I thought this up at about 2:00 am last night its short but I thought it funny at the time. I also had to expand it because it was to short to be uploaded errr.

It was night time in the feudal era.
Kagome, Sango and some girl the gang saved from demons all sat around a fire with their respective husbands leaning against the trees nearby.
I'm going to have a girl because I was on the bottom Laughed Sango.
Miroku who was leaning against a tree snapped his fingers and sighed.
dam i wanted a son
Inuyasha who was next to him waved his hand and said
Feh, be glad you got anyone to bear your spawn
Hey! don't call my unborn child spawn!
While the boys started fighting the girls went on talking.

Come on now tell us boy or a girl Sango asked the inserted guest because the author couldn't think of a character from the show to use.
The random girl laughed and said.
I'm going to have a boy because I was on top
The girls husband who was also with Miroku and Inuyasha laughed and bragged.
I'm getting a son and your not he teased the monk. Earning a slap on the head.
Miroku clenched his fist and said.
I trust in the future you can be more respectable to the people who saved your life
As if you've ever earned respect you leach! Inuyasha snapped. And the fight started all over again.

The two girls looked to Kagome.
Well Kagome Sango asked.
The two girls starred deep into Kagome's eyes.
She took a deep breath and said.
I'm gonna have puppies

Everyone fell as if under the effect of Sit boy