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Chapter 1

He must be out of his mind, Izuna thinks to himself as he enters the Tsukuyomi. It was both the hottest and most terrifying of the underground supernatural clubs in the Country. Both for the same reason. Magic was allowed to run wild here. The only restriction was that you couldn't kill anyone in the club. The only exception was self-defense.

"Incredible." Izuna sighs in contentment as he breathes in the air. It was an intriguing mix of magic, music, alcohol, and desire. He'd never felt anything like it and for a moment, he allows himself to just savor the moment.

"You new here?" A beautiful, curvaceous redhead approaches him, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "I can practically smell the magic on you, but I've never seen you before."

Why Izuna hadn't expected someone to approach him, he didn't know. Still, he smiles at the woman. "Yes, it's my first Tsukuyomi." There was nothing wrong with a little flirtation. There was no denying she was beautiful and the magic around her was inviting in a way that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Come here, sweetheart. I'll show you the ropes." She takes him by the hand and guides him towards the bar. "My name is Keira. What's yours?"

"Izuna." He smiles at her as he allows Keira to lead him off. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Keira." It was just as well. The red head knew the club and he didn't. Besides, she might have the answer he needed about what was wrong with him and if he happened to have a fun encounter with her, all the better. Though that last thought makes him pause.

That wasn't like him. Izuna was no blushing innocent, but he'd never been one to seek out easy 'companionship' in places such as this. Even more disturbingly though, he couldn't entirely blame the club. These sorts of thoughts had been striking him more frequently and intensely. Perhaps he should try to find a girlfriend, or a boyfriend.

"So, do you like it when your drinks burn? Or do you like them better on the sweet side?" Keira flutters her eyelashes invitingly as she slides onto a plus red stool at the bar. "I promise that I won't judge."

"Depends on the occasion." He smiles as he glides his hand over hers. "Variety is the spice of life as they say. Why don't you surprise me?" Her eyelashes were lovely and she was definitely interested. Maybe he should ask Keira out.

"Alright." She smiles slyly and waves her hand towards the bartender at the other end of the bar. "Madara, two Fairy Dusters please!"

Smouldering red eyes answer her as the feral, spiky black mane of the bartender turns to reveal his face. He smirks, his eyes positively glowing. "Of course."

For some reason, Izuna's world had taken on a red hue. Growing a bit concerned, he glances at his reflection in his cell phone while Keira orders him whatever the fuck a Fairy Dust was.

"Damn it!" Not again. Izuna looks down and sees that his eyes indeed had turned ruby red again. It wasn't the first time, but despite going to the eye doctor several times, no one could find anything wrong with his vision.

That's when he looks up and sees 'Madara' and Izuna blinks. "His eyes...they're like mine." Well, almost. The paragon of male virility had eyes that were a few hues darker. Whereas Izuna's were ruby red, the other man's were blood red and yet, they were as beautiful as they were intimidating.

"Hm?" Keira blinks, then smiles warmly as Madara goes about preparing their drinks. "Oh, yes, his eyes glow." She closes her eyes briefly, opening them once more to reveal irises of molten gold. "Lots of people here can do that. I'm a witch, myself, but I was always told I had fairy blood in me."

"Your eyes are beautiful." He smiles at her. There was no denying that. "So yours glow because of fairy blood. Maybe that means I'm a mix as well." Izuna wasn't sure how to feel about it, but it would explain a great deal. His mother had never told him anything about his father.

Well, nothing really worthy of note. Just that he had been the most handsome man she had ever seen and he had easily charmed her into his bed. She had been young and naive and while she didn't specify why, his mother had broken things off. Perhaps his mother had merely gotten pregnant with him during a passionate fling and that was that, but was there more? Was that why his eyes could glow?

"Hm…could be, after all, I've never seen a fairy with eyes quite that red." She hums thoughtfully. "You could have some demon in you, I suppose. Though you don't really feel like one. You're more…" She tries to find the words to describe him. "I don't know, you just feel more like a witch to me, but not…exactly?"

"My mother is a witch." He nods at her. "I have no idea what my father was though. I always assumed he was another witch." Now, he wasn't so sure. "I'm sorry. Look at me, babbling about my father issues in front of you. We only just met. You probably think I'm a basket case." He chuckles and smiles charmingly at her.

"No more a basket case than everyone else in this club." Madara slides the colorful, sparkling and sparking drinks across the bar. "You aren't the first to have family complications, and you won't be the last." He leans across the bar and his fingers cup Izuna's chin. Madara smirks softly. "Interesting…" He releases the patron gently and shoots him a heated look.

Izuna could feel his eyes dilate at the simple touch. If his world had been tinted red before, now it was bathed in it. "That's reassuring, but what's interesting?" His blood was roaring to life, like it had been caressed by a fireplace. He'd never gotten aroused faster in all his life and the other man had barely touched him.

"What's interesting is that you've just entered puberty. Demons mature rather late." Madara smirks and fetches himself a large shot of whiskey. "Congratulations. It's quite the momentous occasion."

Izuna had stupidly taken a sip of his Fairy Duster and starts choking the moment that Madara said that. "W-What?" He spits it out in an effort not to choke further. "You're saying that I'm part d-demon?"

"Yes, it appears so." Madara's eyes gleam with amusement. "You have the scent of demonic power on you, nearly concealed by your magical aura. But I can smell it on you. Though rarely have I smelled a scent so sweet."

"Thank you. I think. Wait. Do you like sweet things?" Fuck. Izuna winces as he realizes he sounded like a middle school student with his first crush. "Never mind. Can you tell what kind of demon? There are many demonic species, aren't there?"

"Indeed there are. And luckily for you, it seems that half of your blood comes from the greatest kind." Madara smirks and breathes in the scent of the half-demon's arousal. "I can tell you, but first, tell me what you sense the most of in this place. What emotion is it that most draws your attention?"

A smirk like that ought to be illegal. That and it also came attached to a voice that practically embodied lust. "Desire. Though that's hardly surprising. This is a nightclub." Izuna bites his lower lip at his admission. Keira was beautiful, but Madara was...apparently inhumanely so.

"Werewolves and vampires can both smell the scent of desire, however…there is only one demon who feels that desire singing in their bones and burning through their blood." Madara leans once more across the bar and places a promising kiss upon Izuna's lips before straightening up. "Your sire was an incubus, a demon that feeds off of sexual energy."

"My father was an incubus." Izuna blinks as he considers that. Perhaps his mother hadn't known at first and she had bolted when she realized she had bedded a demon. That would make sense. "Is that what you are?" He watches Madara carefully as he battles the instinct to throw himself at the other man. Did being half incubus make him more vulnerable to Madara's charm? It certainly felt like it.

"Yes, but unlike you, my mother was a succubus. And I am an incubus just like my father." Madara was purely demonic in his line, and powerful to boot. A prime example of the species.

"A succubus and an incubus for parents is quite the pedigree." Izuna tilts his head as he considers it. "I'm afraid that I'm just a mutt." It wasn't really Madara's job, but Izuna wasn't sure when he'd run into another Incubus or a friendly Succubus who wouldn't mind answering his questions and Madara seemed, well amused by the entire situation rather than annoyed. "How do I feed or maybe I don't have to because I"m half and half? I just want to know how not to...hurt someone."

"You merely need to breathe in the sexual energy around you, like trying to breathe in sunlight." Madara smirks at the analogy. "It is easiest to do this in the throes of passion, of course. Which is why young incubi and succubi don't require the energy until they mature into adults. Our instincts understand consent better than we give them credit for."

"I just breathe it in?" That didn't sound so bad. "Do you know anything about hybrids, specifically?"

"I know that they mature slower than purebloods, and some have lesser appetites, while others find their appetites insatiable." Madara had found that with the few hybrids he knew of, mainly his own siblings, there was no hard and fast rule. "Do you have any siblings?"

"None from my mother, but given that my father is apparently a sex demon...I probably do?" He pauses at that thought. It'd never occurred to him that he might not be an only child. The thought was as appealing as it was unsettling. "So I don't really have anything to compare this to, but you've been very kind about indulging me. I mean answering my questions." He obviously didn't have to. Madara was a purebred demon and Izuna hadn't even known he was part Incubus until five minutes ago. He was a stranger and the other man was helping him anyway.

Madara smirks and pours himself another shot of whiskey. "I've several siblings of my own that have received similar answers to their questions. Though I can't claim that I've ever had the pleasure of teaching them personally." He chuckles at the thought and downs the shot. "If ever you find that you do, look for an elder sibling, and they should be more than happy to indulge in teaching you whatever you need to know."

"..." Had he really just heard Madara correctly? "When you say that elder siblings teach their younger ones, how hands on are you talking?"

The smirk on the elder incubi's face curls wickedly. "Hands find themselves everywhere."

Izuna was trying his best not to gape, but he knew he was failing miserably. "I see. Well, I doubt that every incubus and succubus I speak with is going to agree to a DNA test. So I don't think it's likely that I'll find any estranged relatives."

"All you need do is discover your father's name." Madara chuckles softly as Izuna's witchy date slips away. "There are not so many of us that we would have difficulty discovering just who it is based on a single name."

"That much I know." For some reason, he hesitates. It was really only concrete thing that he had ever known about his father. "My mother gave me his last name. She said it would protect me and it did...once." Maybe more than once. He didn't really know what lurked in the shadows. "Some demons wanted to kidnap a witch. They found me, but one of them grabbed my wallet. They saw my name on some ID and...just left." It had been the strangest thing that Izuna had ever seen and no matter how he had pleaded, his mother had refused to explain why.

Madara raises a quizzical eyebrow. There were very few names that commanded that sort of respect. "Tell me. I may know from which great demonic family your father hails."

"I'm Izuna Uchiha." He chuckles as he sips his Fairy Duster. "Though I'm certain they were more frightened about my last name than my first."

Now that…was not the answer that Madara had been expecting. However, knowing that…he could certainly see the Uchiha features in Izuna. Softened and graceful, perhaps, but most certainly there for all to see. He lowers his voice, not wishing to cause any sort of panic. "…The current patriarch of the Uchiha clan of incubi is named Indra. He is a great demonic lord who commands a great deal of power, fear, and respect. If one of his family is truly your sire, you had best find out from your mother, if possible."

His tone makes Izuna balk. "Madara, is something wrong?" The hybrid didn't understand why it would matter. "I've been living with that name all my life and nothing has happened. Assuming that it's not just a case of common surname, I don't believe that a demonic lord would bother with me."

"Oh, it is most certainly not a case of a common surname." That surname was very specific to one of the most powerful demonic clans in the world. Madara knew firsthand what the…consequences, both good and bad, could be. "I suppose one could think of the Uchiha as being demonic aristocrats. It is something that can prove advantageous, but also dangerous, depending entirely on whom it is that you meet."

"Let's say that I am...related to Indra and I confirm it." He eyes Madara warily. "What should I do after that? Wouldn't it be safer for everyone involved, if I just continued as I was?"

"If you are indeed related to Indra's family…" Madara's smirk returns as he hands Izuna a second drink. "Come back, and I'll let you in on a few secrets."

He takes the drink and finishes it in one gulp. "Alright. Don't worry, I'll call a cab." With that being said, he heads off. Though he couldn't resist casting one last look at Madara. The incubus was certainly a credit to his species. The charisma he excluded almost had a gravity of its own.

It had been some time since the last time Madara had paid a visit to the family estate. He enjoyed his freedom and independence. But sometimes, there were simply some answers that one needed to go to the source in order to obtain. And this one was an answer that he most certainly needed NOW.

He presses his hand to the keypad of the estate, letting it glow under his palm as the half technological, half magical device confirms his identity. He knew that he would always be welcome in Indra's home. If nothing else, Indra was a good father to those children that he kept with him. Those that he knew he had sired. Though Madara was certain that there were still others that he had never met.

Madara strides into the lavish mansion as the doors slide open automatically for him. If his father didn't already know that he was here, he would accuse the man of becoming senile. That, and he could smell the desire running rampant in the house. There had to be at least half a dozen people here. Chances were that Indra was among them. "Father?"

Indra hears the voice of one of his children and immediately shimmers into view. "Madara, it has been far too long." He smirks at the incubus that he considered to be his favorite child. Of course, he knew that humans would find having a favorite child as objectionable, but he was a demon. Why should he be resigned to following every ridiculous rule humanity made up when they were always changing anyway? Besides, he was never cruel to those who shared his blood. He just happened to see so much of himself in this one.

"It has, but I have been busy, as you know." Madara was far from the eldest of Indra's children, but he was old enough not to need his father looking over his shoulder whenever he made decisions in his life. He loved his family, but sometimes he did rather need his space. "I met a very interesting young man at my club earlier this evening. One who's identity I thought you might be able to clear up for me."

"Of course. I would be concerned, if you weren't pursuing your own endeavors at this age." He eyes him with undisguised curiosity. "Tell me more. As you know, I've met many people over course of my existence and I do pride myself as having an excellent memory. Did you perhaps snap a picture of this person with your cell phone?"

"I did." Madara pulls a piece of paper from the pocket of his leather jacket and unfolds it, handing it to Indra. "He says that his name is Izuna Uchiha. Apparently his witchly mother gave him our name."

Indra swore his heart stops beating the instant his eyes wander over the image presented to him. "He looks exactly like Saachi." His brows furrow as a thousand emotions flicker across his eyes. Though in the end it looked like elation, wistfulness, and sadness were the ones that were winning. "I never knew that she conceived from our encounter."

So…that really was his little brother that Madara had met in the club that evening. "I know that I would regret asking just how many children you likely have that have not, at one point or another, come to live with us, so I will refrain." That didn't mean that this particular one wasn't of interest to him, though. "Who is she? And who is HE?"

He smiles fondly at the picture. "As you know like most Incubi, I do love women." It would have been unusual for Indra not to enjoy sex and to take many lovers. "I've taken many lovers and while they all had their charms, I can honestly say there are only two women that I have ever loved. The first is, of course your mother." Indra smiles at Madara. It was yet another reason why he favored the boy. "There is another though and her name is Saachi." That or was, Indra had no way of knowing if she was still alive.

"I'll never forget her. Hair black as the night sky itself and skin as luminous as the moon, but so innocent." He chuckles as some more pleasant memories resurface. "I was her first and she was so eager to please. I had hoped to take her as my second queen. You know that your mother is as fond as women as she is of men. I think they would have gotten on well, but when she found out I was a demon...she ran from me. She's a clever one. I was never able to find her. I suspect she likely changed her name. It surprises me she would give the boy my last name, but it was an intelligent move on her part."

"Yes, it seems to have saved him from an unpleasant encounter with some demons when they discovered that he was of your blood." Madara couldn't help but wonder what it might have been like if the human woman had not run, but stayed to raise her child with their family. The idea of having that gorgeous man from the bar was an appealing one, and it would certainly have been nice to have been his teacher in ALL aspects of life as an incubus. "Izuna is now showing signs of taking after you. Before he fled from my club, he was quite clearly beginning to mature from merely a magical human into an incubus in his own right."

Indra smiles at that. "That is rather pleasing." He glances at the picture again. "I'm quite certain that he is Saachi's son and mine. Perhaps I will finally find out what became of her." The thought was as terrifying as it was appealing. What if she was already dead? "If not, at the very least, the boy should receive guidance. What do you make of him?" He runs his fingers over the photo. "He certainly takes after her in appearance, but what of his spirit?"

"He is…curious and considerate. Wary of the world he has suddenly been plunged into. And yet…" Madara smirks at the memory of him. "He might be a tad bashful, but it seems as though his first instinct when his 'puberty' began was to seek out a nightclub that caters to the magical and the supernatural. And he did not run in terror or disgust when I mentioned to him our traditions when teaching our younger siblings how not to accidentally kill humans by sucking the life from them."

"He takes after his mother in more ways than one then." Indra gives a rueful smile at that knowledge. "I presume you gave him a way to contact you again? We shall give him a short time to do so on his own and if he does not, his name and image in the modern world is more than enough to track him down."

"I told him to confirm the possibility of being related to us with his mother, then to return to the club and tell me so that I might…pass on some advice to him." Madara's smirk darkens with anticipation. "It seems I will have a great deal of it to pass on to him. It's the least I can do after having him neglect away his date."

"It pleases me greatly to see that you seem to have taken a liking to your brother." Indra nods. Well, Madara's half-brother technically, but that distinction mattered little in their world. "It pleases me even more to hear that his mother still breathes. Perhaps our family will become even more complete if all unfolds in our favor. I should like very much to bring them both here. I shall inform your mother of this possibility."

"I'm sure that she'll be thrilled to hear that she'll have a new lover to play with." Madara rolls his eyes at the thought of Naori's antics. His mother was very much a supporter of the idea of making love, not war. "As I have made the trip out here, I think I will stay the night and…perhaps say hello to my siblings."

"I imagine she will and they'll be happy to see you. They are fond of you as well, Madara." He smiles at him. "You'll always have a home here. Just handle this one with care. He sounds much like his mother. So there is a chance he could also be a bit...skittish about embracing our way of life."

"Perhaps. But I believe he will become less skittish when I hold him in my arms and give him every reason to stay." Madara smiles fondly at the memory of the adventurous young man who found his way into Tsukiyomi. "He is, after all, an incubus only just learning what it truly means to desire someone. His senses will be overwhelmed, and he will need someone there to…take care of him."

His son was smitten. Indra idly wonders if Madara was aware to what extent though. "Yes, I'm inclined to agree." He places his hand on the other incubus's shoulder and smiles. "Enjoy your stay and should you need me, you know where to find me." He shimmers off to inform his Queen of the potential good news.

"Yes…where the celebrating will be loudest." Madara rolls his eyes and heads for the stairs, knowing by heart the way the the room that would always be his own. He pauses a moment halfway down the hall, debating whether or not to join his siblings, who seemed to be celebrating something of their own a few doors down.

Hm…no, he had a particular sibling in mind, and he was quite willing to wait a little longer.