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Burning Ice
Chapter 1


Spinning colors.


Wind in my hair.

Maelstrom of emotions.





Being reborn is an interesting concept. Whether or not to remember anything from the previous life. Whether or not to believe in the whole idea. Whether or not to enter a life you've only read from a book.

My previous name doesn't matter really. First name is the same than before so that helped me to adjust. Last name took a while but then again the only ones to address me by it were the teachers and children who I didn't know that well. Just like in previous life I had loving parents and some nice relatives too. I learnt English and French both once again. I made friends at school.

But what was different was magic.

The world known to me only from Harry Potter books, movies, fanfiction and the occasional additional information from Pottermore. The world I'd fallen in love with but also dreaded to ever enter were I have the chance. The books after all portrayed only a sliver of everything and the wars prior and during the course of the story were terrifying. I often did entertain deep in my thoughts the what if scenario of being part of the story. Which house would I be in? Which year would I attend? Or would I be outside of the timeline portrayed? After all I was born originally in the year 1995, the year of last task of Triwizard Tournament, of Voldemort's resurrection, the beginning of book five… The start of war. Then of course was the question of my blood status. Would I be muggleborn? Half-blood? Pureblood? Of the dark faction, light faction or the neutral grey? What would all this mean for me? How would it build my character and interests?

Then came the time of my death. It was an accident really. I was fooling with my friends by some cliff overlooking the sea in Cardiff. Part of the cliff broke beneath my feet and… Well, you can guess what happened after that.

So imagine my surprise when I emerge from the darkness and cry out in relief of being alive. That afterwards I realize my body being much tinier than it was before. That while I still have my name, the next two are different than they used to be. That a couple of strangers introduce themselves to me as 'mama' and 'papa'. And may I add that the woman had a distinct French accent like my grandmother used to have.

But imagine also how happy I was to find out that I have a new chance in life. Maybe a completely different one but it's still my life. I can avoid screw ups I made previously. Maybe this time I'll even have a stable boyfriend instead of the jerk that dumped me via a text after two months. Maybe this time I won't offend my childhood friend when trying to tell her that I wouldn't attend the same school than her simply because we didn't have enough money.

Maybe life as Emily Miriam Potter wouldn't be so bad.

It was the year 1977. December. Emily lied on her back in her wooden crib. It was delicately made and very beautiful if a bit archaic when looking at it from the modern and mundane point of view. 'Muggle' was an absolutely horrid name that she refused to use when it would be the time that she actually could form more complex words and have actual conversations with people.

It had been over half a year since she had born into this life. It had been early May, near Beltane. After the initial confusion and slight dread, she'd began enjoying her peace. Discovering magic had been wonderful even if she couldn't perform any accidental or un-accidental magic yet. But the warmth of her magic comforted her during the days when she could see her new parents being distressed over the developments of war. Oh, they tried their best not to show it to her but Emily could see it on their faces. So she tried her best to giggle and smile as soon as her face muscles allowed it. Trying out new and old words was interesting too. Her tongue felt thick and clumsy in her mouth but it only made everything more fun. Her mother certainly seemed to enjoy trying to teach her syllables, one at a time. Her father in the other hand seemed to be constantly away but when he was home and with Emily, his whole face seemed to light up like she was the center and the joy of his life. And probably she was.

One thing should be made clear right away though. Emily was not a sibling to the Boy Who Lived, Harry James Potter. No, Emily's new parents were Edward Samuel Potter (Gryffindor alumni of the year 1975) and Christine Mylene Lalonde (Beauxbatons alumni of the year 1976). As guessed, they married right after Christine was out of school and had Emily not long after. They had, though, been engaged for a year and known each other a bit longer too so it wasn't like some other arranged marriages in the Pureblood circles. And yes, Emily was also a pureblood herself.

To Emily's extended family belonged many people. There was Edward's two sisters Marianne and Victoria. As one could note, they were all old names of Royalty in Britain. Then there were Edward's parents, Samuel Potter and Primrose Potter nee Fawcett. And of course, there was the main Potter branch: Charlus Potter, his wife Dorea Potter nee Black and of course their son James who'd come acquainted with Edward during his years at Hogwarts despite their slight difference in age.

Emily was bored. She had already taken her midday nap and now didn't know what to do. Usually she'd try to exercise her meager muscles and memory on them from scratch. A month ago, she'd already managed to roll from her stomach to her back. It had been great. And since then Emily had tried to do it reverse without much success though. She had managed to strengthen her neck muscles a bit so she could raise her head from her mattress. It had been also a source of joy for Christine right alongside with saying 'mama' and every smile she graced the woman with. And Emily had to admit she was happy too.

But right now she was bored. Everyone was fuzzing around the house of her grandparents. Everyone was preparing for Christmas. Or Yule as it was called in this household. Apparently, Edward's whole family was coming over as was Charlus's branch. Emily recalled hearing something about regarding the fact it was her first Christmas, there should be as many people present as possible especially during these tumulus times. If for nothing else but for preserved memories.

"1977… Marauder's class will graduate next spring. And James is already dating Lily. I wonder if she is coming too. Or Sirius for that matter. He is Dorea's family after all." The girl thought while opening and closing her tiny fists one finger at time. It was harder than she had thought. "But wasn't Dorea's death day during this year? It's already December…"

The girl remembered surprisingly much about things she learnt from Pottermore and reference books. And the Black family tree was one of the things. Probably because that was the only family that had an actual tree made. Though it also said that Dorea and Charlus had only one son who wasn't named while here it was James who was descended from them like in many fanfictions. And Emily had no idea if Fleamont and Euphemia were part of their family too. But maybe it was merely difference between universes. One small difference wouldn't alter the world too much…

(Oh, how wrong she was.)

"Let's see about the timeline… I don't know when my parents were born but that must be some time in 50's since they are older than Marauders. Sirius Black is born November 3rd 1959 because of the Hogwarts cutoff or he'd be a year below James. Then in order are Severus Snape, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and James Potter in January 6th and 30th, March 10th and 28th. All in year 1960. Peter Pettigrew sometime that year too but I don't know when and frankly don't care. Regulus Black is born sometime in the year 1961. He is either a year or two below the Marauders… Marauders graduate next spring. And if Rowling's information holds, they won't start working but just join the Order of Phoenix. But again, dimensional differences might happen here too…"

Emily sighed silently at that but continued the mental listing of facts that should hold in the future. There wasn't really anything else she could do in her situation.

"Many of the Blacks are still alive, including Dorea's generation. The patriarch of the family, Arcturus only dies in 1991… Pollux, Dorea's brother a year earlier while Cassiopeia a year later. Regulus and Orion both will die 1979… Two years from now on. Walburga will be alive until the year '85. Then of course James and Lily will meet their ends at Godric's Hollow on Halloween 1981. That's about all I need to know for now and not worry about. I'm just a baby after all." The girl pouted and then blew a raspberry. That was fun and made her parents always laugh.

Christmas Eve. Family and friends milling about the sitting room while house elves were setting the table in the dining room of Potter Manor. Emily was sitting on Primrose's lap. The elder woman was very frail. It seemed her health was failing but had definitely wanted to meet her first granddaughter once more. Victoria had two sons already, Charlus Junior and William. They were three and two respectively and thankfully remained by their mother's side. Marianne had Reginald from her unofficial relationship with an American wizard. Reginald was five already, mature little boy.

James arrived a bit late and with James came two of his friends though and of course his girlfriend Lily Evans.

"So this is little Emily?" The redhead asked when introduced to the girl. Emily just stared at her and her vibrant red hair. It was so pretty…

"Yes. Isn't she adorable?" Primrose smiled. "She is definitely taking after her mother."

Emily couldn't really tell as she'd never seen herself from the mirror. Not to mention she was not even a year old. Surely there wouldn't be that much of resemblance yet. Much more she didn't manage to think when she was moved on Dorea's arms. Apparently Primrose was getting tired.

"I can see that. Especially her eyes. Is it indeed a shade of violet?" Lily asked.

"Typical shade of Lalonde blood. Little Emily will grow to be a beauty, mark my words." Dorea adjusted her hold of the girl, laying her along her arm so Emily's head was supported by the crook of her elbow. Giving into childlike curiosity, Emily clumsily reached for her grandaunt's onyx pendant. It was very pretty one and hanging from silver chain. Dorea smiled at the child and moved the pendant out of her reach. "Now now, Emily. You are a bit too young to handle jewelry."

Emily blew a raspberry in protest. It made people around her laugh.

"Aunt Dorea, little Emmy obviously doesn't share your sentiment." Edward laughed.

"Hmph. She will once she has her own children. I remember you and your sisters were all very interested in my jewelry. And pulling my hair too whenever you had the chance." Dorea reprimanded her nephew.

"Ah, I remember those times too. I needed to stop using earrings for five years." Primrose reminisced.

"Mother! Aunt Dorea!" Edward spluttered.

"Now, I think I'll go to greet my great-nephews. Remus dear, why don't you hold Emily now?" Dorea got up from the settee. Oh, just why couldn't they let Emily to stay in one spot… Or put her on the floor so she could try and crawl somewhere. Not very far but…

"Me?" The tired and surprised werewolf asked in astonishment. "But I…"

"No objections, young man! You are the only sensible one of your lot." Dorea placed Emily on the young man's arms, carefully instructing how to hold the baby properly, before asking Edward's assistance in crossing the room to Marianne and Victoria's sons who were sitting by themselves. Primrose chuckled at the interactions and the confused face Remus was making.

The two voices faded to the background then and the little tidbit about family safely tucked at the back of Emily's mind. The girl was fixedly staring at the pair of nervous amber eyes above her. She smiled then. She had always liked Remus Lupin. Ever since his introduction in the third book and all. He was even one of the reasons why book three had been Emily's favorite one.

"Umm… Hey, Emily." Remus said, trying to smile back. Emily just cooed in response. She was well aware of the fact that she wasn't capable of pronouncing his name.

"She likes you." Christine appeared by the werewolf.

"She does?"

"Yes. Emily is a happy child in general but every once in a while she takes a shine on certain people. Dorea is other one." The woman smiled down at her daughter. "Hey, Emmy."

"Do… Do you want to take her?" Remus asked tentatively. Please no, Emily was just settled here.

"And deny you the joy of holding this little bundle of sunshine? Oh, no. Please hold her. I need to go and see if the dinner is already served. Just go to Lily if something comes up. She has experience in babysitting I hear." And as soon as Christine had appeared, she was gone too, leaving a bemused young man looking down at the smiling little girl. Little girl which tried to catch his robe sleeves now but sometimes looked up at him or Primrose. The old woman quickly engaged the werewolf into a conversation about academics, to which Victoria's husband, Henry Colt, joined too.

Emily was very happy. It was Christmas time. There was a lot of great people around her. There were no somber news floating around the conversation just yet. She got to meet so many people who'd die or suffer in the upcoming years. She got to meet them when they still were happy. Oh, how the girl hoped to let this moment take forever. Nevertheless she cherished it. She'd never let herself forget this moment. The moment of peace and laughter.

On the New Year's Eve Dorea Potter nee Black passed away. She was surrounded by her family. In her will she left many of her jewelry to Emily, some money to Regulus and Sirius both while the rest of her inheritance went to James and Charlus. Emily cried upon hearing the news of her grandmother's passing but people attributed it on the infant just picking up on the emotions of other people around her.

During her funerals to Potter family plot behind the manor several purebloods and especially Blacks were invited. Additionally the people from Christmas dinner weren't there due school. Tact and all. No need to have dark and light families in one place at the sometime. Especially when everyone were emotional over Dorea's death. She was a likeable woman. Epitome of pureblood lady yes, but also relaxed in family setting and not as stuck in her beliefs as some.

In May Emily had her first birthday of her new life. She exhibited the first sign of accidental magic by blowing out the single candle from her cake without really blowing it. And then by lighting it again.

In June 1978 the Marauders with the rest of their classmates graduated.

In August James proposed to Lily.

In September the youngsters were part of the Order of the Phoenix and fighting the war.

In October an epidemic of Dragon Pox struck Britain. Primrose passed away due the illness. Emily didn't remember much of the funerals.

In December Christmas was spent only among Edward, Victoria and Marianne's families. Charlus had declined the invitation.

Year 1979 began. Regulus graduated. On the next summer during a trip to Diagon Alley, now two-year-old Emily got to meet the kid for the first time.

And she liked him.

"Ah, you are little Emily then?" The Slytherin boy asked tentatively.

"Yup." Emily nodded. And damn was she glad that at this age she could speak complete sentences. Simplified ones but the point still stood. "You are Mister Siri's little brother. I think I like you."

"Emmy, you like everyone." Christine laughed, jostling the girl on her arms.

"Not everyone. I dun like Petey." Yeah, the only meeting with the rat hadn't gone well. Emily had mainly hid behind other people and then stuck her tongue at the traitorous Gryffindor. Nothing more extreme though.

"Is that…" Regulus's eyes were drawn to the onyx pendant the girl was wearing.

"Granny Rea's!" Emily smiled. She was glad that she finally had the front teeth with which to pronounce the letter 'R'. She probably should've called Dorea, grandaunt but granny was easier. "You like Granny Rea?"

"She was… nice." The boy admitted awkwardly. Standing in front of Madam Malkin's and waiting for Edward to make his order was when the Potter females had met with him and held him up with the idle chat. It wasn't really ideal considering that technically they were on the different sides of the war… But family was family. Blood was blood.

"And in the end, we all bleed red." Emily thought while looking up at Regulus and his stormy grey eyes that she'd seen on Sirius and Dorea. "Mama, can Reg visit us?" The girl tilted her head back and looked backwards at Christine.

"Hmm… I don't see why not. As long as no one finds out." Thank Merlin for privacy spells. With the knowledge of several scions of pureblood families (and not necessarily even of the 'Dark' faction) being Death Eaters, there was no need for people to know that the wife of second line for Lord Potter was inviting Heir Black to their manor. Yes, Arcturus hadn't disowned Sirius officially but Walburga Black had been very clear and vocal about her deed in blasting the animagus off the family. So the Wizarding world accepted it as a fact. Logic, people… And yes, Edward had a manor at passed down in their line. It was nowhere as grand as of the Head of Potter Family's where the last Christmas had been spent and where James and Lily had moved in after their wedding. Charlus himself had retired to spend his remaining years in peace and solitude… Until passing away as well.

The wedding itself had been the highlight of that year. It was beautiful. Lily was beautiful in her wedding dress of soft cream white and James and Sirius were both handsome in their almost matching dress robes. And while watching the guests around her, Emily made notes of Wizarding fashion. It wasn't just 'dresses' of long hems and long sleeves with only difference being in color and pattern and material. It was actually a lot like what it had been in the movies. There were people in long robes but also in dresses and tunics and suits. Per preference really.

Emily herself had been dressed in lavender colored dress with white tights and tiny white shoes. The dress was nice but after so many years preferring jeans and other similar garments over skirts and dresses, it was a bit awkward for her. In her mind she decided that as soon as she grew up, she'd try tunics and briefs. It didn't matter that Christine had looked gorgeous in her plum colored renaissance dress, Emily wanted pants. Oh well… She could endure and wait in the meanwhile.

"Yes, you are a good boy Regulus. No matter what people say." Edward walked into the privacy bubble, interrupting Emily's thought of train. "You are welcome to us any day and we'll help you if we just are able to."

It was a weighty promise, Emily mused afterwards. Even when Regulus disappeared without any word and only rumors of his death in his wake.

It was pity he didn't try to grab onto the promise of help. Maybe then he would've survived.

With Regulus's death, came the reminder of the Horcruxes. There were some ways to go about it… Like getting the locket when people were cleaning the Grimmauld Place. And Diadem was reachable too.

"When I go to Hogwarts… I can track down the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw and kill it after the Chamber of Secrets debacle." Going with Harry and getting a Basilisk tooth sounded the most viable idea. Because Emily definitely was not going to start playing with 'fyre' or toss it at dementors in the hope they'd take care of the soul piece inside it. And using the killing curse wouldn't work either. It only worked on Harry in the book seven because it killed Harry and his soul and everything that minimalistic piece of Voldemort was clinging onto. Killing curse causes instant death but doesn't do harm to inanimate objects. And since blasting curses don't work on horcruxes despite the power behind them… One can continue the thought process from there.

And Emily didn't fancy sneaking into Dumbledore's office to steal the sword of Gryffindor either.

Possibilities, possibilities… Emily yawned. Time for her nap. It was tiring to plot saving the world while only two years old herself.

"Christine! Emily! Guess what?" Edward hurried out of the floo one late November evening and dropped his outer robe on a nearby chair. "Lily is expecting a child!" He shouted up the stairs as he half ran half leaped them to the next floor.

"She is?" Christine gasped and hurried to greet her husband at the sitting room door. "Do you know how far she is?"

"No. The news came today. I heard from Sirius. Apparently, James was completely surprised about it too and went to him right away." The man explained, leading his wife back to the love seat and sitting next to her. Emily looked at them from her place on the couch where she was reading picture books. The colorful pictures were nice to look at even if the accompanying explanations were annoyingly simple and condescending. But she wasn't expected to understand them anyways…

Well, it would be nice to have a new cousin soon. Emily hadn't had much opportunities to actually play with Reginald, Charlus Junior and William.

Emily's third Christmas was pretty similar to her two previous ones though this time it was spent at Edward's manor. James and Lily opted to spend it with Sirius and Remus and Peter at the main manor, so it was just the three Potter siblings with their families.

They dined and talked and at the end of the evening, the Yule Log was lit in the fireplace and some mantras said (to which Emily didn't really pay attention to) to bring back sun. Aside from old rituals that Hogwarts didn't teach about, it was quite traditional Christmas in Emily's opinion. She was satisfied once again.

Year 1980 began and with it bringing more deaths all around Britain. People were seriously going into hiding now. The height of Voldemort's reign was approaching. Emily was three years old and she heard from listening in the doorways that her parents were considering moving to Lalonde lands in France. They were scared. Emily was too. And she was worried about her soon to be born cousin but she couldn't give any actual reason for them to stay. Nothing that wouldn't reveal her knowledge of the possible future of this world.

Like in the books, the baby was born on the 31st July. Emily met him during the next week at St. Mungo's. He was adorable. He mostly slept but it didn't bother the girl. She got to hold him on her lap anyways while she sat at the foot of Lily's hospital bed.

Except… The baby was a girl. Rosamund Potter. She was adorable. Very pale for a newborn but very cute.

"Rosie!" Emily smiled at the infant and swore to help little Rose the best of her own ability.

She had no idea of the precautions taken by Rose's parents or about the baby's real parentage.

As a three-year-old Emily began practicing reading in earnest. There was a lot of children books in the house. Magical and muggle alike. Christine was a journalist and thus had a fascination on literature. In general, the Lalonde family was quite lax when it came to separating magical culture from muggle one. They actually were big investors for both the 1969 and 1978 renovations of Paris Opera House, Palais Garnier. And they actually had been big names in the cultural scene of Paris for almost two centuries as investors, artists and stage crew.

So Emily wasn't deprived of muggle culture. Christine made sure of that. She also made sure that they all got a daily dose of it either in a form of reading newspaper or books or by listening to radio. The woman also promised that once the war was over, they'd take long walks in muggle London.

"…and the ballerinas are really pretty, like fairies!" Emily was explaining for her aunt Marianne who was babysitting her for the weekend. She had her son with her too. "I wanna see a ballet one day and not just recordings." The girl tried to stand on her toes and lifted her arms above her head in an attempt to be graceful.

"But the recordings are great too, aren't they?" Cousin Reginald remarked carefully. The boy was eight but very articulate. Just yesterday they'd watched a ballet called Sleeping Beauty that was apparently stored on a 'VHS' cassette and which could be watched through 'television'.

"Yes. But it won't be the same." Emily whined, dropping her hands and pouting at her best (and currently only) friend. "Besides I wanna get out of this house. We haven't been out in ages!"

"Just wait a bit more." Christine appeared in the doorway. "…What do you think about going to watch the Nutcracker? It will be a Christmas production once again and I think you are old enough now."

"Really?! Please, please, please… I'll be good. Can we please go?" Emily hurried to her mother.

"I don't see why not. It seems that the Death Eaters haven't been London lately aside from raids to Diagon Alley."

"Nutcracker?" Reginald asked then.

"It's a Christmas tale. The music is from Tchaikovsky just like in Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. And it is also a happy ballet. Would you like to come with us?" Then Emily turned towards her mother. "Could aunt Marianne and Cousin Reg come with us?"

"If Marianne and Reginald want to, they are welcome to join us. It isn't doing any good for us to be cooped inside all the time." Christine's corresponding smile was a bit strained. Emily knew why. The woman had been working from home for the past year. At first there had been plans to get a nanny or babysitter for Emily but the Potters didn't want any unknowns to snoop around the manor. Thankfully Marianne about step in occasionally but even those times were rare since she was single mother of a little kid and she couldn't just take time off from Ministry. The both women were such good mothers.

Nutcracker had been a wonderful ballet which they had all enjoyed of. Next day had been Christmas Eve but the dinner had been a tiny one, just like on the previous year. And then the week had rolled into the next New Year's Eve.

"I'm four! Finally!" Emily jumped up and down on her bed. Oh, the joys of childhood. She did a backflip whilst airborne and landed on her back. "Hah, good spring charms."

"If little miss is done playing around, she could get dressed so we can go to Diagon Alley to pick your present." Edward called from behind the door of her room. He always used the 'little miss' whenever Emily was taking her time or when she was acting especially rambunctious.

"I'll be there soon!" Emily yelled back before rolling on her stomach and continuing until she fell on the floor. "Ouch!"

"Emily? Are you alright?" Her mother was this time outside the door.

"I'm fine!" The girl yelled back and got on her feet. "Ouch… Bad decision…" She hurried to the chair on which the outfit of the day was laid on. She still had to suffer through dresses but at least her mother had a good taste in them. This time the dress was light green of quite simple cut. A bit bell-like skirt and long sleeves. No lace or ruffles. Neckline was square shaped but not too big. Accompanied by black tights and mid-shin boots, Emily was almost ready to go. Only…

"Mama! I need help with my hair!"

Emily's hair was only down by her shoulders but it was still difficult to brush for her. Her motoric skills weren't good enough yet. While it was wonderful to have yet another year on her tally, she still couldn't wait until she was a bit older. Like nine. Or at least seven.

But during the years she'd gotten a good look on her… well, looks. Her hair was slightly wavy and nice dark brown color that reminded her of 70% dark chocolate. Eyes were nice shade of violet, same than her mother's. Skin wasn't exactly pale but she wasn't tanned either form the long times indoors. Overall in her humble opinion Emily looked good. She just hoped that she wouldn't be round faced when she grew up.

"See anything you like?" They were in a bookstore. Emily looked around and shrugged then. There was a lot of books that interested her but nothing that her parents would allow her to read. Simply because they supposedly were above Emily's comprehension. And all the books that would've been appropriate… Emily already had them. Magical selection was so narrow. And today they weren't going to visit muggle London. Unfortunately.

"Mama… Could I… Could I have a pet?" Emily asked then. "Not a magical animal but a normal one."

"I'll need to talk with your father but I'll think about it. What pet would you like?"

"…" Emily frowned then. There were many little pets that she'd like to have but obviously could only choose one. In her previous life she'd had some minihamsters but they primary were awake at night. Maybe later when she was older. "Could I have a hedgehog?"

"A hedgehog?" Christine blinked.

"Yes. They are cute and I know they can be pets too." One of Emily's previous friends had had one years ago. Its name was Chibi-Shiro. Because they had been tiny thirteen-year-old weeaboos back then. And later no one bothered to change the name.

Emily got her hedgehog. It was African pygmy hedgehog. It was very cute and Emily had taken a whole corner from her room that she made into a space for her new pet. She named him Samuel after her grandfather who'd been killed by a rogue manticore years ago. He had been working for the Department of Regulation of Magical Creatures. Aunt Marianne was now working for it too.

"Reg? Am I spoiled?" Emily asked as she positioned Hedge-Sam's new sandbox far away from the food and water bowls. Her cousin sat next to her, spreading sawdust around the plastic sheet that covered the area.

"…I think you know what you want and when to ask for it." Reginald replied, turning around and poking some dried insects to Hedge-Sam's travelling cage. The hedgehog ate them eagerly.

"Okay. Good to know." The girl nodded and climbed out of the sectioned part of the floor. Warming charms made sure that the animal wouldn't suffer from draft either. She picked up some toys and climbing obstacles that she positioned in as well. "I think we can put Sammy into his new home now."

"Alright." Reginald got on his feet and lifted the travelling cage into the fence where he opened the door. It took a while but then Hedge-Sam came out of the cage and began exploring his new home. The two of them sat on the floor watching him.

The next big thing in Emily's life was little Rosamund's first birthday. It was celebrated in one of the Potter cottages. Soon James and Lily would move to a new location as they'd done thus far in order to stay safe. And a bit later would implement the Fidelius charm while in Godric's Hollow. With a traitor as their secret keeper.

In a sense Emily could tell them not to use Peter and thus save them and Rosamund from their fates… But why should she? If Voldemort wouldn't appear in Godric's Hollow and try to kill Rosamund, it could mean that the war would drag on and on. With Ministry almost useless and Order having limited manpower only a drastic turn would save numerous people. Maybe she should play safe. By then she could actually keep track on stuff. And who said that she had to leave Rosamund to her fate? Maybe Edward could petition for custody…

Emily played with her little cousin. Photos were taken and presents given to the birthday girl.

"…and I'll make sure you'll have great time in Hogwarts and no one bullies you. And teach you spells and about mundane stuff if your mum hasn't done it already." Emily kept talking to little Rose who stared up at her and giggled then.

"Mimi!" The baby squealed and Emily had to hold back tears. This was a little smiling girl with happy family and loving relatives. This was a little smiling girl who'd lose so much and be shunned and revered at the same time. This was the savior of the wizarding world who was currently completely oblivious to things around her.

"Yes, Mimi is right here." The girl whispered, thankful of the fact that she was in a different room with Rose so the adults couldn't see her crying. "Mimi will protect you. Mimi will… Mimi will promise to be there when you need me."

There were so many dead. Prewett Brothers two months ago. Just a few days ago Marlene MacKinnon and her family had been killed at their home. Week before Edgar Bones, his wife and two children were killed. The younger one was meant to start in Hogwarts that autumn. And many others were to die too. And no matter how much Emily tried to smile and pretend it was alright – that the war didn't touch her – it wasn't possible all the time.

Eventually the two children fell asleep, Emily holding onto Rose's little fist and remembering her green-green eyes watching attentively everything around him. Emily, paintings, furniture, wallpapers, decorations…

"Remember us, Rosie…"

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