 3-"

"But then they changed it to be the 'Elite 4'. So why not make it the Council of 20? Or something along those lines." He asked, "You're going to be here for the next 3 years. You're going to be friends, and get familiar with each other? But who says that familiarity has to end after the 3 years? Take us for example. Mirio, Tamaki, Nejire, and I will form Team MINT, and with Yuyu we'll be Team MINTY. So why not make a 20 person team?"

"T-That's easier said than done-"

"Is it?" He asked which silenced Kamakiri, "As you all seen for the past 2 weeks. You've struggled together, and helped each other get better. Not to mention helped each other in areas that don't pretain to hero work, like your studies. And acknowledge you've only known each other for 2 weeks. So you're bonds and trust levels will only grow with time. So is it really that far fetched to not become a 20 person Hero Agency?"



"A 20 person Hero Agency?" Tetsutetsu asked, "That sounds BADASS!"

"With all of us we'll make villains quake with fucking fear!" Kamakiri exclaimed using his Quirk for emphasis.

"Language, but I agree." Shiozaki added.

"I must admit, the idea of a 20 person hero agency does pique my overall interest." Yanagi said... with her usual speaking habits.

Slowly everyone agreed to the idea.

"So Class Rep? What do you think?" Tokage asked.



"If all are you are willing to do this... then I'm in too." I said.

"Hell yeah!" Tetsutetsu yelled.

"Ooh! What should our team name be?" Komori asked.

"Will our names work like theirs?" Shishida asked.

"Well let's get brain storming y'all! It shouldn't be that hard!"


It... was extremely hard. No worse than that, it was impossible with the letters of our first names. So we abandoned that idea, and threw out some team names. Some were good... some were bad... some were bizarre, "And we are not calling ourselves 'The Superior Class' Monoma."

"Oh I know, but it doesn't make it any less true." He responded.

... Moving on. Some were obscure references, some were too Reiko, and some were... just no.

"Wait... what's this? 'World'?" I asked as Midoriya raised his hand.

"The World is the 22nd card in a tarot deck, also known as the 'Trump Card'. The World is a representation of the world's totaltiy, the symbol of fulfillment, wholeness, and harmony. Like what you all are doing right now." He explained.

"A-Are you sure?" Shoda asked.

"Yeah, that seems like big shoes to fill..." Komori added.

"Hence why I believe you all can do it!" He exclaimed, "People believe the Symbol of Peace has to be 1 person... but I believe a group of people, a group of heroes can be a more powerful Symbol. A true Symbol of Peace. And what better Symbol, than an agency called 'The World Hero Agency'?" He said before raising his spoon, "To the next generation of heroes, to The World!"

"Cheers!" We all cheered.

From this day on... we are The World Hero Agency.

*End of Chapter*

(A/N: Whose biased? Whose showing their clear favoritism towards a particular class. I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't favor 1-B over 1-A no. Ignore the fact that I wrote stories mainly about 1-B and others, and ignore the fact that I wrote two chapters about 1-B and only 1 about 1-A and it was them getting their asses kicked... I have shown absolutely no bias at all... Okay but in all seriousness, I'll give 1-A their time in the sun. But come on... there's more people who wrote about 1-A as opposed to 1-B... okay I'm covering my ass on this. Anyway see y'all on the next chapter... hopefully will be released tomorr- No wait, what am I thinking? Reverse psychology! I'll post it in a year and a half and no earlier! Perfect... the universe will never see it coming!)