Chapter 17

A look Into The Enemy

Maria's P.O.V

Sitting at a warehouse, on the border between Seattle and Canada. I sat on my makeshift throne, plotting and scheming if how to get my Major back. I wanted my champion back, I wanted my power and land back, to get my Major to do what I want I may have to kidnap that bitch of his as leverage. Though knowing what he is capable of, I would have to be careful and plan around my second creation, Alice. I couldn't have her seeing me making the decision, she would see me coming from a mile away. I would have to confuse her somehow, but not have it tied to me. I pondered my opinions and called my best tracker and mate, Derrick. If anyone could watch and track the Major's bitch it was him, and if he got compromised it was worth the sacrifice and get the Cullen's on their toes.

Derrick came before my throne, bowed and kissed my hand. He asked, "What does my lady require?" I tell him about my plan but being undeceived about the plan, I could tell he was caught on to what I was wanting to do. He told me it would be done and, would be taking a couple of newborns with him as back up. Once they were gone I talk to my second in command Laurent, I fill him in on what I have planned. But trying to be vague as possible, as not to give Alice the full picture of my plan. After talking to him, I tell him to start gathering people for an army. I want see if my champion still has what it takes, and to see the destruction of his families view of him.

As I wait patiently for my el cariƱo to bring me The Major's pet, I think about what it's going to be like to have all of my land and territory, though there is the fear of The Volturi will destroy what's mine again. I just know that if I have el mayor back will have the quaking in their boots.

*Time Skip*

At about midnight, I see the two newborns I sent with Derrick come back empty handed and with out my love. I start to panic thinking something has to have happen to him, he was my most skilled and well trained soldier.

I grab the one of the newborns by the throat, and growl out," Where is Derrick? And where is The Major's pet?" I'm gripping his throat so tight I see his skin being to crack.

The teenager struggles against my grip but says to me, " Derrick left us behind and told us to wait, a mile outside the city. So he could fetch her himself, I tried to warn him but all he did was laugh and he took off. We waited for what seemed like hours, but when I went looking for him."

The boy stops talking a pull out a pouch and hands it to me, I open and out comes purple ashes. I was furious the only person I knew who could've taken him down was The Major and his Captain. I threw the pouch down and screamed to the heavens for taking Derrick from me, but I looked at the two vampires who didn't do their jobs and told Riley Biers my captain to kill them.

Once they were dead, I knew the only other person I could send would be Riley, I trained him myself so I knew he could get the job done and not fail me. I had council with Laurent and another one of my lieutenant's named Yanica Vasquez, she was trained by The Major and proved herself with her gift of evasion and being a shield. We talked about our next move which Laurent suggested we could try to kidnap her at school, I pondered this plan, though it seemed dangerous cause The Cullen's never leave her side. But then Riley tells me he could go under cover, gain their trust, and then take her from right under their noes.

I think this could work after all Riley is around the age of a senior in high school, so maybe this could work to our advantage without having to come get her myself. Laurent makes the necessary preparations for Riley's plan, I have Yanica and her mate Jose Vasquez to play the role of his parents. I bought a property in Forks and told them that when the plan had been carried out to burn the place down as not to leave behind a scent trail.

With everything set up and ready for the plan to take place, I watch as I send my best fighters in to the ring of fire and in hopes that I will not be the one who get burned again.

Jasper P.O.V

I was was hunting with Alice, when I saw her get pulled into a vision but she looks confused and almost angry. I ask her what's wrong and she tells me,

"Jaz I can't see, all I'm getting is fragments of what Maria has planned, I mean I know is there will be another kidnapping attempt on Bella. But the thing is I don't know who she is sending or when they will be here. So we have to be on a guard if we see any new faces poking around her house or at school. Also we need to find away to get Charlie from the house for a while, because if there is one thing, If he is at home at anytime her thugs are around, he won't survive like he did the first time."

Anger is the emotion that was running through my body and The Major was out to play, did Maria really think this shit was going to work again? I've already sent one of her toys to hell, and by god I will do it again. I told Alice to leave me for a while so I could calm down, but to call me if she sees anything else. She nods and heads back for the house, I start knocking down trees and ripping them to shreds. I was beyond pissed that some Mexican perra couldn't leave well enough alone, about five minuets later I get call from Peter telling that if need be Charlotte and him can enroll in school for extra security, which tells me that Peter seems to have seen more that what Alice couldn't.

I ask him about and the only thing he told was that the vampire that came to Bella's house, will be the one carrying out the attempt but he didn't know his name or what he looked like. He also tole me that it possible that Maria has a mental shield user, that might be blocking her so Alice and himself couldn't see a lot, so if we destroy this shield then couldn't hide any longer. I agreed for Char to be enrolled in school, but made a quip about peter being to old for school.

To which he tells me."Fuck you, Major your going what... 140 years old...And still playing school with mommy and daddy. I don't wanna hear you shit, but I'll talk to Char about it and see what she thinks. But if I were you, Id tell Bella what's going on and how you to get her father out of the house."

I tell him I will and I'm going to have Emmett sign Charlie for a vacation somewhere in Florida, so her can go deep sea fishing, with some friends. After talking for a bit long we hang up and I head back to the house, and everyone is in the dining room talking about Alice's vision. And how we are going to prepare for Maria's second attempt at kidnapping Bella, we decided to hunt and take shifts watching Bella's home like we did the first time, Carlisle wanted the wolves involved for extra protection, but I told him that's his call to make not mine. Once everything was settled, I texted Bella, telling her that I need to talk to her tomorrow after school, and that I loved her. She texted back that she would see me after school, and tells me sweet dreams, and that she loves me too.

I get my clothes out for tomorrow and get ready for bed, as I feel scared of what tomorrow brings and what it could mean for my mate and I.

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