Chapter 7

The Feasts of Feasts

Cain and Sabrina were laying on Cains bed or more accurately Cain was lying on his bed and Sabrina was straddling his waist making out with him, her shirt discarded to the side, "Satan, Cain I love you." Sabrina moaned during the makeout session.

"I love you to Sabrina." said Cain, Cain went to Sabrina's neck and began to lick and bite it, causing Sabrina to moan more.

Then a knock happened at Cains door, "Cain it's time to take Sabrina home." said Lilith.

"Ok mom." said Cain.

"Aw man." said Sabrina.

"Don't worry we'll continue tomorrow." said Cain giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Yeah alright." said Sabrina with a smile.

Sabrina got her shirt back on and Cain picked her up bridal style, and teleported to the Spellman family home, "see you tomorrow Bri." said Cain.

"You to my demonic angel." said Sabrina and they kissed one more time and Cain left.

Sabrina walked up to her door where she found intestines she's not sure from where, "Auntie's why does it look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened on our front door?" Sabrina called to her aunts.

"We have been chosen to participate in the feast of feasts." said Zelda.

"What's the feast of feasts?" asked Sabrina.

Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose explained the holiday to Sabrina calling it the witch version of Thanksgiving, only instead of turkey, potatoes, and pie it was a witch and blood.


Cain came back home, "Well Cain it's that time of year where your uncles, and grandparents visit us for the divine version of Thanksgiving." said Lucifer.

"Please tell me were not eating people this year?" asked Cain.

"Of course not were eating meats and birds from all over the world excluding human flesh of course, we only ate human flesh the last few years because we needed to do something with the meat after they rebelled." said Lucifer.

Cain just kept silent and went back to his room, his cell phone went off signaling a text from Sabrina, "Hey." the text read.

"Hey miss me already?" Cain sent back.

"Ha of course I do but I need to ask you something, how do you feel about the feast of feasts?" the next text read.

"You mean the insane cannibal thanksgiving that witches think they have to practice because my family is a family of meat eater?" asked Cain via text.

"Yeah." Sabrina sent back.

"I think it's straight up bonkers, and I'm a conscience objector, I actually heard your father ended that tradition long ago." Cain sent back.

"So why is it still happening?" asked Sabrina.

"My guess Blackwood supposebly saw a vision from my father that told him to, Blackwood is a religious leader, one that can prove his god exists to his followers but one nonetheless, he's also human he interprets what he thinks my father wants which is actually usually wrong, like most priests and other religious leaders." Cain sent back.

"My family just got nominated to participate in choosing the queen of the feast, aunt Zelda is doing it." said Sabrina.

"Your aunt is very much devoted to my father almost to the point of obsession in my opinion, but then again most of the Church of Night are, but none of us want any Spellman to be on the chopping block, but I can gladly say I'm happy it's not you," said Cain.

"That's sweet of you kind of but I don't want my aunt to be eaten," said Sabrina.

"Bri don't do something crazy," said Cain.

"Like what?" asked Sabrina, Cain could tell she was acting innocent on the other end.

"I'm not giving you any ideas, let's meet in front of the school tomorrow," said Cain.

"Yeah ok," said Sabrina and the two ended their conversation, but before going to sleep Cain received one more text it was a file download Cain downloaded and opened it and it was a picture of Sabrina in some sexy black lingerie with a sexy smirk and wink.

"I love it when that girl acts on her passion and lust." said Cain to himself and he went to bed.

The next day

Cain got up and got dressed then went to school, he met Sabrina in front of the school, "Hey did you like the picture I sent?" asked Sabrina.

"Yeah, I've got to say black is definitely your color with a bit of red sprinkled in." said Cain.

"Thanks behave and you might get to see it in person soon," said Sabrina.

"I look forward to it." said Cain, the two went about their day, in Ms. Wardwells class she gave them the project to dig up their family roots in the town and learn the history of the town through their blood lines.

After that Sabrina went to the Academy of unseen arts Cain was sent on a demon hunting mission by his father, the demon was a lower demon nothing to worry about for him he just set a flame and sent the cretin back to hell.

Apparently Lucifer wanted to attend the choosing of the queen of the feast so the morningstar family was in attendance in the shadows, when Sabrina came in and said she was going to be the tribute instead of her aunt, "Oh great, now she's playing chicken with the false one." said Cain not noticing his father look away when he spoke about the false Satan.

The papers were lit and luckily Sabrina was spared but another one of Cains coven members was chosen, Prudence and Sabrina was the handmaiden, "Wonderful this can't go bad at all." said Cain sarcastically.

Cain went home and later that night Sabrina called him, "Hey Bri whats wrong?" asked Cain.

"Cain can I come over and stay with you, the weird sisters are having an orgy with Nick, and Ambrose and I can't get any sleep." said Sabrina.

Instead of answering Cain summoned Sabrina to him, "You can take my bed I'll take the floor," said Cain.

"No need I did say you would get to see that lingerie in person didn't I?" asked Sabrina as she took off her clothes then got him out of his.

"No sex, but we can cuddle in our underwear." said Sabrina as she pulled Cain into bed and the two were making out heavily till they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day Sabrina got dressed and Cain sent her home to tend to Prudence more.

Cain got ready for school and went to School where he met up with Sabrina and Prudence.

"Bri, Prudence, both of you look lovely today." said Cain.

"Thank you my lord." said Prudence.

"Wanting more than last night to happen Cain?" asked Sabrina teasingly.

"If possible yes, and Sabrina am I bringing out some deep seeded teasing nature in you?" asked Cain.

"Maybe a little when I'm around you, you just make me feel a little bit more naughty." said Sabrina in Cains ear seductively.

"Your starting to act like a witch now Sabrina." said Prudence.

"Alright you two lets get inside, Sabrina me and Mabus have to prepare some fake research to explain our family for the project so I won't be able to meet with you in the library but remember I always have an ear out for you, all of you." said Cain to Sabrina and Prudence.

"Alright Cain see you later," said Sabrina.

Cain did all the things you do in highschool and at lunch/break went to the library to meet with his twin Mabus.

"Alright so we know most settlers here were witches or witch hunters, so do we say our 'ancestors' were witches?" asked Mabus.

"I think it's easier to say we were soldiers since, our family is always going to war with each other, oh the amount of times dad and uncle Micheal have almost ended the world having a sibling spat." said Cain.

"Yeah definitely now was Greendale around during the revolution?" asked Mabus.

"Most definitely the witch hysteria was happening in america around the 1600s the revolution didn't happen till the seventeen hundreds," said Cain.

The two both agreed their ancestors were soldiers in britain who retired to greendale and fought in the revolution, it helped that their father had a slight british accent to sell it.

"By the way dad said to tell you that, gramps and our uncles will be arriving today." said Mabus.

"Great," said Cain.

Mabus went home after school, and Cain went to hang out with Sabrina not wanting to deal with his father and uncle fighting.

Cain and Sabrina sat in the woods together, "Cain can you convince Prudence to not go through with this?" asked Sabrina.

"I doubt she'd listen to me after all if it came down to me or father she'd definitely choose dad she's dead set on being a part of him," said Cain.

"Do you know someone who can?" asked Sabrina.

"Talk to Ms. Wardwell she might know someone, but Sabrina be careful I can't always protect you when you break traditions like this." said Cain.

"I will Cain don't worry ok." Sabrina and she kissed Cain and went home.

"Well time to head home." Cain said to himself, he teleported right to his room and put up sound proofing wards so he wouldn't hear the inevitable fight between his father and uncle.

He lay on his bed and fell asleep for awhile.

A few days later

Cain, sat at thanksgiving dinner with his family, it was definitely awkward to say the least after all none of Gods sons really liked each other except uncle Gabriel but he liked everyone and was the self proclaimed fun one, of the family but he also ran away and became Loki the norse god of mischief, when he was younger.

Luckily dinner ended without Lucifer and Micheal killing each other and God and his angels left.

Cain went to bed not knowing tomorrow would be the beginning of a very straining time for him and Sabrina.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone I wrote this down in about an hour without watching the episode so I hope you like it I said I would try to get this out on Thanksgiving and I did it actually so I hope you like it I might not update again till I finish everything up to the Christmas episode then I'll post all the chapters leading up to Christmas but I might also not feel like writing this story for awhile I might want to take a break well see you guys next time.