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Chapter One: We crave Chocolate

Izuku was having many MANY regrets at the moment. He'd almost put three Haunted workers in the hospital because they'd scared the piss out of him. Izuku might spider reflexes, and a shitload of other powers for years now, but he was still a "damn spaz" as both his partner and Mina had put it eloquently. Izuku was dressed like like Spider-Man, wearing the red and blue outfit that Peter Parker had originally debuted in. Mei had been enthusiastic enough to actually make a bullet proof fully functional suit for him to use, despite the fact it was just a costume. His lenses narrowed on Mina's laughing form to his left. She had taken it upon herself to dress up as the Black Cat, Peter Parker's wife. That had sent Izuku spiraling into blushes for about 30 minutes. The black body suit hugged all of Mina's curves, and she'd spent the months prior growing out her curly pink hair so it now went just past her shoulders. She had wanted to dye her hair, but Izuku felt that would have been a bit much. As such, she was just tossing her longer pink hair over her shoulder, her own black lenses shut as she laughed. (Mei had ALSO made her a fully functional super suit. Mina had however teased they'd probably use them for...other things...later.)

"Ahahahaha! I cant' believe you almost put that guy dressed like Dracula through. He wasn't even scary. All he did was ask if you wanted candy, tiger." Mina Ashido had been, and still was laughing at his...jumpy tendencies. You'd think walking around a haunted with your source of powers literally sticking out of you back to watch for monsters would stop freak outs ahead of time, but no. Izuku had broke three walls, a ceiling he'd jumped through, and webbed a guy to a wall. Suffice to say, there were very banned from this establishment.

"That's easy for you to say! You're not easily scared like I am." Izuku shot back defensively, still embarrassed about the incidents.

Kid, you have fought so many villains it's kind of funny that you'd freak out over guys in masks making fake efforts to hurt you. Your spider sense didn't even go off.

'You keep quiet or I'll throw away every piece of chocolate I get tonight.' Venom went very VERY silent for the remainder of the conversation at the mention of not getting chocolate.

Since they had just been kicked out of the place they were supposed to remain for a few hours, they were now at a loss for what to do for the next hour before they were supposed to leave. Izuku sighed, before turning to Mina. "Since we now have nothing to do, what do you say we do some...incognito hero work? We could go visit the children's hospital and take pictures with the kids who couldn't go trick or treating." Mina stopped laughing then, because Izuku's idea was so utterly sweet that she was caught of guard. It was totally like him to be selfless, even on his day off. They'd been official pros for about 6 years now since the...incident, but he always tried to help everyone. Even if that meant cutting into his own free time. She couldn't help herself. She rushed him and pressed him into a nearby wall, her hair splaying over his face as they kissed. Izuku had always commented that he liked her hair longer now that he'd seen it on her, stating that it tickled when they kissed. She ran her fingers through his hair, before she caught herself. There were kids around, and she couldn't just have her wicked way with him in the middle of a street. No matter how sweet and enticing he may be. Oh well. She could wait. She would get her prey. Very soon...


As they walked into the children's hospital, they'd looked around for the front desk to check in. They'd called ahead of time, asking if it was okay to come visit the kids who were too sick to leave, and if it was okay to bring them some candy (both sugared and sugar free for the diabetics). The hospital had readily agreed one they'd told them who they were under the masks, but to keep it a secret.

The receptionist looked up, and when she saw them, she smiled, waving them over.

"Ah! You must be Spider-Man and Black Cat." She whispered conspiratorially. "Don't worry, we've had them watching Spider-Man cartoons for a while lately since your upsurge in popularity. And I think this will be a lovely surprise for them. Thank you again for doing this." She spoke rapidly, clearly excited by the prospect of making the children happy tonight.

"It's no trouble ma'am." Izuku spoke cheerfully, slipping into his hero persona like he'd slip on a sock. Mina always envied how easily he could shift mindsets. It wasn't something that he'd developed over night, but he'd still always been able to inspire the people around him with that attitude of his.

"Mina?" Izuku's voice brought her out of her reverie. She glanced from him to the receptionist, noticing they were both looking at her.

"Sorry, what?"

"She asked if you were the infamous Black Cat." Izuku sounded highly amused, probably thinking she was spacing out to think of something silly.

"Oh yes! That's me! Careful, or I miiiight just steal your heart as well as your wallet." She spoked while waggling her eyebrows. This made the receptionist laugh, and she beckoned them to follow her, bringing them to where the kids were watching cartoons in their little costumes.


They'd been a hit with the kids. Between their excitement to meet Spider-Man and Black Cat, and Izuku casually proving he had his powers, Mina couldn't remember the last time she'd seen so much joy on children's faces. It was...heartwarming, and it also highlighted just how good of a father Izuku would be one day. However, there had been two main highlights. The first had been when one of the smaller girls, Rika, had asked Mina if she could be as pretty as her when she grew up. Mina had been touched, and had proceeded to hug the little girl to her as tightly as she felt was safe. The second was when Izuku had given the kids a ride on his back as he climbed walls. He'd been so careful with them and made a swing with his webs for them. He'd had to reassure the staff that it would begone when he left. All in all, it would forever be one of their favorite Halloweens they'd spent together.